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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Mexico Peace Index

“The Mexico Peace Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, provides a comprehensive measure of peacefulness in Mexico from 2003 to 2014. This report aims to deepen the understanding of the trends, patterns and drivers of peace in Mexico while highlighting the important economic benefits that will flow from a more peaceful society.”


  • Mexico has experienced a large decrease in violence since 2011, with the national level of peace improving by 16 percent.
  • Progress in peace has plateaued in the last year; it is too early to determine if this is the start of a new trend.
  • The level of peace as measured by the 2015 MPI is still 18 percent lower than in 2003.
  • The most peaceful state in Mexico is Hidalgo, followed by Yucatán, Querétaro, Campeche, Tlaxcala, and Chiapas.
  • Of the 76 largest metropolitan areas of Mexico, the most peaceful is Orizaba in Veracruz and the least peaceful is Culiacán in Sinaloa.
  • The eastern region remains the most peaceful in Mexico, while the northern region is still the most violent, although the gap between the north and the other regions is now at its lowest point since 2004.

“The Mexico Peace Index (MPI) derives from the work of the Global Peace Index, a leading global measure of peacefulness that has been produced by IEP annually since 2007. The Index follows a similar methodology to the United Kingdom Peace Index and the United States Peace Index, also produced by IEP, and defines peace as ‘the absence of violence or fear of violence’.

The MPI measures peace at the state level in Mexico. A key reason for choosing this unit of analysis is that, similar to the United States, Mexico’s state governments have wide-ranging powers allowing them to have a significant impact on the level of violence, therefore the response to violence may differ significantly from state to state.”

The Index is composed of the following seven indicators:


— Homicide rate per 100,000 people

Source: Executive Secretary of the National System for Public Security (SESNSP)—cases being investigated by the State Prosecution Authorities

— Violent crime rate per 100,000 people
Source: SESNSP

— Weapons crime rate per 100,000 people
Source: SESNSP

— Number of people sent to prison per year, per 100,000 people
Source: National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)

— Federal Government funding to States for the Public Security Contribution Fund per 100,000 people
Source: Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Publico (SHCP)

— The number of extortions, drug-trade related crimes, organized crime offenses, and kidnapping per 100,000
Source: SESNSP

— Proportion of convictions for homicide to total homicides
Source: INEGI

"All indicators are scored between 1 and 5, with 1 being the most
peaceful score, and 5 the least peaceful. After the score for each
indicator has been calculated, weights are applied to each of the
indicators in order to calculate the final score.

There is a wide range in levels of peacefulness across both indicators and states in Mexico. A higher score indicates lower peacefulness. Scores out of five.

Most and Least Peaceful States

With a few exceptions, states in the southern and eastern regions of Mexico are more peaceful than the western, central, and northern regions. Of the ten most peaceful states, only two, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí, are not from the south or the east, while Guerrero is the only southern or eastern state amongst the ten least peaceful.

In the last two years, the most peaceful states, while decreasing very slightly in peacefulness, have had only small changes in rank. There has been a much higher degree of variance amongst the least peaceful states. Guanajuato and Michoacán have steadily declined to now be amongst the five least peaceful states. Juxtaposed to this, many of the least peaceful states have recorded large reductions in homicides and violent crime over the last two years. Tables 2 and 3 show the scores and ranks for the most and least peaceful states, both for the overall index, and each of its seven indicators.

Full Report:


  1. Who makes these statistics ? I do not go along with any of it . Did not fall off turnip wagon yesterday. But , if a country needs a peace index ... There's no doubt a problem .

    1. Not enough sleep?

      It was initiated by Oxford think tankers.

      Thanks Valor, excuse the peanut gallery

    2. And you're one of those sheep that believes the statistics provided by the Mexican government? LOL...BAA BAASAZ

    3. To all staticians, and expert on statistics, Charlie Brown provided the bottom line on statistics years ago, he said "Eat your statistics"
      --You know, they can be used and useful, but if they are trying to make the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia look good, that is a pop up and a sure OUT! UNLESS WE DROP THE BALL...
      --It looks like el pendejito del Palacio contracted some propaganda "mochin"when he went to England a few weeks ago, paid by the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia on top of the new movie/gaviotazo 007...BS

  2. Don't get me started...

  3. Wait for the idiot proud of being from the least peaceful state. Wait for it.......

    1. 10:25 you is more interesting, sour puss, you and your little nerves, try premarin?

