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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mexican Navy Attempts to Dismantle Community Police in Xayakalan

By: Alina R. Duarte | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

On Monday, the Support and Solidarity Team With The Indigenous Community of Santa María de Ostula denounced that on March 16, an operation led by the Navy of Mexico sought to “dismantle control points in which the Community Police maintains in Xayakalan, Caleta de Campos and Tizupan, municipality of Aquila, along the Michoacán coast.”

A year ago, the Nahua community of Santa María de Ostula reactivated its Community Police in order to reduce the presence of organized crime in its territory, which was in collusion with the state apparatus and which was also denounced.  Organized crime had disrupted their municipality since 2011.

Xayakalan is located on land reclaimed by the community in 2009 in order to defend the territory from the presence of mines, which they say, seeks to plunder the region.

Through a statement which was received by Revolución 3.0, the signers expressed their concern faced with “an attempt to disarm the population that is organizing itself around the demands of justice and recognition of the earth.”

Furthermore, they recalled that on February 10 2014, a platoon of the Mexican Army disarmed the Community Police of Ostula and the autodefensa groups that supported them, whereupon the inhabitants forced the general in charge of the maneuver to return the weapons because “to disarm the Community Police and the autodefensa groups would mean to allow cruel murders by members of organized crime.”
Don Trino
“The Marines, who today were trying to disarm the Community Police, are the same ones that have systematically been ignoring and been complicit in forced disappearances and murders.  Just remember that on December 6 2011 they didn’t act when, just 500 meters from their checkpoint, J. Trinidad de la Cruz “Don Trino” was tortured and murdered by heavy weapons after the assault on the Caravan of Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad (Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity); or between 2008 and 2013, they didn’t prevent dozens of armed men in caravans of death from travelling along Highway 200 to kill 32 villagers of Ostula and kidnap-disappear five more.”

On December 16 2014, a group of five people ambushed villagers along the coastal Highway 200 Manzanillo-Lázaro Cárdenas, “the group of narco-paramilitaries intended to murder Semeí Verdía, Commander of the Community Police of Santa María Ostula and General Coordinator of the Autodefensas on the coast of Michoacán.

Faced with this state, the inhabitants of Santa María de Ostula have asked to be on the lookout towards these events that can be triggered in the absence of guarantees from the peñanietista government towards the Community Police and Community Guards of Ostula.  They called to not allow any more murders, kidnappings, disappearances, or any dispossession against the inhabitants of this town and the communities of the coastal region of Michoacán.


  1. What makes this complicated is that when armed indigenous blockade Mex 200 many are drunk and they yell at people stopped in line. Me as well. They need better leadership. To not offend. They are hard on criminals on their land. But they give the Armadas Marinas the perfect excuse to disarm them. Los pueblos X are a good thing. So are the autodefensas. But the protests that close Mex 200 make people angry.

  2. LA Marina? I thought those guys were the only trustworthy military in Mexico? The current leadership in Mexico disgusts me!

    1. Puros idiotas aki. ALL the govt agencies have rotten apples! But they are NOT all the same! some are worst than others! and of course some are much better than others!

    2. Sub-assystant to the secretary of the marinas was supplying info to the family of mayor abarca...
      --the marinas never knew it, until the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia needed it to save los jundillos de pena nieto and 'uncle' of lover boy, emilio chuayffet chemor secretary of education, former secretary of governance who resigned his job and a chance to be presidente to save zedillo's jundillo over the Acteal/Chenalhó butchery and massacres...
      Booy, do they apache from chilangoland hate indians from away from el DF, because they atracomulca tribes do not look like blond European 'norweigians'...
      --Shame on them atracomulcas, even QUETZALCOATL ran away from them and went to cancun to become KUKULCAN...
      --Hey be-lucky thank god them indians did not rob and disappear you, if anybody has the right to blockade anything in mexico is the indians, as longas they are not priista-evangelista murder squads...stay away from 200...

  3. Se quieren poner perros contra el general burrola diplomado de estado mayor, asesino experto en besar las nalgas del presidente en turno, graduado de la escuela de los asesinos en los estados unidos de nortiamerica?
    Do they want to bitch against giniral burrola major staff diplomated, murderous graduate of the school of the assassins in the United Steits, expert in kissing the ass of the president du jour?
    There is no Arcelor-Mittal in Aquila, but there is ternium, canadian mining co. hellbent on filling them chinese orders of iron ores for millions of dollars in the banks of China and england...for peña nieto, and meth precursors for los viagras...

  4. The army and marinas in michoacan have proven that they have NO HUEVOS, what the fuck are they doing there?

  5. Government trying to make way for organized crime, what a shame. But the purepechas will not back down. My respects!!!

  6. But the Marina's are good guys right? That is what I've been brainwashed to believe.

  7. there making way for their oil pipelines that will go straight to the U.S.A. thats what is allways been about, the 43 students included

  8. They are not purepecha. They speak nahuatl. They are cranky as hell even amongst themselves. These folks are their own worst enemy. The blockades piss off Mital in Lazaro other operators of traylors, buses, and they openly proclaim they are going to kill everyone in the ayuatamiento because of corruption. I say give los marinas something to do - send them into the Sierra and burn out the marijuanos and cristaleros. Their Puesto de Control on Mex 200 never finds drugs, cash or fugitivos. They live there but somtimes the reten is closed with marinas walking near their houses. This is when arms and drugs go through and the general gets his propinas.

    1. talking out your ass. they are purepechas menso. michoacan natives or aztecs. look it up and learn some history mocoso

    2. The michoacas/purepechas accepted the Spanish humbly and friendly, like the southwest mexican indians are, peaceful...
      --The Azteca came later, from the north, hungry, naked, the chichimeca tribes sent them on to the capital armed with the nahuatl language to create the gran
      Tenochtitlan, and the Aztec empire...
      --Then came the spaniards to fuck it all up with their plagues and pestilence...
      --Then came the disciples of the Monroe doctrines to further fuck it all up with their fucking greed and America For The Americans creed...and the help of la malinche all over again...


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