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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Will Hipolito Mora Seek Seat in Congress In Next Election

Borderland Beat by DD
UPDATE;  3/10 5:10 PM
Update below story

When I saw the headlines that announced the release of Hipolito Mora from prison my spirits were buoyed considerably.  Not only that Mora was exonerated from the Castillo trumped up charges of murder, but that here was an example of maybe the Mexican judicial system was not totally corrupt and they were a few honest judges on the bench.

Americano being "detained"
But then I read that "Americano" was to be released also and my spirits quickly plummeted.  My cynical nature quickly assumed there had been a deal made. Maybe made when "Americano" surrendered himself.  Either a deal because of political connections or just an outright bribe for which he was promised he wouldn't have to serve more than 90 days or so.  We'll probably never what the deal was, but when it came time to release him according to the deal the govt. realized that the because of all of the scandals recently that the media would come after them like sharks in a feeding frenzy if they released him and kept Mora imprisoned. 

Whatever the reasons I am glad Mora is out of prison.  

Last year, before his imprisonment, Mora had said he wanted to pursue a seat as a deputy
in the Chamber of Deputies in Congress.  Last month I posted a story here on BB that said Mora's candidacy for federal deputy was still viableAnd that was while he was still in prison.  

Now that he is free, it seems that it would be even easier for him to pursue that goal.  The time has come and gone for parties to designate candidates who will be on the ballot representing their respective parties, but because of Mexico's peculiar election laws he could still get a seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

There are 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies = all of them up for election in June of this year.  The existing deputies cannot seek re-election under Mexican law.  Under the new election reforms recently passed by Congress, starting with the next election, deputies will be allowed to seek re-election in the future.

In accordance with the election laws, 300 of those deputies will be elected directly by the people.  The other 200 are selected by the party and their names do not appear on the ballot.  These candidates are "plurinominales", a class of representatives who obtain a seat in direct proportion to the percentage of votes their party gets in the General election. 

Last year when Mora expressed his desire to contend as a candidate for deputyship in the elections of 2015, however he did not indicate what party he would prefer to represent.  Speculation was that it might be the Labor Party (PT) or National Regeneration Movement (Morena) as a possibility, however Citizens Movement (DD; a registered political party) hinted that they are with the ex-leader of the AUC as he seeks a seat on the  federal council.

Like many here on BB I have had questions about Mora and his conduct and statements over the last few months.  But I am giving him the benefit of the doubt considering the position he has been in.  For example when he was released the first time he was jailed, he gave statements that were obviously scripted by Castillo et al, but if some one holds your fate and possibly your life in his hands, most people would do what is necessary to survive.

If he can gain a seat in the Congress the first benefit for him will be that he can't be arrested while in office.  A single deputy in Congress is not going to solve the problems in Mexico  I don't know that Mora's political career will rise above the Chamber of Deputies.t  But it gives him a platform from which to speak.  It would legitimize and elevate the status of the AUDs and bring back the spotlight for them.  That may help a lot in getting Dr. Mireles released.  It wouldn't hurt Mireles to have a friend in Congress.
 If Dr. Mireles is released, I think there would be a good chance that we could see a meteoric polittical career of a true hero of the people that Mexico so desperately needs.

UPDATE;   From the Forum post by Pepe

Partido Movimiento Cuidadano Chooses Hipólito and Dr. Mireles' Sister for Federal Deputy Posts 

 Morelia, Michoacán.-

Daniel Moncada Sanchez, state leader of the Citizens Movement Party (PMC), confirmed talks with Chavez Hipólito Mora to accept a nomination to a federal deputy position.

At a news conference, flanked by Dante Delgado, coordinator of the National Operating Committee of the PMC, and Manuel Antunez, candidate for governor of Michoacán, the party leader responded to the nagging question of whether the "Orange Party" is taking advantage of the figure of the newly liberated former leader of the self-defense forces: "of course we are taking advantage of his figure, his struggle, his story because he was unjustly imprisoned."  

He then questioned sternly, "if political parties nominate candidates in collusion with drug trafficking and organized crime, as happened in with PRD and the mayor post for the port of Lazaro Cardenas, you guys say 'bad!'  And if we seek a tested, honest and fighting man, who gives his life for the safety of his family and his neighbors, you guys says 'bad!'  So, who should we nominate as candidates?"

Finally the young politician confirmed that in the coming hours and days they will be meeting in the region of Tierra Caliente with the founder and former leader, to insist that he be their standard bearer for the Federal Chamber of Deputies.

