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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tijuana cops torture and charge innocent man, murdered cop case update.

Borderland Beat

(Tijuano´s note: This is an update on the case of the Tijuana Municipal Agent executed a few days ago, the same day the Agent was executed, the Tijuana Police "caught the killer", what happened next with the alleged "killer" is explained in the following article)

Hugo Alfonso Hernandez Flores, accused of the execution of Tijuana Municipal Agent Juan Gualberto Jauregui Ruvalcaba was set free this Saturday´s night, after the Seventh Penal Judge, Rodolfo Lara Pedrin ruled his innocence was proven.

According to Tijuana´s Municipal Safety Agency statements, in the evening of Wednesday May 23rd, Alvarez Flores was walking down the street when Municipal Agents noticed he dropped a bag containing 15 envelopes with of crystal meth. 

"In the preventive interview with the suspect he recognized by himself he had killed someone earlier that day and took the officers to the crime scene and later to the place where he had hidden the weapon used in the crime", this is what was issued as a public statement by the Municipal Agency.

However, Attorney Gabriel Gonzalez Celestino, who took charge of the young man´s case, said the arrest took place at around 8:00 AM that same day-two hours after the murder- in the home of the girlfriend of Hernandez Flores.

"Wednesday morning I was sleeping in my girlfriend´s house. Some officers arrive and take me and then tell me I had committed a crime where I had killed an officer, and I told them I had nothing to do with it. They start hitting and punching me, they handcuff me and throw me from the second floor from a height of about 2-3 meters". This was said by Hugo Alfonso Hernandez Flores in a telephone interview provided minutes after his release.

According to his lawyer, the local agents began arresting young men in the Mariano Matamoros neighborhood, where the murder had taken place, in order to find the killer.

"Unfortunately, based on his physical aspect, they arrest another young man and he led them to the detainee(Hernandez Flores), this is the lawyers answer when asked about the agent´s motives to look for Hernandez Flores. First, the officers arrived at the detainee´s mother´s house, then, when they failed finding him there, they drove to his girlfriends house with a picture of him on their hands.

This is how Hernandez was shown to the press by Tijuana´s Police.
According to Hernandez Flores, he has worked in construction since he was 10 years old, and currently works as a construction worker near the "5y10" area in Tijuana. He denied being involved in selling or using drugs.

"They punch me, they put the bag on me, they torture me and get me in the patrol car. They use their teaser on me(electrical discharges) and take me to the crime scene. From there they took me to the Villa Fontana Police precinct, where they put me the bag and torture again, they used their teaser in my belly and they hit my body. They were 5 or 6 officers. They told me I had to blame myself of killing the officer, they told me ´or else we will take you to prison´".

Attorney Gonzalez Celestino also explained the officer´s wife is under custody in the Tijuana Penitentiary along a man identifier as "her lover".

He continued: "The cop´s wife confessed she ordered his murder, she told her lover she would collect three different insurance policies, each worth one million pesos(about 80 thousand USD each). The Judge ruled the officer´s wife told him her lover had sent someone to kill her husband, so there were no elements to charge Hernandez Flores with the homicide.

The Seventh Penal Judge signed the young man´s freedom at 1:27 PM and he was set free from Tijuana´s penitentiary minutes after 9 PM. Now a free man, Hernandez Flores will file a criminal complaint against the agents who arrested him for the crimes of abusing authority, false statements, illegal liberty deprivation, major injuries and coalition of public officials against him.

In doing so his lawyer seeks "For the Public Ministry to arrest the police agents and the municipal judge who ruled the young man had committed the crime and took him to the Public Ministry Agency". According to the lawyer, officers Pablo Quiroz Hernandez and Julio Cesar Oliva Rangel, who used patrol car number 4613, signed the report against his client.

The Municipal Judge who ordered for Hernandez Flores to be transferred for custody under the Public Ministry is Martin Armenta, even thou the young mentiones he was never taken to any Municipal Judge in the three hours he remained under Municipal Police custody.

