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Friday, June 19, 2015

Authorities decommission a second network of cameras in Tamaulipas

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

[ Subject Matter: CCTV network, Tamaulipas
Recommendation: see link to previous decommissioning]

Reporter: Proceso Redaction
For the second occasion in less than a month, the Police have dismantled an network of video cameras put up by narco's in the frontier city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

On this occasion, the network comprised of 39 video cameras from which organized criminals that operate in Reynosa can monitor and react to the Military Forces and the Police.

The decommissioning of the equipment was carried out on the night of Thursday 17th of June, after one of the alleged technicians was surprised by the Police while he was fitting a camera to a post located on the corner of Calle Purificacion, in the Doctores Colonia.

In a communication, the Group for Coordination in Tamaulipas detailed that some subjects declared that they had installed 38 other cameras around distinct areas of Reynosa, utilised by the criminal group to monitor the activities, deployment and operations of Military and Federal Forces, and State Police in the frontier Town.

With this information, the Police decommissioned every one of the cameras. The video cameras and the two technicians were detained, their names were not given, they remain at the disposition of the Public Ministry of the Federation.

This past 22nd of May, elements of the Tamaulipas Force and the Army, dismantled another network of video cameras installed by criminals in Reynosa. On that occasion they decommissioned 39 cameras from 52 specific points of the city, they were operated by computer, both wired and wireless networks.

Original article in Spanish at Proceso


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    Ya les miro el fin a los Metrosexuales ya tienen sus días contados a esos terroristas porque cartel ya ni son, hasta parece un grupo y no una organización como los son los Z y los Ciclones.Aparte Los Z y Ciclones tienen apoyo de las grandes ligas ya sé imaginan a que carteles me refiero....

    1. Calm down cheerleader. Get you're G string out of you're ass. It's making you cranky. Let me guess you know somebody, that knows somebody, that is the friend of a cousin who is married to a Zeta. Now you're a cheerleader. PENDEJO

    2. why reference to metrosexual. they all the same remnants of a big cartel that doesn't exist now. the truth is that there are no drug connections for criminals operating in the frontera because they are a bunch of broke dick splintered gangs struggling for control of neighborhood and rural plazas to support their little group through extortion of the hardworking locals wherever they operate. the law needs to hunt them down like dogs

  2. Replies
    1. I doubt it. I bet they are doing the same thing in America.

  3. They all should of been decommissioned the 1st, authorities have to much leisure time in Tamaulipas.

  4. Wow these guys r High Tech

  5. These little remote access cameras are pretty cheap now,encrypted digital signal from its IP anywhere on the net,there's all kinds they could do?
    They'll have a hard time stopping little wireless cameras.

  6. zetas have it locked down

    1. I mean they've all been locked down. Only zeta in Reynosa is a dead zeta.

  7. ... But There Are Still Many Cameras Which Are Operating From Roof Tops Along Within Some In Windows Of Businesses And Residences ... At Least, That Is What I Have Heard From ... Once The Governemnt Installs Their Own Camera System, Someone Will Hack Into It Or Give The Administrator's Password For The Right $$$ ...

  8. Time to hack some servers and have a nice Iran tested gusano listo for viewers. A 100-watt hijack will also do righteous adjustments to receivers. Los jefes de cartels are about as respectable as was Idi Amin Dada. Or Papa Doc Duvalier or even Baby Doc.

  9. The only thing more despicable than any cartel is the mexican government, from head to toe.

  10. How do you decommission 39 cameras from 52 points?


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