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Friday, March 6, 2015

'El Gallito' likely the premier leader of Caballeros Templarios

by Lucio R. for Borderland Beat
Evidence points to Homero González Rodríguez, aka “El Gallito”, may have  had taken over the helm as premier leader after the death of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez aka “El Chayo” in March 2014 in the Michoacán city of Tumbiscatío. 

Prior to Chayo’s death, Gallito was the chief operator in the State of Mexico, working under the direction of his cousin Chayo.

Reports said that subsequent to Chayo’s death, the leadership was shared by Tuta and Gallito, However,  it is speculated that plan to ouster La Tuta began before Chayo’s death.  Gallito was given a greater role in the organization, and after Chayo’s death worked more independently than in conjunction with Tuta and began entering into secret alliances.

It appears that recently Gallito finally broke off ties to Tuta, prompting the words in Tuta’s last message.

In his public message of December, Tuta said that since the death of Chayo, Gallito had demonstrated signs of splitting and was working independently, causing a rift between the two leaders and an uncertainty among C.T. membership.

This photo was sent to Chivis.  It is supposedly that of El Gallito.  We cannot validate the photo as being of Gallito, as we at BB have not been able to find another photo of him.  If any readers have seen a validated photo of Gallito please send to Chivis.  However, in this photo there is a strong family resemblance.  

Prior to his recent arrest, last month La Tuta, premier leader of Caballeros Templarios, made public an audio message, in which he announced would be his final message.  The message was considerably shorter than his usually rant, but it did give good information as to what was transpiring in the region.  

First and foremost his undeniable contempt  for Los Viagras is evident, as he proclaims them as “even worse than I am”.  Viagras cartel, founded by the Sierra Santana  family of Huetamo, Michoacán, and is  the first and only C.T. splinter group.  The group quickly turned on Tuta, aligning themselves with C.J.N.G. 

It appeared that Tuta was one of the last to know of the betrayal by the Viagras. 

The big takeaway in his audio below, is he was being truthful in saying he was no longer going to be a part of C.T. Also that there is now an alliance between; CJNG, Viagras (H3) and what remains of C.T. 

Rafael Caro Quintero is a part of that alliance, to what extent is yet to be defined.

That would be very bad news for Michoacana.

In his audio message, in part, Tutu says:

(He is speaking of Los Viagras) 

“The government has identified them and they are within reach. They can arrest them whenever they feel like it. They are right under their noses. 

They made a deal and became allies of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez and El Gallito .

I feel for all the people of Uruapan that were affected, not only in Uruapan but all of Michoacán. 

Those that believed and were against all the bullshit Nazario Moreno Gonzalez was doing. 

The one responsible for all that bullshit was El Gallito. I think his name is Homero. (it is Homero González Rodríguez).

I never ask their names. 

Now it is known that “Los Viagras” are associates of “El Gallito”. And they are out to get me. 

I feel for those people, from Uruapan, that believed in good autodefensas. As luck would have it they were betrayed by Los Viagras. 

To all the guys, and excuse me if I don't get the names right, that are with El Gallito.

Sergio, Rafa, Matraca, Mariachi, Don Jose, Gavilan, (El Gavilan is the plaza chief in Petacalco Guerrero) Metro, Paquito, Troyano, Paisano, all of you. (El Gavilan is close friend of Mariano Sierra Santa.  Mariano “El Viagra” recommended him as plaza chief for CJNG)

If you know how to work, you should work and earn money in such a way that doesn't involve stealing, kidnapping, extorting. 

At our meetings, you guys would say you were tired of putting up with these fuckers. I couldn't do much because things were difficult back then. Now you have an opportunity to be free and working on your own. 

I was a pendejo/dumbass for having led all of you. I never did any stupid shit. I was only a narco trafficker. However,  I had to say I was not a narco. 

All of you remember; including you faggot Viagras.....what you said to me. 

I regret protecting you and shaking your hand. 

But oh well, those things are in the past……

Why follow those pieces of shit that steal and kidnap? 

I am referring to El Gallo. I know he is my enemy and don't care. I hope El Gallito comes alone or just Los Viagras. God decides... 

I don't have much else to say.”


  1. They are coming for Quintero even if it is a snatch and grab mission. The US is coming for that fuck regardless of what Mexico thinks. His time is near. US intelligence gave up Trevino and la Tuta to the Mexicans no matter what Mexico says. This is for their free pass against Quintero DEAD or ALIVE. Why do you think all US intelligence and law enforcement were quick to congratulate the Mexican government? To appease their consciences that they did a good job so they got the credit, unlike the next victim Rafael Caro Quintero. Whatcha gonna do when the US comes for you???

    1. And you want chapo there too.. Hahahaha

    2. Lol Americans are a joke sometimes

    3. 1:58p you are going to stir up a hornets nest with that comment. All the RCQ nuthuggers will be wanting your head for dissing the narco-messiah. I must say you are on point no matter what anyone says.

    4. I do not understand how people like you have so much love for a five family run, war oriented government who does not give a crap about you or any of the middle/lower class. All these oligarchs and politicians are no better than the criminals they catch.

    5. STFU. He did his 30 years already, NOW is time for Zambada 'El M Grande, MZ' turn, is time for him to do his 30 years along with el Chaputo in a Supermax prison in the USA!!

      El Mencho, El Charly aka Z43, Javier (CDS), Chapo Isidro, and all others must be next. Until they get turned into controllable street gangs. Easier for the idiotic mx govt to control.

    6. People here never learn with this US v Mexico boolshit,Seal team 6 an all that shit,go argue with manic Millie.
      Story is about Gallito not fuckin Quintero or the US ?

