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Thursday, January 1, 2015

sicario 'el wicked', lectured to mexico's youth "don't make my mistakes"

by Lucio Borderland Beat
                 On left is Wicked's 7th grade yearbook photograph from his El Paso middle School

The following transcript is translated from Spanish.  It is a transcript testimony of ‘El Wicked, ’ in a speech he gave to young people, as part of Mexico's  ‘Free Without Prisons’ program.

                                                                               Activist Marisela Escobedo

Testimony of José Enrique Jiménez Zavala, "The Wicked"

Good afternoon everyone, my name is José Enrique Jiménez Zavala, alias "The Wicked". I currently find myself a prisoner in the area of high security of the CERESO Aquiles Serdan, for crimes against health, organized crime and homicides such as;

Marisela Escobedo, Bar El Colorado case, which resulted in 16 victims, these,  among other cases.

In  the Bar "El Colorado" case I was sentenced to life, simply, life means that I spend the rest of my life behind bars, in a cell.

I was born in Ciudad Juarez, I lived with my mother, father and three brothers, among issues of marital problems, infidelity, and domestic violence.  

My mother and my three siblings immigrated to El Paso, Texas, in the hope of finding a better life, achieving the ‘American Dream’, but in the end the opposite occurred.  

Since elementary school I started to become greatly affected by the problems of  home. From that young age I lived a dangerous life, in excess of alcohol and drugs, partying in my own home.

In secondary and high school, there continued problems at home, I learned to live with them.

At the time I liked studying, always was a child of dreams, until at some point I stopped dreaming. 

I allowed  myself to react to the deficiencies;  lack of love, understanding, to be listened to. I
began to pay attention to the material shortages,  from coming from  a poor family.

As I grew up I met people on the streets, I joined a gang, my criminal life started at a young age, I identified with the life of drugs, robberies, vandalism and brawls.

From the age of 14, I encountered the courts, I left school, I stopped studying. At 18 I went to prison 5 years, for robbery armed, I completed my sentence at age 23, I was deported to my native city, Ciudad Juarez.

Because of my studies, and my knowledge of English, I was able to get a good job, but I never have like the idea of starting at the bottom, I wanted what I never had.

I stopped working honestly, I joined a criminal cell, my first work was the sale of drugs in the retail drug trade.  There were the trucks, clothing, jewelry, partying….I never thought about or was aware of the price that I would have to pay later.

I arrived in the Chihuahua capital; where I managed my own criminal group.

I made decisions which impacted my life later. Today I find myself in the high-security prison,  a total U-turn.

I always thought it was different in the prisons of Mexico, thought I was going to be able to bribe, in order to continue with my illegal activities, that was going to walk free, I was very wrong.

The name high security is not in vain, in high security discipline is very strict, everything is different to the kind of life that I had, I've always been a person that did what I wanted, when I wanted and as wanted, without law or  authority.

I come here to high security and my life changed. 

In high security, the officers tell me when to speak, when to eat, when I bathe and when I sleep.

In high security I do not have any authority; here the officers have the authority.

In high security I have to submit to the authorities and regulations. 

Frankly, it's sad waking up every day knowing that I will spend the rest of my days in a cell, there are times that I believe that it is all a bad dream, but then,  each day I wake up in the same place.
My days here are routine, everything here is the same, there is time for everything, to eat, to sleep, with many security measures, when I leave my cell never do so unaccompanied, I'm always guarded by officers, hands cuffed in back, head down, always speaking to the authority with a "Yes, Sir", "No, Sir".

So I will spend the rest of my life, always subject to the established rules of a criminal, I came to realize that the authority that I had (on the outside), which I thought was real, was false.

It was all false.

The majority of young people like you, have a wrong idea of what it is to be young, thinking that you must take alcohol, drugs, and party. 

Believing  that only by doing so they will be accepted.

Now I am aware that the corridos are destructive music for the youth of today, it steals positive imagination, creativity and initiative to become a person of good in their lives.

