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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seido target hitmen in BCS part 4 the executions of " El Cochi "

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

After the capture of Victor Barraza Martinez " El Victor " or " El Vidal " , and Juan Martinez Rosas " El Furby" , with "El Grande " fleeing , SEIDO now have Raul Castillo de la Rosa responsible for many 2015 assassinations , firmly in their cross hairs.

Like every day , the youngster Fabian , left to walk to school at seven in the morning of Tuesday the 13th of January 2015 , his house is located in Callejon de Acceso between Manuel Torres Iglesias and Regidores in the colonia of Lazaro Cardenas La Paz.
The youngster of 14 years of age , was walking down a dirt road , when he passed the side of an old pickup , loaded with trash and branches , he saw in the distance a ball that was thrown from an apartment , span across the floor and across the street in front of a house opposite , that was colored in brown and red stripes.
“ It was a human head , he told his mother via his cell phone , and left the scene running , he came across a lady , “ Emma Isabel Osuna Mancillas near his primary school and he asked her for help.

The mother of Fabian had advised the authorities , shortly afterwards the Municipal police of La Paz arrived at the crime scene , followed by State Police , State Preventative Police , Mexican Army , the Marines and the Gendarmeria.
In the place , the PGJE found a human head bathed in blood and a white colored manta with black letters and two messages , “ continue sending your informant sons of your bitch mother “ , on the front , and on the back of the manta “ Here is a present Saulito continue with your suckers Atte CDS , with the figure of a bat
This bloody incident was the second of the day . The first occurred already at 03:00 am , when there was a report of gunfire at the cross roads of the streets Tuparam and Valentin Gomez Farias , in the colonia of Los Cacaros de la Paz.

The first to arrive were agents of the Municipal Police of La Paz , who found five fired cartridges of 9mm calibre , a white refrigerator with an Oxxo sign on it , and two black bags. Inside , according to the PGJE were the following contents:

Two hands , two bound wrists , and two forearms left and right in the refrigerator. Two legs right and left from the knees to the ankles in one of the bags. Jeans , shirt , clothes , a roll of tape and some packets of cigarettes in the second bag.

After the second event , there was a third , at approximately 11:00 am appeared the last piece of the body found earlier , the trunk without head , arms , or legs below the knees.
The killers placed the human remains inside a brown blanket , fully taped , and wrapped in a second layer of curtains that were colored white and yellow, and in front another white manta with black lettering and the message “ Here i give you a present Parra , Atte: CDS and a picture of a bat.
The human remains in the blanket were in the back of a pickup , a Ford F-150 red colored , four doors , chrome rims , polarized windows , and number plates CE-969-29 , parked outside a house in the street named Chichonal , between San Martin and San Miguel , in the large colonia Santa Fe de la Paz
After collecting the rest of the body , from three points in the city of La Paz , the autopsy report showed that the victim was 35 years of age , was murdered by a edged weapon , a blade of some sort , and that subsequently the victim was dismantled with a machete.
In life , the victim was known by the name Juan Carlos Bareno Aviles “ El Juanillo “ , amply known  in criminal circles with a criminal history of robbing , assaults , and selling drugs , and he turned out to be the son of a deceased leader of the PRI popularly known as “ Pancha Aviles”.
The investigations

The investigative agents of the PGJE had a principal hypothesis in the case of the dismembered man , linked to the work of the research unit of the Preventative State Police ( PEP ), and according to the first investigations , that the corporation intended to locate the whereabouts of Raul Castillo de la Rosa , “ El Cochi”, within the framework of the work of intelligence and strategies implemented inside the Group of Coordination of Public Safety of South Baja California.
The investigating agents had sent “ El Juanillo “ to locate “ El Cochi “ ,  “ El Cochi “ somehow found out about “ El Juanillo “ and that is why they killed and dismembered him, part of his remains were placed outside the private homes of officers of the PEP , some of which , according to some Federal and Mililtary research , had links with the with Fuerza Especiales de Damaso , Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes , the criminal “ El Rey “.
The trunk of “ El Juanillo’s “ corpse was found in a car , the property of agent and ex bodyguard of the Governor Marcos Alberto Covarrubias Villasenor, Miguel Alberto Ayala Pena, “ El Zorro “ , one of those recommended by the former coordinator of tours of the president , Irineo Martinez Ordaz , whose message was addressed to another agent of the PEP , Luis Francisco Perez Parra , known as “ El Parra “ .

