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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Insecurity affects Tourists in BCS

Translated by O.B.F-W for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana BCS special report

From January to today, around 40 visiting nationals and foreigners have been victims of robbery, assault, kidnapping and homicides in La Paz and Los Cabos.

Zeta Investigations

Cabo San Lucas, Baja Californian Sur
The climate of violence and insecurity that prevails in Baja California Sur threatens tourists both from Mexico and foreigners in the destinations of the beaches of La Paz and Los Cabos, who since January until now, become part of the raw statistics of robberies, assaults, disappearances, and even murders.

The 40 victims, according to the investigations previously opened in the PGJE, involved people from Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Jalisco, United States, Canada, France and Germany.

According to a tally by Zeta investigations, visitors were attacked on the following dates and locations:

12th of January. The American Elijah Warren Hernandez, 26 years of age, disappeared after leaving the commercial plaza of Golden Palace in the port of Cabo San Lucas: since then no one knows of his whereabouts.

8th of March. A group of 25 Mexican, French, German and American tourists, were robbed at gun point when resting and walking in Espiritu Santo Island in La Paz.

18th of March. The Canadian Marty Gary Atwood, 50 years of age, was found dead from a blow to the head, close to Puente del Arroyo El Tule, in the tourist corridor of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

22nd of March. A group of ten Mexican and American tourists were robbed by two men, when dining at the restaurant El Temple in Calle Miguel Hidalgo in the Colonia IIdefonso Green in the port of Cabo San Lucas.

23rd of March. The association of settlers from Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, filed a complaint against a gang of pick pockets who stole from three foreigners, while they ate, drank and had fun at Mango Deck restaurant and Edith's, in full spring breakers high season.

The climate of insecurity, and with all the related killings between cells of Damaso Lopen Nunez "El Licenciado", and Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, of the Sinaloa Cartel, for control of the narco trafficking in La Paz, provoked the State Department of the Government of the United States to put out an alert about the level of violence.

The Government of this country recommended its nationals "to take precautions if planning to travel to the State of Baja California Sur, above all La Paz and Cabo San Lucas which recorded a growth in criminal acts related to organized crime."

The warning was a blow to both beach destinations, while entrepreneurs in the tourism sector requested an audience with the Governor of Baja California Sur, Marcos Alberto Covarrubias Villasenor, where they could express concern after such a positive year in the travel industry.

The President of the Association of Business and Hotels and tourism of La Paz, Eduardo Herrera, declared "We don't want this type of alert, we are worried and we are planning a strategy to reverse all this."

The first to take the plunge were the entrepreneurs in Los Cabos, who requested an urgent meeting with the Consulate General of the United States in Tijuana, where they stated that "most of the homicides were committed in urban areas completely away from the Zona Dorada, the beaches of the historic centre, so they requested a reconsideration on the travel alert, according to the President of the Business Coordination Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo Gomez, "seriously affected the image of the state as a tourist destination."

The concern about the violence has been such that even two representatives of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, James Andrew McLaughlin and Jose Roberto Guerrero Gallardo, First Secretary and safety officer of the Canadian representation, respectively had a meeting on the 24th of March with the Mayor of Los Cabos, Jose Antonio Agundez Montano, to discuss the issue of security and the guarantee of safety for their fellow citizens.

During the meeting, the Mayor said Cabeno were redoubling their efforts to safeguard the integrity of tourists, and even boasted of a permanent coordination of Municipal Tourism Police, the State Preventative Police, Gendarmeria and the Armed Forces.

Obviously the multi-faceted coordination has not been a determining factor in curbing the crime wave that struck tourists, whose cases gradually began to appear in media in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About the attacks on tourists, the Secretary of Tourism, Ruben Riachi Lugo, affirmed that the posture of the Government is of "absolutely zero tolerance", it will not permit this phenomenon to grow so it can affect the image of Los Cabos as a tourist destination.

The functionary remarked that wherever there was a crime, it cannot be duplicated including against any citizen, so they are reviewing and analysing the situation of each case and then take immediate action.

The missing

The last time that the American Elijah Warren Hernandez was seen physically, was the 12th of January 2015, when he posted a Selfie on instagram, from the Golden Palace commercial plaza of Cabo San Lucas.