From that young age they are engaged in trying to be like the character who is featured  in a corrido and education becomes forgotten.  

At the age when they develop and begin to have a problem with authority, rules, and discipline, young people, venture into the crowed world of crime and delinquency.  People like you, impressed by seeing what you don’t have, cars, clothes, money, jewelry, parties, girls.  

Because they know (recruiters) that in that way they will entice you , they are experts in deceits and blackmail, disguising the bad with good.

They say they are untouchable, and that everything is arranged with the authorities, that there is no law regarding them. They make you believe that they have a power and that they can give that to you, you can do and undo, that in the end, nothing happens.

But do not be fooled, I tell you this, because I also cheated so many like you, I lied to them to integrate them into my group, and look at me now, I'm going to spend the rest of my life in prison, finishing the rest of my life in the high security prison area.

People always ask how can we finish this wave of violence that we are experiencing today, and we can finish with this evil, it  can be controlled. 

However, today I came to the conclusion that all this evil will not come to an end, unless we start to make that change, starting from the beginning,  by changing the way we think, and act.

We are at a time where we must renew our values, we need to be honest, loyal, ethical,  and then we will only succeed in make this different world, when we finish with selfishness, and begin to serve, unite, build, foresee.

No one can give what he does not have, we should fill ourselves with knowledge, values, strength of character, health and economic bases in order to have something to give.

You, young people of today can make that change, because the crime would then  be nothing.

Hear me well…. nothing!

Don't let them deceive you, continue to study, recognize your  potential and exploit it, don't get carried away by how easy the other path looks, don't go by the backdoor like I did.

Never forget to strive and do not do what I did, I stopped dreaming, I did many bad things in this life, of which I'm sorry, with my actions I came to affect many families, but today I invite you to listen to my message.

I do not see to me, because I am a person full of flaws and weaknesses, today only I invite you to listen to my message, a message that can save your life, save you from a life of suffering.

Young people, I want to go home, but by not listening to my parents, today I  return to the high-security area for everything I have in life.

 May God bless you all

Thank you!

Reporters comment

I have interspersed throughout the post, photographs of some of el wicked's victims.


  1. cry baby, everyone is at fault but the man in the mirror

  2. there r so many like him

  3. Every body is sorry after they get caught.

    1. Damn right. But like he said it by then is too late!

      Incredible isn't it that one wrong move can determine the future of some bodys life. Hes real wrong move was made at age 14. Really bad choice he made. AND SOMETIMES THAT HAPPENS BECAUSE PARENTS DONT DO THE PARENTING! they just only shoot kids through their holes into the world!! MAIN REASON I FUCKING DISLIKE (hate it) DUMB PPL HAVING KIDS. those kids only come to suffer in this world! and to become criminals when they grow up. Destroying other lifes at the same time! How about that cycle!? That is a moronic cycle right there.

      Gentlemanns. And that is why the world it is like it is today.. Smhh'

    2. @12:38 don't worry, depopulation plans are being worked on by smart rich people and superior intellects owned by them... -- casually most many of them are white superior beings elected by the lord and themselves to decide who lives or not, who can own things and toys, and where they can live or die, and when...

  4. human trash. one less mass murdering rodent put to sleep. after they are caught they just keep making excuses until their ultimate final breath. imagine if this rat was not caught, how many more he would have killed or helped to kill. he is like the rest, killing is like making a cup of coffee to them. there is no brain upstairs just a pile of rocks, i cannot envision slaughtering people and getting a hard on for it, then after being caught and confined he finds jesus and spreads the word to the kids - don't be like me. duh duh duh, what a wasted individual to little to late, just imagine if he was never caught. he was a monster born to kill. i actually hope they shot him up with clorox or liquid drano. give him a little cleaning action before he starts his journey to eternal hell.

