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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Justice in Mexico: Rodrigo "El Gerber"Vallejo released from prison on 450 dollar bail

Lucio R for Borderland Beat
Vallejo has a long history of crime and arrest
Gerber guzzling the Tecate attempted to say he was taken to the meeting by force 
Despite deep and obvious ties to organized crime, with video and audio proof, the Mexican government has allowed Rodrigo Vallejo to walk out of prison after paying a 450 dollar bail.

Instead of conducting an authentic investigation against Vallejo, that would aggregate charges against him, the government stuck to the lowly crime of not cooperating with the feds by refusing to give information against the leader of Caballeros Templarios, and never have charged him with crimes of organized crime or anything else in the nine months he was in custody.

The scenario began when a judge granted him amparo, ruling that Vallejo’s “rights” were abused.  He quickly applied for release on bail.

A federal judge granted DF Saturday  interim bail to Rodrigo Vallejo Mora “El Gerber”, until trial where he is accused of shielding ServandoGómez Martínez, "La Tuta" leader the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar).

Vallejo was incarcerated in the prison of Santiaguito, in the State of Mexico. The release of Vallejo does not mean he is acquitted of the charge for the offense of concealment, simply that he is released on bail. But keep in mind he has served nine months, it is unlikely he will be ordered back in prison for this relatively low crime.  If no other charges are added, he is a free man.

The judge granted bail after the DF Eighth Collegiate Criminal Court granted an injunction to Vallejo on Thursday, ruling  that he was granted the right to bail, because the crime of concealment is not a serious crime.

Vallejo has been in prison since August, 2014.  He was arrested after a SEIDO investigation (iagency of organized crime investigations) which exercised criminal action against him for refusing to report places where he met with "La Tuta".  This occurred  after the  video taped meetings surfaced featuring Vallejo and Tuta.

 This is the second time Vallejo escaped justice, having been arrested in an operation in 2009, but released after orders were sent for federal police to release him.

Michoacán 3.0 reports that by 2010, complaints began being made that Vallejo was working with organized crime and was collecting piso (organized crime tax) from businesses and bars in the Michoacán capital of Morelia.

However, it was not until February 15, 2012 when his father assumed the governorship of Michoacán, that Rodrigo Vallejo reached a level of importance in the operation structure of Caballeros Templarios.

He then strengthened the union between the cartel and the political class, and then led by the new governor, Vallejo’s father. Governor Fausto Vallejo is reported to have received support from organized crime in the elections of November 2011.  In one of the Tuta-Vallejo videos, the governor’s son and the cartel leader speak of the governor and political elections.

Proceso reports of a military intelligence report, that as of 2012 Vallejo is defined in the structure of CT., Gerber was responsible for the piso collection and protection of bars and clubs in Morelia and peddling influence to facilitate "the appropriate arrangements for payments ".

In addition, he was responsible for "giving new permissions and modify debts to the municipality" and performing "verification and control of bars and restaurants in addition to money laundering".

Repulsive is too mild a word to describe this transparent example of impunity, corruption, and miscarriage of justice.


Yet, social activist, autodefensa leader, Dr. Manuel Mireles, has sat in prison since April 27, 2014, on trumped up charges and nearly dying many times in the process.

Vallejo’s rights were “abused”?  How about the rights of Mireles, and the hundreds of genuine autodefensas who still remain in prison?  How about Mireles, arrested cuffed, blindfolded, hooded, head shaven? Dr. Mireles was treated physically harshly during his arrest, leaving his body bruised (at left).

He was denied medicine, denied attorneys, and today denied visitors with the exception of attorneys? One can only hope he will be given at least equal treatment as this thug next week when PGR must decide to challenge Dr. Mireles’ granted amparo or set him free.

Personally, I have no doubt, that this entire scenario with Vallejo was a well-constructed plan of action to assure his liberty. There was a deal made after the videos surfaced. The videos could not be swept under the rug. So the governor resigns, cites his health, the son arrested, with a promise that in less of a year he would be free.

The last thing the PRI party wanted looming large over the June 7th election, is this “issue” of the former governor and his son. Politics played a huge  role in this saga.



  1. Why didnt no one killed this fat pig? Fucking mexico corrupt as usual and the doc is still locked up wow!

  2. El Gerber's daddy used to be mayor of morelia, reelected two more times, (presidente municipal)
    Fausto Vallejo ran for governor for el pri and stole the election from pan Luisa maria calderon, cocoa, with help of El prd...
    --Accusations of colussion with the templarios drug traffickers did not matter, then or now...

  3. It's not a serious crime? During the interim when he failed to notify authorities of La Tuta's whereabouts how many people do you think La Tuta and his people murdered and raped? Not serious? Another quack judge.

  4. You aint going to see Vallejo no more!

  5. Not surprised, I will be when they put all the dirty politicos in jail.

  6. He will be killed right?

  7. The dirty politicians, specially those that went from not having bus fare "pal camion" to being high flying limousine owners need to be put to the guillotine, not PRIson, after recovering their bounty for the nation...
    --BB reported on the first openly "gay" mayor elected in mexico, Benjamin Medrano Quesada, PRI, presidente municipal of fresnillo zacatecas, Praising the sociological advance of the "democracia civil" and the openings to other genders...
    --I think it is time to review Medrano's government, he has been spending millions and millions of pesos on his little casitas and buying properties with his little 50 000.00 monthly paycheck, keeping in line with la hermandad de la Cofradia de la mano caida, somebody must pay for their "special exquisiteness" or else, and for the de-luxe remodelings...

    1. send us info. or links. I just checked articles with NTR and others and people seem to love him. Please tell us where we can get the info you are speaking of....thanks!

    2. It is not the times, but NTR must be on the take...
      "El Principe de Zacatecas" vanguardia,
      "Benjamin Medrano presume..." zacatecastrespuntozero
      La casita de 15 millones de pesos de medrano, el pimer presidente gay de los machotes de fresnillo...
      "Medrano y su casa de 15 millones" Reporte Indigo
      "El Nuevo Rico de Fresnillo" reporte indigo/youtube
      "La Casa me Salio en 15 millones" pagina24zacatecas,
      "Quinta Martha" nombrada en honor de Martha Elena Garcia Gomez, PAN, ex.esposa del gobernador de nayarit, acusados de corruption y desvio de fondos.
      --El gobernador de Zacatecas y el alcalde de fresnillo hacen del gobierno su infonavit, hacienda y remodel and sus "casitas pa' los pobres"...
      --The governor even made at his house a replica of Las Vegas Presidential Suite at Bellagio's, at $20 000 000.00 pesos stolen from the poor...
      --Just because they are so exquisite and have such expensive tastes, everybody must pay, Liberace himself did not have such expensive tastes, or maybe he did, but he earned his own centavos, he was no joto barato like these priista peñanietistas...
      Have fun CHIVAAA!!! ♤♡♢♡♤


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