The youngster of 26 years, was dressed in jeans, a t shirt the color of wine, and was listening to music, since then relatives have heard nothing from him.

The parents of the missing person are not wealthy people. On the contrary, his mother, named Teresa, is a housewife and sells natural essences and his father, named Martin, sells glass in a village, east of Dallas Texas.

His parents contacted ZETA and they said they were very worried and that it was strange and suspicious that their son had disappeared, they suspect that the Governments of the United States and Mexico have not been able to establish his whereabouts. Its as if the earth had just swallowed him up.

His parents said that the craft Machinist and Welder, travelled in November 2014 to the port of Cabo San Lucas to rest for a while, and at the same time, work in a religious congregation called Ephesus, he even refused a job offer, sold his car and paid for his own travel, since he planned to stay for a long time in Los Cabos.

He argued that it was "the call of God", well to help in the construction of a church in the irregular area knows as Caribbean in Cabo San Lucas.

According to his parents, the American lived in an office for the care of the congregation, where they would get food and would be actively involved in promoting religion in their free time.

On the afternoon of the 12th of January, the youngster left the congregation room and did not return. His parents waited until the 14th of January, that is to say, two days after his disappearance.... and when we went to the airport Love Field in Dallas Texas, you never got off the plane.

"We thought something had gone bad", said his father who immediately called the leader of the religious congregation, Raul Garcia, who sent back a text message confirming that his Son had left his room but had never returned.

The leader of the congregation thought that Elijah was with his family, but when they confirmed his absence, he supposed that he had gone to a party and had missed his flight.

"How is it that my Son has disappeared in a Town so small, and that no Authority recognised this, and that they had not reported that an American Citizen disappeared with his passport, wallet and cell phone?". questioned the father.

For this situation, the parents of Hernandez travelled on the 17th of January to Cabo San Lucas to have a reunion with the leader of the religious congregation and an Agent of the Consulate of the United States in Cabo San Lucas, together they presented an official missing persons report, registered under the number CSL/43/AMP4/2015.

The bereaved parents spoke with the religious Church members, neighbors, friends, aquaintances and congregations of other religions. Nobody had any idea of how or in what way he could have disappeared.

Completely desperate with the inefficiency of the Mexican Police, during the first week of February, Hernandez parents, they went to the FBI who refused to start a search by using international treaties with Mexico.

A spokesman for the FBI recommended that the parents contact a Private Investigations Agency to find their Son, for the reason "the Mexican Police are corrupt" and he had little doubt that they could have been involved in his disappearance, especially since they had been involved in express kidnappings and assaults on tourists.

Hernandez parents then contacted a professional agency with extensive experience in recovery of lost people, who charge $100,000 for a six to eight month search.

Because of their precarious financial situation, the parents opened a fund in the name of Find Elijah Hernandez, which promotes the donation of funds to be used to pay for the search.

Before the close of the edition, they had raised $6715.00

In parallel the families of the disappeared offered a reward of a million pesos to whomever can provide information leading to the whereabouts of the youngster, who has been missing for over 75 days.

The most grave commentary, is that the Police and communication media have kept silent about the case.

Triple Robbery

Almost two months after, that is to say, the 8th of March, a group of ten tourists including foreigners travelled to the island of Espiritu Santo in La Paz, Baja California Sur, where they were assaulted around one in the afternoon by three armed men when they were enjoying lunch on the beach zone.

The foreign tourists were from France, United States and Germany, according to the preliminary investigation LPZ/134/AMP2/2015 - they had left the seaside Boulevard at approx. 09:00 am. First they headed to a point known as "El Mogote", then went on to pick up other Mexican tourists from Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua and headed to "El Tecolote" beach.

They subsequently travelled to the island, making a tour of their surroundings, ending at point known as "Ensenada Grande", the boat named Chicanera stopped the boat so the tourists could enjoy a swim while the boat crew prepared food.

About ten to twenty minutes later, according to the Boat Captain, Jesus Montes Gonzalez, two men suddenly approached and ordered the tourists to lie down on the ground.

" I turn around and did not throw myself to the floor, thinking this is a joke, and one of them threatened me with a gun, a 9mm pistol, he aimed at me from a distance of 2 metres and told me this was not a joke."

