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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Los Rojos manta about the 43 dissapeared students

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Michoacán 3.0 article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

One of the Mantas hung in Morelos

Santiago Mazari Hernandez alias "El Carrete" marked for participation in the disappearance of the 43 Students of the normal rural of Ayotzinapa, blames the son of singer-songwriter from Guerrero Joan Sebastian.

Mantas were placed in several locations, all public places of the municipalities of Acatepec, Jojutla, Amacuzac, Tetecala, and Chautia, in Morelos, Mazari said these do not belong to Los Rojos, he also blames Federico Figueroa of having bought everything so that nothing goes out to the light.

The mantas were taken down by State Police, they also had a message for the parents of the disappeared students, where they exhort the parents not to believe what the Government says, and remove their blindfolds.

Felipe Rodriquez Salgado alias "El Cepillo", head of sicarios of Los Guerreros Unidos, declared before the PGR that on having interrogated a normalista he said that "El Carrete" of Los Rojos, ordered them to "equalize", who in turn had paid money to the Director of the Normal of Ayotzinapa.

This past 26th of September 2014, were disappeared 43 students of the Normal Rural of Ayotzinapa, according to the official version they were killed and burnt in the municipal dump of Cocula. The criminal organisations Los Rojos and Guerreros Unidos were supposedly involved.

The Mantas had the following text:
Don't believe the journalists, Normalistas are not created by the Government, don't be fooled in the first place, "El Carre" is not a Rojo and is unknown to the guy who paid to send the students, its a lie that it was Los Rojos.

I am free to talk with every one of the parents affected by the students, to take off their blindfolds, so they know the real truth that the Government is culpable for all the injustices in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán, I will continue fighting for the same cause, defending my state, helping the people and going to finish these injustices.

I ask on the contrary for your support so that we can put an end to what is happening to the family and the Government of Mexico. If the families really want to know, ask Federico Figueroa, who is an adviser put in front of some leaders and puppets to control public policy at his whim.

I care that the Government is not working in accordance with the Law and if it were just me Santiago Mazari Hernandez would clarify publicly all their doubts, but as with the Graco Government, everything is bought by Federico Figueroa

Original article in Spanish at Michoacán 3.0


  1. Have you ever noticed how almost every single narco who actually has to face his/her crimes (so about 1% of the 1% that the police actually try to capture) either blames everyone else for their crimes, or says "I needed money to feed my family"?

  2. I think u should change it to the brother of joan sebastian before the know it alls start crying their coochie hurts because its wrong.

  3. Mira nomas.... ya es hora de los chingazos

    1. Pues entrale cabron, ke esperas ya estas, be y busca a los perros malnacidos esos .. ! Ajajajajajaja!

  4. Why don't they hunt him down and get all the truth outta him instead and get it over with, also his bitch brother Joan Sebastian he must know the deal with his dog brother Federico, they been mentioning those figueroas since the begining of the damn situation, they obviously into crooked things doing crimes and shits, it would be interesting to know how many ranches/properties they own in mx... don't you all think?

  5. Federico figueroa is brother of joan sebastian, singer, composer, horseman and former chicago carwasher with two sons murdered whose murders were not solved and who has nothing to say about any of it...OMERTA... mexican side of the chicago outfit???
    --it is like, los rojos kidnapped and disappeared the ayotzinapos, laid a trap for the poor mexican government, their paramilitary, the state sponsored autodefensas, the military, state police, and polesia judizial federal???
    --right in the middle of guerreros unidos turf !!!
    •Ayotzinapa, Uno De Los Crimenes Mas Repugnantes De La Historia: EU/by jesus esquivel, Proceso...
    •Un Quijote Sin Mancha/ Preguntas Sin Resolver...Lic Carlos A. lugo Felix (normalista)

  6. Its like a game of Where's Waldo gone wrong smdh....

  7. ISIS makes whole US trained armies RUN, leaving behind brand new weapons and ammo, trucks and tanks...
    --mexican cartels members get murdered before they even know they are a cartel members, because the mexican narco-mierdocracy need to present some scalps to collect their dog food and table scraps... just like old times, indian wars and all, bright shiny scalps count for a dollar, if it is vietnamese, cambodian, laotian, bangladeshi, hindi, tarahumara, nahoa... boy, girl, or woman it does not matter, they will all count as guerrillas killed in action, el pri must get their Millions of dollars every year to keep fighting the mexican people or suffer the consequences: no corpses, no US dollars...

  8. --At Meadow Mountain Massacre, the people of brigham young, mormons, disguised themselves as indians, scalped the migrants and killed almost all of, except for some children, to make it look like an indian attack, and stole all their property, just like some pinchi zetas...

  9. This is what happens, when the govt is dirty as hell, involved with this, up to their eyeballs. The whole truth is not going to come out, because everyone is trying to hide their involvement with it. They are all guilty, all of them! The ones who ordered this, to the very ones who killed them..and the ones who hid all traces of evidence..all guilty. The big time players in this, they will keep their jobs, their positions in govt...and time will go on for them, without consequences.


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