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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Morelos tops the list of most violent states-Guerrero most in homicides with Sinaloa in second place

Lucio source material from Reforma, and Proceso

Note:  Keep in mind these ratios are from “official” numbers, which are notoriously low balled, but the report gives good indication of   which cities  are experiencing the greatest criminal activity.  Also, victims injured and later die of their injuries are seldom moved to the homicide count. –lucio-

The state of Morelos emerged as the entity with the highest rate of violence in the country, according to the latest report of the Citizen Council for Security and Criminal Justice AC. 

The study is based on complete figures of previous investigations initiated last year by prosecutors of common law.

The allocation of points is reported by type of crime, per 100,000 inhabitants.

Of 100 possible points, Morelos is located with 34.05 points six measurable crimes. Guerrero followed with 32.89 points and 32.37 points Baja California.

The score of Morelos is almost twice that of the national average, the national average is 18.84 points, but of the 32 states, 12 have an index of violence above the national average.

Homicide, Guerrero leads the pact

By type of crime, Guerrero in 2014 had the highest homicide rate in the country: 43.67 per 100,000 inhabitants. The rate is three times higher than the national average (13.31).

Sinaloa ranks second national position with 34.61 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants 

Chihuahua ranks third with 30.67; 12 states have homicide rates above the national.

Tamaulipas has the highest kidnapping rate

Tamaulipas had the highest rate of kidnapping in the country (7.53 kidnappings per 100,000 inhabitants), a rate six times higher than the national average (1.19). 

Morelos is second national position with 6.22 kidnappings per 100,000 inhabitants

Tabasco third with 4.23

Quintana Roo highest in rape

Quintana Roo had the highest rate of rape in the country, 28.56 per 100,000 inhabitants, three times the national average of 10.75. 

Morelos ranks second with 23.78
Chihuahua is third with 23.33.

Assaults, The State of Mexico tops the list

As for the offense of injury, the State of Mexico had the highest rate at 235.40 per 100 thousand inhabitants, almost twice higher than the national average of 125.89. 

Second place went to Guanajuato with 218.72 intentional injuries per 100 000

Baja California third with 213.52.

Robbery; Tabasco leads

In robbery crimes, Tabasco is ranked first with 422.64 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants, which is almost three times the national average, which is 155.96. 

Morelos is second national position with 405.50 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants

and Baja California's third with 306.26. 

Extortion, once again Morelos is the leader

Morelos also won as the entity with the highest rate of extortion in the country, 19.30 per 100,000 inhabitants, same as four times the national average of 4.91. 

Quintana Roo took second place with 15.97 extortion per 100 thousand inhabitants 

 Jalisco at third with 8.61 

Cuernavaca, the most violent municipality replaces Acapulco

For municipalities, Cuernavaca, Morelos, bumped the list topper of last year, Acapulco, Guerrero, as the most violent city in the nation. 

Of 100 possible points, Cuernavaca has 62.19.

The study measures 223 municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the study, the score obtained in 2014 Cuernavaca is three times that calculated for the whole country, which is 18.84. 

The violence in the municipality moved from first to Acapulco in 2014 ranked second with 55.54 points in total.

This is followed by:

Chilpancingo, Guerrero also with 49.83 points; 

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, with 45.08 points

Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, with 42.91.

Three high violence municipalities of the State of Mexico: 

Tlalnepantla de Baz, with 42.58 points;
Ecatepec de Morelos, with 41.78 points
Naucalpan with 40.42 points.

Culiacán, Sinaloa, came in ninth place with 38.84 points, 

and tenth is Hidalgo de Parral with 36.80.

Homicide ;  Acapulco is a staggering 69.60 of 100,000 inhabitants  

While the total number of crimes positioned  Cuernavaca at first, Guerrero led in  the highest number of homicides. 

For the third year Acapulco, is the municipality of 100,000 or more inhabitants with the highest homicide rate in the country (69.60), which is five times the national (13.31). 

Chilpancingo (Guerrero) occupied the second position with a national rate of 62.95 

El Fuerte (Sinaloa) third with a rate of 55.17.

Of the 20 municipalities with the highest rates of homicides:

Five  cities are located in the state of Guerrero, 

Four cities in Sinaloa 

Three in Michoacán

 73 of the 223 municipalities have a rate higher than the national homicide.

No surprise here, Tamaulipas has the highest rate of kidnappings

El Mante, Tamaulipas is the municipality with the highest rate of kidnappings in the country (21.05 per 100,000 inhabitants), 18 times the national (1.19). 

Second is Victoria (Tamaulipas) with a rate of 16.81 

Placing third is Chilpancingo (Guerrero) with a rate of 13.27.

Of the 20 municipalities with the highest rates of kidnappings, 

Six cities were Tamaulipas

Morelos and five 

Veracruz has four of the cities. 

In addition 60 of the 223 municipalities kidnapping rates above the national.