    7. You are right

    8. Mexico giving up all the capos and gona keep caro quintero as la mera verga saludos R1 valle de rio grande texas

    9. chinga tu madre par de gueyes

    10. yea they will come for quintero. and maybe very soon to make an impact point.

    11. I believe they are coming for RCQ. The US wants him too bad and since they are helping EPN save face they will get him in return either by MX or US military means. He can't hide, there is a gps up his ass like Z42 and La Tuta.

    12. I agree. Caro quintero is next. Cold blooded killer then cold blooded killer now, you don't change in prison. just like they all find God in prison but they forget about Him when they are out. But in the end, they will all find Him again when the go back to prison that's the only place they ever do. jajajaja i hope they catch and execute his scum stinking ass.

    13. How is caro next when he was released by the pri party what happen when he went to prison pro wasn't even in the pic now they are back and he is free money talks bullshit walks!

  2. R1 Moving the pieces it's going to be like back in the old days who ever doesn't go low profile
    and doesn't cooperate is getting a surprise visit from the militares and federales.

  3. The United States of America, the US State Department, the DOJ, DEA and FBI's Mexican Cartel Most Wanted Fugitives in no specific order as of March 5, 2015:

    Ismael Zambada Garcia "El Mayo" US $5 Million reward
    Jose Maria Guizar Valencia - dual MX and US citizenship - US $5 Million reward
    Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno "El Azul," - US $5 Million reward
    Rafael Caro-Quintero - US $5 Million reward
    Juan Reyes Mejia-Gonzalez - US $5 Million reward
    Edgardo Leyva Escandon - US $2 Million reward
    Fausto Isidro Meza Flores - US $5 Million reward
    Juan Pablo Ledezma - US $987, 000 reward
    Eduardo Ravelo - US $100,000 reward

    These are BOUNTIES all wanted DEAD or ALIVE, by the United States of America.

    1. Excuse my ignorance but I thought el J P was lucked up and el r 1 was dead.

    2. Edgardo Leyva Escandon floats freely in the upper shelf class of Tijuana. Word in the street is that he is up there in CAF's panel board. One of the very few narco jrs left from the late 80s and 90s era. It's only a tick tock before the three letter radar nabs him.

    3. I m a us citizen fuck us goverment this guy killed some guy and gave him 15 years in prison they caught this guy with weed and a gun and gave him 55 years go figure no vale verga obama

    4. El JL, aka Jose Luis Fratello is still being hunted and Juan Reyes Mejia el R1 is alive and well still wreaking havoc. His death was only a rumor because of the turf war he started.

  4. Lets see what your made of gallito

  5. He said it was it his final message and it was he knew

  6. Exactly wat I've bin saying 2:19

  7. I wonder what the hell happened to el P@rrandero, I bet he didnt get any info that alll these top dogs were going down.

  8. Whos the leader of the sinaloa cartel and the juarez cartel?

    1. El mayo n el licenciado sinaloa n juarez j.l

    2. sinaloa cartel has no leaders all independents working together mini corporations that form one big coporation some have more connections than others theres no hierarchy everyone works for themselves as for Juarez I'm not sure if it's setup the same way as the federation but most likely who ever runs los aztecas runs Juarez unless amados kids or j.l stepped up to the plate But then I heard that viceroy and his nephews and kids and associates (la linea los linces) abandoned the juarez cartel and retreated to navolato to do business there el chuyin supposedly runs la linea la linea and aztecas have some what of a beef i think because aztecas are dirty and they Dont know how to work but I heard when R1 caro got out of prison the carrillos threw a fat party for him but then again they could be all rumors.

    3. Sinaloa federation has no top leader who ever says so has no idea and has no place in narco trafficking history.

  9. Michoacan is bloody do to the ct aliance with cjng , michoacanos are brave and proud people that truly fight for independence from these scum and i'm sure the locals from apatzingan and surrounding areas will eliminate these cartel scum and make their living selling their avocados and limes. Their is. Alot of money in that, That's why these narcos don't want to let go of that fertile land.

  10. I'm very doubtful that CDJNG would accept an alliance with CT. Did "gallito" turn his back on CT to join los viagras, that wouldn't surprise me one bit. In this scenario 'gallito" would no longer be part of CT. The remaining CT's saw 'gallito" as a traitor, they wont just let him take over CT as if noting happened.

    1. Gallito and tuta are both seen as traiters to the CT with tuta it's mainly because he gave up most of the CT leadership like kike,tio,and chayo but with gallito its because he's working with Los viagras most of the base of operations for the CT is in arteaga and they've been seperate from la tuta for awhile

  11. Its not going to be Tena he got captured already

  12. Yes it is Homero.

  13. So now you need to get drug tested to become a CT leader? In that picture he looks like he is getting drug tested and just came out with his urine sample. LOL

  14. Damn Gallito got swag

  15. @5:08 the story is not about manic millie, but as always, you never learn "either"...
    Mil mascaras, you dirty quesadilla pedorra you never learn...
    Ok. start. eating. your. face. mil. mascaras. it. tastes. like. pork. i. am. sure...

  16. The US moved their intense drug trafficking trough mexico when the cubans and the lehder operations got caught, cdg of the salinas brothers corrupted everybody, the cdj cds blos and afos got to fighting due to their politician sponsors wanting more of other's turf...
    --El gallinito, is just looking and will get a good ass reamming like uncle chayo, by the time you get to be ''famous'' you are good as gone...
    --and as for caro quintero, let's believe when we see it, the CIA may never be ready to get one of their most apt pupils in prison and talking about all he knows about the real amerikkkan drug traffickers, war lords, drug money launderers and dirty banksters...


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