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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The narco-terror in Mexico reactivates extraditions of the top capos

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from an El Pais article

[ Subject Matter: Extradition, Mexican Cartel Capos
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Reporter: Luis Pablo Beauregard

The narco trafficking violence in Jalisco has obliged the Government of Enrique Peno Nieto to re-think the extraditions of the Cartel's top Capos, after having diminished the number of  arrested sent to other countries to be judged.

Arely Gomez, the Attorney General has confirmed the intention to extradite to the United States Abigael Gonzalez, the leader of Los Cuinis, one of the cells of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion. This criminal group that challenged the State at the start of May when they brought down a helicopter occasioning the death of nine soldiers.

Gonzalez was captured on 28th of February in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, one of the bastions of the criminal group. The authorities believe that he is the principal financial operator for the Cartel in Guadalajara, the third most important city in Mexico.

"El Cuini", his nickname, is the brother in law of Nemesio Oseguera, the leader of the Nueva Generacion. In April, the Government of the United States added these criminals to the black list of the Department of Treasury. " They will send him to the United States because in Mexico he has not been accused of any crime", explained Javier Oliva, Professor at UNAM specializing in National Security. (Otis: see link to article on his extradition application).

He said that the Gomez broke one tendency of the PRI Government, that had diminished the extradition of Capos to the United States. In the first two years of the administration of Pena Nieto 133 people were extradited, according to documents from the Secretary of External Relations obtained with a transparency petition. Only 45 of those extradited North of the border were extradited for crimes against health (drug related crimes).

When Felipe Calderon commenced his war against narco trafficking he gave account of the fact that the Government needed an ally in Washington. In November of 2009 authorities of some countries celebrated a meeting to streamline the extraditions. The agreement gave results. For the end of his mandate he had extradited 498 people, duplicating the amount sent by his predecessor, Vincente Fox.

One has seen a pendular position, said Oliva. The panista Government attended very expeditiously, requests from various countries, but the return of the PRI changed the strategy. The first Attorney General of Pena Nieto, Jesus Murillo Karam, reduced the rate. In his two years he sent 128 accused to various countries, from 198 requests for extradition.

The majority of the subjects were sent to the United States, according to documents of the Attorney Generals office obtained by a petition for transparency. 44 of those were accused of crimes against health ( narco trafficking ) in United States Courts. Only one was considered a high level capo. On the 21st of November 2013 Ivan Valezquez Caballero, knows as "El Taliban" and one of the leaders of Los Zetas was handed over to the authorities in South Texas, who accused him of 47 different criminal charges. On the first day of the trial "not guilty" was declared.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, is the most emblematic capture of the Government of Pena Nieto. Murillo Karam said on various occasions that Mexico prepared for his extradition, which led his defense to promote several amparo's to halt the process. However to date no extradition order has been received from the United States. His presence in the country is valuable.

"In this case its the information that the criminal has that keeps him here", affirmed Oliva, but he adds that not being sent now will not prevent his extradition at a later date. The expert in security, close to the PRI, believes that the porous prison system is also to blame. The orders of the top capos in prison, given through a vertical chain of commands and transmitted to Lawyers and family visits to the prison, continue to impact the criminal world outside.

"In the past six years then tendency to send them out of the country, accelerated internal power struggles within the groups. That is what happened with the Gulf Cartel when Osiel Cardenas was extradited". His physical presence in Mexico could have had some influence over internal divisions and fractures.

Servando Gomez, "La Tuta", media leader of the Knights Templar, was arrested in late February after living several years on the run. The United States Department of Justice regards the former school teacher in its territory as a strange honor. He is the first capo to be charged with narco terrorism. Configured in 2006 and used against the Taliban and the Guerillas of FARC.

"If a petition from the Court of New York is served it will be a milestone", says Oliva. "The criminal awaits a fork in the road. The Northern route would be historic. If he stays in Mexico it would mean for the Mexican Government, information on the State with grave problems of security like Michoacán". The Attorney General Arely Gomez will decide his fate.

Original article in Spanish at El Pais


  1. The following quote from this article beggars belief

    " They will send him to the United States because in Mexico he has not been accused of any crime", explained Javier Oliva", in respect of El Cuini.

