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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gro: Armed group abduct Cocula miners from Canadian mining project

By Lucio for Borderland Beat

On Friday afternoon a group of gunmen kidnapped at least 15 people during on a stretch of highway that connects the towns of Nuevo Balsas, Real de Limón and La Función, of the municipality of  Cocula.
 The victims are workers of the Media Luna mine, a Canadian mining project.
The majority of all mining projects, including exploration projects, are Canadian.
In her Iguala reporting, Chivis touched on the link of mines and organized crime in the area being a part of the overall issue of violence and extortion in Guerrero.  She further stated that it was Canadian mining companies conducting the majority of the projects in Guerrero and other Mexican states to acquire cheap gold and other metals. 
The industry has led to abuses of workers, negative environmental impact,  dangerous working conditions, extremely low pay, violence, corruption, and other criminality.  Piso payments to organized crime groups and corrupt government officials are the norm.  As in the labor force in neighboring Michoacán, workers in Guerrero mining must pay a tax to organized crime.
In the year 2010, in nearby Taxco, there was a discovery of more than 60 (other reports claimed 100) bodies in a mine shaft.  Some decapitated bodies, and decapitated heads among the corpses, did not match.  Limbs also. It was determined that a number of victims were thrown down the shaft alive.
The victims were returning home after work around 7:00 pm, in a company van, when intercepted at a point known as the Curva del Dulce.

Juan Zuniga Méndez, mining consultant, announced that early Saturday February 7, there was a coordination of Nuevo Balsa Policía Comunitaria that were planning a rescue attempt after being informed of the kidnapping.

Zuniga acknowledged they do not have an exact number of missing persons, although they are certain the number is between 10 and 15, all originating from nearby facilities of the company. 

He explained that Nuevo Balsas, Real de Limón and La Función are linked by a road which leads to the Media Luna mine.
He reports that although the road where the victims were abducted is extremely busy, it lacks oversight by state and federal police, although at times since the Iguala killings in September there has been sporadic presence of forces.

The mine has private security, but it is a very small group.  This is the first kidnapping ever, of employees at the mine.  Some reports indicate a ransom has been requested of mine executives. 

The company is contracted to mine at Media Luna through 2030.
Guerreros Unidos Cartel and Los Rojos dominate the area.


  1. Sorry if it's wrong, but I have not one ounce of sympathy for any Canadian or Chinese mining (or oil and gas) corporation and their employees, who've been screwing the indigenous people of Mexico with the blessing of the Mexican government for decades. I'm ashamed to be Canadian.

    just one of many links - this from almost 3 years ago

    1. I'm sure the poor miner who was kidnapped IS mexican you dummy. It's not like they grabbed the CEO!!

    2. That's like kidnapping the cashier at McDonald because you don't like the companies business practices

    3. yes, 2:34pm there is that worry (that I'm an asshole) but lets think for a moment what the local people could have accomplished without all the int'l interference. There would be profitable farms and ranches, clean drinking water, sustainable forestry without pollution. All free of cartels who have come attracted by the ability to extort. I maintain that the reason for the govt to destroy the autodefensas movement has more to do with destroying barriers for multi nat'l corporations to bleed Mexico of its wealth and in turn line their pockets. Not sure if we're allowed to do this on BB, but you may wish to read another interesting article posted by Vice News here

    4. You must be drowning in you own Utopia......Profitable farms, clean drinking water, sustainable forestry? Dream on......check Mexico areas where foreign miners are NOT involved, and/or where there are no don't really believe you will find your Utopia there?

    5. 1:00 AM
      "I'm ashamed to be Canadian"

      "is millie pretending to be canadian so he can be as racist as he wants?
      Hateful little racist?Check it out what kind of person this is?

    6. Pobre little Mexico is being victimized without her knowledge ?
      My god what a bunch of whiners,Canada now,and China ?

    7. Better late than never...
      --to those that chose to welcome strangers in their house who think they may find your stash, that is not producing anything for anybody...
      --and screw your wife and daughters on their way out...
      --and take the deed to your house...
      --Or the strangers who just do it supported by police and military sent by bought government officials when they do it to others...
      -------->Are full of shit...
      --what business is it to you if somebody is poor or not in their own motherfucking country, or home or rancho, they do not need you or your buddies to come and "christianize" them at gun point and to steal whatever is on their land, gold, water, oil or just piojos...
      ---As Federal Senator Layla Sansores of Mexico said "vayan y privatizen a su puta madre que los pario"right on the Senate floor...

