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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Detention of "El Papacho" of CDS in Valle de Juarez, a media circus and half justice

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

El Papacho and his criminal group


The detention of Mauricio Luna Aguilar "El Papacho" in the Valle de Juarez, is a media circus and half justice.

"El Papacho" is a member of the Sinaloa Cartel, and has spread terror in this region and that caused around 90% of the people in the Valle de Juarez to leave the area.

With the title of "Authorized Crime", members of 10 families were exiled from the Valle de Juarez, today offered a press conference, of them five had to leave the region because of threats by Luna Aguilar, and agents Federal, State, and Military.

In the press conference, the families required of the Mexican Authorities to arrest the officers who have facilitated crimes against the citizens of that region, who have been stripped of their heritage.

"It was and remains the State," they warned.

On February the 18th, the Attorney General of the North presented as a detainee, Mauricio Luna Aguilar and blamed him for at least 20 homicides in the Valle de Juarez.

Together with him were other members of his criminal group : Isidro Soto Aguilar "El Pantera", and leader of the cell, Juan Carlos Nuria Gomez, "El Parral", Karina Carrillo Griego, Jonathan Arturo Torres Rodriguez, "El Jhon", Antonio Carrillo Griego, "El Tono" or "El Tio", and Juan Cuellar Cereceres "Qunitanilla".

With these arrests, are also the killing of members of the Sinaloa Cartel that worked in this region, Leonardo Ruben Morales Rodriguez, "El Toga", and Jesus Manuel Morales Rodriguez "El Meno".

"El Toga" had been arrested in 2012 and was freed months after.

One of the exiled persons, recounted that "El Papacho" was like a rogue since he was a teenager, but when he was recruited into the Sinaloa Cartel, became one of the most aggressive and brazen criminals.

From 2008, the citizens of Valle de Juarez, consisting of the Municipalities of Praxedis G Guerrero and Guadalupe Distrito Bravo, have been persecuted, robbed, murdered and disappeared, while the Government has done nothing.

Praxedis G Guerrero Municipality Bottom left of picture
Courtesy of Google Maps

Spector, with long experience in the defence of Mexicans exiled association, denounces that all the complaints previously made against this criminal group were ignored by the Government in different instances.

He adds the question, "How can it be possible for someone to murder 20 people? In Mexico, in Chihuahua, and in the Valle de Juarez organized crime runs everything."

At the press conference there were present, Jorge Reyes Salazar, 7 of his family members were executed, Isela Estrella Chavez, Lucia del Carmen Rangel, Gerado Gamez Hinojos, who was president of the municipal PRI of Guadalupe Distrito Bravos, Victor Garcia Archuleta and Armando Archuleta, friends of 3 young people killed this past December, one of them a student and activist, Sandra Flores and Miguel Murguia.

Also a Rodriguez family member, who had a relative beheaded a week ago, when three families were forced to flee.

Since 2008, there has been impunity for these people, like a hood for them to commit their crimes, they exiled 90% of the people of Valle de Juarez, added Spector.

He includes, that "El Papacho" kidnapped two siblings of the Reyes Salazar family, Magdalena and Elias, together with the wife Luisa Ornelas, who were found murdered days after.

Sarah Salazar, mother of the Reyes siblings, identified "El Papacho" on different occasions, and even though he was detained in the North Zone, when the current Attorney General for the Zone, Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Nicolas, a few hours later freed him and gave him a lift to his house.

In the case of the assassination of the student and activist Elmer Garcia Archuleta, his brother Edgar Ivan and a cousin, Gabriel Gandara Archuleta, the family is involved in an asylum process for 13 people, who were staying at the home of Elmer's Uncle, Armando Archuleta, resident in United States.

Elmer Garcia Archuleta

Spector says that the return of violence in the Valle de Juarez coincided with the disappearance of the Normalistas of Ayotzinapa, in Iguala, Guerrero on September of the past year.

However the Lawyer explained the situation that the Valle de Juarez caught the attention of the citizens and the Authorities themselves, when Elmer was murdered with his brother and cousin, since he was a student and renowned activist with credibility and prestige.

The case has a connection with the Iguala phenomenon, so the towns of Chihuahua considered they had their own Iguala. The Archuleta family, were the only ones to put a direct complaint in against "El Papacho".

El Papacho

The day they kidnapped Elmer from his house, he had been wearing a long pair of multi - colored boxer style briefs, that his Uncle Armando had given him as a Christmas present in 2013. His uncle had given him those shorts at Christmas, multi - colored his wife had bought them for him, but thought the colors would better suit someone younger like Elmer, said Spector.

On the day that "El Papacho" was apprehended, they were surprised that he was wearing the same pair of shorts.

This is symbolic of the most cruel violence, its like saying "yes you fuckers, what are you going to do about it", he is the terror of small towns, committing crimes against humanity, there is even a remembrance day to commemorate the people he killed, in a place where the families have buried their dead in Fabens, Texas, because they cannot bury them in Valle de Juarez, "El Papacho" threatened the people in the Valley not to take part in the commemoration.

El Papacho's Group at Bail Hearing

However, he said that not only had "El Papacho" forced into exile more than 200 Juarenses, but that Federal, State, and Military agents had took part, as is the case with the Multi-homicides of the Rodriguez family, which involved Federal agents.