Then he asked me twice if I did not believe him, then he threw me to the ground and began to ask all the tourists to take out their belongings and wallets.

The witnesses described the two assailants.

1. Swarthy complexion, about 1.80 metres tall, thin build, short brown hair and young in appearance.

2. Robust complexion, short black and white hair, height of 1.60 metres, around forty years of age.

The tourists explained that one of the two criminals, was stealing the items, while another covered the tourists with a gun, and another waited in an old white boat, which had just arrived at the place.

The Captain of the boat stated that once they had finished the robbery, one of the criminals approached his boat, started it and steered it out of the cove, when almost at the entrance, they seized another of the companies boats, "El Tecolote", where they borded and gave an ultimatum to the tourists on board, threw them to the deck of the boat and stole their belongings and a communication radio.

According to preliminary investigations the other vessel had seven tourists more on board.

After the second assault, the modern pirates returned to where their first victims were, aboard a boat of the company named Marlin Adventure, they tried to steal that boat but it had been securely anchored.

According to the complaint, at that time "we saw that two more boats were arriving, and thinking there were about to flee, they jumped onto another boat named "Low End", robbed six more tourists and stole their belongings and motor keys.

According to testimony, the three attacks occurred in a space of 15 to 30 minutes. Seeing armed people one of the Captains hid his cell phone, with which he was able to call for help from the top of a nearby hill.

Then the Captain of the Port and Secretary of Naval Vessels arrived to undertake an unsuccessful search for the criminals.

The victims testified that the three thieves stole money, credit cards, wallets, official identification, hotel keys and rental car keys, also watches, glasses and all their clothing.

The boat stolen by the robbers was white with yellow markings, registration number 03040203014-7, 25 feet long, and named Chicalera, with a 200 horse power engine made by Yamaha, registered with the Harbormaster since 2005.

The 25 tourists the came distributed on the boats in the following manner.

Ten in the first boat attacked, six French Nationals, three Mexicans and an American.

Seven in the second boat, four German Nationals and three French.

Six in the third and last boat, four Americans and two Mexicans.

The Investigation

The Prosecutor Adonai Carreon Estrada said he was worried about the bad image that tourists have of the State, and explained that "they opened two lines of research" on multiple assaults, in addition to collecting data and evidence that allow the suspects to be found.

They managed to find the boat stolen that day, after it was abandoned in an area of Mangrove between La Paz and Pichillingue, where some belongings of the tourists were found.

The head of the Attorney Generals of Justice of the State, (PGJE) cited that from the time of the robbery, there were in permanent contact with the Secretary of State for Tourism, that they attended to the victims and immediately established a search for the thieves, unfortunately with no results.

The good thing is that, according to the Prosecutor, no one has returned to present other lamentable acts of assault on tourists in this zone after this first case, one of a kind, and that we don't have anyone registered recently in our archives that allow it to be linked to other places, because this is not a constant activity within the island.

Even when Carreon didn't want to talk about the two lines of investigation, an investigative Agent of the PGJE said it was the first case where the involvement of organized crime in a crime of common law, cells can be warned because two of them have been identified as belonging to " La Fueza Especiales de Damaso."

The names and nicknames of the two men presumed responsible are declared as Jesus Alberto Lopez Zatarain "El Yuca", detained on 11th of March after having a gunfight with elements of the Marines.

In fact, it just happens that the confrontation between "El Yuca" and the Marines happened in the same area of Mangroves where they found the abandoned stolen vessel three days before, and they are preparing to go kidnap some rivals who would arrive aboard the ship California Star at the sea terminal of Pichilingue.

The hitman gave the coordinates of the area known as the mangroves, in which he had abandoned the boat that was stolen, and planned giving this as a blow to heat up the Authorities.

For now the Port Authority and the PGJE reinforced security on the island, where it had to send many armed agents to secure the area which receives two hundred tourists visits per day.

The Last Assault

Even when there are no detainees, but some data about the alleged attackers of the multiple assault on Espiritu Santo Island, on the 22nd of March, another case of tourists being assaulted rocked Los Cabos.

