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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Part one: "The Miracle of Juárez", Sinaloa vs Juárez Cartel

Lucio R. Borderland Beat-Posted by Texan24 republished from Animal Politico
Part two link here

A red jeep dodged the heavy morning traffic, speeding as much as possible down Technological Avenue, the major thoroughfare in the golden zone of Ciudad Juarez, where  the US consulate is located, as well as shopping centers and the city's most exclusive residences.

A Chevrolet Cavalier sedan was in pursuit of  the Jeep.  On board were two gunmen with powerful automatic weapons. After half a kilometer, the jeep crashed into a metal fence near a federal court in Ciudad Juarez. 

Dead in the front seats were Gilberto López Mendoza and Omar Antonio Ochoa, 39 and 37, respectively, both drug traffickers.

 Venezuelan stripper 23, Gabriela Figueroa, lay dead on the rear floor of the car, where she apparently tried to hide. The murderers were sharpshooters. Only 11 bullets were necessary to kill the three victims from a moving car.

It was the morning of October 23, 2014, and Juarez was horrified.

Just two weeks later, not far from the crime scene, the Governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, gave his approval for a meeting of officials and civic leaders from 15 Mexican cities. These officials, like others before, visited the border city to learn how peace was achieved, in a place that at one time was the world's capital of crime, where drug-related violence killed 11 thousand people in just four years. 

Governor Duarte said he was proud that other cities would replicate the experience of Juarez, whose focus was to clean up corruption in the police force. 

Duarte insisted that all the police forces of their city are now  free of corruption.

"We face the challenge," he told the audience. "There must be a few who think they can get away with it, but with good intelligence work, we will stop them."

The miracle of Juarez?

Between 2008 and 2012, a war between the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels, resulted in massive bloodshed in the streets of the city.

The recruitment of members of the police forces as combatants in the criminal battle,  aggravated the situation. 

In 2010, the homicide rate reached 300 per month. At that time, a rare coalition was created to save the city:

Leaders of civil organizations and businessmen, a senior police chief to be hired from the city of Tijuana, five billion dollars that the Federal Government invested and protected witnesses working for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, its acronym in English), together they quashed criminal violence in Juarez and cleaned the municipal police and state police.

Mexico claimed victory

But the enticement of the billion dollar drug trade is back and presents a new reality that could truncate the optimism expressed by the Governor Duarte and others have declared that peace has come to this city.

In the past year, the Juarez cartel appears to have defeated the Sinaloa group, and is being restructured with new criminal leaders who seek to restore corrupt connections by the local police a state  intelligence officer confirmed.

The bone of contention are the routes of drug trafficking located throughout the farm belt of the Juarez Valley “Valle de Juarez” parallel to the Rio Grande area.

After the terrorist attacks in New York September 11, 2001, the U.S. mandated stringent changes in border entries and beefed up federal forces along the south border. Trafficking through the Juarez-El Paso border came to a standstill.

The Juarez cartel created makeshift traffic routes on the outskirts of the city, and the Juarez Valley became critical. During the battle for the city, several parallel struggles took place in the territorial strip. 

Eventually in 2010, the Sinaloa cartel took control of these multi-paths, allegedly with the support of military forces. 

This is the territory that the Juarez cartel has regained, according to intelligence reports. 
"Chuyin", leader of La Linea with family 
The murder last October in the Golden Zone was the beginning of a wave of violence related to control of the drug routes. Since then, Juarez has seen a series of murders and shootings that show how La Linea -the armed wing of the Juarez cartel- has returned to the streets of the city.

Ochoa, one of the victims found in the red Jeep, operated a chain of strip nightclubs, including the "El Museo Bar" where the Venezuelan stripper worked. The business ensured strong police protection.

Apparently, he was linked to the Sinaloa cartel, and his murder was ordered by Jesus Salas Aguayo - 
aka "the Chuyin" - the new leader of La Linea, to send a warning/message to the police working with the Sinaloa cartel.

Aguayo Salas was arrested in late April 2015, but that does not mean that the takeover of territory by the Juarez cartel is over. 

Four of his followers were on point to take the lead.
Vicente Carrillo Fuentes 
Case study

For Mexico, Juarez may be a case study, not a complete victory. The apparent resurgence of La Linea can mean that recent murders is a return to business as usual, although the cartel boss Vicente Carrillo Fuentes-alias "Viceroy" - was arrested by police Federal last October. 

According to various sources, Carrillo, despite remain the designated leader of the cartel, was away from the daily operations of the criminal group.