We have information that the Valle de Juarez, the Federal Police are aligned with La Linea, because they saw that the Sinaloa Cartel were not moving drugs, but stayed in the plaza only to extort, threaten and kidnap, said the Lawyer.

He explained that according to the information that he has, La Linea were moving drugs, and the others were just creating havoc to maintain the terror in the Valley.

About the detention of "El Papacho" and the other presumed members of his criminal group, he said it was strange that suddenly he was detained, when people had been denouncing him for years, he therefore concluded that the arrests were a "media show".

The families that were exiled, have confirmed that those in the Valley had been visited by the criminal group to threaten people not to give any testimony against the detainees.

Personnel of the District Attorneys Office of Chihuahua have taken testimony from the exiles, assure that the perpetrators will be in Jail for many years.

Original article in Spanish at Proceso

With additional material from Google Maps and Google Images.


  1. --Pero porque acusan al ejercito, la policia federal, la policia estatal, al procurador, la polesia municipal y al gobernador????????

  2. For all the people that say the sinaloa cartel is good for the people, read the first sentence of this article. Pendejos!

  3. LA GENTE DEl valle de Juarez no kieres a los aztecas ni los de la linea esos si son extorcionadores y tekatos drogaditos el sapo delrikin anda kon los federales el rikin es de la linea ese si era una marano a esa gente no kiere el pueblo la gente apoya al cds la gente del primo Diego kz inges los archuletas son familiar del marranos de rikin y los Reyes de el sapo esos familias son d guadalupe son puros pigs Senor Ivan Senor Damaso ayuden al valle d Juarez ayi no keremos al cdj ni linea ni aztecas y vivA KZ Vamos x los federales

  4. Desde Phoenix saludos a la gente del primo Diego kz sigue rifando Vamos gente del valle akavar con los pigs de cdj y aztecas

  5. Dep primo Orlando y toga y meno gente Leal al diegito Vamos xenon x. El mando caseta t apoya y los cholos de tuerkas tambien

  6. En el valle de Juarez no keremos a los d la linea x marranos

  7. So popacho and co. were extorting and kidnapping, and the top brass didn't know, pretty sure cds heads would've ordered him killed like el flaco

  8. Bunch of ugly sapos destroying towns, the same residents should had executed them on the damn streets. .... Maybe EPN should start giving gun carrying permits in those towns so they can fight back those thugs, only way to go since there is no law for them.
    Mother fuckers creating animals everywhere.

  9. Mexico, a nation that considers itself a democracy, should be embarrassed that untold numbers of its citizens have fled, forced to seek safe harbor and asylum within the United States of America.

    What does it say to the rest of the world when your own citizens flee the nation of their birth because the government of that nation, cannot or refuses to protect its citizens within its own territory? A government, whose criminal justice system and some sections of the military, is so corrupt, inept, poorly trained and staffed by employees actively pursuing every opportunity to enrich themselves that residents prefer not to report crimes or allow the police into their homes out of fear of being victimized again in the future?

    To me, this says that Mexico, the nation of my heritage, is still a Third World Country unworthy of benefiting from my or anyone's tourist dollars, euros, etc. This is yet another report on a group of violent, inbred, anti-social miscreants who demand through the barrel of a gun or rifle, that an innocent person hand over money, vehicles, personal property, etc. Items that they worked hard for and gained lawfully. Anyone that fails to comply with the demands of the criminals will assuredly pay with their life to this gang.

    As has been reported in other incidents, the police and or PGR are aware of the crimes committed by this cretins but they are either complicit with the gang of scum (paid off), too stupid to investigate, afraid to investigate, can't proceed with their investigation until they receive this month's copy of their subscription to "Torturer's Monthly" as part of their detective's correspondence course or are high on drugs and don't want to be bothered to perform their duties at that time. Whichever excuse is selected this time, it has become sickening. It is especially maddening knowing that if the government of Mexican President Pene Necio would take action against just a few of the people responsible for not investigating complaints filed by citizens, perhaps more cops and prosecutors would do their damn jobs and lock up UGLY AS HELL MURDERERS like "El Papacho." (Another misunderstood person that didn't receive enough love as a child, time for a 12 gauge if you ask me)

    I feel for the truly innocent, hard working Mexican citizen of which there are millions. It seems that every day the PRI comes up with another scheme to buy the vote of the destitute, thus ensuring they remain in office. This election cycle the poor are receiving a new color digital television. It will look great in the corner of their cardboard home but this is a story/rant for another day.

    Until then "Protegen a sus esposas y sus hijas. Nunca saben cuando algún político vaya aparecer."

    1. Totally agree with every sentence of yours and well put.

    2. A Nation of Sheep, will have a Government of Wolfs.

    3. --The nation of sheep has a government armed to the teeth by the US government, with billions of dollars in weapons, equipment and human resources...

  10. Sale drugs and make money to bribe the government you get to stay. Sale no drugs, extort, kidnap or murder the population you gotta go. Makes perfect sense especially if you understand how Mexico's corruption process works. I thought the CDS never terrorized the people nor murdered needlessly. Bullshit!!! That's why CDS is done in Chihuas. Bye Bye!!

    1. Yes but the cartel d Juarez is worst el Diego had no heroin in the town's no robbery shit like that caseta is cds

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    Eso no andavan con mamadas
    Y puro pinche KZ ala verga

    1. Tambien el primo Orlando d.e.p puro tuerkas y kz cdvdj

  12. Simon ese !!!
    Tambien fabens se la rifa


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