  4. BULLSHI, Oxford or no Oxford...
    If you disappear your victims, they do not count...
    If someone else disappear their victims they do to count...
    All the persons found on unmarked graves do not count...
    If the carcasses of crime found have no ID, voters card, passport or sompim, they do not count
    Peña nieto was in england recently, cooking this fucking propaganda, report does not count...

  5. I would tend to speculate that the least violent states are also the one with the least corrupt politicians. Corruption breeds crime and violence. Also, if they were to conduct this same survey under each new presidency the results will always be different. Let's not forget the EPN administration doesn't want bad publicity.

    1. All the mexican states politicians are corrupt and work within the corruption state...
      --because it all is so patterned, well designed, mexican politicians are no geniuses good enough to cook all this corruption...

    2. 12:43 Absolubtely right. LESS CORRUPTION, MORE JUSTICE. equals less crime.

  6. why many killings in Guerrero?

  7. This stats are BS. Tamps should be down there with Guerrero. Veracruz is dangerous as hell as well. This numbers are crap.

  8. That index should be all RED!!!

  9. To save mexico, from communism, from Marxist Leninista stalinism of guerrilla students without weapons, and to deny workers 5 mexican cents payrises, about $0.004 usd to their one peso Diario take home pay about $0.08 usd
    No matter what job mexicans do, the best jobs in mexico pay minimum wages of about 25 dollars a week, for 6 days of work, 12 hour shifts like the progressive US; no more 8 hr shifts!

  10. Guanajuato a dangerous state? I don't think so and Tamaulipas should be in the red category

  11. Coahuila is a dangerous state and so is oaxaca!

    1. ALL OF MEXICO IS dangerous caca...

  12. Radio, GPS, radar, television, inertial navigation, cell phones (a type of radio), quantum mechanics (from which came the atomic bomb), telephones, the controllers in your cars and the aircraft you fly in, quality control in manufacturing, etc are all based on statistics. Before you dismiss statistics and statistical methods (two different things) out of hand, first take the time to understand it.
    Yes, statistics can be used to lie to the unwashed masses, but it doesn't work on those who understand the methods.

    The US and Britain both have this same peace index (before it was done for Mexico). It is not a product of Mexico.

    Charles M. Schulz didn't know shit about statistics. Neither do you @8:05 AM with the comments on Peanuts. If you base your opinions on that stupid comic strip, your comments are not worth anything.

    1. When you are trying to make the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia look good, that is all the shit there, and you put it in, not Commenter X, oops, that is me!
      -I mean you just Translated and posted, ok, "they"couldn't have chosen better...
      Spray, spray ray, against ebola viruses...

    2. Some times bitches just see things how it fits them best, weather they are ignorant or not. ITS A MATTER OF.. you know the rest.

    3. When statistics apply to the 6 error per million, i'm ok with statistics as help to science but when statistics is applied to a million errors per action and try to explain as "we are only human" politics, to brainwash the unwashed masses into resignation and "getting over it" and "ya superenlo" mamadas y pendejadas, you know perfectly what you can do with your or anybody else's "statistics"...
      atentamente the one of the unwashed, no kool-aid here

    4. Three comments by people who don't know anything about statistics. Good for you. Your ignorance is your bliss.

      Not having read the actual studies, I have no idea where they got their data or how they processed it. But I won't dismiss it out of hand until I study it.

      As for "a million errors per action," that is an almost grammatically correct string of symbols but it has no semantic content. Stick to what you know.

    5. Wellll, the action of governing mexico consists of millions and millions of pendejadas, one of them is contracted propaganda, oxford, yale or harvard does not matter

  13. Wow!!! If EPN could do this in Mexico just think what he could do to the Middle East. Come on EPN bring peace to the Middle East (sarcasm)!!!!


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