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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After Ayotzinapa's Disappeared, Locals Are Taking Power In Tecoanapa

"We would wake up to find bodies in bags along the roadside. The bodies were cut into pieces; their arms, heads, legs. The people decided to rise up in arms, and that’s when things calmed down."
Source:Al Jazeera Plus


  1. Amazing ..gente con huevos viva la revolucion

  2. Start the Revolution and overthrow the whole corrupt government. Glad to see some real Mexicans have balls.

  3. A las autoridades y gobierno de Mexcio no les gusta esto para nada por que los puercos que son ellos no tienen la oportunidad de mamar ni extorcionar mordidas que es la manera en cual ellos se mantienen y alimentan sus vicios. La mayoria de los elijidos tanto como y incluyendo los policias, alcades, gobernadores y presidente se an conbertido en nada mas que pura mierda y desconfiansa. Ya es tiempo que nuestra gente se levante a luchar por nuestros derechos. Viva Mexico.

  4. It must become the law of the land, communiy police, and no federal police or sicarios, and no military, they only know to conduct war against the enemies of the government.
    But these tecoanapas would not be able to resist the mexican army when the push comes to shove...
    --i hope they don't get sent a 'good for nothing presidential commisioner'...

  5. lmao.....stupid comments...this mexican is packing a freaking 22 caliber rifle....what a start to a revolution....lmao....soon we will see the results of this uprising....

  6. It don't matter if the mexican people rise up or not.when the dust settles.Mexicans are still going to be in long as Mexicans run Mexico.Mexicans are screwed.

    1. Those aren't Mexicans running the country. They are chilango Spaniards. They don't care about Mexicans.

  7. Now the government will send out 600 police and military with a helicopter and Castillo in tow to arrest them. They used that many man when arresting Mora and his men that were surrendering. If they would use that many men to arrest La Tuta or take out real criminals Mexico could start to see the light of freedom from violence. But the government will not take out the source that feeds them and fatten their bank accounts. The more publicity these groups get, the more likely the government will take them out.

  8. Waking up to dead bodies, in bags..on the roadside, not a good thing! Security in Mexico, depends on yourself,your family and friends. Remember...shoot first, ask questions later!

  9. @5:10 That mexican with a .22 is not being armed and financed by the greatest and most powerful country on the world, the US should be ashamed...
    @7:17 believe it or not, there are other kinds of mexicans, but the US government supports only the worst, because it means business for their masters, democracy does not really matters but as a beautiful concept to open the door to the american satrapy, that supports latin america's mierdocracias...and destabilizes those that ''will not get it''

  10. These poor honorable people are walking around with 22's. Meanwhile we're giving Mexico's animals top of the line killing ewuipment. These poor people don't have a chance. It isn't a fair fight but I commend them for fighting.


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