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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mission of the Journalist; "To tell others what they would rather not hear." Denise Dresser Speaks About Aristegui

Borderland Beat posted by DD Republished from Mexico Voices

For Reforma by Denise Dresser
Translated for MV by Amanda Moody

Every day, Carmen Aristegui** sat in front of the microphone and did her job. The mission of the journalist, so well described by George Orwell: "To tell others what they would rather not hear." That Father Maciel was a pedophile. That Emilio Gamboa [PRI senator] negotiated legislation in the Senate with a protector of pedophiles. That Mario Marín [former governor of Puebla] celebrated "slapping down" Lydia Cacho [jounalist who exposed his involvement in pederastry ring] with bottles of cognac.

 That Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre [President of PRI in Mexico City] operated a prostitution ring funded with public monies. That the first lady [Angélica Rivera] "bought" a house whose title is in the name of a contractor who benefitted from multimillion dollar government contracts. So many investigations, so much rot revealed, so much corruption detected, so much professional journalism.
 MV Note: Until March 1online 5, 2015, Carmen Aristgui was director of the First Edition (morning news) of MVS News (radio). She was ostensibly fired for protesting the firing of two of her investigative reporters last week. They had been fired ostensibly for linking the MVS label with Aristegui's joining a just announced news leads reporting site, Mexico Leaks. These reporters had exposed the scandal of Angélica Rivera's "White House", among others 
DD Note:  In 2012 Mex. govt. initiated a process to "rescue" frpm all existing concessions in the 2.5ghrtz range (which included  concessions held by MVS).  This legal battle has been going on for 10 years   The govt. canceled the concession and refused to renew several others held by MVS. Televisa filed injunctions to stop govt. from restoring concessions.  Last court battle was Nov. 2014.  Rumor is that Televisa attorney had several hour meeting with MVS the day it fired Carmen.  Speculation is widespread that the govt. told MVS to fire Aristegui and MVS would get it's licenses back..(Revenge of EPN?)

Every day Carmen Aristegui defended the rights many Mexicans didn't even know they had, nor do they now understand that she was working to safeguard them. The right to freedom of expression. The right to be a counterbalance to the power which is—increasingly—exercised in Mexico with impunity. The right to show the truth, walking on ground which is mined with lies. The right of Mexicans to have journalism which is independent, autonomous and critical.

There she was, every morning from 6:45 to 10:00 a.m., Monday to Friday, the archipelago of freedom. One of the few who remained. Right there was the place that millions of Mexicans tuned to in search of what they wanted to know, listen to, learn about their country, about those who govern them, about how power is being exercised. The place that informed and challenged and offended and angered. That essential place.

The defense of freedom in a country where freedom is rare is difficult, arduous and risky. It means defending the right to disseminate even what is perceived as offensive or "destabilizing" or uncomfortable for the government. Carmen leads that defense because that's how she is She is known for her work, respected for her intelligence, honored for her courage. She is brave. Stubborn. Combative. Audacious. Authentic. And because the freedom of expression she exercises is like that; that's the nature of the beast.

Sometimes she has a duty to throw fuel on the fire. Sometimes she faces the imperative to light a match in a parched landscape. Sometimes she bothers the President and the Secretary of the Treasury and the PRI and the PRD and the National Electoral Institute and the Federal 
Institute for Access to Information and the Supreme Court and the Senate and the Army. And in doing so, she protects the vital place in which pluralistic discourse—increasingly under attack—can survive.

There are many who don't like her work They dismiss her as "supporter of Andrés Manual López Obrador" or "lesbian" or "biased" or "strident" or "leftist" or "politically correct". Those who didn't like the kind of journalism she promoted, had every right to change channel. What they did not have the right to do was what MVS did: put together a conflict that was a pretext to remove her from the air, along with two journalists who did the research on the [president's wife's] "White House". Using the excuse of the misuse of the "brand" as a smokescreen. Using the argument of "breach of trust" as a muzzle. Using "guidelines" developed in an untimely fashion as a form of fencing or censoring, because they would be unacceptable for any self-respecting journalist.

As explained by the MVS Ombudsman, the guidelines announced by the company unilaterally modified the terms of the contract signed by Carmen in which she was responsible for the content of her broadcast. Suddenly, and in a manner which was hostile, rude and belligerent, the company issued non-consensual terms, with probable legal implications given the contract that it had previously held with her. Suddenly, the Vargas family acted in a manner which was in total contrast to what its name had represented. We don't know if it was due to economic rewards, political pressure, petitions from Los Pinos, or simple fear when faced with the implications of the work that Carmen does and has done.


