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Friday, January 2, 2015

Seido targets hitmen in BCS part 3 : Capture of El Furby

Translated for Borderland Beat from a article
The Capture of El Furby

In the last elaborate crime map of the authorities both Federal and Military , Juan Antonio Martinez Rosas aka " El Furby " appears the successor to Victor Barraza Martinez "El 28", "El Vidal" , in the cartel cell Fuerzas Especiales de Damaso in La Paz.

The ex State Ministerial Police Agent , was detained on the night of 22nd December 2014 ,in the first operation for Seido with the assistance of PGJE , Mexican Army and Mexican Marina.

The agents involved in the investigation managed to discover the whereabouts of “ El Furby “ , in the house at 223 Calle Terra Nova Sur , Fraccionamiento Terra Nova, in the south of La Paz city. 

After 16 days of intelligence work ," El Furby" was detained with three accomplices they are as follows:
Aaron Aguirre Bueno “ El Jockers “
Carlos Villegas Ramos
Juan Servando Robles Celis.

In addition they rescued Alejandro Castro Aguilar and Arturo Eleuterio Castro Aviles , a waiter from the disco Red XS , they had been kidnapped by the delinquents.
The Federal Investigators arrived to take down “ El 28's “ successor , after going through the evidence and analysing the contents of narco messages left at the scene of other victims of violent crimes in La Paz.
* Jorge Molina Alarcón “El Molina” o “El Guerrero”, Iván Castro Sandoval “El Pelón” and David Saúl Gutiérrez Nuño, family of Óscar Anaya Gutiérrez “El Señor de los Cerros”, were killed on 31st of October and abandoned naked at Kilómetro 1+800 del Libramiento Santiago Oceguera.

On one of the three bodies there appeared an message on orange paper with black letters with the following text.
“We want Halloween“, “hahaha “,  “Danger “ with a cartoon of a cap and Chinese doll popular with children called “ Gard “

Jesus Daniel Quiroga Pichardo , was killed on the 6th of December, his body was abandoned outside an apartment in La Colonia La Esperanza II.
At the side of a corpse embolsado ( wrapped in a bag) , appeared a white narco manta with black letters with the following text:
"JFGC stop taking Money , we know that it’s given to you by commander ERMC alias “El Tomatito” both accomplices in crime of Rene and Babae. You’re an asshole traitor , but thanks for putting us on to “El Helio” and “El Pikas.” Although you’re a traitor, you played us you fucking traitor. You were thickening up with the salaries from both groups, in addition to the government one fucking puto traitor.” In the upper right hand corner of the manta was a cartoon of a bat ( murcielago ) from Batman flying.

Walter Argenis Salazar , was killed on the 16th of December and abandoned outside a flat belonging to an official of the State Preventative Police Fidel Jesus Manzano Aviles.

Left with the body was a manta on white paper with black letters that said the following:
"Go suck yourself MANZANO, you think those Marramos are going to come and defend you? "
This time in the lower right of the manta was a cartoon of a flying bat.

With this information , investigative Agents from Seido started to unravel the puzzle, based on suspicions that behind the text and cartoons on the mantas could be Juan Antonio Martinez Rosas for the following reasons:
The ex state ministerial police agent held grudges against certain officers and policemen since he stopped in November 2013, when it was discovered that he assisted his brother Joel Martinez Rosas “El Coreano in the assassination of the ex spokesman Narciso Agundez Ontano of the ex Governor Francisco Antonio Alcantar Lopez.

Joel Martínez Rosas “El Coreano
The ex policeman confessed that he had arranged to supply several vehicles for use in the crime against the State Governor of social communication , he also offered dates and information that led to the capture of blood relatives who are currently imprisoned in La Paz prison, after the detention of his brother who had ceased to operate for the cartels in the south zone of La Paz.
The mantas left in the houses of policeman, there is no-one better placed than "El Furby " to do this since he knew the addresses of his ex colleagues in the police.
It has been known to the police and the investigative agents that "El Furby " has a preference for the type of letters and cartoons from comics, above all bats and vampires and characters from Batman.
The nickname "El Furby" derived from the name of a toy produced by the company Hasbro. It describes the meaning of the former police officer linked to a hybrid character made up of a Mouse, Cat , Bat and Owl.

The Capture

Juan Antonio Martinez Rosas " El Furby"
After the investigative work and after confirming his participation in kidnapping and torture and executions, Agents of Seido started to locate Juan Antonio Martinez Rosas " El Furby" , discovering that he had a safe house in fraccionamiento Terra Nova in the south of La Paz just at the rear of the Hotel " the dolphins".

The Federal Agents established a watch on the house and requested the additional support of the PGJE, the Mexican Army and the Mexican Marines. While observing "El Furby", a car arrived driven by his henchmen who opened the trunk and inside was an injured person, they carried him into the house along with rifles and pistols.

