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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cienfuegos: we must combat the cowardly criminals with unity

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

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[Subject Matter: Secretary of National Defence, Criminality
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

The Secretary of National Defence said that the country looks harassed by worthless circumstances of stateless persons that have committed vile criminal actions.

The Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda,

Reporter Ignacio Atzaga
The Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, said that " we must combat the cowardly criminals with unity" and " we will not allow them to mix with us", after this Friday when six Military elements were killed in attacks by Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

The General said that while Mexico is beset by circumstances that are not deserved, by stateless persons that have committed vile criminal actions, the Armed Forces and institutions will bring these criminals to justice.

"We shall not lower our guard, its time to cover the nations glorious", he said in respect of last Fridays outbreak of violence in four states in response to the implementation of Operation Jalisco, in which six soldiers were killed.

"There are more good Mexicans than there are bad", he said before President Enrique Pena Nieto in the ceremony of flag protest of members of the National Military Service of the class of 1996.

The General called for national unity, to close ranks against crime, he also said that Mexico is a nation that gives up when faced with adversity, "we are going to win for a better future", he assured.

He maintained that the Armed Forces will maintain deployment day and night to combat criminal organizations where required with citizen unity and respect for the law.

He recalled that the leaders of the criminal groups that have attacked the country, have been detained, imprisoned or "neutralized", and that is the fate that awaits those who offend Mexico and its Institutions with their criminal activities.

He calls on the population to denounce these people and not to let them mix with good Mexicans, as well as to eliminate corruption, impunity and illegality. "its time to cover the nations glory" he added.

The General carried out a survey of all the Military and Civil Servants who have died in the line of duty, in the fight against crime.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio

Video contains only AUDIO spoken version of the article


  1. I wish he would do something, but Nieto and Chong do not care. In San Fernando there is no Military patrols at night. So the Bad Guys own the streets and Highways, I believe Mx Army are scared of the Cartels. Its been 10 years no change I guess Mexico is gone forever, Shame on the Nieto all the innocent dying. I support the innocent people of Mexico.

  2. Check his bank accounts and owned properties . Check his salary and then ask how he owns properties. Also his family and friends,my respect to the incorruptible, but anyone with power in Mexico is corrupt. The time to have big brother is Now, install bullet proof cameras in every street,monitor all cell phone conversation, credit card transactions,no cash. If you have nothing to hide,then you should not care. This Will eventually happen worldwide,stArt it now in Mexico. Feeling safe is priceless. In the meantime put cameras and recording equipment 24/7 on every single elected official. I guarantee crime would drop in an instant.

    1. Este wey been watching to many movies might work in us, can., or uk but most countries barely have electricity let alone to try and install cameras everywhere wont work but something does need to be done y ya!

    2. Really. I cannot even keep my computer running well most of the time because of problems. My cable TV goes crazy daily and I have poor connection much of the time with home phone. All this is in a package with Cablemass who is a very large company. I had three appointment's with them to solve problems. I had a 5 hour window for them to show up for the appoint and not once did they show up. I saw a downed telephone pull which had live power wires and they were all touching the ground. You could not even drive by it and had to take a different route. I went by 3 days later and it had not been touched, and this is a very busy and populated area with lots of children. Just amazing. High technology is something that is a long way off in most of Mexico. Just to get them to fix the car eating potholes is a major problem.

  3. NO not unity you fight them with guns, fire vs fire. N more good Mexicans than bad NO all the good Mexicans are getting screwed with hopelessness n the bad multiply. N lowering your guard? Mexico lowered its guard long time ago thats why its how it is.

  4. "There are more good Mexicans than there are bad", he said before President Enrique Pena Nieto in the ceremony of flag protest of members of the National Military Service of the class of 1996.

    It's actually not a "flag protest" --- it's more like taking an oath to the loyalty to the flag of the country. :)

  5. It is a good general idea but why they wait until after 10's of thousands of people have been massacred and all the politicians inside pockets lined with retirement funds thru collusion? Big words, but lets see if they stay par for course. The United States has already pledged help and the Congress is trying to pass legislation to label the cartels besides criminal but terrorist organizations. They do that it is only a matter of time before the cartel members are individually hunted down.

    1. sometimes the truth is painful

      It is time for the average American to drag its head out of the sand and take a close look at how much safety you have provided for the world peace in recent years
      The cost for American taxpayers - “a little” 5 trillion dollars and for what to invade 2 nations
      Nothing gained - no safety improvement. Nothing except a couple of Trillion Dollars and about 600.000 Civilian casualties
      (well at least that’s the number everybody seems to agree on except the US of course)
      I wonder when the conflict seeking CEO´S will make a move on Mexico

      The united states Army invasion tactics have of course proven themselves Solid as a rock in the Past
      Especially in Latin America.
      Meanwhile Sudden private companies in the security sector got exactly want they wanted-
      The Department of defense outsourced Contracts worth billions of dollars and of course the most lucrative bites went to companies like Blackwater (Currently named Academy and Dick chainys golden goose Halliburton or KPR if you like.
      KPR is a pure example when it comes to throwing dust in people eyes

      And it is more- now we have a nation that does not function at all economically without Exporting Weapons along with various types of military hardware all over the world
      And of course the weapon industry companies make huge donations to the political campaigns of those armed conflict experts in power at any time

      No wonder people in general find the American population stupid.
      And while all this is going on - the key players in the war menagerie all get extremely wealthy -- how?
      Well …..They privatized large portions of the US military right under your nose and made it legal to sell high power military assault rifles to the general public and it flows in to Mexico
      Some say that 85% of all guns used by the cartels come from only 6 states in the USA ?