Rape:  Quintana Roo tops the list

As for the crime of rape, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, is in the municipality of the popular tourist destination of Playa del Carmen.  The state has a very low crime rate even when compared to the U.S., however with respect to the crime of rape, it comes in with the highest rate; 48.78 per 100,000 inhabitants. This is almost five times the national (10.75).

The second place is Cuernavaca with 46.82 

Benito Juarez, Cancun, Quintana Roo, third with a rate of 40.04.

Among 20 municipalities with the highest rates of rape;

Four cities are in Hidalgo
Three in Chihuahua
Three in Morelos
Two in Quintana Roo
Two in Chiapas 

101 of the 223 municipalities recorded rape rates higher than the national.


Regarding the crime of assaults and injuries, Kanasín, Yucatán, was in 2014 the municipality with the highest rate with 621.40 per 100 thousand inhabitants, five times the national average of 125.89. 

The second position corresponded to Oaxaca, Oaxaca, with a rate of 568.24 

And third Acuña, Coahuila, with a 479.44.

Among the 20 municipalities with the highest rates of assault and malicious wounding;

12 in the State of Mexico 

3 in Guanajuato

97 of the 223 municipalities have rates of strokes and above the national malicious wounding rate

Morelos has the highest rate of robbery

Cuernavaca, Morelos, has the highest rate of robbery: mil144.12 per 100 thousand inhabitants, which is seven times the national 155.96. 

Cuauhtemoc Mexico City ranks second nationally with 683.06 points

 and the municipality of Centro, Tabasco, ranks third with 630.61.

Of the 20 municipalities with the highest rates of robbery; 

Six are in the State of Mexico, four at the Federal District

Three in Puebla and Morelos

 82 of the 223 municipalities have rates of robbery with violence than the national.


As for the crime of extortion, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, is the municipality with the highest rate with 61.68 per 100,000 inhabitants, it is 12 times the national 4.91. 

Cuernavaca is second with a rate of 52.64 

Cuautla third with a rate of 33.13.

Two municipalities of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas  and two of Quintana Roo are among the 20 municipalities with the highest rates of extortion, and 102 of the 223 municipalities have rates higher than the national extortion. 

Over all cities with the highest criminality

In 2014 Morelos had the highest rate of violence among the 32 states of the country in 2014 with 34.05 points. 

Guerrero was second with 32.89 points 

Baja California in third with 32.37 points.

The homicide ratio of Morelos is almost twice that of the national average, which is 18.84 points.

Of the 32 states, 12 have an index of violence above the national average.

Of the 20 municipalities with the highest rate of violence five are located in the State of Mexico and the states of: Morelos, Guerrero and Baja California each have three municipalities within that ranking. 

The municipalities of the following cities that were in the 2013 twenty most violence cities list and no longer on the list:

 Chalco (Mexico), Cuautitlan (Mexico),
Jiutepec (Morelos),
Nuevo Laredo (Tamaulipas),
San Pedro (Coahuila)
Torreón (Coahuila) 

Replacing those cities in 2014 are:

Centro (Tabasco),
Cuauhtémoc (Distrito Federal),
Cuautla (Morelos),
Mexicali (Baja California),
Texcoco (Mexico)
Tijuana (Baja California)  
Tlalnepantla Baz (Mexico)
The figures from the Citizen Council for Security and Criminal Justice AC were published in January 2015 by the National System of Public Security, and correspond to data reported by prosecutors and/or general prosecutor of justice in each of the 32 states.


  1. Damn it looks like Zacatecas and Sonora are the safest they didnt even get mentioned. What are they doing right? Share you secret Zacatecanos n Sonoroenses!!

  2. Damn it looks like Zacatecas and Sonora are the safest they didnt even get mentioned. What are they doing right? Share you secret Zacatecanos n Sonoroenses!!

    1. Maybe the secret is not about how many crimes
      were committed, but about who, and how, counted them :-)

    2. In Sonora the people are scared of outsiders and they all comply with local mafia that come from other places of Mexico mostly from sinaloa and Michoacan. I know because I have been there many times and know people from there. I don't know about zacatecas.

  3. tamps. should be proud We r #1 in kidnapping. Got a be proud Man

  4. Does Quintana Roo Rapes include rapes of tourists ? Search online for Mexico vacation awareness. Remember the seven Spanish tourists gang raped in Acapulco a year or so back ?

  5. "Tamaulipas had the highest rate of kidnapping in the country"

    why ? I'm surprised

  6. Extortion and kidnapping seem to do well in Tamps. The cartels should remain number one through 2015. I know the competition is tough more businesses r closing so who r they goin to extort (grandma) She's got her retirement check

  7. Aqui pura gente del mencho cjng

    1. Puros granados tambien
      Soy 100 guerrerense
      Aki bien pilas en san luis la loma
      Listo pa kualkier encargo.y ay ke akabar con esas mulas templarias.