That night, a group of ten tourists, Mexican and American were eating quietly when they were surprised by two men in the restaurant "El Templo" in Cabo San Lucas.

The tourists who originated from Jalisco and the United States, were eating around 11:30 pm when, according to testimony, two males entered. One wore a wrestlers mask of El Santo and the other of Abismo Negro, then brandishing knives they first robbed the resturants cash register, then robbed the diners.

The robbers stole wallets, cell phones, watches and chains of the tourists, a 61 year old American put up a struggle, the robbers punched her in the face cutting her on the right side eyebrow.

The American lady named Letida Noel, according to the Municipal Police of Los Cabos, she had refused to hand over her passport, instead she threw it on the floor and the thieves fled aboard a Blue Jeep Liberty Pickup.

The assault was captured on the security cameras in the restaurant, where they captured images of the faces of the two criminals when they left running and pulled off their masks before entering their vehicle.

With the faces of the robbers, the Los Cabos Municipal Police and the State Ministry mounted a search operation, for the men who they caught the following day and identified as:

* Jose Luis Valenzuela Flores, 26 years of age, living in Villa Mallorca, Manzana 15, Lot 34, in the Villas de Cortes Colonia in San Jose del Cabo.

* Hector Manuel Dominguez Morales, 27 years of age, living at Avienda de los Rios and Sobarzo Loaiza number 449, in the Luis Donaldo Colosio Colonia, in Puerto Penasco, Sonora.

The two robbers still had in their possession, two I-Phones and two Passports of Americans.

"We continue to be worried about the situation in Baja California Sur": Andrew S.R. Erickson Consulate General of the United States.

"We have seen and increase in violent incidents and criminality, on the 24th of December we initialised our Travel Alert for the first time including the following specifics for Baja California Sur: Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are the principal city tourist destinations in the State of Baja California Sur, take precautions in the State Capital La Paz. According to the Government Secretary of Mexico, in 2013 Baja California Sur registered more instances of homicide since 1997. Many of these homicides occurred in La Paz, where there has been an increase in violence related to organized crime. Since we initiated this alert, we have continued to monitor the situation in Baja Sur, without noticing anything major. We continue to worry about the situation in Baja California Sur".

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. Once again, the WARNINGS were out there. For the people that got robbed, kidnapped, n sorry to say, murdered the warnings were out there! Stay away from MEXICO, Tijuana BCS is part of Mexico people!! There own Govrnment in this report is telling u to stay away!! So listen or pay the price.

    1. And with the SUMMER HEAT and animals doing all types drugs down there. Things are only gonna get worse! not just there but all over mexica!

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    3. It is very puzzling to me why people keep going there.

    4. Last time I went to the beach there I had a tire around my neck when I got out the water .awsome souvenir!

    5. And this sort of stuff doesn't happen in the USA or Canada? Just about every other day someone gets robbed, kidnapped or murdered in my hometown. It sounds like your just a Mexican that hates gringos coming and helping your economy "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

  2. News from April 10th......The state prosecutor of Quintana Roo announced the arrest of 33-year-old Rodolfo Arreola Sánchez, known as "Rodo" and "Fito" from Mexico City, who is accused of being the finance officer for a group from the Gulf Cartel.

    The arrest was conducted in collaboration with the Mexican Army, as part of the investigations after the arrest of Juan Daniel Velázquez Caballero, known as "Talibancillo", and two other members of the gang.

    According to the authorities, Arreola Sánchez was arrested as a result of the investigations conducted by officers working with the specialized attorney for drug retail sales, after the presumed leader of the group was arrested.

    Along Arreola Sánchez the authorities seized drug doses, guns and a suitcase with around one million 400 thousand dollars and around 199 thousand mexican pesos.

    The authorities said that he confessed working as the accountant for Velázquez Caballero and that he was leaving town when he was arrested.

  3. Just went to tj last week from California , got pulled over because my back windows where to dark $100 later the "officer" let me go...yea tj is real fun this time of yr

    1. 10:07 did you tell mommy about it?
      She may have the huevos to do something about it, because, they bad bad bad mexican police officers, they gotta do what they gotta do to PAY THEIR PISO...
      -- so, your mommy may have the huevos to call you stupid for going there, luckily, she doesn't have to raise 100 000.00 pesos or dollarzzz to at least have your carcass back
      --So many of youses "india marias" of tourism do not want to understand, and go for the high of getting robbed and murdered by supporting mexican tourism...
      You are lucky to be reading this, very lucky...

