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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chilapa Residents Denounce Armed Group Kidnapped 30 People

Translated By Valor for Borderland Beat

Residents of Chilapa, Guerrero denounced the disappearances of at least 30 people during the arrival of the hundreds of armed civilians who called themselves “Community Police”.

Chilapa has been hit by several violent incidents attributed to organized crime in recent months, among them includes the finding of 10 human heads and other human remains in clandestine graves in January.

On May 1, Ulises Fabián Quiroz, the PRI mayor candidate, was shot to death.

A few days later, around 300 armed masked men entered the community, who identified themselves as “Community Police” and remained there for nearly a week to combat violence caused by the confrontation between organized crime groups.  The current mayor, Javier García, opted to leave Chilapa, but returned this weekend.

Today, in a meeting with Fernando Esteban Ramírez, Inspector General of the State Commission for Human Rights (CEDH) of Guerrero, the families claimed that the authorities did nothing against the “kidnappings, threats, and intimidations” by the armed civilians.

Relatives of 16 of the missing persons in recent days denounced their case to the CEDH and stated that the relatives of the other 14 missing have not wanted to complain because of fear, according to local media.

Also, last Friday, relatives of the missing youths also protested outside the Secretariat of Public Security Municipal Office in order to ask for the localization of the missing and to have the presence of the Secretary General of the State Government, David Cienfuegos Salgado.

Last Thursday, the so called “Community Police” made an agreement with the authorities to disarm and withdraw from Chilapa, the Guerrero municipality that they laid siege to on May 9 in order to stop the violence caused by confrontations between Los Rojos and Los Ardillos, two organized crime groups.

During the taking of Chilapa, the Secretary of Public Security, Job Encarnación Cuenca, resigned.  The armed civilians coexisted with Mexican soldiers, the state police, and members of the Gendarmerie who were located a few meters away.  They patrolled the streets in certain trucks and in trucks belonging to the Municipal Police.  They also established four checkpoints at the entrances of the town.

Source: Sin Embargo



  2. Sounds to me like they got fed up with the scoria youth, they probably collected them up and disposed of them like the garbage. What a sad state of affairs.

  3. Ok...soooo.... 300 armed, masked men entered the community. Got it. 30 people go missing. Ok. Los Rojos and Los Ardillos are swingin' dicks and trading lead. So far, so good. The soldiers, state police and the gendarmerie presumably sat there, eating chicken and drinking cerveza whilst doing nothing. Ok.. soooooooo.... can anyone tell me who are the good guys & who are the bad guys here?? Were the 30 taken to cleanse the area of narcos, or were they taken by the narcos??


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