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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

La Vibora is arrested, author of decapitations and hangings in Atizapan

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

[ Subject Matter: La Vibora, Cartel de Centro
Recommendation: see link to Buggs article on arrest of this Cartels Jefe]

Francisco Javier Resillas Rios, "La Vibora"
After being a fugitive since this past April, during an operation carried out in Tlalnepantla, authorities detained in Acapulco, Guerrero, one Francisco Javier Resillas Rios, "La Vibora", alleged ex member of the Cartel de Centro and operator of "El Chapo" in the Valle de Mexico, and for information leading to his capture, Mexican authorities offered half a million pesos.

"La Vibora" is linked to twelve tiers of investigation, already to him authorities are attributing executions, four decapitated bodies were found on 13th of January 2013 in Atizapan de Zaragoza, the location of narco mantas and the assassination of two people that were hung from a bridge in the town of Atizapan on 30th of March of the same year. (Otis: see link to Itzlis article on the four decapitations, and see link to an article on the hangings by BB reporter Havana Pura).

In the Gustavo A Madero delegation of Federal District, he is linked to three homicides of alleged drug dealers, which occurred last year on the outskirts of Tlalnepantla.

Resillas Rios is originally from State of Mexico, and after his apprehension turned out to be Plaza boss of an criminal organization in Valle de Mexico, and had links to organized criminals in the Towns of Ecatepec, Tlalnepantla, Atizapan, Cuautitlan Izcalli and Zumpango, among others from the North, Northeast and East of the State.

The detention was carried out when elements of the Marina of Mexico were patrolling along the Boulevard Costero Miguel Aleman when they heard firearm detonations nearby.

At this moment, three individuals ran towards the beach, and noticing the presence of the Marina and opened fire, injuring a civilian who was sheltering behind a concrete bench.

After a few minutes, Javier Resillas Rios was injured as a consequence of a confrontation with another group.

Naval personnel attended the injured, also identified as Bruno Torres Mejia, 24 years of age, and requested medical assistance for their support, as a result of bullet impacts, he was operated on surgically in Acapulco Hospital, where he is reported as stable.

The Attorney General of State of Mexico requested that their counterparts from different States to support the detention of Resillas Rios, who has three arrest warrants for crimes of homicide, apart from what is considered to be the objective of greater importance, of him being in the top 16 most sought after criminals in the State of Mexico.

Also confiscated were a pick up, a motorcycle, a 9mm pistol of exclusive use by armed forces, a magazine with three rounds in it, and 6 other cartridges of the same calibre.

The detained were put at the disposition of the Agent of the Federal Public Prosecutors Office, of the third investigative agency of the State of Guerrero.

"La Vibora" had already been located three weeks earlier this past 29th of March, when in the Mariano Escobedo Colonia, Town of Tultitlan, four of his closest collaborators were detained. Luz Veronica Postigo Ramirez and her son Martin Olvera Postigo, alleged financial operators of this cell, like Gloria Ameyali Medina and Michael Gabriel Lozada Alvarez.

Veronica Postigo Ramirez was also found to be related to the crimes of maltreatment of people, prostitution and crimes against health; her son Martin is alleged as responsible for homicide, vehicle theft, and crimes against health.

The detained gave dates about the activities and possible location of "La Vibora", the following day units mounted an operation in the Viveros del Rio Colonia, in Tlalnepantla.

Between 10:30 and 11:00, on the crossroads of Mario Colin and Gustavo Baz, the police encountered Resillas Rios, he was driving a black Honda CVR, with plates 847WPH.

"La Vibora" ran over one of the agents, got out of the vehicle, threatened a driver of Ford Ranger with his gun, then stole his vehicle registration LUE1538 and escaped in it.

To recognize him, the authorities relied on a recent photograph allegedly taken at the horse fair, in the Municipality of Texcoco, which shows him sitting with a woman, in front of a table where there is a bottle of whiskey.

Original article in Spanish at Proceso


  1. Chapo is on fire!

  2. I thought i had heard all the CDS wing groups, n all of a sudden these 2 pop out. Los Memos n Cartel de Centro these guys are to much.

  3. He'll be freed before Mireles because some now-richer juez will find faults with the case like the heads don't match the bodies.

  4. from what i seen many times, Cartel Del Centro actually fought against many CDS cells

  5. This guy switched over when arturo started his own organization he was a Beltran leva then arturo died and went on his own


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