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      Do not be racist, visit Chicago or detroit, LA beaches...they have a lot of 2 dollahs ho's that need the business...and NO mexican polesia or criminals...

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  4. There is a high risk that tourists will either be killed/injured in a shootout or armed robbery.

  5. RCQ's nephew arrested

  6. From La Paz south to the capes the entire peninsula has become scumbag city. I was burgled six times in six months. Three smashed windows in the car in three cities and the house was broken into three times. The last time it was looted while I shopped in Todos Santos. I live here and I WILL NOT GO BACK. Christ, Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan is safer. Cristaleros do a lot of the stealing and cabrones from the mainland do a lot of the armed robberies. The capes have become the most hazardous area in Mexico IMHO.

  7. Let Mexico rot on its own STOP GOING THERE! No matter how nice it is and how beautiful the people. They don't like there own people non the less others.

  8. Hey can't say anything about missing persons, but I live in Mexico and was robbed in Paris, Houston Milan, New york, Sao Paulo and Bahamas robbery to tourists is so easy, we are very vulnerable as tourists as we don't know the area/people.

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    2. It is better to have a swastika carved into your forehead. Then none but the most hardened of criminals will mess with you.

    3. I would have to agree. I have been to many places in the world and yet to get robbed. I guess it start's with me and my posture. Meaning, i probably look like a guy that might put up a fight! Plus you have to be smarter than they are and not go to places where it can happen.

    4. 3:27 Acchually what you must have written all over you is a P on the forehead, on the front and on the back, I suspect your wife or boyfriend...
      OK, maybe an L

  9. Another story about stupid people. The US state Dept. warns about going anywhere in Mexico. It is no longer an issue of this area or that area. Once again we should feel sorry for a missing person who ignorantly ignored the violence in Mexico that has been going on since 2010. Nothing has improved since then. Only the growth of the cartels and the creation of new ones. These people choose to travel to this almost third world countries to flaunt their wealth and suffer the consequences. Also this is not only cartels, it is regular street criminals as well. Why would anyone choose to visit a place where people are forced to live in oppression? Of course their frustrations can encourage wrong doing. Tourist my tail! Mexico can keep their contaminated water, oppression, and blood filled streets. I will never go there and advise others to think twice. Instead of listening to travel agents and Mexico's advertisment, use the internet to research. BB has provided extensive info to warrant staying away.

  10. I was in Ensenada in the first week of March and there wasn't a gringo to been seen anywhere. The bars at night were full of younger groups of males singing narco corridos, and there were heavily armed police in the doorways of the bars. Mexico's situation has been horrible for awhile but it seems that maybe one day Cabo will go the way of Acapulco and become a waste land. Cancun will always be "safe enough" but yeah this country doesn't give a damn about any of it's own, so you must ask why would they care about any of the extranjeros visiting. They just want to chingar and take everybody's $$$. Sad.

  11. I find Mexico safer than New Orleans. When I lived in New Orleans, in a safe neighborhood regularly patrolled by police (who were dangerous and corrupt), I lived on Bourbon Street, I had five neighbors killed in a space of three years. One had a neighborhood grocery store; he was an Italian immigrant who had done well, had property, and was shot in the head in broad daylight during a robbery. Before that I lived in Kansas City, MO. My neighborhood grocery had to close after three armed robberies in a row. Police captured a wanted murderer hiding in the basement of our apartment building. In that apartment building there were three armed rapes in two years. And those were white neighborhoods; the black neighborhoods were much more dangerous.

    The son of a woman in a very white suburb of Dayton, Ohio with whom I had worked for years (originally in Silicon Valley) was killed by a classmate during his senior year in high school. I had seen him growing up since he was five. It took several years to finally get the killer, a former classmate who was at the time a sophomore in college studying business administration. Now he is in prison.

