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Friday, February 20, 2015

10 years of Terror in Tamaulipas

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Tamaulipas 3.0 article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

(Ten Years of Terror)

Tamaulipas is the northern state most associated with violence, one that you cannot name without the typical comments arising that bring the harsh reality that exists in the state, and although violence is widespread throughout the country, but here were born the Zetas with all their violent fury, here they made their stronghold and with narco corridos have become part of the social culture.

This is Reynosa to Nuevo Laredo, because from Reynosa to San Fernando, there is a more ancient history, the longest lived cartel of Mexico, which can be attributed to the birth of the Zetas.

Tamaulipas is composed of 43 Municipalities, of which few do not have organized crime activities in its streets.

    Los Zetas         CDG  

There have been more than ten years of violence in the state, of failed strategies, and where cells of criminals have multiplied as has been documented at along with other blogs like Valor por Tamaulipas ( and Borderland Beat: Otis ).

Experts explain that the resurgence in violence in this state, burst forth due to fighting between small groups of criminal organisation, born under the banner of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, but now they have gained autonomy and fight over state territory.

Eduardo Buscaglia details that in Tamaulipas there is actually "a fight between factions of criminal networks, many of them franchises of Los Zetas and CDG, fiercely disputing territory, at the same time expanding and acquiring autonomy.

An investigator from the University of Colombia adds that "in the delinquents, there is a proper lack of organisation, a country where central authority is widely fragmented and captured by the criminal groups."

"The criminal organisations are like a business, they have sections dedicated to logistics, sale of drugs, and kidnapping among other crimes, but at some point these groups expand and start competing with cartels, which can lead to them being employed by the cartels, this leads to fierce struggles between groups and the population is more vulnerable to the violence they employ."

Caption at bottom of picture: "Group Lacoste", "Los Fresitas", "Los Sierra", "Los Pantera", and Ciclones of the Cartel del Golfo, and "Las Fuerza Especiales Zetas", operate in all the Municipalities listed.

The blockades and violence of the last weeks are not a coincidence, they have to do with the need to say, here we are and this is what we do, says Gustavo Lopez Montiel.

In relation to this, the Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights of Nuevo Laredo, Raymundo Ramos Vazquez, expressed that the Government strategy "was born dead, because they are repeating the strategy of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, to face violence with violence, bringing to the streets thousand of military and police personnel without attacking the causes."

He stressed that if the current violence does not significantly reduce, there is a risk that the elections of 7th of June will have very little participation, or something more serious may happen, such as in the past elections of Governors, when the PRI candidate of the first judiciary was murdered.

Actually the fragmentation of Los Zetas and CDG increments the violence and complicates the criminal state map according the PGJE, there has been an increase of criminal activities, which confirms the thesis of social breakdown for those living in state. This is in large part due to impunity, shortage of work, and a fall in productive sectors.

Below is the actual configuration of criminals in Tamaulipas.

 And for the Zetas

Original article in Spanish at Tamaulipas 3.0

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  1. 10 years of TERROR n the way things are looking like its 10 years more of TERROR.

  2. Otis, great reporting, u summed it up well. But I do not see a end. The Human rights guy I would like to be with him. These guys will not be stop unless you take all of them out. I know that sounds bad. They love killing. Its not the money. All they want to do is Kill Kill

  3. 10 years, I guess this is the way Tamps. will be for ever

  4. The Problem in Tamaulipas is the same in All of Mexico ! Corruption, no "Real Educational Facilities" for the common mexican, police officers w/out even a H.S. Diploma, as well as a faction of police departments such as Municipal, State Police,
    Federal Police, State A.G. Investigators who have absolutely no idea of local customs
    and the list go's on and on. You Pay Off one set of cops and before you get 100 feet their is another faction of police that want their piece of the action; it just never stops. No one in Mexico probably even knows who their President is ! What a waste of such a beautiful country and People!

  5. What happen to the Mayor n her Hercules Squad? What became of the 4 kids that got kidnapped by Hercules have they found the guilty party?

    1. They are still causing chaos, see Lucios recent post

    2. nothing the kids were involved

  6. Has anyone heard of any group of the zetas fighting among themselves??

    It seems like the CDG have more in house fighting ¿

    1. It appears that Z42 has been able to keep the Zeta in fighting to a minimum compared to the Golfos. There are Zetas who are loyal to El Taliban but I don't know which faction in the story above they are. I didn't realize how much of a presence the Zetas had in Tamaulipas until now. If you listen certain BB readers you would expect them to be completely ran out of Tamaulipas. It's obvious they still have a lot stroke in the criminal underworld in Mexico. There are more CDG Factions all fighting for a limited area so it's easier to step on toes and for another to become jealous of a plaza owner.

    2. ThT because their play ground is Cuohila. They have that corridor balanced

  7. They need to b under one boss!

  8. The zetas did their job, now the ELITE ZETAS are doing theirs, having divided the cds and cdg, mopping up to monopolize drug trafficking, and stealing it from even their buddies cabelleras kagadas and gorreras unidas, with osorio chong heading it for his presidential bid...
    --i suspect miguel angel osorio chong has el lazca living in one of the big haciendas he has, stolen on the state of HIDALGO when he was governor, after a looong career as a university porro and murderer for the el pri...

