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Monday, March 16, 2015

Officials in the midst of executions BCS

According to official payroll of the Municipal Treasury Valerio Carrizal Jolleno and Cesar Carrizal Jeyeno were employees of the city of Los Cabos. Both Government officials from the fourth level were killed on February the 19th in El Zacatal of San Jose del Cabo. At first they were identified by the PGJE as builders.

Zeta Investigations

Los Cabos, BCS, the war for control of the narco trafficking plaza between criminal cells of Damaso Lopez Nunez “El Licenciado” and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, not only leaves dead bodies of narco traffickers in vacant territory, dirt breaches and Colonias within the periphery of the urban area of La Paz and Los Cabos, also bodies of the victims of “collateral damage”, and even the bodies of public servants who operate and protect criminal groups that fight to the death in the Sinaloa Cartel.

·         Felipe Eduardo Guajardo Garcia “El 28”, who according to military and federal intelligence sources fights for the south and north zone of La Paz, and San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

·         Jose Francisco Ojeda Torres alias Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro “El Pepillo” who is currently fighting for the north zone of La Paz, is considered the chief of plaza for the south zone of the state capital.

·         Luis Antonio Montoya Beltran “El Montoya”, “Don Carlos” or “El Artista”, successor of Rolando Gonzalez Moreno “El Compadron”, is giving battle for the north zone.

·         Javier Lopez Rivera alias Javier Acosta Lopez “El Javy” or “El Javier”, who currently is battling for San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

The four criminal chiefs have had logistical support of Police Commanders and PGR when carrying out kidnappings, torture and executions or when attacking rival groups in conflict.

The last public servants that were killed were Valerio Carrizal Jolleno and Cesar Carrizal Jeyeno, who according to the Municipal Treasury were Government employees of Los Cabos, headed by the Mayor Jose Antonio Agundez Montano.

The two public servants of the fourth level of Government were assassinated by gunfire on 19th of February in El Zacatal of San Jose del Cabo, initially identified as builders by the PGJE and after more than 15 days of investigation and revision of archives, changed their minds as to the identities of the two dead men, saying that they were employees of the Cabo administration.

The version according to the partner of the Lawyer Paulino Guerrero Sanchez, the third person executed that night, that the companions of her partner were builders obviously didn’t convince the agents investigating the case, especially because of the type of clothing they were wearing, their shoes and the type of cell phones they were carrying the day of the triple homicide.

Even worse when the investigative agents checked the vehicle registration, which had been used to transport the three dead men from their houses to the place of their execution, discovered that something was wrong as the car appeared to be in the name of one of the builders.

The vehicle was a Volkswagen Jetta 2015 colored white, with registration plates of CZR-5628, was delivered to the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit Police in Los Cabos, headed by Guillermo Marron Rosas, who had no records of the vehicle in their registration system.

However the name of the owner of the vehicle appeared when the car, valued at 500,000 pesos, had its VIN number checked. This led to the name of Valerio Carrizal Jolleno whose address was registered in the system, when verified did not exist in the Colonia of San Jose Viejo.
With these last two executions, raised to four the number of public servants that have been assassinated during this narco war.

The first was an agent of the State Preventative Police, Carlos Miguel Calderon Hinojosa “El Virolo”, died on August 23rd 2014, and the second was the Secretary of Transport, Jorge Molina Alarcon “El Molino” or “El Guerrero”, on 31st of October of the same year.

The fifth public servant attacked but survived the attack was an agent of the State Police, Tito Guadalupe Jauregui Flores, shot on 29th of December 2014,( translated by Otis B Flywheel see link ).

The Triple Execution

Even when in La Paz they started to see the primary results after almost seven months of war between the criminal cells, and with a body count of almost 70, for the Jewel in the crown, Los Cabos, the sides had just started fighting for the narco trafficking plaza between members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The night of 19th of February the following were assassinated:

*Paulino Guerrero Sanchez, 34 years of age, Lawyer, with a house on Calle Jose M Chavez Hermosillo, Manzana 95, Lot 8, El Zacatel Colonia

*Valerio Carrizal Jolleno, 31 years of age, public servant in Los Cabos, with a house in Calle Guanajuato corner of Guerrero, San Jose Viejo Colonia

*Cesar Carrizal Joyeno, 21 years of age, public servant in Los Cabos, with a house in Super Manzana 14, Manzana A, Lot 9, Vista Hermosa Colonia

According to a security camera the three executed men were kidnapped off the sidewalk of the central commercial zone Soriana and City Club in the El Zacatal Colonia, and later moved 200 metres to the place where they were killed with a 9mm pistol.

The images captured by the camera of a supermarket show that the victims were not forced into the murderers vehicle, a gray Ford Escape year 2003.

To the contrary, according to the video recording, it observed the victims and the killers saying hello, and its obvious they knew each other.
The security camera captured the moment when the three victims left their vehicle, parked in front of the shoe store B-Hermanos, where they entered the supermarket.

Later it observed the arrival of the criminals car, to one side of the supermarket on the opposite side of the road, where they waited for their victims to leave the supermarket. The driver of the car chatted to the three men for five minutes before inviting them to enter the car and driving off to an unknown location.

These images were the last captured of the three alive, the medical experts from PGJE confirmed the three men received the following wounds;

*Paulino Guerrero Sanchez had three wounds from gunfire impacts two that entered and left his head, and a further impact to his right arm.