According to an Agent who participated in the operation, the house was surrounded in less than an hour and a cordon thrown up three blocks out to surround the property to prevent the escape of the delinquents.

The Seido Agents breached the house,suprising " El Furby " with three of his accomplices , who were punching and torturing a 23 years old employee of the Disco Red XS , according to dates investigated by ZETA " recently he was detained in possession of 200 doses of crystal meth , whilst driving a car through the calles de Felix Ortega and Manuel Encinas in the central colonia of La Paz.

The Attorney General of the PGJE, said he was stopped and given over to Seido. However almost immediately and very suspiciously he gained his freedom courtesy of an armed commando cell of
" El Furby ".

The delinquents had the following guns:

3 AK 47 assault rifles ( also known as cuerno de chivo in Mexico ) calibre 7.62 x 39

1 AR 15 assault rifle ( also known as M16 and M4 variants in USA ) calibre 5.56 NATO

3 nine millimetre pistols

1 pistol of .45 calibre

16 magazines , 14 for the AK 47 and 2 for the AR15

The four offenders were thrown to the floor and searched , the agents seizing mobile phones, computer equipment and notebooks complete with notes. At the close of this edition they have been transferred to the Seido Centre Base in Mexico city, in a showy operation at 5 am on the 23rd of December.

During one brief interrogation " El Furby " answered that after the detention of " El 28" , the armed wing of the Fuerza de Especiales de Damaso had undergone a restructure in the following manner:

Cristobal Zazueta Ponce " El Cayetano " originally from Sinaloa , has assumed the position held by Abel Natum Quintero Manjarrez and Cruz Alonzo Lozoya Uriate " El Grande " after the cartel boss fled from Baja California Sur because he felt cornered and a rift had arisen between him and the men of " El 28" after the arrest of the latter.

The delinquent revealed that the people of " El 28" , wanted to assassinate " El Grande " because they held him responsible for the capture of their boss, and would have offered his head to facilitate their take over of the state.

The criminal boss confessed that his three accomplices had arrived a few days before from Los Arenitos, Sinaloa accompanied by seven other subjects to reinforce paramilitary operations against " El Compadron " and the cells of Ismael " El Mayo " Zambada.

During an interrogation one of the detainees said that ten hitmen had arrived by boat via the gulf of California , the same route " El Grande " took when fleeing the state , and his replacement took coming in to replace him " El Cayetano ".

The Attacks

The capture of " El Furby " happened 16 days after a war had ignited for control of the plaza of the North Zone of La Paz.

What practically sped up his detention was an armed attack on Sunday 20th of December, when a paramilitary cell attacked a presumed cartel member, they wounded his wife and 16 month old daughter whilst the family drove along the Avienda Agustin Olachea and La Calle Biosca in the fraccionamiento Laz Garzas.

The driver of the vehicle attacked, Brayan Amador Castellanos , 22 years of age mechanic, who left the vehicle unharmed , a green Cherokee jeep , had stopped momentarily for gas opposite the Hotel Oasis when he had warning of a vehicle approaching rapidly, when one of the four occupants of the vehicle drew a pistol and opened fire.

The victim managed to observe the silhouettes of four people , although he said he couldn't recognize them as the were half in shadow and moving fast. He got the best view of them as the fled the scene in a white patriot jeep van.

The victim rushed back to his family seeing his wife and child shot and covered in blood crying disconsolately, so he floored the accelerator and rushed his family to the emergency unit at the Hospital Juan Maria de Salvatierra.

He stopped in the general entrance to the hospital and nurses and emergency medics began attending to their wounds , the doctor David Josue Torres reported the following injuries:

* Blanca Alicia Higuera Orteaga , 17 years old , had a bullet impact in the right leg.

* Brianna Belen Amador Higuera , 16 months old , had an bullet impact injury in her abdomen on herright side with additional entry and exit wounds on her right arm.

Whilst the victims were being attended to in hospital , at the scene of the crime the police and military were present who were part of operation safe Christmas. After hearing reports of gunfire in this part of the city ,at the scene the PGJE said that two spent cartridges had been recovered in 9 mm calibre.

The Investigations

Like normal in these types of cases , the hitmen were not detained at the time the crime happened. But since have been positively identified , and are being sought by Seido, PGJE , Mexican Army and Mexican Marines.

The primary indication are that the gunmen are new members of the Fuerza Especiales de Damaso,, and who arrived at the same time " El Grande " left.

A member of the Pubic Security Coordination Group in the state said, after the detention of " El 28 " and the supposed fleeing of " El Grande " , the Fuerza Especiales de Damaso underwent a restructure, with an internal battle in the Sinaloa cartel with Damaso Lopez Nunez alias " El Licenciado"

                                                                " El Licenciado "
and Ismael " El Mayo " Zambada on one side, with Ranulfo Lopez Portillo " La Muneca " and Rolando Gonzalez Moreno " El Compadron " on the other. For the control of the North Zone of La Paz.