In the last criminal map drawn up by Federal and Military authorities , Raul Castillo de la Rosa “ El Cochi “ , 35 years of age , appears within Fuerza Especiales de Damaso , as the new head of logistics in the recent armed attacks in Los Cabos and La Paz, after the capture of “ El Furby “ , which occurred on the night of December the 22nd 2014 in a safe house in the calle Terranova Sur , Fraccionamiento Terranova , in the South Zone of La Paz. ( see SEIDO targets hit-men in BCS part 3).
For the Federal and Military investigators , “ El Cochi “ , is a key player inside the criminal structure commanded by Chief of hitmen of Fuerza Especiales de Damaso in BCS , "El Rayo". Who opened , outlined and delimited the routes of escape , when two narco traffickers were attacked and executed in Los Cabos, and three more in La Paz from Jan 9th 2015 to the close of this edition.
According to the investigators this hit-man is seen as heartles , and is extremely violent , more so than than “ El Vidal “ , “ El Furby “ , or “ El Grande “.

The attacks
In the fight for control of the plaza the narco traffickers from the cell of Damaso Lopez Nunez “ El Licensiado “ and Ismael Mayo Zambada , the armed attacks were led by “ El Cochi “ , and targeted the following victims:

  • On the night of 9th January the narco trafficker Fabricio Cota Rosas, the victim was shot 13 times by an ak47 while he was riding a motorcycle.
  • According to facts gathered at the scene of the crime , the killers returned to shoot the victim three times , in the first salvo six shots , then five in the second , and three in the last.
  • On the morning of 10th of Jan , the narco trafficker Andres Enrique Echeverria Franco was shot and killed while travelling on a blue and white motorcycle he received six shots.
  • On the afternoon of 10th Jan , the narco trafficker Anacleto Saenz Alarcon “ El Cleto “ , was executed while walking with his partner Maria Cota Serna in the North Zone of La Paz.
  • “El Occiso” , with convictions for producing drugs, was travelling aboard a green Nissan Pathfinder without registration plates , when another car pulled alongside with three men inside , one pulled out a pistol and opened fire killing “El Occiso” and wounding his partner in the hand.

  • The afternoon of 13th of Jan , the narco trafficker Jorge Sanchez Alarcon “ El Nino” was executed inside a house in the calle Republica in the colonia Loma Linda in La Paz. Two gunmen , according to witnesses , left their car , entered the property and opened fire on the victim. When his partner tried to intervene to stop the attack , the killers attacked her beating her about the head, her name is Maria Concepcion Quintanilla Herrera. Police at the scene recovered some fired 9mm cartridges, a cell phone , and a bag of Marijuana.
At the close of this edition , the afternoon of Wednesday the 14th of Jan , another armed attack happened in the city of La Paz. This time , the killers attacked the three occupants of a red Chevrolet Cobalt LS , two door with Registration plates 470-PMY-2, when they were stationary outside the central casino that is located between the Boulevards Luis Donaldo Colosio , in the fraccionamiento Bellavista de la Paz.
In the full afternoon , when there were many people circulating in the zone , the criminals fired on seven occasions against the narco traffickers Daniel Ivan Espinoza Cota and Gonzalo Fimbres Valenzuela , Daniel left dead on top of the car , and Gonzalo injured inside the car.
At the crime scene , police dogs of the PGJE found seven spent cartridges of 9mm caliber , two deformed bullets , and inside the vehicle of the victims , a cell phone , eight raps of cocaine and some money.
At the close of this edition , the State Attorneys office reported , the injured man life was no longer in danger from his injuries , which included wounds to the arm , wrist , thigh , left calf and right knee, after having been admitted to the general hospital , Juan Maria de Salvatierra in La Paz.

The Detainees

After the first armed attacks of 2015, the PGJE initiated investigations against the author of the two executions in Los Cabos.

The worry was that the violence could extend to the tourist zones, this worry stopped rapidly with the capture of Enrique Hernandez Cardoza " El Borrego " on a highway filter for Cabo San Lucas and All Saints, in possession of the followings weapons:

  • Assault Rifle AK47 calibre 7.62 x 39
  • Pistol in 9mm calibre
  • Four magazines for an AK47
  • 97 rounds of 7.62 x 39
  • Pistol magazine containing 10 rounds of 9mm

The delinquent was carrying 1890 packets of crystal meth , and he was travelling aboard a 1999 Toyota Corolla.

