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Monday, March 16, 2015

MVS fires Journalist Carmen Aristegui

Lucio R. from MVS Twitter-with update from Pepe

Update show of solidarity: In separate acts of solidarity with Carmen Aristegui, today five of her colleagues at Noticias MVS announced the termination of their relationship with MVS.

The most noteworthy are political commentator Denise Dresser, and the academics Sergio Aguayo and Lorenzo Meyer.

Dresser: "MVS terminated its relationship with Carmen Aristegui. I now end my relationship with MVS." 

Meyer: "Very troubling methods used by MVS. Even more disturbing their motives. Difficult not to point to one hypothesis: it was Los Pinos (The presidents “Casa Blanca acquisition)

                                               Monday:  Aristegui and team gather outside MVS

MVS Radio last night announced the termination of its employment relationship with journalist Carmen Aristegui, host of the morning news.  Read my previous post for back story.

MVS Terminates employment relationship:

-Freedom of expression is fully exercised by MVS Radio, as has been demonstrated in the particular case of Carmen Aristegui.

-The company will continue with its information services. 

-Today MVS Radio has terminated the employment relationship with journalist Carmen Aristegui Flores.   In order to settle the issue we confronted, the journalist Aristegui Flores demanded  the reinstatement of two of our collaborators. It is pertinent to recall that these two reporters were terminated from their posts, for having used, without authorization, the name of MVS, and without having previously consulted with the administration of the company.

-We regret the position of the journalist, but as a company we do not accept conditionality’s and ultimatums of our employees. Dialogue, is not served by imposing conditions, but listening to the parties and trying to reach agreements.

-At MVS Radio, we work as a team. The culture of our organization revolves around that concept, so individualistic attitudes have no place in our project.

-We cannot allow that any of our partners special privileges in detriment to his companions and much less that it intends to impose on the administration ultimatums and conditions.


  1. Its sad to hear about this happening. Knowing Carmen she knew this was gonna happen im pretty sure she took some measures. Journalist like her are hard to come by. Wish her the best professional wise. Animo Carmen esto apenas comienza.

  2. WELL, FUCK THE "ADMINISTRATION"...!!! Carmen will find other jobs that pay her better and do not require any dirty politician ass kissing thank you very much and good riddance...

  3. La unica persona inteligente, honesta, y valiente en Mexico

  4. if it is a US company she can file a law suit if in Mx forget it She needs to get her facts striaght

  5. As I wrote in a brief response to Pepe's post in the Forum, one cannot overstate the importance of this development. More important than the act of dismissing Carmen Aristegui, tragic as that is, the dismissal tells us much about the direction that Mexico is taking under Pena Nieto:

    First, that the Mexican government is very worried about MexicoLeaks, the proposed site for whistle blowers and informants. If the government is so worried about MexicoLeaks, it tells me that all the corruption that has been uncovered lately by Aristegui and her team is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Second, the repression of journalists will get worse. Pena Nieto wants to make Aristegui an example of what happens to independent journalists and news media. Mexico's governments have long, long history of repressing independent journalism, and will use any means to eliminate any journalist who is not totally subservient. When I say "any means", I mean exactly that. They will first try to bribe them, putting them on the payroll or giving their employers fat government contracts. If that doesn't work, they will threaten them, intimidate them or their families, smear their reputations, and even disappear them or murder them. Aristegui's excellent reputation and stature did not protect her, so she provides Pena Nieto with an excellent target.

    Third, Pena Nieto is acting brazenly and with total impunity. The government has not bothered to conceal the part it played in this reporter's dismissal. What is so shameful is the Vargas brothers' -- MVS' owners-- total capitulation to EPN and Televisa. I have to assume that they sold out, and I would not be surprised if MVS is either absorbed by Televisa or gets some kind of a deal that allows MVS to survive financially.

    Finally, this dismissal shows the power and influence that Televisa's Azcarraga Jean has achieved in EPN's government. Let me count the ways: it created Pena Nieto as a media superstar and gave him tremendous support in his presidential campaign. Televisa now controls the PGR through Arely Gomez, who recently left the Senate to assume that position. Azcarraga Jean and EPN now control the Mexican supreme court with the election of Eduardo Medina Mora, who has been tight with both EPN and Azcarraga for decades and who has been involved in some of the government's most brutal acts of political repression.

    These are just a few of the conclusions I have reached, and I would welcome more input.--jlopez

    1. jlopez; As usual you are spot on. I agree with everything you said.
      I started working on a story over a year ago that I tentatively entitled "The Invisible Tyranny of the Mexican Media". It covers some of the history of how PRI has controlled the media, but attempts to show that PRI may be the lesser of the 2 primary villains - Televisa being the primary and stronger villain. The reason I have not finished it is not because of lack of info, the problem is how to keep it short enough to post as a story and not as a book. Maybe with firing of Carmen it is a good time to finish it and show a little more than just the "tip of the iceberg"..

  6. Hmmmm......this reminds me of something that went on in the 1930's and '40's in Europe ...hmmm

  7. In Guadalajara during the last twelve months in one small part of the city there have been 9 murders. 6 of those were last week. no apparent investigation. NOTHING IN THE NEWS!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous is going to do their part to protest should get interesting

  9. Secretary of tourism, still under the spell of former president miguel aleman, and his spawn, like televisa, same same, reflect the murdering character of president miguel aleman, from veracruz, his own father killed on revolutionary conflicts politics, he never cared about anything but carrying water to his own mill...
    --miguel aleman was the father of the mexican oligarchy whose grandchildren are fucking mexico today, still trafficking drugs and influence because they suck at business, the azcarragas and the alemanes, and their french wives...

  10. Hmmm, Getting closer to a Totalitarian government! EPN is very upset over this reporter uncovering the truth! How dare she look into dirt of EPN and Los Pinos! Mexican Government is the laughingstock of the world!!!

  11. Isn't this crap related to the mexicoleaks site.? if those two got their ass fired isn't it because they did something wrong with using the MVS name without having any proper authorization from the company?? They have the right to fire their unprofesional asses for screwing up the medias reputation, if they have any. As for "Ms. Carmen Aristegui" since when do employees demand (give orders) to their supervisors (superiors). That machista behavior got her the free pass to the line off.. you are FIRED!!

    That machista behavior even the womans aka viejas, morras can't stay away from it. Down south even the womans feel roosters with bolls and everything.

  12. Excellent coverage Lucio. this and the other post outstanding work.

    1. Yes is a good one. But some of the commenters forgot how to read. They went straight to the picture. Lol

  13. To be continued.......

  14. go on Joe Rogan Experience!!! Start a podcast. Fuck radio anyway that's for dinosaurs.
    Hi Dan and Ben.

  15. Peña nieto just came back from england, he will be taking his kickbacks in cash only, FAK mexico and it's nosy reporters...
    --La Casa Blanca was all peña nieto's until it got in the news, then it turned into a gaviota's property, she will sold it, now all the money is hers, jiar, jiar, jiar...
    --now she can afford to buy Eduardo Yañez from the arms of Emilio Gamboa Patron and the azcarragas televisa...ja ja jaaa!


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