" La Muneca "

In this war , according to a member of Inter-Institutional Group , Ranulfo Lopez Portillo alias " La Muneca " , is being supported with , guns , hitmen , and vehicles by the Cell responsible for the South Zone of La Paz. headed by Alejandro Sanchez Trejo " El Peinado", " El Frank ", Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro alias Jose Francisco Ojeda Torres " El Pepito", and Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes " El Rayo" , these are the men responsible for the armed wing of the Fuerzas Especiales de Damaso.

However even with the support of the cartel cell in the South Zone , and according to members of the Group for Public Security Coordination , the hitmen committed various errors , the new guys weren't familiar with the layout of the zone well , and so the precision of their kills lacked something , which makes them much more dangerous to the public for the following reasons:

1. On the 18th of December a cell of hitmen kidnapped a man named Gabriel Nieto Alameda , originally of Guasave , Sinaloa and after two days of detention he was set free , the hitmen confirmed they had " lifted " the wrong person.

The victim , 23 years old , was rescued after someone in the group of hitmen called C4 to report  a man with feet and hands bound on the crossroads La Cruces, for the libramiento Santiago Oceguera in La Paz

2. On the same date, in the night time , there was reported an armed attack by Hitmen on Brayan Castellano Amador , originally of Guadalajara, Jalisco and employed as a mechanic. Resulting in his wife and infant daughter suffering gun shot wounds.

After committing these errors the hitmen stayed in the white Patriot Jeep in the old cemetery in the city of La Paz known as " El Zacatal".

The Connections

In the war for the plaza of the North Zone of La Paz , Seido agents and the Military agree , " its evident that the Cartels have infiltrated both the State Preventative Police , and the Sub-secretary of State Public Security".

During raids on cartel members they have recovered mobile phones and other tec , which contains numbers of all the police who are providing them protection as well as numbers of people to whom they have to make payments to, for protection quotas, which also implicates them in a number of kidnappings , torture and executions.

The involvement of some State Police with the criminal group of Alejandro Sanchez Trejo, Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro alias Jose Francisco Ojeda Torres and Edgar Amicar Acosta Reyes " El Rayo", is nothing new, its been like this since 2013 declared " El 28" , they participated with arms and official vehicles and identification , in the case of the seven narcofosas found in the El Mezquititio Colonia of La Paz.

The names of the policemen that have participated in these crimes are the following:

* Fernando de jesus Estrada Martinez " El Mono"
*Javier Aurelio Parra Mungaray " El Cuervo "
*Martin Enrique Aceves Marquez " El Keko"

The three have contributed with " El 28" to the death of the following cartel members, with the name of Simon Guillermo Hernandez Pena " El Simon " or " El Sepultero" , only being mentioned as a suspect.

* Erika Rosales Gonzalez
* Marcos Joel Gonzalez Robles
* Juan Javier Medina Corral
* Jesus Ivan Ramos Jimenez
* Damaris Karina Marquez Moreno " Damaris or Karo "
* Carlos ~Antonio Cota Cervantes " El Chaly " or " Sharlie "
* Abel Leal Gonzalez " El Buena Onda "

In one extract of his statements Victor Barraza Martinez " El 28" explained that the economic agreement to pay a quota for protection was 5 million pesos for commanders , 3 million pesos for Boss of Groups , and 2 million for Agents. This way 70 million pesos as well for Sub Secretary of State Public Security , Martha Cecilla Garzon Lopez and the Commissioner of the Preventative State Police , Francisco Javier Camacho Manriquez.

Despite the accusations, Seido investigated the cause and ,where officials have overlapped or protected links between networks of Policemen and Criminal Bosses. Specific accusations common amongst groups have led to the names of Police Officers assisting cartels being released on you tube and other social media.

* Salvador Diaz Moreno " El Chava"
* Luis Fernando Aviles Riecke
* Dulce Maria Nunez Montoya
* Hilario Flores Ramirez " El Yiyo"

The Last Violent Acts

Walter Argenis Salazar
He was kidnapped , tortured shot and killed in the apartment of an Official of the Preventative State Police, Fidel de Jesus Manzano Aviles in the Santa Fe colonia in La Paz

Firing outside an apartment
Around 1 a.m. there was a report of a gun battle in la Calle Iztaccihuati between Nezahualcoyotl and Valentin Gomez Farias , colonia Puesta del Sol of La Paz. In this location they found 29 spent cartridges of 7.62 x 39 , the type of ammo fired by an AK47 or cuerno de chivo. A similar incident occurred later that night.

Arturo Gomez Castillo alias Arturo Ernesto Gomez Espinoza " El Sonrics " or " El Conn"
He was executed by shooting , in La Calle Ignacio Altamirano , between Bulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio and Calle Quintana Roo , colonia Inalapa of La Paz. At the scene of the crime, they found 31 cartridges of 7.62 x 39 calibre.

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