  9. From their base of Matamoros, the CDG, up until this recent fracturing of the Cartel, has had a criminal empire that stretched as far as Michoacan in the west. They traditionally controlled states like
    Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, and created the Zetas who not only have a become a cartel in their own right, but have challenged them for supremacy in some of the plazas CDG traditionally control. Consequently, unleashing 10 yrs. of the gates of hell not only in Tamps., but the rest of the traditional plazas of CDG. Billions of dollars are at stake when it comes to controlling these border states and the ports, inland/ coastal, that go with them. Not even talking about the kickbacks corrupt politicians, authorities, and businessmen receive that result in organized criminal receiving the permission to carry out terror in Tamps.

  10. In other news, Rene Boxer Enriquez from La EME is set to be released on Parole this 22nd of Feb.. It all depends on Gov Joe Brown if he pardons him. Thats Califas News!!

    1. the thing that bothers me about Rene's supposed transformation is that he says he left the Eme because they were talking about killing the family members of Eme dropouts....thats a lie which shows he really hasn't come clean and is still manipulating...the truth is the Eme kicked him out and he didn't he have any power anymore. they were going to kill him first chance they he paroling afraid to return to prison? nope because he knows he just go back to Lancaster PC yard and remain a darling of LE....I'm all for second chances, but not if you get them by lying....and Jerry Brown doesn't have to pardon him...he's already been paroled. Jerry Brown can stop the parole, but his office said they are staying out of it, so Boxer goes free....I bet the Senores in the Bay and Florence AdMax are pissed...a few are probably even thinking of doing the same. Boxer's release might give them hope, except for the one's sentenced to LWOP

    2. La eme jajaja nothing but a prison gang with pendejos operating their operations. LA eme no es Nada bro they small time compared to cateles just a fact for u

    3. Jajjajajaka I hope they dont....commit a crime do the time. Otherwise it will be sending the wrong signal to yeah go and kill and rape and rob and whatever you can think off, and we'll pardon you in a few years....Hell no...keep him in the cage where he belongs..

    4. Jerry Brown just denied his parole

    5. "In a statement, Brown said Enriquez has taken positive steps, but they were "outweighed by negative factors that demonstrate he remains unsuitable for parole."

      It' sad because he really hasn't committed any crimes in prison in years and has been ASSISTING the CDC, as well as FBI, with learning more about La Eme, as well as criminal hierarchies in general.

      So I guess snitching really is a "negative factor", and they also supposedly claim that releasing him would put his family at risk.

      Wasn't his family already at risk when he told everything about La Eme to the world?

      Let this be a lesson to everyone, the real "Mafia" governs the way you and I live.


    6. @ 9:45 STFU. The mafia only reigns where idiots like you live. period.

  11. Always will be fighting for turf.
    Too many criminals and not enough money.
    It will get worse now that Pemex has cut refined gas products through its pipelines.
    There goes a big revenue source.
    More fighting and more extorsions and kidnappings and more killings.

    1. I am not so sure that the refined products through the pipelines is really going to stop a lot of the theft. The Zetas among others have worked out its easier, to find out who works at the oil depot, from where processed gas is sent out in tankers to filling stations, threaten their families, then just drive empty stolen tankers into the depot and fill up.

      Much easier, less labor intensive, and a lot less dangerous than tapping into pipelines. This currently is the cartels preferred method of Gas theft.

      Much of the fighting, is about new franchises of each cartel appearing, then getting integrated into the company, CDG or Zetas. The crossing points are the holy grail for any cartel, and we all know who controls what crossings. It would take an all out offensive to capture a major crossing point. For instance, GN and Juarez in 2010 onwards.

      Even though a certain cartel controls a crossing, they will let other cartels drugs pass through that crossing, if the other cartel pay per kilo a piso. This is simply good business as they earn more money. They don't care whose drugs they are, or where they have come from, if you pay the piso you can move your product through.

      There will always be kidnappings, its easy money one phone call, collect the cash money, kill or release the captive, move onto the next target. It is the easiest way to earn money, that and extortion. Certainly there is less risk in these activities than moving drugs.

      If you are, head of plaza and a load comes through, you are responsible for that until it reaches US territory. If its gets caught you have to pay, or will be killed. Much safer to kidnap or extort.

    2. Interesting comments.I did wonder if its risky for another cartel to move drugs across border in anothers territory even if they pay piso because they after all are competition they know the drugs are coming and you could be at risk for a drug ripoff and maybe that what could explain some of the violence.What do they call people that specialize in that Tumbleadores?

    3. They take advantge of the situation, they know it.

      It would be good if they only kidnapped or extorted millionaires, right? but still, if a bad inmoral bitch gets the money and without the right justice structure, they will probably keep doing the same until they get caught or killed, hence they will probably keep spending the ransom or extorted money, that is what dumb criminals do, when the lack of real goverement gives them 'wing'.

  12. Here's to the next 10


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