  5. he isnt no crybaby, he came to realize that there is a higher power then he or his people, his conscious has defeated the cold heart he was doctrined with, his time has finally allowed him to think of the pain he has caused..when you have no one it is easy to be drawn into this world of hate for these cartels show you that you are loved as long as you do their bidding, he has no chance to return to this world but he has a chance to save one of our youth and for this it is worth it....for i was one of them, a false sense of belonging....i did 16 years tight and i paid my debt to society, i was no killer but a drug dealer is no better....i live my life as i should of, with compassion and love for my fellow can judge me all they want but i will have to answer to a higher power one day and it is his word i am concerned for not anyone elses so judge as you may for he who is without sin cast the first stone...i am proud of what i have become and for what i stand for and as i march through the gates of heaven my father will judge me by my redemption....NOT MAN

    1. @ 8:31 Good for you…You have given an honest testimony; continue to walk with the grace of the Lord and you will overcome many obstacles in this world.

      The prisoner Zavala expresses sincere remorse for his murderous behavior. His life was short, but even if one kid out of 30 hears and follows his advice, then his testimony was worth it.

    2. That took guts to write.I have the greatest respect for people that have overcome adversity.

  6. this piece of shit, jailhouse bs, he did this for special perks. for one, getting out to travel around, and the bullshit about not being able to bribe guards? he was getting anything he wanted including drugs which probably killed him.

    look at the pics the people he killed! Gunning down an innocent woman in cold blood, why? why did he not come clean and say who in the government paid for Escobedo to be killed like that?

    if anyone buys into his come to jesus moment you are plain stupid

    1. Maybe he confessed to somebody that he was going to come clean and they made sure he got his routine fix with a little extra?

    2. He's doing the right thing now. Kids are sponges. Many will never get the chance to learn right from wrong. I'm happy that he's doing this. From what perspective can you speak from to change these kids' minds? You aren't a criminal. You haven't destroyed someone elses livelihoods. So you have no base for preaching this kind of message to those that need it the most. Kids.

      And you guys have to stop being so negative. It's disgusting and unproductive towards any of us, ANY OF US, moving forward and making a difference!

      He's making a difference towards those that need it the most. What exactly are you doing besides vomitting out nonsensical hateful speech on the internet? Go and help old people cross the road. Go rescue animals. Do something besides being a sour puss with your life.

    3. Na. He probably killed himself, knowing he was going to spend the rest of his life in a cage. Those type of 'ppl' gotta feel that caged up thing... since they are used to be on the streets all the time doing what they want when they want. Anybody would do the same, what is the purppose of 'living' caged up 24/7???

    4. To learn discipline in society.They had their chance;it didn't work.

  7. hey what happened to the reporters note at the bottom? he had his opinion and now it went poof. get it back please

  8. This guy is not saying he found Jesus or anything he says he did wrong and this is what happened to him his life is shit he doesn't mean anything to anyone. He probably did not have any guidance growing up or any positive role models. I think it's good for prisoners to get out there to tell the young kids especially those who are like 11 12 or 13 years old who are thinking about how shitty their lives are and the easy way out that is there to be led into with crimes and drugs. Sort of like that show Scared Straight.

    1. that is an expression for convicts doing these programs and going to bible study.

      you are nuts, he has never given the details so those who order the hit on marisela could be prosecuted. do you even know anything about the story? or are you blowing smoke?

      he is not sorry. his rant is scripted. many innocent people died at his hands. he killed for money.

      he would kill you in a heartbeat, if he was alive and free.

    2. He may have taken his own life; just sitting there in his cell thinking about spending his entire life without parole or pardon seems like an extremely long stretch. He was only in his early 30’s.

      No where in his speech did he say he found Jesus, but he does express regret.

  9. The devil uses those that are weak of mind. When the weak of mind finally realize what they did or are doing is wrong the devil disposes of them by taking their lives.
    Wake up and live by the 10 commandments and you will feel true happiness.

