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Monday, May 18, 2015

Part 2: Mexican Cartel, Canadian Drug Pipeline

Lucio R Borderland Beat Thank you to  Canadiana, Republished from National Post
Reza Amin and his trainer Desiree Ellis

Part Two

Blackberry messages reveal how drugs easily pass through Vancouver’s port

It’s not that hard, according to encrypted messages intercepted by police that detailed an exchange between one Vancouver man and the Ontario-based leader of a major international drug ring three years ago.

Mohamed Reza Amin Torabi told gang boss Nick Nero he had a contact person within the port who could control the movement of containers full of South American cocaine.

All he needed was the name of the company shipping the container to Canada and the actual container number, Amin Torabi explained.

“Hi bro. I am with my buddy. He is ready any time. All the ship come from south come to port here. I need transporter name and container number when U ready,” Amin Torabi, nicknamed ‘Big Guy,’ said in a May 2012 BlackBerry message.

A Vancouver Sun investigation has found at least 27 Hells Angels, associates, criminals and other gangsters work on the Port Metro Vancouver docks. And The Sun has obtained government and police documents that show an un-addressed organized crime problem on the waterfront dating back more than 20 years.

Details of the encrypted communications between Amin Torabi, Nero and others in their criminal organization illustrate the key role of the ports in the movement of drugs. The Sun obtained the transcripts from court documents filed for kingpin Nero’s sentencing hearing in Toronto last fall. He was handed a 22-year prison term in October 2014.

Police estimated that Nero was smuggling 400 kilograms of cocaine a week into Canada, worth about $1.9 billion a year.

Amin Torabi, now 51, had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine and received a seven-year prison term.

The documents don’t say how the two criminal associates began working together.

But The Sun has learned both men were active in bodybuilding competitions across Canada.

Amin Torabi, who was born in Tehran, was crowned Mr. Canada in 2000, as well as in the mid-‘90s. At the time, he boasted about having upper arms that were 22 inches in diameter and thighs that were 33 inches around. Nero placed seventh in the 2003 Canadian Bodybuilding Federation finals and once owned a gym in Niagara Falls.

Niagara Regional Police uncovered Nero’s massive drug smuggling ring, which led to arrests in three provinces in November 2012.

Staff Sgt. Shawn Clarkson said the smugglers established “various routes of transportation as well as smuggling into various ports of entry into Canada.”

“This criminal organization coordinated with a resourceful Mexican drug cartel to provide a high quality and constant supply of cocaine,” Clarkson told The Sun.

In the intercepted messages, Nero told another player in the drug ring that the cost to get the shipment through the Port of Vancouver was “25 per cent” of the value of the load.

“All we need is container #. Peru is direct to Vancouver,” Nero said in an email. “My ‘off’ says he will take it off no problem.” ‘Off’ is slang for a port connection who can off-load drugs.

Amin Torabi told Nero he didn’t want to say too much on the BlackBerry, but would fly to Toronto to meet him and make the arrangements. Police watched the two men as they met others in the criminal organization at a downtown Toronto steak house.

"All Good Amigo"

Nero later received a message from one of his Mexican cartel suppliers saying their “amigo” had a big machine that could be used to hide “50, 100 and 200 or more pieces” believed to be a reference to kilograms of cocaine that could then be shipped through the port.

“We can start next week,” Nero replied. “All good amigo.”

Nero was then told the cocaine could be shipped as liquid or in pieces inside the containers.

“I think pieces are better. Less work. We cash out faster. Also I don’t want issues with shares. Units are units. Every one gets what they pay for.”

Nero used several modes of transportation for the massive amounts of cocaine — including shipping containers to both the ports of Vancouver and Montreal.

He also had a private jet and flew cocaine into the U.S. and Canada. And much of the drug ring’s product was trucked across the border.

On May 10, 2012 Nero sent a message to Amin Torabi: “Hi bro. How are things with the port — are we ready?”

Amin Torabi responded: “Yes bro. We are ready. Please let me know where U sending from. Let me know. I am going see my guy today. It will be great work, bro.”

A week later, Nero contacted former Vancouver resident Robby Alkhalil, who also faces charges in connection with the Ontario drug ring.