And because of this we will have to defend and rally round and fight for Carmen Aristegui and her spaces. Because they are ours. Because we, as beneficiaries of her work, are responsible for building a robust defense of freedom of expression, of pluralism and of the need to be irreverent and challenging. It is our responsibility to support the daily practice of freedom. To stand up, protest, expose MVS as a dishonest business, stand together with anyone who challenges corruption, abuse of power, violence or intolerance. The slogan for what must be done is simple and says it all: "I Am Carmen."
Reforma only allows subscribers to access its articles online.

*Denise Dresser is a political scientist, writer, columnist and activist. She coordinated thebook "Shouts and Whispers: Women's Untimely Experiences." She won the National Journalism Award in 2010. Her latest book is "Our Country: Reflections on understanding and changing Mexico.  She is a columnist/lreporter for Reforma and Proceso.  Until the day MVS fired Carmen Aristegui she was also affiliated with MVS.  She quit after the firings.

**Carmen Aristegui F. is a journalist. A graduate of the UNAM, she is a radio and TV host and commentator. A lecturer and author of books, she has been awarded the National Journalism Award, the Iberoamerican Prize, the Maria Moors Cabot Prize, and the Order of the Legion of Honor by the French Government. Until March 15, 2015, she was director of the First Edition of MVS News (radio). She appears on the program "Aristegui" on CNN in Spanish and operates the web portal Aristegui News. S She is a Reforma columnist. Her grandfather had fled Spain with his family when Francisco Franco won the Spanish Civil War.


  1. When are the Mexican people going to wake up and have a revolution and put in a working government with no corruption???

    1. Never they r very happy with the PRI they vote for them again

    2. Note: el pri stole their thin majority, for a 34% of the votes, also, the zeta governor's stole billions of dollars to help, the US also helped with the Romney and the bush vote changing computers they own and ballots fixed in texas...

  2. -Carmen Aristegui is not known for selling her ass like some unsavory characters of mexican politics, or for buying ass or minor underage persons for sex toys, like Emilio Gamboa Patron, Mario marin, and their enterprising pri partners.
    -Carmen will get better jobs, and her reporters too FUCK peña nieto, el pri and mvs...

  3. otro error del PRI. lo unico que van a lograr es convertir a esta mujer en martir. Mas y mas mexicamos vamos a buscar y respetar lo que esta mujer tiene que decir. Y no la van a poder callar al menos que la maten. Pero EPN ya no se puede dar el lujo de tener mas escandalos el estupido.

  4. Carmen needs not to hide or stop doing what she has. The mexican people need to support her and ride this wave to land on a beach of freedom and truth without repression and fear. It is time for Mexico to be what it's people deserve.

    1. 9:18 Maan otro pinche poeta...
      Tu que eres poeta
      Y en el 'aigre'las compones
      Hazme otra, poesia
      pa' que lean estos cabrones...

  5. be sure u get your facts right, Go Carmen

  6. Carmen aristigui and denise dresser are the two mexican women that i idmire the most they both are very smart and want the best for the nation.

  7. You know we can admire these women, but they need help, so u guys in the US let go back and win our country back. Talk is over, either just do it, shut up.
    I have been talking for 10 years, and it gets worst every day

  8. No news is Good news

  9. Some how , I'm not surprised, it's just how it is in Mexico and people gets used to it," people gets the government they deserve" or something like that. ..Now if they ever wake up, that'd be scary... There would be no holding back. ..

  10. Mexico got the government our powerful friends chose for us, buying influence with them as a precondition, same for all latinamerica, and rewarding them with "sovereign impunity" and sanctuary from prosecution from anybody.for "whatever", as long as the billions of dollars they steal are kept safely in a friendly bank, just in case they die...then the bank wins...

  11. Oooooh mexicoleaks. The wrath has started, say goodbye to corrupt officials and cartels and illegal stuff. Your days are numbered.

  12. You can not investigate public officials without proof of their crimes, you can not accuse them of any crimes without proof and you can not obtain proof without being able to investigate,
    --laws that protect the mexican high and mighty in a tightly controlled Web of corruption

  13. Perfect title for article. Its true . Many just do not believe its happening . I think the world should be forced to watch the videos of the 4 women being dismembered in Mexico Alive . Gotta protect those $$$$$

  14. When is she going to run for office?.She has time now.

  15. Can you tell us more about this? I'd love to find out some additional information.

  16. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up
    plus the rest of the site is really good.


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