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Sunday, February 1, 2015

17 Federales arrested for possession of drugs and money

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

An incident occurred on the 29th of January 2015 in the Villa Charra, fracciionamiento Murua de Tijuana, where a Federal Agent confronted Municipal Police man Jorge Hernandez who he considered had been watching the Federal Internal Affairs personnel in the building.

The Municipal Policeman had been instructed to check the facilities of the Hotel Royal Inn, where the staff of the Federal Forces support staff were staying. So that was what he did from eight am to ten pm, Thursday January 29th.

The Federals had two rooms, in which were located two bundles of drugs, which together amount to less than one and half kilos of Marijuana, around two thousand dollars and car plates registered as stolen from another country.

The seventeen agents arrested were there users of the two rooms, the crews of two patrols, who stored illegal goods. They were taken before the Federal Public Ministry for crimes including possession of drugs, and possession of illegal goods.

There is a 48 hour time limit, which will expire on 31st of January, the date will define the legal status of the captive police men, they will either be imprisoned, released while under investigation of be free of all charges.

According to a functionary of the PGJE, 50% of the kidnappings in Baja California were attributable to these 17 Federal Policemen, kidnapping drug dealers for extortion.

The Commissioner of the Federal Police in this city, was advised of the operation before hand, so after he could investigate other officers accused of being involved in corruption.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. But where is the news, the federales are well known to be right at the top of drug trafficking and kidnapping, with murder for icing on the cake and exploitation and shakedown of narcs big and small, ALL OVER MEXICO, same as the military, each with their cartel...
    --the news, (good) is that a lowly municipal cuico got federal agents and their internal affairs officers red handed and in plena orgia... buuutiful

  2. With a failed justice system all is for naught. In Lazaro Cardenas I watched a squad of SSP carry looted flat screen TV's stereos and valuables out of searched apartments. The gear was not evidence. The looters were the SSP.

  3. ... The Federal Police Will Claim All Of The Evidence Was Planted By The Municipal Police... Then The Army And Other Federal Forces Will Arrive To Clean Up Tj Again, Like Back In 2008. Starting With The Municipal Police, They Are Just As Bad... Believe That!!!

  4. But dr mireles has to go to jail for life because he was found with drugs the cops planted yet these guys may go with free charge. It doesnt make any sense....

    1. It makes perfect sense. Dr Mireles is a threat to the richest, vilest rulers of Mexico's power. These pigs are threats to the poor. You think the poor matter in this system? It's not the system that's corrupt, corruption is the system.

  5. The drug cartels that were extorted were behind this and paid for this.

  6. Dr Mireles had la pierna de pollo, but el Comandante Cinco had El Pollo's Gold Plated gun...

  7. And the irony here, is that the Federales get all the US funding, through the Merida offensive, the U.S. Should only request to have the yet to Corrupt Mexican Marines handle the offensive, corruption with the Feds is well known in with the Alcalades and Govenours.

  8. Esos polis chilangos van a tj con solo ese fin de robar y hacer su desmadre.

  9. Why in gods name would the government MARK internal affairs vehicles?!! If ANYONE (police) needs unmarked/covert type protection it is IA...WTF is wrong with Mexico? Who is running this place? Lil Wayne would do a better job lol

  10. federal internal affairs get all the respect in mexico, that is why nobody messes with them, except municipal cuicos DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ, thank god!!!
    At the local level, there are more municipal police, and they know where everything is, the federales think all they have to do is show up and get ''bizzy'', pero ora si se las dejaron caer, doblada, sin saiva y con toy grenas a los federales, i hope they publish their mug shots, make everybody know who to respect, agent x, ''internal affairs''


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