Juarez observers have long contended that big part of the problem, is that the authorities concentrated its target when ending violence,  rather than disbanding drug trafficking organizations.

"The intention of the current government is to protect public safety and control crime, but does not put an end to drug trafficking," said Tony Payan, director of the Mexican Center at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at University Rice. 

The analyst Eduardo Guerrero says the factor of success in the fight against organized crime is dynamic. "We can dismantle them for a while, but if you do not keep your eye on the situation, things can revert and then we are talking about a failure. For example, a corrupt police force can re-emerge."Guerrero said.

The Juarez cartel has deep roots in the city, and it was anticipated that the heads of the organization
would attempt a retake of power. Meanwhile, the arrest of Sinaloa leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman last year, left his men in the Juarez Valley, tentative, without good direction.

Other leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, as Ismael Zambada Garcia, alias "El Mayo Zambada" sent new troops known as "Emes" for the letter M of Mayo, to fight La Linea.  

But if the Juarez cartel has regained some territories it is thanks to key lieutenants within the territory of Juarez who worked for Sinaloa but have switched allegiances and joined La Linea, intelligence sources say. 

Similarly, although the alliance between La Linea and the Mexican gang known as Barrio Azteca gang fractured, there are reports that La Linea is working with members of other U.S. gangs.

The Aztecs still control parts of the city and street crime in several working class neighborhoods where they recruit young people at risk.

Two other gangs that were at one time partner of Sinaloa, Los AA’s and  los Mexicles, still have some influence in local neighborhoods but do not work for the cartels.

Three years have passed since the violence subsided and the homicide rate dropped from 300 to 30 per month. 

In fact, in March and April 2015, the number of homicides in the city was at the lowest point since 2005. But analysts say the situation may change because the judicial system was too lax with some of the criminals.

Between 2010 and 2012, US authorities sent leaders of La Linea and Barrio Azteca to prison for life.

In Mexico, the murderers of 11 youngsters and four adults in the neighborhood of Salvacar also received long sentences. But many other gang members received short sentences. Some are free, or soon will be.
Reyes Gamboa
One is Saulo Reyes Gamboa, who according to the DEA, until 2007 was the man who handled the money for the Juarez cartel.  (the former police chief received only 8 years in U.S. Federal Prison)

Head of the municipal police between 2004 and 2007, Reyes Gamboa ended up in jail in 2008, when he tried to bribe a US customs officer to assist him in smuggling truckloads of marijuana through the international bridges of El Paso . 

Gamboa recently emerged from a minimum security prison after serving seven years in prison.

Total cooperation

Bribing the police is not sufficient for a criminal group thrive. But when the criminal group hires a police chief that increases the chances of striking  gold. 

Between 2007 and 2011 in Ciudad Juarez, the ministerial police-the research arm of the state Attorney worked under the orders of Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, alias "El Diego" a former commander of police operations, who became chief of operations for the Juarez cartel.
El Diego
Since its inception in the 90s, the Juarez cartel used successful bribery of police chiefs to operate freely. But when El Diego climbed to the pinnacle of the cartel, he created an inseparable and crucial alliance between the cartel and police units.

These police units operated in some cases, fully for the criminal group. Diego and his men protected local and international drug transport networks in Juarez, one of the most important transshipment points on the border of US and Mexico. 

It was a key moment in which the supremacy of the Juarez cartel. 

end of part one


  1. So when it's all said N done the underdogs succeeded N viktoria :) ....all of the government help 4 nothing :)

  2. Miracle, Hope for Mexico, ITS ALL A JOKE!!

    1. Maybe next in the 20 years. I thought would over at ten years., But we are passive about it and just wait

    2. If Nieto doesn't care we must wait for a new leader

    3. Televisa is working.on it, commander el Castillo de cagada is developing the new shock forces platoons at the sports ministry...
      --That is how the military Olimpic Pentathlon got started that became the murderous battalion Olympia in mexico68's tlaltelolco, helping the judiciales, the DFS and the military murder students for diaz ordaz, Luis echeverria and US ambassador win scott...
      --El pri went places recruiting the best physical specimens for its gorilla programs, I did not make the cut, but I was there, general cienfuegatas was graduating military college, to become head of the mexican armed forces today...

