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Friday, February 6, 2015

Seido Target Hitmen in BCS Part 6 , The Fall of "El Compadron"

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana Special Report by Otis B Fly-Wheel

Federal and Military operatives, on the morning of 29th of January captured the Boss of Plaza for narco trafficking in the North Zone of La Paz. Rolando Gonzalez Moreno. Left now are only the bosses of the South Zone, Alejandro Sanchez Trejo "El Peinado", Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro alias Jose Francisco Ojeda Torres "El Pepillo" and Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes "El Rayo".

When Federal and Military Agents surrounded Rolando Gonzalez Moreno "El Compadron"in number one and two Colonia Garzas Agricola de La Paz, Baja California Sur, the sought after narco was very nervous and didn't know what to do or how to react.

The Plaza Boss of the North Zone, had left his house and walked a block away when he was captured, he had been tipped off that Federal and Military Forces were on the way to arrest him.

From 6am on Thursday 29th of January, Federal and Military Agents started a series of operations together, in three colonias of La Paz. After the first part of the operation and before the second started, "El Compadron" had received information of the raids.

He only had time, he told his captors, to put on pants, jeans, shoes and a white t shirt, but not enough time to put a shirt on top, so he hurriedly left his house and fled on foot, heading for a paved alley.

After fleeing, his captors gave chase and saw him trying to jump a ditch, in which pipe was being laid, but due to his obesity, he never made it and fell in the ditch, where he was easily found by his pursuers.

The criminal boss of the principal cell of Boss Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, observed his captors, and kept silent.

He stayed silent, and when asked if his name was Rolando Gonzalez Moreno, he replied that it was not him.

He thought by saying this he would confuse his captors, but it did not. He had already been identified by his physique and physical features, informed one of the participants in this capture operation, including an Mexican Army Officer, who responded dryly. "Grow some balls and accept it Cabron, "we caught you and we fucked you already!" ( otis : I like this mans style ; )).

So the leader of "Los Mayitos", didn't respond verbally and didn't resist being taken into custody. Finally after six months of narco-war for control of the Plaza of La Paz between "El Compadron" and Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro "El Pepillo", one of the authors of all this violence in La Paz has fallen.

Presumed responsible for the crimes of being bodyguard of Damaso Lopez Nunez "El Licenciado", Esteban Espinoza Velazquez "El Pantera", and accompanying them Alberto Montero Lizarraga "El Mago" or "El Mandrake", and Enrique Urquiza Portillo "El Moreno", and "El Compadron" they had been tracking since July 2014 when the war started for the sale, distribution and transit of drugs in La Paz.

Lastly the PGR obtained information, about his movements, after some reconnaissance, they analysed the data and executed a plan to capture him.

The Operations

About 6:00 am on the 29th of January , the city of La Paz witnessed a series of Federal and Military operations, in the colonias' Maria Conchita, Garzas Agricola, and Fidepaz.

The first deployment started in La Privada numero 2, of the Maria Conchita colonia, when trucks full of Agents and Soldiers arrived, they disembarked from the trucks and proceeded down an alley located almost in front of the School of Nursing, in the National College of Technical Occupational Education (CONALEP), on Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue between Josefa Ortiz of Dominguez and Valentin Gomez Farias.

Courtesy of Google Maps

The force surrounded the two floor house colored yellow, where according to a neighbor they were searching for "El Compadron" and his people.

However, after searching the house they had no luck, until the second deployment in the colonia Garzas Agricola, close to 09:30 am they achieved the capture of the presumed head of the criminals known as "Los Mayitos".

Courtesy of Catalogo de planos

The narco trafficker Rolando Gonzalez Moreno was handcuffed, in custody of the Soldiers for around an hour, meanwhile one block away, an Agent of the PGR at "El Compadron's" last residence, found two 9mm pistols and a fragmentation grenade.

Courtesy of Catalogo de planos

The only detainee and his weapons were put at the disposal of the Centre of Strategic Operations (COE), and in the case of the weapons, they were submitted for ballistic testing, and the results proved that they had been fired in one of the recent homicides of the last few weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, "El Compadron" was not surrounded by a security detail of hit men. Practically he was alone.

After his detention and processing, the operation stretched to Los Cantaros street of the Fidepaz colonia, where Agents and Soldiers searched a property but found nothing.

The War

With the capture of "El Compadron", according to a representative of the Group for Coordination of State Public Security, "is not expected in any way to reduce the wave of violence in the city of La Paz."

The fact is according to the latest criminal map drawn up by Federal and Military Authorities, Luis Antonio Montoya Beltran "El Montoya" or "Don Carlos" or "El Artista", could assume, in the next few hours, control of "Los Mayitos", and continue operating for "El Mayo" Zambada.

The main beneficiaries of the capture of "El Compadron", said a member of the inter-institutional group, are Alejandro sanchez Trejo " El Peinado", Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro "El Pepillo", and Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes "El Rayo", who have the intention of being the most violent and bloodthirsty of this narco war in La Paz.

On this basis, an Agent of the Group of Coordination for State Public Security, considered that the capture of the boss, practically is cleansing the terrain in favor of "Los Damaso" for the following reasons:

To stop the war between "Los Mayitos" and "Los Damaso" for control of narco trafficking in La Paz. That is to say, to increase some of the "space" between the protagonists of this conflict.

To start an operation to cleanse Los Cabos, to put in his own people.

The possible starting of extortion and kidnappings of business men and women, and commercial enterprises in La Paz and Los Cabos.

The worst part, according to a member of the inter-institutional group, is yet to come....

Day by day, only missing from the PGR and the armed forces are the heads of the south zone: "El Peinado", "El Pepillo", and "El Rayo".

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana

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  1. So why did damaso make a video blaming chapo isidro for this war a few months ago? Did he have wrong info. How did it end up being against Zambada?

    1. People from Sinaloa thought they would be safe going to the beltran leyvas after chapos capture but it came to bite both sides in the ass this war isn't ileven gapping in Sinaloa

  2. What kicked this off?Greed and custom?
    They must be getting their thing off the same people?One of them is being a greedy bastard and cutting it and probably making the things smaller?And now he gets pissed cause he's losing all his custom to the other side?Who knows again?
    Bringing in outside people to kill and kidnap is fuckin stupid,they all end up in jug or dead?Where is the money in that?

  3. I just don't get why they can't just get together, work out who gets what, make compromises and make it 100 times harder for the authorities to shut them down. The same for CDG it's so stupid, they're just tearing themselves apart!

    1. Simple: no loyalty in the drug subculture because most of them are on drugs, and drugs make you stupid.

    2. one slight problem mister minnion the authorities are in it .i bet you think operation repo is for reals also sorry to break your heart .stop listening to don cheto also te ase mas estupido

  4. Chapo had everybody under control ...this is what happens when they capture a big fish and think their winning the narco war but their just making it worse


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