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Sunday, February 8, 2015

U.S. Grants political asylum to the son of slain activist Marisela Escobedo

Lucio with material from SinEmbargo as posted by Bjeff
                                                          Son and mother in protest

Four years after his activist mother was gunned down in front of the Governors 
palace, Juan Frayre Escobedo is granted political asylum

An United States immigration judge granted political asylum to Juan Manuel Frayre Escobedo, son of slain activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, who was assassinated in 2010, outside the Governors Palace of Chihuahua.  Marisela was protesting in  Plaza Hidalgo, demanding justice into the investigation of the murder of her daughter Ruby. 

In a telephone interview from San Antonio where he resides Juan said; "I feel happy and comfortable that it could solve my legal status in this country. It has been long wait for the courts to make a decision. With laws in this country you never can be sure until you get the answer." 

He stated he received the notice a couple of days ago. 

“I was told that my case had been resolved in my favor and that the Government of the United States gave me the granted my request in October 2012," he declared. 

The 36-page document, which contained the applicant's testimony and evidence, was reviewed by the Immigration Judge Craig A. Harlow, who determined that there was sufficient evidence. 

He said it now expects his brother Alexander and his uncles Ricardo and Hector Escobedo, the same fate in his trial before the Court. 

"For now we must continue to support my family and ‘Mexicans in Exile’, an organization that supported me, they help new immigrants who lack the resources and provide legal advice, said Juan. 

On May 3, 2012, the US granted asylum to his niece, his murdered sister’s daughter, Heidi Ruby, she was four years old at the time. After Ruby’s murder, Heidi was being raised by Marisela until her murder, Marisela’s brother fled for safety, to the U.S. with the child and his family after Marisela’s death.

                                                      Juan leans onto his mother's casket

Regarding the case of his mother said still in the "air". "There is nothing clear and the government's position is the same. A government that does not speak the truth and who is not willing to give a solution," he said. 

He added that violence in Mexico will not stop while the government continues collusion with criminal groups. 

He said the threats continue against people who get up and point out the injustices through similar situations as those undertaken by his family. 

"Although the government gives positive statistics and ensures that things are changing, there is continued aggression against the people. The persecution, and threats will not stop, "said the son of activist. 

As an example, he mentioned the recent case of journalist Villeda Moses Rodriguez, as he took refuge in El Paso last January 4, for fear of losing his life. 

Meanwhile, Frayre attorney, Carlos Spector, was satisfied with the resolution and said it will continue in his line of defense and look for the safety of their clients who flee their country due to the violence they suffer. 

"Bjeff" collected these links to posts detailing the backstory.  Readers will remember the recent posts about "El Wicked" the murderer of Marisela.  He was recently killed in his prison cell.

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  1. Great to hear this. He has been nothing more than a victim in all this criminal crap that has destroyed his family. Yet when he spoke out, it is professional and truthful. He deserves it.

    1. Yeah dude,i would say he's been through quite enough and who knows,the people who are culpable are still in Mexico,if he feels safer and better in the US then so be it..After all his family has been shattered..
      Marisela Excobedo R.I.P.Q.E.D

  2. •See: Borderland beat/wicked didn't kill my mother, it was andy...translated by un vato...
    Andy alonso barraza bocanegra, brother of sergio rafael, el comandante bambino, did 90 days in prison in el Paso for terrorist treats against marisela escobedo's son...
    -- but the US government could do nothing else because the mexican government would not request extradition because of because of because...
    --cesar augusto peniche of the peniche banking fraudster family, PGR delgate in cd juarez, ''lost the files'', nice, after becoming televisa d grade tv stars, and making cheap narco gangland movies, the peniches overdiversify even more...
    --Marisela escobedo was no police, but she alone tracked sergio rafael barraza bocanegra to la colonia esparza, in fresnillo, and to rio grande zacatecas, and the government ''lost the files'', has killed el wicked, fabricates guilty parties, fires judges it allowed to be corrupted and corrupt, investigators, police,federal states attorneys put their credibility on the line...
    --to protect one criminal murderer who was living in a one room house made out of wooden pallets and garbage bags!!!
    --i wonder how much money it could have taken to buy all that immunity for el comandante bambino...
    --reportedly, protecting sergio rafael barraza bocanegra, even cost calderon fecal his appointment to university of texas at austin, but HARDWARD U was there ready to roll in the mud for felipe calderon, genocida, mass murderer, protector of corrupt mass murdering kidnappers and extorters, and he ''works'' there, if only because mexicans in exile do not have the money to go to hardward and get professor felipe calderon fired...
    I mean his appointment rescinded...

    1. I would have been interested in your comments put in a more succinct way about Marisela Escobedo(because she was a remarkable woman) ..
      You see,without your obvious bias and sometimes rambling you actually have something to say,but,you will not learn will you?Still preach hate and conspiracy when you obviously have a lot more interesting things to say?


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