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Friday, May 1, 2015

Medina, killer of "El Gato" walks free from prison

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article and El Mexicano

[Subject Matter: Zeta Magazine, Victoriano Medina, Hector Felix Miranda
Recommendation: Some knowledge of the original killing would be advantageous]

Reporter: Christian Torres Cruz

At 12:08 hours of Thursday 30th of April, Victoriano Medina was released early from a 27 year sentence in CEFERESO "El Hongo", for the killing of Journalist Hector Felix Miranda, Co-director and founder of Zeta Magazine.

Medina who left prison dressed in prison uniform, affirms to be innocent of the crime committed against "El Gato", in which he always had the support of his boss Jorge Hank Rohn.

Update tomorrow.

For the Spanish speakers there is short press conference with Victoriano Medina outside "El Hongo".
Quality is not so good, due to wind noise.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana

and from El Mexicano

At liberty now are the two ex employees of Jorge Hank Rhon, convicted of the killing of the Sinaloan Journalist Hector "El Gato" Felix. The journalist and founder of ZETA magazine, killed in Tijuana on 20th of April 1988.

Hector "El Gato" Felix
Hector Grijalva Tapia, Sub-secretary of the State Penitentiary System, mentioned that tomorrow Victoriano Medina Moreno would be set free, also implicated in the crime.

On the 1st of May, Antonio Vera Palestina will get the same benefit he indicated.

This last person is imprisoned in CEFERSO No. 1 "Altiplano", located in the State of Mexico. The judicial processes of both, were carried out in common law jurisdiction.

Vera Palestina is a friend of Jorge Hank Rhon.

The children of the detainee, George and Geronimo Vera Ayala have worked with the Mayor of Tijuana. But since three years ago Jorge Vera ex chief of bodyguards of his godfather, is a fugitive accused by the PGR of having relations to organised crime.

Original article in Spanish at El Mexicano


  1. el gato felix-los tigres del norte corrido perron aprendan algo de corridos pinches pochos wanna be narcos.

    1. Estoy seguro que as d tener hijos o familiares Americanos lacra racista

  2. Just another day in Mexico
    Sad to say say but true.
    There can never be hope until the government is behind bars and men like the great D.r. Mireles is set free.

  3. What's with the godfathers of the CAF, atracomulco cartel members must be feeling so powerful and invincible now that favorite son heads el cartel de las lomas...
    -- if these guys did not do it, in spite of the guns found in their posession, then who did it?
    --their commander in chief may have official impunity, but Jorge Hank Rohn and his brother are guilty...
    --this will show the mexican press what matters in mexico...

  4. He spent 27 years in jail, it happens everywere, you serve your term and walk free. I find it expensive to spend 27 years of my life in jail.

  5. J-H Rohn is THE true crime boss. He is the invisible spider in the web that pulls all the strings and collects on EVERY deal in TJ and northern Baja. Blowing up his race track one day when it is full with him and all the scum paying him would be a major service o everybody in the region.

  6. And his plaza de toros de tijuana, apá? La volamos tamien?
    --The US punished Jorge hank rohn severely, they "took" his passport for drug trafficking and money laundering, jorge's compadre donald trump does not want his ass on the US...

  7. I question the article "Killer is set free" ?? Why Free ? Both men spent 25 and Victoriano 27 years of their life behind bars. Not a pretty place old Mesa Prison and Super Max Puente Grande. Regardless both were tried and sentence by a court and did their time. Now are old men; So walking free is an incorrect term!


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