*Valerio Carrizal Jolleno had one impact from a bullet in the head which lodged in his skull.

*Cesar Carrizal Jeyeno had three wounds from bullet impacts, one in the skull close to the ear with entry and exit wounds, one in the sternum ( chest bone centre of ribs at the front), and another at the base of the skull.

The three bodies were found by a 50 year old. When around 7:20 pm on the 19th of February, he heard gunfire, he circled the area in his white Nissan Stanza. He discovered the three bodies and immediately alerted the authorities.

The first to arrive at the scene were the PGR, State Police, and Municipal Transit Police of Los Cabos, followed almost at the same time by Marina and the Army who cordoned off the crime scene with yellow tape and restricted access to the crime scene.

The Investigation

The primary indications after investigation of the victims, were that the investigative agents had managed to establish the identity of the Lawyer Paulino Guerrero Sanchez, who was the nephew of the ex PGR agent Paciano Guerrero Caro.

According to the investigators, both had an office called Advisory and Consulting, in Los Cabos in the apartment building “Ruby” on Las Calles Playa Punta and El Pueblito, Lot 1, Block 1, in the Colonia Lomas de Rosarito, San Jose del Cabo.

Based on official investigations, the main face of the law firm, Paciano Caro Guerrero has a number of previous convictions ranging from imprisonment for extortion, abuse of authority, kidnapping, and links to criminal networks with Felipe Eduardo Guajardo Garcia “El 28” and Javier Lopez Rivera or Javier Acosta Lopez “El Javy”, or “El Javier”.

On the 24th of November 2004 he was captured by agents of the PGR for extortion, abuse of authority, and aggravated kidnapping of businessman Francisco Javier Cendejas Cervantes, in the case number 8/2003 in the premier district Court of the State.

The victim related that the Lawyer when serving as Public Prosecutor of the Federation arrived aboard an official vehicle of his business with a delivery of beer called High Voltage ( alta tension), identifying himself as a narco trafficker, he asked for a monthly fee for selling drugs, otherwise he threatened him with violence.

Back then, Paciano Guerrero was investigated and a warrant raised for his arrest, when the police tried to arrest him, he escaped from Baja California Sur in a helicopter and two days later was arrested in Guamuchil, Sinaloa.
He was later transferred to Prison in La Paz.

On the 9th of September 2010, Guerrero Caro was detained and arraigned for assault, kidnapping, and attempted homicide of Erick Shaw, 45 years of age, and native of Washington USA.

The event took place on August 14th in the fraccionamiento Cabo Bello in Cabo San Lucas, where the Lawyer and his accomplices, identified as Oscar Antonio Ojeda Cesena “El Pompeyo”, Derian Cota Ivan Camelo “El Derian” and the brothers Juan Iram and Jaime Lamberto Lopez de la Pena.
They brutally beat the foreigner after robbing him, causing a cerebral hemorrage, a fractured skull and injuries to his body where they stabbed him with a knife in the abdomen. All of them were arrested.

In the third incident, on 5th of November 2014, the Lawyer Guerrero was detained in the port Pichilingue de La Paz, when he tried to get a car out of La Paz, a 2008 Dodge Cavalier which had last been seen with narco trafficker Juan Cesar Hamburgo, before he was kidnapped, tortured and executed on the way to Las Cruces near the Libramiento Santiago Oceguera.

During the interrogation, Paciano Guerrero Caro said he bought the vehicle from Fernando Miranda Martinez for 80,000 pesos, who later after giving his version of events was set free by the PGJE.

On the 16th of February testimony was given by Sicario Hector Roberto Medina Flores alias Omar Alonso Medina Gonzalez, about the narco trafficking crimes of Fabricio Cota Rosas and Andres Enrique Echeverria Franco, also had supported and participated in several meetings with Felipe Eduardo Guajardo Garcia “El 28” along with his assistant Claudio Miranda Amador; and Raul Castillo de la Rosa “El Cochi”, and the commander of the Municipal Police of Los Cabos Paul Fiol Contreras, according to the Sicario “ he is the link between the criminals, the Police, Commanders and Agents of the PGR, because he worked for a long time in this institution and knew almost everyone in the Federal Delegation.

Even though they still have no clear cause for the execution of Paulino Guerrero Sanchez, Valerio Carrizal Holleno and Cesar Carrizal Heyeno, the investigators have two lines of investigation open.

1, The executions were a warning to the former prosecutor of the Federation of the PGR, Paciano Guerrero Caro, for serving two antagonistic groups like Eduardo Guajardo Felipe Garcia “El 28” and Javier Lopez Rivera alias Javier Acosta Lopez “El Javy” or “El Javier”.

2, The executions were committed because of some bad business between one of the aforementioned crime bosses, as the supermarket video recording shows, the victims and the killers clearly knew each other well, and there was no violence when they jumped into the killers car.

However, according to the investigators in the case, the investigation will come to review all the current open legal transactions made with the law firm to open another line of investigation and maybe lead to other suspects responsible for this triple murder.

List of recent executions and attempted assassinations in the narco war for BCS

* 4th March, injured Joel Hernandez Verdugo, killed, Victor Hernandez Betancourt, shot with pistols in the Lazaro Cardenas Colonia

*5th March injured Christian Marquez Nunez and Daniel Cruz Cruz,  in La Arenal de San Cabo Lucas.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijunana


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