  10. just look at the photos.
    that says it all
    cheering that he is dead and burning in hell

  11. He deserved to die like he did convulsing in pain, with each convulsion i hope he felt the pain. So he is right he is the one that made those decisions and he paid the price for it. Sorry bastard no synpathy here you deserved to die like u did my u rot in hell now. :)

  12. Lectured to make points for probation or a lighter sentence, or some other perks, never said who ordered him to kill Marisela Escobedo, rot in hell 'wicked'

  13. Alice Miller the psychologist gives her findings on ABUSE Of Others. I don't know how 'acurate' her investigations are but find her work on the internet:

    Alice Miller - Child Abuse and Mistreatment

    You can also find free podcasts by long time researcher Alan Watt at Cutting Through the Matrix who talks about THE CAUSES of why things are going the way they are going, culture creation is part of the intentionally created 'chaos' in this world.

    Wishing this world a better future, we've been given the gift of LIFE, we should not DENY LIFE from others. Let us ALL Celebrate the life we've been given

    Happy New Year to all and to Doña Martinez


  14. Great translation and report Lucio... thank you.

  15. I remember watching the documentary about Marisela Escobedo soon after it happened, and what struck me most was how I read a BUNCH of comments that her daughter Rubi had dishonored her family by being a bad wife, and that's why her husband killed her. That she deserved it etc.
    Marisela on the other hand recognized that even though marriage to a rich guy is kind of the only important thing to many families, Rubi's husband was a bad guy and she wanted the best for her daughter. People need to grow out of the dangerous, narrow-minded view that a Mexican woman's only job is to marry rich while they're young.
    And it wasn't just misogynistic guys who were saying this, it was women too.

  16. I hope he felt the pain, and it appears he did. Bastard, mass killer of dozens of people.

  17. He devotes two sentences to his murders.

    He did not tell the truth, that he was Azteca and was in chih city leading a small enforcer group of killers. His mother has always been a drug dealer and he began his career in the family business.

    He did not go to his death sorry for his murders, he was sorry he got caught and knew he would not be in prison forever, that is absurd.

    He is a liar, a killer of many.

    he got his just punishment.

  18. If he didn't rat out anyone why would according to hearsay, be given uncut heroin or rat poison on purpose to die? It's understandable the prison guards turned a blind eye while el Wicked convulsed on the floor (officially claiming to admin CPR...) But maybe el Wicked overdosed by mistake???

    -Can. girl

    1. Many someone didn't want him to say who was behind the hit.

    2. to prevent any accidental or intentional spilling of other facts, like who ordered him to confess, and who got the doors to the palace of government of the state of chihuahua closed and the guards gone so on time, and other conspiracy theories about the government of the state and other high rollers associated to them...

  19. Many women in Mexico would marry a guy like this in an instant. On news sites they are regarded as murderers, but just like what was revealed in the interview with Broly Banderas, these are the types of men that unfortunately are idolized and respected by many citizens.

  20. The sicarios last "testament". He isnt poetic or a saint. Murder in cold blood is what the cartels thrive on. I personally will never sympathize with these kind of perros. Mexico is the place where the old bitter and greedy with generations of blood on their hands train the young and angry into killers with no soul. A killer who was caught nothing more. He killed many people who were parents, tias, tios, abuelos, and abuelas. Sorry homes nice try, the time served may have made you a poet but you did irrepairable damage. Face judgment and perhaps have the balls to admit you deserve nothing.

  21. The Mexican Problem: no education, and the people in power, the same, no EDUCATION.

  22. Why judge some one that's already dead?? Grow some balls and move on. With all this talk what makes you any different. Murder is committed in the heart and carried out by a simple action. Go grow some balls and learn something by putting yourself in front of it.

    1. Dude are you sayin grow some balls to kill someone or are you a prick calling everyone balless calling bs on the bastards message to "the youth", bastard 1% probably listen to too much movimiento alterado.

    2. the new regurgitated pena nieto philosophy, why also worry about some 43 kidnapped people who may be already dead? GROW SOME MORE BALLS AND MOVE ON? Like: 'the motherland needs to heal???' --that bullshit only leads to more of the same crap, we have been witnessing too many repentant crooks who were anything but...

  23. Having a prisoner talk to kids does no good at all. We have given up on the "Scared Straight" programs in the U.S. where prisoners talk to students. Kids cannot hear the message and they always think they are smarter and it (prison) won't happen to them.

