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Monday, February 16, 2015

62 Caballeros Templarios Properties Seized bringing total seized to 161

Lucio for Borderland Beat material from Excelsior and TresPuntoCero

Authorities seized 62 Michoacán properties belonging to member of Caballeros Templarios cartel operating in the coastal region of the state, in the municipalities of Aquila and Coahuayana.

Included in the seizure where 4 hotels,  3 beach front tourist resorts, three large ranches, a banana orchard, two gas stations, cattle, were among several homes and luxury residences, complete with swimming pools, secret compartments and exits.

Some of the owners named; Antonio Mendoza Campos, Enrique Mendoza Campos, Federico González Medina, Carmelo Núñez Vargas,  Jesús Cruz Virrueta and Víctor Lucas Rivera.

According to data collected by Michoacán TresPuntoCero to date a total of 161 properties have been seized from members of the Templarios, among them leaders: Nazario Moreno González, Enrique Plancarte Solis, Francisco Núñez Galeana and Servando Gómez Martínez .


  1. really nice, wonder where their houses r in US

  2. Dam, their some nice houses too.! Yea, they get their homes but the ct are free living in colima, estado de Mexico, guanajuato and some in guerrero. Basically all around michoacan and other places in Michoacan just not in their usually protected areas because the viagras wee close to them and knew their location. Ct didn't want to get bothered by fake autodefenzas and especially not the real autodefenzas! That's all it is.. real spit

  3. Nadie sabe para quien trabaja, hasta que es demasiado tarde...
    Nobody knows who they work for, until it is too late...
    Nothing seized will be for the people of michoacan or the victims of crime, government friends will get it all for peanuts...

  4. El mencho snitch snitched !

  5. why bitch Nieto has pretty nice house

  6. So were all these properties illegally taken from their rightful owners by the CT or were they bought with illicit CT money, or maybe both ?

  7. So is the Mexican Gov going to Auction those bad boy homes? Has anyone bought Arturo Beltrans home? Im interested in a couple? 161 total? Thats a whole town.

  8. Total number of properties returned to the rightful owners = zero!

  9. These big evil bastards get to live like kings while the little evil bastard crack heads run around dope fucked in the head terrorizing the population . The little evil bastard crack heads get their evil little brains blown out in shootouts while the big evil bastards lose the house they got from all the evil combined . Who will end up with the assets ? the good people that suffered ? Doubt it . Big fish get big by eating smaller fish . See who profits from this .

  10. Hey who gave you permission to post a picture of my house?!!

  11. The first one looks nice. 62 housese at 500,000 each thats 32 mill the government could use to keep cleaning the trash off of the streets, or maybe create jobs they need with it, factories more farms, etc
    But? with them ppl in them mx gov offices you never know... maybe is just going to vanish with false thises and thoses...

  12. After his killing, this news agency (ANC) managed to get photographs
    of the body of body "El Chayo" or "The most
    Loco ". With the other version, he
    had been killed by his very escorts, they had
    delivered the body for the bounty
    offered by the federal authorities.
    Early versions that the Attorney
    General gives are that the second
    execution of Nazario "El Chayo" Moreno
    Gonzalez, happened as the michoacan capo was celebrating his 44th birthday when he was caught off guard by commandos of
    the Navy and elite soldiers
    the Secretariat of National Defense.
    According to some auto defensa groups, Moreno Gonzalez attempted pass
    unnoticed in a town where there are few
    inhabitants, but his steps were already followed
    closely by the federal government.
    Auto defensa groups signal that the Templar Capo "El Chayo"
    whas killed by his own Escorts of
    at least two months. "Most Loco"
    as he was nicknamed him no longer transited in
    the Michoacan Sierra of Tumbiscatío, Arteaga
    and Apatzingán or in motorcades of
    all terrain type vehicles but he used modest cars so as
    not to attract attention; he no longer used numerous security equipment due to
    intensification of operations carried out
    by federal forces throughout the country
    According to the official report, due to poor
    escort, "El Chayo" or "Elmas Loco" or "The
    Pastor "oel" Doctor ", was shot without much
    difficulty, around 02:00 hours
    Sunday, March 9; his body was transported to Apatzingán at 10:00 in the
    morning and sheltered at the Military Hospital
    in Zone 43.
    By midday, the federal government
    circulated among league leaders
    of auto-defensa a photograph of the alleged
    dead criminal and began the first
    procedures to physically recognize and confirm
    Nazario Moreno, particularly by
    scar on his chin, despite the noticeable
    the bushy beard worn the well by the man also known as "Doctor".

    The autopsy was practiced in the Military Hospital on the body who was born in
    Guanajuatillo, municipality of Apatzingan,
    in 1970; also experts from the Attorney
    General of the Republic verified all
    fingerprint evidence to determine
    Moreno González officially died
    in the confrontation with the fuerzas federales.
    After his death this News agency
    managed to get photographs of "El Chayo" or "The most
    Loco "with the opposite version, that" The
    Chayo "had been killed by his own escoltas, they had already submitted the body for collecting of the reward offered by the Federal authorities.

    Tribuna Libre Marzo 2014


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