Nero asked Alkhalil, whose nickname is TNT in the encrypted messages, if he wants in on a shipment from Argentina arriving at the port of Vancouver later in May.

Alkhalil replied “OK.”

Amin Torabi’s inside contact at the Port of Vancouver is not identified in the court documents obtained by The Sun.

Rabih Alkhalil
But in other conversations, Nero said that he works with both the “Patch and Irish” — references to the Hells Angels and the West End gang in Montreal, which has influence in that city’s port. Nero also had an earlier conviction in Ontario for selling cocaine to Hells Angels.

Nero messaged another associate on his encrypted BlackBerry, asking him to pass along to the suppliers that “my partners in Mtl are strong too. They have the ports.”

Both Nero and Alkhalil also face first-degree murder charges in the June 2012 execution of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto’s Little Italy.

And Alkhalil, who was extradited from Greece in February, is charged with murder in the targeted shooting of gangster Sandip Duhre in Vancouver’s Wall Centre in January 2012.

Another stop on Alkhalil’s Canadian courthouse tour is Montreal where he faces more drug importation and trafficking charges.

One of his co-accused in that case is full-patch Hells Angel Larry Amero, of Surrey’s West Point chapter. Despite being in jail since November 2012 awaiting trial, Amero has maintained his membership in Metro Vancouver-based Local 502 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.


  1. Big boys using phones. You reap what you sow.

  2. Bring the Mongols they work the San Pedro n Long Beach Ports better than these clowns.

  3. Just business as usual. The F ing government should just keep its nose out of it. Giving the choice of trusting H A or the government, my vote goes to H A. They won't screw you like government will. And thats all three governments, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

  4. But the blackberry was supposed to be safe, even Obama and Hillary trusted their deepest and more intimate secrets on blackberry...
    --now I see, it was just communist propaganda...

    1. The rim network failed over 6 years ago wake up homie

    2. Ohh no!!! Comunist propaganda!! :0

    3. F2F is only safe way. It's always been and will always be.

    4. May 19, 2015 @ 1:30 AM: How do you coordinate bi-weekly shipments across international borders only doing face to face every time?

    5. Face time lol

  5. With arms like that your bound 2 stick out like a sore thumb.Y not b a little more low key hot shot.

  6. Food for fodder for folks always commenting on the girth of my paisas

    1. The paisas are being fed foodstuffs that cattle will not eat...
      Reza amin clearly shows he is on steroids...
      --fools, gyms and steroids go so all together...

  7. CHIVIS !! Panchito f 1 captured or Bdn making stuff up again lol

  8. steroids dont make you bullet proof

  9. Dude's way weak.

  10. Should read Part 1 of this story, which gives background on what might seem to be "cover" given to drug importers by Port of Vancouver authorities and other Canadian law enforcement agencies. Should also read "Black Mass," which describes how Boston FBI gave cover to Whitey Bulger and associates for decades, in exchange for related info on mob activities around Boston. "Black Mass" has been made into a movie, with J. Depp, due for 2015 release.

  11. Seems like Canada is underdeveloped when it comes to organized crime. Where else are bodybuilders and biker gangs on top of the food chain?

    1. Trailer parks bro!

    2. 4:36pm
      Actually, in terms of violence Canadian criminals are overdeveloped, they once resorted to terrorist tactics but, of course, since you're not aware of it you wrote what you wrote.

    3. @4:36PM

      I responed to you with an earlier comment mentioning how Canada's organized crime is far from underdeveloped but "overdeveloped" when it comes to violence. In the early 90's they resorted to domestic terrorism, a war that lasted nearly a decade. Google "Quebec bike war". I suspect my first comment didn't get through because somebody thought I was making shit up. I wasn't.

    4. From Canada to Arizona, el gran jefe still rules, Joe Bonnanno, aka Joe bananas, and his plan was bigger and better than las vegas, and all his...

    5. Thanks BB for posting my two comments

  12. In Canada if you have brains and a legal work ethic you will be rich.
    Only the low IQ and lazy turn to crime in Canada!

  13. This applies worldwide

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