  8. If it wasn't for the Herculos force of the state police of viejidio cantu, there would be almost no kidnappings on tamaulipas...
    --that poor woman lying on the sidewalk sure looks dangerous, i wonder how bertie boy moreira is living on morelos state, and what is the contribution of el tigere leyzaola and his kidnapping experts to the crime situation in morelos???
    --i saw this morning on the news, the brother of guerrero state former governor angel aguirre rivero being indicted and invesigated for stealing from the state coffers, while angelito claims his hands are clean from tainted illegal money and bloodd, maybe he washed them real hard...
    --if the presidents, ministers, lawmakers, governors and mayors were not so busy, STEALING ALL THE RESOURCES there would be no police commiting crimes to make ends meet or heading their own crimnal bands and drug trafficking to pay piso to the government narco-mierdocracia...

    1. Well said,especially that last paragraph.

  9. Of those kidnappings in Tamps, I'm curious to know how many result in the murders of the victims? How many disappear never to be found? What percentage of those kidnapped actually get returned to families (big reach on this one)? Yep, I'm asking for too much. But it's safe to say that we should stay the hell away from Tamps. Que triste...

  10. Shit they didn't mention colima I guess it got to be one of the safest states in mexico

    1. What about michoacan? Michoacan is probably the worst of all combined

  11. No its only the border states all the rest of mexico is very safe for tourists especially tj

  12. Currently, the volcano is the most dangerous thing in Colima.

  13. Morelos is doing very bad right now and Cuauhtemoc Blanco wants to become Mayor of Cuerna Vaca, SMH es el como. We need someone like Emiliano Zapata.

  14. i guess the mexican tourism board didnt get this memo?

  15. Colima was a state with only 26 people, until punales from jalisco and michoacan went there looking for 'machetes'...
    Also it is a state smaller than a water closet, 2 square meters is not enough, lice feel like dinosaurs there...
    --their navy uses cuspidors for vessels and spoons for oars...
    --in colima, a chamberpot is a passenger liner!!!

    1. but extremely beautiful state with prolific coconut palm trees everywhere you look.Surprised it never became a tourist destination,maybe beaches aren't so great?

  16. Well I simply say the whole darn place is ruthless and dangerous. If this one had 25 murders and that one had 100, still way too many for my taste. I say "just stay out of Mexico if you don't have to live there!" Why go and give these folks an additional number to add? Also Lucio is there any updates on the girl that went missing with her child? The one from Kentucky I believe it was.

    1. Yes, a person claiming to be a family member did write to Chivis saying they were found unharmed.

      I believe a BB follower sent a comment in with a link to an update. Check the post, it should be one of the last comments if not the last.

  17. Hi Chivis, question. I travel a lot to Playa del Carmen, I love that area. There's a lot of international tourists that vacation there, do you know if the high rates in rape are towards tourists? Sounds like a question I have already answered right?

    1. I was very surprised to see PDC in this way. It has always be noted as an exceptionally safe destination.

      However, Cancun has long been spoken of about rapes occurring, and yes victims also include travelers.

      I am not sure if PDC has many rapes perpetrated on visitors..

      If you are interested, you can call the closest consulate and they can give you the list of crimes against Americans in a given month, which may help.

  18. Any update on James Stacy? Or just long gone, no sign of him will ever be seen again? ANIMALS. Also Baja California Norte y Sur are two different states.

    1. Nothing. James' family stopped actively searching for him, his mothers health was suffering. they did what they could. and had little help

    2. Thanks Chivis for your reply about Mr. Stacey. Also , there was Carl Weigand who went missing few years back too Area of Camargo/ Falcon dam. . So many . not to mention the immigrants. : ( They are not forgotten.

  19. You mean ''little help'' from the government?
    --I remember when government sponsored trucks were assisting motorists stranded on mexican highways, their mechanics were called angels, and they would even give you gas they paid for, not stolen gas milked from pemex...
    --It looks like the more time went by, corruption took hold of mexican government more firmly, from the hand of mexican geniuses ''educated'' on foreign cuntries to serve their lords of public corruption...

  20. Canadiana, it is time you send your photos to post on BB, chivis 'mayght' make a party.
    CHIVAAA!!! YOU ARE MY VALENTINE, here wishing you all the best to the woman that remembered my words long after i had forgotten them, women don't even listen to me, they are usually too busy with the looks...
    You must remember this... from As Time Goes By, singer: frank sinatra, on all the joints of all the world, including yoututbe...

    1. ok you made me smile...

      I tell young ladies, get pass the looks, because around 55 or so, cute has left the building, and what remains may be impossible to live with.

      Guys be thoughtful with your gifts, flowers candy so mindless. My most memorial Val gift was dinner cooked for me, a book of love poems and a 2 page letter about how fabulous he thinks I am.

      Happy Valentines Day...

  21. Internal conflicts, disagreements, killings within their organization...The list of problems goes on and on within their ranks. Reynosa, Matamoros, Rio Bravo, and the entire Frontera Chica will be up for grabs and won by rivals if the military leaves for even a second.

  22. Chiva you are always so lovely, hope we meet some day to compare wheelchairs... thanks...


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