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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pancho Colorado gets 5 years for bribe attempt in Zetas Texas trial

By Lucio Borderland Beat
Pancho second from left

Mexican business man, Francisco ‘Pancho’ Colorado Cessa, was a key figure in the Zetas horse ring,
money laundering trial, held in an Austin federal court trial in 2013.

His co-defendants were; Jesús Maldonado Huitrón, Eusebio Maldonado Huitrón, José Treviño Morales, and Fernando Solís García, in a trial that was loaded with information of the Zetas cartel, the interworkings of the organized crime information and insider testimony from witnesses such as Jesús Enrique Rejón Aguilar aka “El Mamito” or Z-7.

Arguably, the most jaw-dropping moment in the case came at its ending, when federal prosecutors unveiled a plot by Colorado, his son and business partner, attempting a 1.2 million dollar bribe to the presiding judge in the Zeta case, in exchange of a light sentence for Francisco.

The sting included, an informant, monitored jail house phone conversations, verbal code to be used by the judge, and payola stashed in golf club bags.

Ramon Segura Flores and Francisco Colorado Jr were arrested in a parking lot across from the courthouse at the trial end just before sentencing. Charges were brought against the two men in addition to the elder Colorado.Segura and Jr. entered into a plea deal for a one year sentence and deportation.

At their sentencing Segura and Jr were remorseful, vowing to follow the straight and narrow, and apologized to the court.   

Said Jr.; “I am ashamed of how I insulted the law, this is going to affect the rest of my life.”

Once in Veracruz however, last month, Francisco Colorado Jr. and Ramon Segura Flores denied their guilt, saying the three men never agreed to a bribe and had no intention of ever proffering any money. Segura saying, “The case was a fabrication, there wasn’t a crime.”

Today Francisco was handed down a 5 year prison sentence, to be served consecutively to his 20 year sentence he was given in the money laundry case.

Judge Sparks was never aware of the investigation or bribe attempt until it became public.

The elder Colorado was convicted of money laundering charges, for his role in channeling Zetas funds through the U.S. Quarter horse racing and breeding business, and using his ADT Petroservicios for Zeta money laundering.

Chivis and Havana covered the trial and posted weekly detailed reports.  The reports include the Zetas history, details of the case, Zeta criminality and money laundering structure.

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  1. Dumbasses felt like they were going to get away with it........they must have forgotten that they were not in Mexico lol.........give me a hell yeah if you agree with the texas rattle snake stone cold Steve Austin and the American law system to open a can of whoop ass on these sorry sons of bitches.......

    1. this is borderlandbeat not wwf summerslam

    2. Haha I dont know about the Steve Austin part, but yeah our government officials are not poor enough to care about a bribe. Odds are the judge has a very nice house and clearly does not care about the Mexican. If chapo does get extradited he won't be able to bribe officials in the u.s. so many of them are already millionaires

    3. Woooow . Nature boy rick flair agrees. Hell yeah

    4. BB is turning into small town America's Internet mudding hole.... Unreal some of the comments I read on here. Like this one.

  2. That's a special kind of stupid-trying to bribe a U.S. federal judge.

  3. And to add insult to injury, the judge stacked the sentences consecutively. Ouch.

  4. Bastards, as soon as they set foot on Mexico soil they call foul.

    They got off way too easy. 1 year? should have been 5 like the bucket of lard received

  5. The US gov. kept the money, that is all that matters, and after allowing the zetas to do as they pleased, the US gov also took their horse ranches., i don't think the US split the money with the mexicans...

    1. They let them go free and the keep some horse lol and ranches how do I know cause I know them

  6. You're not in Mexico fellas. That bucket full of corrupt dosent fair well over the border.

    1. Ahahah corruption is on both sides of the border how do think many of these cartel cells can exist in the US for so long the only reason a big trafficking cell,money laundering operations or People smuggling ring get caught is because they dont pay the US government

  7. They must have been off their medication poor basterds

  8. Damn that fat fuck.

  9. Justice system? I guess that's what it's called. But how often do you see big players get off with soo little time ??? Too often. I guess money still talks, no matter how you look at it. But as long as the money goes to the gov. agencies and not directly to the puppets that represent it. Just because they didn't know the right people or else it would of been a done deal. Of you haven't been there you wouldn't know.......

  10. IF PANOCHO COLORADO knew who in the US was buying the oil the zetas were stealing, milking from pemex, he could exact some mercy from the US government, or maybe both sides know, like manuel noriega, el negro durazo, omar torrijos, juan ramon matta ballesteros, tomas yarrington, bertie boy moreira, and some other world leaders and paragons of libertinism that have fallen from grace as soon as their partners get out of power...
    Riding horse with colorado cessa there, Fidel Herrera Beltran, Z1, after the original one died, that title was his, and more important than governor of the state of veracruz, a very important pawn of enrique pena nieto's PRI on their way to the re-conquest of mexico

  11. You are correct

    talk about an interesting bazaar movie, this one would make an unbelievable one. The story of Villareal being taken to a Zeta camp where executions were being conducted, and he passes out, is an illustration of the reality of another day in narcoland.

    When he revived, 40 was standing over him laughing his behind off.

    Later he was killed and burned in his car, but supposedly no one ever discovered he was a DEA informant. I think Mamito said as much in his testimony

    Mexico confiscated much of his property and that in the name of his son.

  12. Any family connections to Seguras in the Austin area?

  13. Maybe that was his idea of a "hail mary" play, figuring it was worth a shot. It wasn't smart what ever he was thinking.

  14. We aren't as corrupt as Mexico because the general populous is armed to the teeth. You can only get away with this stuff in California, Illinois and New York.

    While, we still have corruption here, they do pretty well to hide it. Unlike Mexico where it is blatantly obvious. Due to the fact the gov't has no fear of the defenseless people.

    This is not to say the court systems in both countries aren't terribly broken

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