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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mora Hipólito candidacy for federal deputy is still 'viable'

 Borderland Beat posted by DD from material at Red Politica and Movimiento Cuidano

 The ex-leader of the AUC, Hipolito Mora seeks political contest in the upcoming elections on June 7 despite being imprisoned.

Dante Delgado , National Citizens Movement coordinator said  a bid by Hipólito Mora, former leader of the AUC is  "viable".
Mora at this time is imprisoned after  the confrontation in Apatzingán that occurred in December 2014, with elements of the Rural Force commanded by Luis Antonio Torres, El Americano.
Last year before the confrontation on Dec. 16 which resulted in 11 people dead, Mora expressed his desire to contend as a candidate for deputyship in the elections of 2015, however he did not indicate what party he would prefer to represent.
Different versions pointed to the Labor Party (PT) or National Regeneration Movement (Morena) as a possibility, however Citizens Movement (DD; a registered political party) gave to understand that they are with the ex-leader of the AUC as he seeks a seat on the  federal council.
Despite the legal situation and incarceration in which he was placed in 2014 , his lawyer Eduardo Quintero pointed out that amparos (legal protections) are available so that he is not deprived of his political and electoral rights and can seek election as a federal deputy.


  1. Mora, Dr Mireles, and more than 400 political prisoners, to save the country? Or el pri?

  2. If he gets elected he will need to be on edge all the time because ct will try and get rid of him.

    1. They already are, but now he will be working to make permanent change to a corrupted system!

    2. Once elected he will be corrupt.

  3. So hipolito is still in jail or what.

    1. Yup. Story out today how Hipolito's judge released the son of El Chango for big payoff.

  4. Hipolito mora did not have time to blame the mexican army and federal police, for his la ruana murdered peple, like the viagras in apatzingan, he can't exact impunity, now it looks like the apatzingan murders were planned between the government and the viagras to teach people a lesson...


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