  2. Disgusting news.

    I was especially disgusted on learning that : " In the year 2010, in nearby Taxco, there was a discovery of more than 60 (other reports claimed 100) bodies in a mine shaft. Some decapitated bodies, and decapitated heads among the corpses, did not match. Limbs also. It was determined that a number of victims were thrown down the shaft alive."

    This 2010 event is to me a big deal! Was this covered in Borderland Beat or anywhere else in the media?

    Anyone, please help me out, I want to know more about the 2010 mine shaft homicides glossed over in the posted article.


  3. The police will negotiate the ransom, take it, kill the miners...
    --just like genaro garcia luna, luis cardenas palomino, eduardo pequeno, and other luminaries of the calderonato fecal.

  4. Outside to the south of Cocula/Iguala on the block is Chilpancingo, and under the right corner is Chilapa de Alvarez, where the terra NASA satellite reported a BIG FIRE on the night the 43 ayotzinapos were abducted, there are there a lot of scrapped tires, AND soldiers were stationed on the police quarters nearby, ''temporarily''...
    --There are satellite images of the big fire, it was no kitchen fire...

    1. A helicopter working with the state AG flew over the entire Iguala/Cocula area at about 1,000 feet on the morning of 9/27, looking for the normalistas. After the one hour flight, the pilot reported in his official log book that he saw nothing unusual in the area during the flight. No report of any fire.

      I don't think the pilot flew over the Chilapa area about 50 miles to the southeast. So the helicopter report is consistent with the NASA satellite photos. No fire in Cocula 9/26- 9/27/14. End of the official story.

  5. "Federal sources in Guerrero confirmed the crime. Other informants linked to the mining company indicated that some of the hostages were released under threat.

    Those released were warned that they should inform on those involved in community policing in the area, and that the group of "La Burra" has control of the region and no one should impede their actions.

    Allegedly "La Burra" is a kingpin of a criminal group contesting the territory against Guerreros Unidos, now leaderless after the case of the disappearance of the 43 normalistas in Iguala."

    1. Pepe, your link is a circle back to here. I'm confused...

  6. Many do not understand without the gringos los ingigenous have nothing. No apoyo de gobernacion. What then? Put restrictions so no one comes? Somos Chingados

  7. This is what will happen to the industries that buy into the Pemex cesspool. That's why it's all for sale. The gob. Of Mexico can't keep the cooruption down. Please buy my crap that I can't controle anymore!!!! What do these foreign company's think? That the cartel won't mess with them?? Jajajaja

    1. 7:18 pm, it's hard to keep the corruption 'down' when the gov't is so much a part of it... as are the Canadian and Chinese gov'ts. As far as int'l corporations are concerned they aren't stupid. They are fully aware of the risks and the 'extra hands outstretched that must be fed'. Profits are still immeasurable going beyond the moral obligation of endangering foreign and local workers. An example I've been trying to research involves a Canadian company Trans Canada Pipeline who is involved in 2 negotiations: one with the indigenous people of Canada and the other with an indigenous group in northern Mexico. Both are stalled due to environmental concerns (thank god) by both indigenous groups. What astounded me was in the difference between the corporations offers of compensation to both groups. The offer to the Mexican indigenous was a mere pittance ~ an insult! Why? Because they can... sadly. They know how desperate many of these people are.

  8. The international ''goliaths'' practice of paying 1/10 of a 1% in taxes, and getting in the contract that they will be indemnified for any loses real or imagined of any profits also real or imagined, magnified to the nth power, leaves little room fo indigenous bullshit, and even less for kickbacks, but kickbacks take precedence...
    Ecuador is still trying to get exxon and other oil companies to clean up after they left, to no avail, fuck the AMAZONAS RIVER, BRAZIL, south america and the indians, money rules...
    Hardest part is getting money obsessed americans to cooperate, due to news blackouts from MSM and government complicity, but BB is becoming a thoroughly corrupt nest of insurgent muckrackers, CONGRATULATIONS...

    1. 8:42 AM
      "but BB is becoming a thoroughly corrupt nest of insurgent muckrackers CONGRATULATIONS"

      mu ckrackers ; Not very nice nor very original millie..........Racism Sucks
      Ohhh,,,your pissed cause you were spotted pretending to be Canadian?

  9. @3:03 canadiana, does it feel like the world is crashing before your very eyes??
    It helps to google for the dirty linen of________, or in spanish la ropa sucia de______
    to sharpen the knives, then go for the throath, i'll love to see you make a name for yourself

  10. Has it been confirmed that those involved in the drug wars were the gunmen who kidnapped these employees? I didn't see it specify anywhere in the article.


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