    When I lived in Brasil I saw a lot of street crime and was a victim of pickpockets twice. I found it safer than the US, though, in Sao Paulo, where I would walk the streets of Moema at 2 AM without incident, but I knew people who were robbed at gunpoint in other neighborhoods. They still love to do carjacking there, even now, just as they did all the time in the US in the 80s, when Washington DC had the highest homicide rate of cities over 500,000. Recall a Congressman was shot coming out of the capitol building. New Orleans in those days had the highest homicide rate in the US of all cities (regardless of population), and was worse than most cities in Brasil, including Rio de Janeiro which was famous for crime. It is still not that bad in Rio, but stay out of Recife.

    1. New Orleans is bad I agree

    2. I Just avoid the bad areas in the world

    3. You can't consider all of a country bad, however. It was like when some Florida thugs were preying on people on the interstate back in the late 80s. A pair of German tourists were killed and Germany declared all of Florida a danger to travel in. The US went ape-shit over that and suddenly the Florida cops caught those kids.

      But there were no safe neighborhoods in New Orleans as the projects (what are called favelas in Brasil) were interwoven with the good neighborhoods, maybe separated by a block or two (the Quarter was the biggest stretch of project-free land being the major tourist destination). So a little old lady gardening in her mansion on St Charles Ave was killed by thugs from a nearby tough neighborhood; students at Tulane were assaulted. The month before I left that city for a job in California, there was dental convention. Two of the dentists were eating oysters for lunch in the Quarter and they made a wrong turn out of the oyster bar. Instead of walking back to their hotel, they walked out of the Quarter and across Rampart Street into the Treme Project where they were shot dead in broad daylight. Even the cops in those days hesitated to venture into the Treme Project. It was brought up that the city ought to post warning signs for tourists like they had in NYC, but the mayor didn't like that idea.

    4. NYC never had any warning signs for tourists.

    5. @ 5:12 PM

      Baloney. They had signs up around Columbia University warning not to go down the hill to Morningside Heights. Here is an article that mentions that fact:

      But most likely you can't read well enough to get through two paragraphs, so here the statement from the article. Get your facts straight before you challenge somehow who doesn't BS, dooufus.

      Many considered it unsafe to walk alone at night on Broadway from 116th Street to 96th Street, and signs along the paths in Morningside Park, a steep buffer between the Heights and Harlem, warned walkers to enter at their own risk.

  12. Mexicans are so smart, they don't need to go anywhere else to get robbed, mugged, kidnapped, assaulted or raped, sometimes by the police or the army who will even murder you at home if need be, for 3 or 4 pesos... but el carretero de durango says we all got it all "all wrong"

  13. Everyone blames the righteous for the evils of scum. mexican citizens must take to arms and start killing all cartel known players on sight.

  14. Back in summer of 2005 I was robbed by two uniformed police officers in downtown Cabo right off the main drag. They stole my wallet, my watch, and my camera.
    Good times!

    1. Surprise! The mexican governing narco-mierdocracia keeps all kinds of different law enforcement criminals from different agencies to spread the blame around, then spread your confusion around, next time save the DNA...

  15. The point isn't that Cabo has crime that other parts of the world doesn't have...the point is that in the US we can actually get help from the police. After living in Cabo for 10 years, I have seen a drastic change and will be leaving. Until this hits tourism in the pocket, the government will do nothing to clean up the police situation here. After the hurricane is September, our town was destroyed by looters and violence. Many of the people responsible were police and government officials and no one was prosecuted, even after pictures, videos and the actual items were found in their homes. This showed the community that we are on our own and small business owners are packing up and leaving. That is minor compared to the missing persons, murders and violence that has since followed. Construction workers have been brought in from all over Mexico to help with the rebuilding efforts. It is believed that many of these people are responsible for the increased crime. I am fortunate enough to have the means to leave, many are not. It is sad to see this once loving, sleepy fishing town turn into another Acapulco or worse. My heart goes out to Elijah Hernandez and his family. He came here to aid with hurricane relief, and he most likely paid with his life. It is a total cover up in an effort to protect tourism and no one is willing to help this family get answers. Those wanting to help fear what follows if they do speak up. Until you live in a foreign country, it is difficult to understand how good Americans actually have it. Our 24 hour news media would be all over this...not covering it up.


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