Hernandez Flores said he didn´t knew the murdered officer or ever being in his home. "If I din´t do it(blame himself), it was going to get ugly for me" The young man said regarding the threats he received by the officers.

After three days in prison and being designated as officer´s Jauregui killer by both mayor Jorge Astiazaran(PRI) himself and the Municipal Public Safety Agency, Hugo Alfonzo Hernandez Flores will "take some time to calm myself down and quit doing stuff, going out to the streets. I´ll be with my family".

Criminal Investigation 316/2015, created after officer Jauregui´s murder is still under development.

The video above shows the moment local police officers get Hernandez Flores out of a patrol truck and deliver him to the Police Precint where, according to Hernandez was tortured with punches and electical discharges.

SOURCE: ZETA Tijuana AFN Tijuana


  1. Police and judge go to jail? Jajajajajajajajaja this is Mexico. The Ministerio Publico signing an order would live what? Thirty seconds? No! Wait! Ten seconds

    1. There is a ex president of mexico named luis echeverria alverez who ordered the killings of October 2 1968 and easter sunday 1971 was convicted and never served a day in jail for the genocide conviction, as for the local cops and judge good luck sometimes they do kill innocents and leave them out in the deserts around Mexicali its a known fact, what happened here the cops wife offered to split the insurance money with the cops which illegally arrested this poor man as usual these cops pick people at random, I know I was also a victim

  2. I am surprised the police did not cut off his head

    and leave a manta :-)))

  3. If this would of happend in L.A., protests n riots would of started already. Gente de Tijuana que comiense los disturbios!!

    1. Bullshiiiittt we mexicans dont ever do shitt for our brothers and sisters that why we get treated like shiitt by USA pero si viene el kommander we all go
      Someone tell me im lying

    2. You are lying, cuz el kulomander does not sell out venues.

    3. The clan effect at it's finest. Here in Mexico we have no monuments to mass murders. People rarely make a day to remember the mass murdered. They rarely talk about the killings in other parts of Mexico. It is like the movie the "Time Machine". The people are killed and harvested and the rest just go on about there business like nothing happened. Unless it effects them or their immediate family. No monument to remember the mass murder in the Casino, the mass murder of immigrants.

    4. Okay then kuando viene tu twin brother juan gabriel there are u happy

  4. Who's Alvarez Flores?..on the second paragraph...also,*it's spelled "tazer"...this guy looks afro-hispanic.

  5. One of the many reasons I and many I know are scared to go back to Mexico. Jails and cemeteries are full of innocent people.

  6. This man needs to be careful. The police do not like to be accused of anything even when they are culpable. They could easily kill this man or make threats to his family if he proceeds with any legal actions. Once you are in the cross hairs of the police, even if you are innocent you can be made to look guilty by any means they can. Planting evidence, torture, threats and more. The police in Mexico are above the law and you cannot argue with them. It only makes things worse much of the time.

    1. Somebody has to start the ball rolling so they don't remain that way,the police.

    2. I agree with you Canadiana, but he still needs to be careful and watch his back.

  7. I agree,this man needs to be grateful he ain't going thru hell like hundreds of other mexicanos,with no God,no faith,no hope,
    Forget about this and live your life mah nigga.
    From Chiraq.

  8. i have lived in mexico 30 years i'm a us borne person and the Corrupt police all of them are above any law here they can do whatever they want any time any place and you're Gone with no investigation ever ..Case closed we win and fuck the innocent and poor....if you dont like it to bad fuck off or your next...

  9. The officers involved need una calentada in public, even if they confess every single thing they did to this african looking mexican "afro-hispanic", like it had any justification the way anyone looks for how he is treated or what one is accused of...
    --Stupid commenters always link dirty and ugly looks to criminals, when clean looking professionals are the worst criminals around, like clean shaven genaro garcia luna and Luis cardenas palomino, or enrique peña nieto...

  10. Enrique peña nieto has never needed to shave, he was born 'metro' and was the only young politician that adopted emilio chuayffet chemor's recommendation of combing a pompadour.
    The rest is history...


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