Also, although he insisted that he will talk about the matter with the National Operating Committee, Dante Delgado, he noted that the negotiation and the information is solely the responsibility of the state party leaders.

 Virginia Mireles Valverde, sister of the founder and former leader of the AD's in Michoacán, José Manuel Mireles, this morning was nominated as a candidate for federal deputy for the sixth district in Cuidad Hidalgo, by the the Citizen Movement Party (PMC).

During the work of the state assembly of the "Orange Party," the doctor by profession received the most prolonged and warm applause from all assembly members. In approaching the podium and speaking on behalf of the women in the party, Virginia Mireles spoke of the struggle of her brother, imprisoned in a maximum security prison in Sonora, warning that she chose the field of politics to seek better living conditions for the citizens of Michoacan.

The "Orange Party" candidate then celebrated Hipólito Mora and his followers for their release from prison, hoping that her brother could also regain his freedom.

In Assembly to approve the registration of the party's candidate for governor, held this morning in the lounge Cantabria, Dante Delgado Rannauro, coordinator of the National Operating Committee of the Citizens Movement Party was also present.

 Thanks Bjeff for the help with the cut/paste!


  1. Good post DD...

    notice when castillo left, tuta is imprisoned, lito set free? I so agree about americano, and that imo is why lito was freed, in order to set americano free with the least bit of controversy. I can only hope Lito speaks out more about Castillo, so my friend Doc M can be free.

    he is in prsion for two reasons: to stop AD, and to kill the possibility of him running for governor.

  2. DD, check my last post in the Hipólito thread on the Forum. The leaders of PMC selected him for pluri. Today they meet with Mora to formalize everything.

  3. Here it comes, people wanting to lift up a fairly decent & honest man to almost sainthood without continuous backup or help. If he crashes then the peoples won't blame themselves but other countries.

    1. 4:45 Which other countries, bitch?
      You can be anonymous all you want, but why tease us?

  4. Since viagra are running michoacana these bastards are out

  5. I hope this guys beefs up security because u know they will try to kill him

  6. Dr Mireles must be freed! I have no idea why everyone in Mexico is not demanding his freedom!!!

  7. Mora is dirty you guys are all blind. Mora didn't become chango Mendez compadre being legit!!! And now you want him in the government. Trading one gangster for another

    1. Fact check:

      Papa Pitufo es concuño del Chango Mendez
      Mora is not a compadre

      El Chango Méndez (LFM) is a compadre of El Mencho, founder and leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel,

    2. @7:50 Hipolito Mora lost his son, and put his ass on the line for his side, what have you risked other than accusing him of being dirty?
      --IF NEED BE, let's accuse miguel angel gallegos godoy "el migueladas" of something, he has fucked up zetas, familia michoacana, and cabelleras kagadas, and he is still there...

  8. Can we actually believe Dr Mireles is still locked up and deprived of freedom?
    In the year 2015 Mexico practises bullshit like this?

  9. I know BB is not supposed to do this, but can't we all get together and gives BO-KU bucks to this party so that Mora and Virginia go to Mexico City and just kick ass??!!

  10. El Americano was the provocateur, there is proof, why are the mexican narco-mierdocracia authorities releasing him?

    1. Because they are the mexican narco-mierdocracia authorities.

  11. Lo felicito a Don Hipolito Mora y muchos respetos para el abogado de el. A Mexico les pedimos con mucho respeto La Libertad de Dr. Mireles. Tambien les pedimos contodo respeto la resignaccion de Castillo. Que viva Mexico y la gente buena.

  12. The only good thing Donald Trump ever did in his motherfucking life, other than defrauding banks and partners and the hank rohn brothers, was to make famous "YOU ARE FIRED!"
    You don't see there anywhere "please, resign, go, mister..."
    --The French monarchy had no chance to resign, just the guillotine, the US is rumored to have a few guillotines, brand new ones, and mexico needs them...

  13. This show still must go on.

  14. This guy supposedly against the gov. And now wants to be in it. Lol. Theatre show.

    1. 9:27 if you can't beat them, join them... works wonders...
      El Marranicano will be made federal "senator" or sumpim'...

  15. Lol, u are who u hang around ? Doesn't apply ?

  16. 12:09 those who assaulted la bastille did not become prisoners of it, but demolished it from the inside...
    --Hipolito Mora may have it easy to get revenge for his son's murder, I am sure not much else matters to him...
    Petty jealousies trying to put down hipolito mora are ridiculous, comprendes???

    1. Jealous of what ? His hat ? Stop the drugs, man.


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