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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'El Grande' gives testimony against Iguala Mayor's wife; "Meetings with ABL"

Lucio translated and republished from Reforma

El Grande says Maria and Arturo Beltran Leyva may have had an affair

Eager to strengthen the case of money laundering against Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, wife of the former municipal President of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, the Attorney General office (PGR) resorted to a controversial witness.

The witness is Sergio Villarreal Barragan, “El Grande”.

On December 11th SEIDO traveled to the Joe Corley detention center in Conroe Texas, to question Villarreal,  the alleged drug trafficker, who said that the infamous woman had meetings with Arturo Beltran Leyva’ “El Barbas”

Additionally, he says, she managed the profits of  her brothers Mario and Alberto Pineda Villa,” EL MP” and “El Borrado”, operators of the capo, both who were  tortured and murdered for betraying Beltran.

Villarreal said that Maria de los Angeles went to parties, of the Beltran Leyva Cartel leaders and that she was straw man of ‘El Borrado”,  in purchases of  several Real estate  holdings in the area of Tres Palos, Acapulco.

In 2013, the PGR  agency informed a judge that it couldn’t prove the allegations that made by this witness, former  command of the BLO, against the General Tomas Angeles Dauahare and other military, who he linked to  organized crime.

Without corroborating they were then released.

In trials against the federal officers arrested in “Operation Clean”, judges and magistrates also determined the statements of Villarreal “unlikely” and “lacking truthfulness”, which is the reason why the majority of the defendants were released.

But in the criminal case 105/2014 on the third district court in penal processes of Toluca, against Pineda, PGR says that it does have credibility. 

The trial for laundering money against Pineda Villa rests mainly on financial reports, specifically, from 2009 to 2014 she laundered 17,009,490  pesos in drug trafficking proceeds.

Sergio Villarreal said he was personally aware of Maria de los Angeles meeting, on at least on two occasions, with capo Arturo Beltran Leyva, “El Barbas”.

The first one, according to the testimony, was in a meeting on New Year’s Eve held in Cuernavaca morelos, near the military headquarters.

Although he said does not remember if that party was in 2007.  “El Grande” said  “El Barbas” was with his girlfriend, named Marcela, as well as his daughters and a sister in law.

Also “EL Borrado” attended with his wife and their two teenage children; ‘EL MP” with  his wife Clarisa, and their  two children, as well as Maria, the wife of the former mayor of Iguala.  It appears former mayor Abarca was not in attendance.

The last time Villarreal says to have seen Maria de los Angeles was at  the beginning of 2008 in Cholula Puebla, on the Birthday of the drug trafficker from Guerrero, Jesus Nava Romero, “El Rojo” Beltran’s most trusted person, who  died with “El Barbas” (below) in Cuernavaca in December 2009, in an intense shootout with Mexican Marines.

She came with her brothers “El Borrado” and “El MP” to the party, held in celebration of “El Rojo’s birthday.  
Arturo Beltran Leyva  put his hand on the leg of Pineda’s Villa sister, making her blush, he danced several dances with her.
"Maria and Beltran Leyva may have shared a romantic relationship, but I am not positive about that", said El Grande, before the Mexican prosecutors at the Texas Prison.


  1. could this case get any stranger?

  2. I would agree with the notion that Abarca is a patsy, but for him killing the activist for "fucking with him" he is as bad as the pinedas, just not at it as long.

  3. 12:16 killing the activist is as bad, nasty and personal as the abarcas would be, among traitors and rivals, it may be do or get done, even an activist once in a while, a mining engineer there, bitching about the small independent miners, like the arcelor-mittal on michoacan...
    --but the abarcas could NOT KILL ALL people they had, could not disappar the bodies properly, and left witnesses alive who testified, i mean, they were total pigs...
    --they had NO BEEF with the 43, and no military tactics, no reason, no capabilities, no matter how may witnesses resuscitate, or testimony of la Barbie or el Grande, or all the men maria de los diablos pineda villa banged, or that she would be meeting with angel aguirre rivero all the time alone, on houses away from the governor's palaces...
    --the ONE with reason and hate and murder in his mind, who had expressed contempt against the normal rurales, and accused them of being guerrillas, communists, drug traffickers, and terrorist organizations, was:
    --EMILIO CHUAYFFET CHEMOR, "la emilia", secretary of education, Butcher of Acteal under ernesto zedillo, el asesino invisible, the compadre of former governor ruben
    figueroa alcocer who also had to resign, leaving his achichincle angel aguirre rivero to finish his term...
    El licenciado who never practiced the law, emilio chuaffet chemor, only used his knowledge to practice repression and autoritarism, dirtying up the profession, and is so evil that he had la chuky imprisoned, but she got released, for her help on saving pena nieto and his boys asses to keep sticking it to mexico and the 43 and to all comers...
    --Whatever else, the 43 got disappared by the government's soldiers, by the butcher of Acteal's orders and wishes, and by the state paramilitary AD of governor angel aguirre rivero...#fueelgobierno

  4. This is abit to much now, if they havent done nothing to those two pendejos wife n mayor they never will. So these allegations from el grande dont mean Diddly Squat!!

    1. Is ur last name flanders by any chance? My name is Homer S.

  5. Here's my prediction: She gets five years behind bars, and then is released and will retire (because she can't work in the public eye anymore) and live luxuriously with lots of money somewhere. Who agrees?

    1. She's nowhere near as bad as the Queen of the Pacific, who just got released after 5 years and is undoubtedly living with tons of money forever. So YES I agree.

  6. There was some crazy brutality from Jesus Nava Romero"El Rojo”like beheading 9 soldiers in Chilpancingo,and the Rojos against LFM and vice versa,theres corridos about him and his nephew.Corrido de Jose Angel Nava"R2"was his right hand and he took over then was himself kidnapped fucked off and dumped like shit

  7. Put the videos of arturos death.Shootout with marines . Witnesses say ABL died with an M4 in his arms.The scene was clearly altered by marines since they also had casualties

  8. Great article!!!!!!


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