After being detained , " El Borrego " admitted to being part of Victor Barraza Martinez " El Vidal's " criminal team.

 Before his detention, he had carried out orders to organize hit-men to fight for the plaza of Los Cabos, which was in the hands of Javier Acosta Lopez or Javier Lopez Rivera " El Javier " or " El Javy".

Hernandez Cardoza confessed to be working in logistics and supply of weapons and vehicles for La Fuerza Especiales de Damaso.

Who had between five and six safe houses in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

During his interrogation , " El Borrego " , offered the names of those responsible for the crime wave in Los Cabos , among others Luis Barraza Martinez , brother of " El Vidal ".

Another individual identified as " El Toro Medina " , who was already wanted by the Group for the Coordination of Public Security of the State.

He gave details of their physical characteristics , their hit-men and the main place they operate , and their plans to seize the Los Cabos plaza.

Since the moment of his capture, " El Borrego" has been defended by his attorney Ruben Lopez Guerrero, amply known for defending narco traffickers and by " the Attorney of the Devil".

According to data collected by ZETA investigations, Enrique Hernandez Cardoza " El Borrego " , was processed by a Federal Court , after having been detained in possession of drugs , in an operation by the Center for Strategic Operations in Cabo San Lucas.

According to a informative report of 23rd June 2013 the delinquent had already been detained in possession of 20 wraps of crystal , and 90 psycho-tropical sweets , when he was traveling on board a pickup , when passing a filter on the trans-peninsular highway of Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos.

Officials of the Ministerial Police ordered him to get out of the pickup , he refused , then he tried to flee in the vehicle , until it was damaged , then he tried to attack the Police.

However he was over powered , and the Police found a bag in his jeans with drugs. He was detained and consigned to the Public Ministerial Agents of the PGR , but suspiciously almost immediately he was released.

But he hardly had any time to relish his release , when on Jan 13 2015 , the Marines ( SEMAR) captured eight hit-men in the service of Luis Antonio Montoya Beltran " Don Carlos " , " The Artist " , or " El Montoya " , and Roland Moreno Gonzalez " El Compadron ".

The hit-men of a cell against the Fuerza Especiales de Damaso , were detained in a safe house in the colonia Vuelo de Aguila in Todos Santos. They had in their possession :

3 AK47 assault rifles
2 pistols in .45acp calibre
1 pistol in 9mm calibre
19 magazines for AK47
3 pistol magazines
with wraps of Marijuana

The detainees of this operation were:
Jose Ortiz Monzon alias Gustavo Lozoya Portillo , of 30 years of age , originally of Baridaguato , Sinaloa

Irvin Camilo Angulo Soto , 32 years of age , originally from Oriundo de Culiacan , Sinaloa

Martin Hernandez Ojeda , 20 years of age , and native of Sonora

Victor Angel Maldonado Cortes " El Guero Sinaloa " , 27 years of age born in Veracruz.

Erick Ramirez Ruiz alias Rameses Gerarado Hirales Pimental , 25 years of age , originally from La Paz , Baja California Sur

Perla Alejandra Cardenas Sapiens , 22 years of age , of La Paz , Baja California Sur.

Samuel Jauregui Giron , 20 years of age , born in Culiacan , Sinaloa

Dunia Sugely Manriquez Angulo , 38 years of age , of La Paz , Baja California Sur.

On this occasion the detainees were not transferred to SEIDO, However they were put at the disposition of Public Ministry Agents of the PGR who will determine the jurisdictional situation.

Contact information for anonymous complaints

In these critical times , three orders from the Government put at the disposition of the citizens of Mexico , telephone numbers and email addresses , to make anonymous complaints. Please call with information regarding , strange people , suspicious movements , identification of delinquents , or crimes that they have committed , and your investigation might lead to a reduction in violence in Baja California Sur.

Its time to participate and preserve the security ,, anonymous sources are protected data.

Correo Electrónico
01 (612) 128-6193
Secretaría de Marina
Policía Ministerial del Estado
01 (612) 122-6610
01 (612) 123-4864
Policía Municipal de La Paz
Programa de Denuncia Anónima

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana

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