      Remember operation Fast and Furious

      I’m sure you’ll all get pissed off and have a million reasons why I’m wrong and you’re right… but as we all know sometimes the truth is painful

    2. You are correct except you leave out some important details. Privatization of the military is not where the money is. It is in the corporations that control and write the DOD budget. Actually, money is lost by those guys when wars are fought compared to what they make when they are just doing R&D to create and build stuff no in the military wants or needs. Like a $10 billion floating radar for a star wars that doesn't work and that was given to the Navy from the Missile Defense bunch that the Navy will scrap. Look at the current sec of def and look at those who preceded him (except Hagel) and see the boards of directors they sat on or sit on. The purpose of this revolving door is to have people in place from high up in the DOD who will write the DOD budget to ensure plenty of profit for the big corporations whose products sit in the desert boneyards of Arizona, if there are any products except reams of paper studies. But if you don't fight wars, it is hard to scare people enough. Americans are scared all the time by imaginary enemies so that they will continue to grow an unimaginably massive DOD budget (not even counting the other crap like homeland security, the CIA (with a budget whose amount is secret), NSA and all the other "intelligence" agencies.

    3. There you go again, saying Congress wants to label cartels as terrorists.

      This never happened. Cite your source or shut up.

    4. Yes you are so right about the DOD budget- agree with you 100%
      Of course that´s where the money actually come from and Uncle Sam got money to burn
      A good example is when DOD bought 20 airplanes for about 44.000 million dollars (the B2 Bomber) well that’s only about 2 billion dollars for each plain (as of 2001) I guess that number has grown bigger since then

      Come on Mr. Taxpayer- 2 billion Dollars for 1 small airplane! it is almost the same cost as building a 100.000 Tons nuclear-powered Aircraft carrier
      Just to put all those 44.000 millions of taxpayers’ dollars in prospective
      •Hurricane Katrina US taxpayers cost - insurance companies not included
      80.000 million As of 2013

      •Annual taxpayers cost of the American prison system 63.000 million (2013)
      (The number of those incarcerated has only increased by over 700% over the last four decades.)Source

      •Annual cost of Mexican Social Security Institute ( Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, IMSS) 49.000 millions (2010)

      And then we have top officials in the US government complaining and demanding military action in worldwide media when 35 people are killed in an Oil rich nation internal conflict on the other side of the planet (No disrespect meant)
      At the same time people are getting skinned alive and the corps hanged from bridges in their own backyard we could even say on their doorstep.
      But of course that´s ok because only thugs and criminals are beheaded and tortured in Mexico
      Well madam Hillary I am no expert but I am sure some innocent civilians have lost their lives while the Cartels are fighting each other with made in the USA weapons.

      On other matter:
      Under the definition of the word “terrorist” the Cartels are NOT terrorist’s organizations but again neither is ISIS.

      It would not come as a surprise to me if the US congress declared the Cartels as terrorist’s organizations and if human rights get in the way they will probably declare all suspected Cartel members as enemy combative.
      But of course mean time they will continue to supply them with weapons and other inhuman Goods.
      In the end there must be an agenda or is the Latin America population in the eyes of the ones pulling the string - Simply - Expendable

      It is truly a sad fact that there has been very very very few armed conflicts worldwide in recent history without USA involvement at some stage and of course neck deep in the Cartels war

  6. I think he meant to say
    The good people of Mexico need to stand up to the cowardly government starting with pienta the pinyata
    And he forgot to say he was going to step down so the Great Dr. Mireles could take control

  7. It is time that the Military takes over the leadership. Clean up and maybe in 5 years get back to elections.

  8. I bet you, he already has payment from certain cartel..

  9. como dice el corrido. Cuando los michoacanos asen dan balasos asta el govierno les teme!!

    1. Los michoacanos tan igual que los mayates,nomas en bola y armados son bravos,puros culos matando y extorcionando a su propia gente,no digas mamadas, puro pinche malinche,das risa guey.

    2. ala hora de los balasos aste el govierno les teme. buen corrido

  10. "There are more good mexicans than bad mexicans"
    --Giniral Cienfuegos, you and your president and his entire cabinet, are not good mexicans, do not mix with us...
    --There is also, what, it is not the same to mess with poor unarmed students in the middle of the night, giniral cienfuegatas, you suck...
    --i slao suspect that the three soldiers that disappeared in the helicopter fire were just three pauchecks you were just collecting, with no real.persons behind them, like ghost soldiers...


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