  3. We live another, stay out of the cross fire

    1. I have family that went missing in Juarez two older males in 50 and one female in 50 driving grey pick up truck with ca plates missing three days and help on how' to find them very desperate thankful

  4. This is a fact!!! No plaza in Mexico will ever have peace without a cartel and a strong plaza boss. There is to much drug trafficking and a huge percent are involved directly of indirectly. JL ran Juarez with an iron fist and it was fairly safe then. If you knew where to go and how to act you would have no problems at all. You cannot run a plaza with and by outsiders and Sinaloa will find this out again in TJ. You would think losing in Nuevo Laredo, Juarez, and BLO territory south of Arizona would tell Sinaloa this. If things stay in CDJs hands, there will be peace, tourism and trade in Juarez because those boys are smart there. They recognize that healthy tourism and trade make them even stronger. Not like these dumb fools that run the south and destroy the people in the plazas they live in. I just hope the same comes about for TJ. I live close to Juarez and know all about what it was like for years before the Chapo/Calderon war on the people of Juarez, what it was like during the war, and what is happening now. Now is a good thing and it is what the locals want.

    1. El senor de los cielos says other wise a lot of capos say other wise

    2. You got it 5:19

    3. You mean it was "safe" in Juarez as in.....the bunch of asshole terrorist cartel members weren't killing each other as often.

      But truth is literally thousands of women were being kidnapped and murdered, most likely by the same scum cartel members who get off raping and killing women......see you forgot about that but not some of us.

    4. Look at Durango tha place is on lock you dont hear shit from there, Durango es de los Duranguenses.

    5. Yes, Durango is 100% CDS.

    6. Esos weyes de sinaloa son bien picudos entre ellos se matan i con todos traen pleito

    7. 1:05 am, point well taken. But research they current presidents home town and look at the results of female missing and murdered there. It is much worse then Juarez. Also realize that Juarez is the place where most sex offenders are deported back to from the US. My point was that it is not the slaughter house CDS causes everytime they try to take take a plaza rather then pay the tax. I followed the serial killings from the 90s on. Yes, it is horrible, but that crap is happening in all of Mexico for the most part. At least there is only 3 bodies a day, not 30.

    8. Although one woman is a lot to be murdered in reality between 400 and 500 women were murdered in cd Juarez in a span of about ten years NOT thousands prior to the cartel wars. At least a quarter of those women murdered if not a third were done by copy cat killers not involved in organized killings. The majority of the people that committed these crimes are dead due to the cartel war and or captured. A person from Sinaloa - Vicente Carrillo Fuentes ran the Juarez plaza when the killings took place. Those that say that CDS cartel harms nobody like @ 4:57 and @ 12:53 and you also say nothing happens in Durango, are forgetting the at least around 400 bodies that were discovered in "narcofosas", (common tombs), around Durango state between the years of 2011 and 2013 while like you say CDS controls the state. Gente Nueva in the Valley of Juarez executed a youth baseball team including a 9 year old girl celebrating a victory over some rival about a year ago. The only reason given was that the TEAM was told not to be throwing parties in their area of operations with or without permission. There is also a common cemetery in Cd Juarez built by the city were at least 130 dead people lie in rest there murdered during the cartel wars and nobody claims their corpses because they have no family. CDS is well known to exploit orphans to join the cartel with the promises of a better future when in reality they are used as cannon fodder. The only people in the CDS cartel that make real money in drugs are all the families like the Zambadas, Guzmans la familia de los Torres etc... and they know that but still take advantage of these poor orphans to do their dirty work. CDS also runs Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco where hundreds or thousands of American tourists flock each year for vacation. Puerto Vallarta is well known for prostitution and in particular CHILD prostitution! All cartels in Mexico are scum!

    9. Funny how you just focus on one cartel, not exactly cheerleadering for a rival
      one, but one thing is true here, seems like a lot of people take sides, which goes to show how sick the Mexican society is, the point is not weather it was 400 or 4000 women disappeared or murder, the point is that it should not happen at all, and in a country were it's president preaches "rule of law" as the paradigm....which clearly is non existent, you have a country where atrocities are committed on the Daly basis and a passive populace with no leadership and or a free press that is willing to do serious investigative journalism.

    10. ^ Picking sides is a neccesary any war....saying '400 or 4,000 let's stop it all?!' is a very childlike long as mexico is located between Colombia, Bolivia and Peru and the EEUU you will have war....and some cartels are 'better' than others

    11. cds run durango

    12. I need to go down there and clean it up!
      ATTN: Captain America

  5. Cesar Duarte, the governor that does not know how a SERGIO RAFAEL BARRAZA BOCANEGRA, a dirty zetilla that took his girlfriend Rubi Fraire Escobedo to live in a shack made out of pallets and garbage bags before murdering her, also got her mother Marisa escobedo murdered at the door of the government palace...
    --The governor who steals from all the chihuahueños, and now is a banker in his spare time...
    --the genial businessman that awoke as soon as he could get his paws on the public treasury...
    --governor Cesar duarte is not going to fix crime or criminals permanently on "his" state, he is all pri and corrupt...
    --5 billion dollars to"fight crime", in juarez, who paid it? I don't know, but Duarte and co. sure would not stay bought...
    --and the accused Sinaloa Hound, leyzaola, got his tail stuffed up his nose, recently, my god, after being such a great brilliant luminary under the el panismo, how he has suffered under the priista absolutismo, accusing big police chief of juarez of being the "one" who sent him the massage...
    --Venezuelan stripper Gabriela Figueroa, 23, did not deserve to get killed, from what I see...

