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Thursday, December 25, 2014

stopping by sending you the best holiday wishes....


Two of my all time favorite posada photos.  Santa always arrives on a firetruck, and the foto below is a shot of a lil guy in a wheelchair when he spots Santa and the firetruck....PRICELESS!!!

This year I was able to provide over 1000 children with posada fun.  For most it is one of the few highlights of the year.  We also provided gifts for impoverished children, we requested that schools  provide a wish list for children who more than likely would not receive a special gift at Christmas.  many asked for things such as shoes and jackets.  and we did not forget the migrants in the casa migrante shelters.  We sent gifts of clothing, candy and phone cards, and provided Christmas dinners.  My project continues, that honors the 72 migrants slaughtered in San Fernando Tamps.  Anyone wishing  to become involved or begin their own project, just email me, I will help you get started.

I encourage you to get involved next year, donate, find a charity, ask me if you want a recommendation.  It's a wonderful thing, and for one day we can feel good that we were able to do something and bring a little happiness to the children and the forgotten of Mexico.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a fantastic night...............................cheers, Chivis


  1. *Happy Hollidays* To all the good people from BB.

  2. They killed chiquillo mafias

  3. Ill be in for a donation next year, I was finally able to open my business 6 months ago and we are going strong and expanding fast. Always said that when I could id help and give back.. And I'm getting there.. God bless you Chivis

  4. I hope yours was as special as you amazing lady!

  5. You guys at borderland beat are awesome keep it up. Merry xmas

  6. Hi there Chivis !! Merry Christmas ...

  7. Truly beautiful moments captured and it's moments like these that help shed light our darkest corners.

    Thank you for sharing, Chivis, and Feliz Navidad!!


  8. Freaking! Awesome!! Love it!!

  9. Happy Christmas to the good people of Mexico. I wish you better times in the year to come...Very good wishes to you all from your friend in the UK Jeremy....

  10. CHIVIS, merry christmas from all of us here in the san antonio fire dept!! i remember you telling me about how you love doing this every year :) we would love to join you some day on this awesome day! god bless.

    1. Of course I remember! I hope you guys had a relatively easy day and were able to chow. Do citizens in the neighborhood bring by pies and tamales? They do where my son the captain is. He has played santa for the kids coming to the station each year for 7 years. We do not see him on Christmas he has long volunteered to cover the shift for someone with small children.

      Blessings to al you heroesl, be safe, stay healthy and may the year be your best ever!


    2. good morning chivis! indeed it was a easy day on christmas and we got to eat some delicious tamales brought to us by a local business :) its a great thing what you're son does for the community down there, thats the reason we all do what we do here. if you love you're job you will never work a day in you're life :) hope you and you're loved ones have a great new year! give you're son a hello from his brothers here in SAFD. much love .

      hugs... Bambino

  11. Marry chrismas chivis i hope violence stops once in for all that will be my dream gift


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