    Doesn't that just sum up the Governors and PGR in Jalisco

    1. I was just going to comment exactly the same;in Mexico hes not accused of any crime.Then why was he arrested then?

    2. Give it time. When the private American prison companies have sufficient lobby in Mexico to privatize prisons as they did under Bill Clinton, Mexico too will trend towards a growing prison population. Since the 80s US prison population has exloded (as have private prisons) and the US now has 25% of the worlds prison population, yet 5% of the world population ( US is already making a fortune exporting drug interdiction weapons, technology, etc....but once they start making money to warehouse prisoners as they do in the US; Mexico's legislative and executive branch will get on board because there will be too much money in it not to.

    3. He has been announced in Mexican press as " the head financial operator of CJNG in Guadalajara and Leader of Los Cuinis. I don't believe that they do not have information linking him to crimes against health ( drug trafficking ). But if they do not, they certainly might want to question him, even if they don't charge him about his links to people in CJNG.

      Once the USA knew he was in custody, if they have charges against him, which they obviously do as they have requested his extradition, the Mexican authorities produced a detention order linked to the extradition request. Then its a race against time to get as much information out of him before he is passed over to the USA Dept of Justice.

  2. Everybody konows el chapo pacto con el govierno mexicano and the american goverment so his sons can work whit out being bother ..mexico is full of curruption whats the point of a criminal like chapo to be in prison whe he still the boss,getting womens and everything he wants ...chapo should be extradited to usa period

  3. And why has the US to prosecute mexican criminals for crimes they did in mexico?
    Because some interests on the US got shortchanged by the mexican capos, who also stole from the Colombians and their american puppet masters...
    --Of course, mexican capos misbehaved badly...

    1. They are extraditing him for involvement of exporting cocaine and other synthetic drugs to America, and I expect money laundering, since the money trail is probably what gave him away in the first place.

  4. Hahaha they all havent been accused of a crime in Mexico. Extradite them all to the US we will receive these bastards with open arms :)

    1. and open wallets...fuck that!!! missing during extradition...

  5. Wtf!!! Is the United States the world's prison. Like we don't pay enough taxes to keep our own problems in jail. Now we gotta take in other countries problems? Re-open Guantanamo.

    1. Guantanamo? Nonsense. The US is privatizing its prison system (Texas is way ahead in that movement). It would be good business to take prisoners from all over the world, so the companies running these prisons can make more money. It is just like so-called "defense" spending, which is also nothing more than a way to funnel money from government to businesses to create more jobs. The US is a monopsony, with the government the only buyer. It is not a free enterprise system.

    2. Gaunatamo and any US Prisons abroad, who pays for them? US the American taxpayer, so no matter how you put it, where is a prison located aslong as its managed by the US, the taxpayer pays for it

  6. BB mods..Have you noticed it is becoming more and more a silly arguing ground for morons about the US or Mexico?
    It never ends

    1. Your point is interesting because I would bet that most of the readers on BB are of Mexican decent or gringos with more than just a passing interest in Mexico. I hold both country's dear and it pains me when the narcos/governments/fanatics from either side damage the innocents. I don't appreciate the divisiveness of may of the comments. If we can't learn about and with each other then were waisting our time.

    2. It is not about divisiveness, it is all about where the root problems are, what causes so many problems all over the world, and in the case of mexico, the root cause of all its problems is mexico's friendship with the "US government rogue agents"...
      -- the american and the mexican people have always been friends, but it does not stop some from trying to profit from mexico by any means necessary...

  7. I see the numbers of article reads for borderland beat as a reporter here myself. The stories with the greatest hits, over the time I have been a reporter here, are, in first place, stories about narco corridor singers who get killed, second are decapitation posts or posts with graphic pictures of the dead, third place women sicarios, fourth place arrests of American citizens involved with Mexican cartels like the flores twins. That is my humble opinion and may not be agreed with by the other reporters here.

    In my humble opinion, that points to the majority of readers of those posts being in the young male category, given the constant bickering between USA/Mexican cheerleaders, and the racial swipes at each other, I see as juvenile. As a neutral observer, not being from either of those countries, its interesting to see holistically how those people interact.

    There are some people who always leave a positive contribution, rather than just "throwing up their followed gang sign" verbally, or doing a "millie" and just mud flinging. Canadiana is always positive, as are many of the anonymous poster, who I can recognise from the content of their posts.

    1. Tha positive is OK enough, the negative is what needs some stirring and flinging, and --that is all we can do to bring up the root cause of the problems.
      --Not everybody lives in a cotton heaven scratching his belly...
      Atentamente: millie...


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