  6. Una Nueva revolucion pa mi mexico

    1. Para el pueblo chinge su madre el gobierno si va ver sangre k sea para mejorar el pueblo viva Zapata y villa

  7. Remember, folks, the CAF are a better shot.

    The mentally and spiritually void tweakers that the Sinaloans hire, by giving them meth, are sloppy/careless.


    1. ... -T, Have You Been To Barrio Logan/Logan Heights Or Are You From There? If So, Then You Know That Their Are A lot Of Peeps Using Crystal Who Work/Worked For CAF ... Also, Only Some Of Their Guys Were Great Shots, Like David ... But He Was Trained And When Freshly Trained People Attempt To Train Others, Then You Know Its Going To Be Sloppy ... Go Ask David ... Oh, Forgot He Was Shot Be His Own People In Crossfire ... In Sinaloa, They Like Llavada De Coco/Fresa, Etc... Sabores Jejeje

    2. Thanks for you input T. I'm sure that the information on a manta made by Sinaloa's rival is 100% true and that CAF always protect civilians from violence and drugs.

  8. Puro K-Z valle de juaritos no se rajen

  9. A stripper from Venezuela? Why mention she was a stripper? Why mention she was Venezuelan? You ARE racist xenophobia!

    1. People want to know what's happening and journalists provide that info. If it was up to you why even print this news right? So you like selective news articles?

    2. all sex, drugs guns and rocking Roll. I know it is short term, but they live for Now, not tomorrow

    3. live for now no hope for Mexico, no future, only the rich and politicos get richer. Its all about money. By the way they move their families to the US

    4. Fuck is racist about sayin she Venezuelan and a stripper?
      Get a grip you fuckin troll,tryin to start shit,pussie whiner..

    5. Shut up's called details to the story retard.

    6. Why are you mad. All he stated was the facts.

    7. Well, somebody else concurr, three comments in a row, whiner...ja, ja, jaaaa..
      --no racism or xenophobia observed, but you could not help trying to show that you are an "educated professor" that knows obscure words...NOT!!!

    8. Venezuelan is a compliment.They are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world.Check it out;how many times a Venezuelan has won the Miss Universe contest.I think they hold the record.There is such a mix of races from that country;they have the best of all of them.

    9. Venezuelan women have won too often, and are pretty, but too much cosmetic surgery has ruined the real Venezuelan beauties...
      --I"ll take a real woman without so much enhancement any time, not that any of them would take me...

  10. "esto va parar cuando vean que la gente nueva no puede aqui" es cierto la gente nueva no pudo pero aun siguen las matanzas pero muy lento

  11. It was sinaloense vs sinaloense thats why chapo couldnt take the place from Vicente carrillo those wars only one can win ...chapo fuckt up cause that plaza has always been from sinaloa de amado carrillo fuentes the biggest boss from mexico tenia que ser gallo de chinola

    1. There were 15 or 20 major players wit Amado. Big money player. and CDJ and La Lenea are basically people of Juarez. The blood runs deep with these people and nobody will take their plaza.

    2. I a agree ciuda juarez has been carrillo for decades

  12. Esto tiene Estados Unidos de las fuerzas especiales operadores escrito por todas partes.

  13. so the linea still exists then, what the hell happened to jl , heard rumers hes dead, and why havent any us officials gone to jail over fast and furiuos giving guns to the cds, anyone else notice how even with outbound border checkpoints and increased inbound security drugs still get to the us and money and gunds still get to mexico, the real boss of the mexican cartels is the us government

  14. boss in juarez for sinaloa is named martin , young gut , short tanned always wears rosary around neck has a tatoo on his left calf drives a plateless silver dodge challenger or an orange lifted older expedision with oklahoma plates ,

  15. us government and officials are the real capos , they make deals provide weapons , payout money and help their so called terroist buddies , just look at isis , created by the us , and the pathetic mentally ill ex soldier scumbags they hire as cops , killing un armed people and never brought to justice


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