    Here are some things that must happen: 1. Free education in Mexico needs to be really free. The poorest kids drop out because they cannot afford required uniforms and other fees. The education system is totally corrupt with many people on the payroll who do nothing and have no contact with kids (Tuta). Provide uniforms, transportation, free lunch and get well trained teachers in every school! 2. The miserable wages paid by the maquiladoras are a form of slavery. People work 6 days, 12 hours if you include travel time, for 700 pesos a week ($56). Food prices are high. Can you make it on $8 a day? 3. The big one: Mexican citizens must police their own people and neighborhoods and get rid of the trash. Very hard to do with corruption of officials from bottom to top. CB

  24. those reactions are not from a regular OD, that is from a hot shot or intentional death dose.

  25. No remorse for this guy. He killed a mother who was only seeking justice for her daughter that was tortured and murdered.

    He was only sorry because he got caught. If he wouldn't have been caught he would be another strung out tecato commiting murders for $100.

    This guy got free perks in prison for a bit, but once the politicos got tired of this scum the just gave him a hot load to get rid of him.

    He killed an innocent mother who only wanted justice for her daughter. Excuse my language but fuck him.

  26. i remember him. i saw him in the us. he stood out from most people by what he was driving and the tattoos. didnt know what he did until now. didnt even know he was arrested.

  27. Anyone with half a heart who followed Marisela's story (from the time her daughter was murdered right up to Marisela's own murder) can't help but experience a tremendous heartbreak when Marisela is seen being chased and shot dead, that is one REAL thing. A SERIOUS and mature person would never think of taking someone else's life and so, by being cornered by law and thrown in jail the murderer was faced with the cold hard truth and deep regrets and sorrow for wrong doings is possible. For me, as soon as I return to the videos made of Marisela in court, the surprise verdict of "El Piwi is INNOCENT", Marisela's reaction of COMPLETE DEVASTATION, her journey in numerous parts of Mexico to protest and make justice happen, and for the HELL she went through while still grieving with great INTENSITY the loss of her precious daughter is really FELT by anyone who see Marisela's Life stolen from her in the video, sheer shock for me: the focus rightfully belongs to that poor soul Marisela, and her daughter ...

  28. Fuck him and the cape he used to fly around in.Told ye man,put a stake in his heart to make sure hes dead?What a loss to humanity,,,,,anyone got a violin?

  29. And this guy worked for .... zeta?

    1. He worked for Cartel de Juarez. You are confusing him with Piwi who was a Zeta living in Chihuahua and later joined Carteles Unidos after most Zetas were eliminated in Zacatecas.

  30. Great post, and exceptional translation. Thank you

  31. I became involved in the drug trade at 18 at that time i didnt drink or used drugs i was doing well in school but for some of the reasons this guy mentioned i started to sell in about six months i jumped from being a small time dope dealer to becoming a supplier i made real good money its true what he says people lie to you they only tell you the good things that you want to hear i spent 6 years of my life doing that crap i can honestly tell you that i never slept well during that time finally one day i got busted and spent 3 years in state prison that was what changed my life what saved my life while i was there i noticed most guys never change they just wait to get out to do the same thing i promised myself i was never going back and so far so good i never had to kill and i never joined a cartel i worked my own thing that was back when everything was cool between all the people in mexico alot of youngsters deported now have to join if they get involved its a bad choice if i could turn back the hands of time i would make a better choice for sure i only hope if my actions ruined anyones life God can one day forgive me it only takes one choice one moment to ruin your life study do something great and good with your life even if you have nothing stay in the right path and work hard and bealive me you will have what you dream of having be a good person its that simple its truly a simple choice enjoy your life dont waste your time drinking and doing drugs that shit will only destroy you i thank the man upstairs for giving me a second chance at life that i try living right everyday becareful who you run around with...

  32. So he's dead then? Good. I remember that video of him chasing a good woman down and shooting her like a dog. Puto, rest in hell!


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