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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remains of 1 Missing Normalista Identified

Posted by DD from material posted by Lala and Pepe on Forum and updated Preceso and AP

 MEXICO CITY (AP) -- At least one of 43 college students missing since September has been identified among charred remains found near a garbage dump, two Mexican officials confirmed Saturday.

The two could not provide more details on how many of the students might have been identified.

They agreed to speak only if granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

A family member of a missing student told The Associated Press that the remains were of Alexander Mora. The families were given that information late Friday by an Argentine team of forensic experts working on behalf of the relatives and with the Attorney General's Office, said the relative, who also would speak only on condition of anonymity.

Parents of the students declined comment, planning to address a crowd that gathered Saturday afternoon at an already planned protest at the capital's Monument to the Revolution to demand the return of the students alive.

Parents participating in Saturday's protest got off buses with sullen faces and were immediately surrounded by people for protection and support.

Omar Garcia, a student at the march who attended the same rural teachers college in Ayotzinapa as the missing young men, relayed the reaction of Mora's father when he learned the fate of his son: "He will never give up. He will never get over his pain, but what he wants to tell all of you, and what we all want to say is this: We want justice!"

killing and burning  pit next to city dump
The father of Alexander Mora reported that his son's body was burned and that the Argentine experts identified it by a fragment of bone and a molar which was located in the pit near Cocula where the PGR determined that on this site were killed, burned and crushed the 43 students from Ayotzinapa.

"The rest of the boys officially there is nothing and I hope that this fact do raise awareness of unconscious people", said the heartbroken father during a meeting with relatives and friends in the Pericón.

The students went missing Sept. 26 after confrontations with police in the Guerrero state city of Iguala that killed three students and three bystanders.     Attorney General Murillo Karam has said the boys were kidnapped on orders of the Mayor of Iquala and turned over to a drug gang he had ties to and they were killed and their bodies burned by the gang.  Members of the gang had given statements that the ashes were collected in plastic trash bags and thrown in a nearby river.

A world famous Argentine forensics team was brought in to examine the remains.  The Argentine team recommended that the fragments be sent to University of Innsbruck in Austria because they had one of the most experienced laboratories for identifying deteriorated remains. The identification came from Austria, said student David Flores, who was at the protest.

The case has ignited citizen indignation across Mexico and abroad for the fact that the students disappeared at the hands of a corrupt local government and that federal authorities took 10 days to intervene.

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets, some calling for President Enrique Pena Nieto to resign. The case has come to signify the abuse of authority and corruption that is engrained in the Mexican system and that all Mexicans experience on a regular basis.

Marching to the protest site Saturday, thousands of people filled streets in central Mexico City shouting, "Justice," "We want them alive," and "Pena out."

"The parents will not rest until we have justice," said Felipe de la Cruz, father of one of the missing students.

Noting that the identification is for just one of the 43 disappeared, he said, "If they think one confirmation will leave us simply to mourn, they're wrong."

The teacher trainees in Ayotzinapa aired the following message in their official account of Facebook.

"Companions to all who have supported us, I am Alexander Mora Venancio. "Through this voice I speak I am one of the 43 who had fallen in on September 26 in the hands of the narco-government".

The message continues:

"Today 6 December confirmed Argentine experts to my father that one of the fragments of my bones found belong to me. I am proud of you that have raised my voice, courage and my libertarian spirit".

And it ends:

I am proud of you that have raised my voice, courage and my libertarian spirit'.

 'don't leave my father only with regret, for him I mean practically everything, hope, pride, their effort, their work and their dignity.'

 I invite you to intensify your struggle. That my death not be in vain.  Make the best choice but don't forget me.  Rectify it if it is possible, but  do not forgive. 

This is my message. Brothers to victory



  1. I hope you can find peace. I was talking to a paisita from guerrero today at work. I felt back cause he is from that area....and he said he is afraid to go back and visit. I feel sick to my stomach to think that mexican government is behind all this. I'm sorry paisa today I felt like crying when you told me your experience I. Your home town. But I play it off by joking About it.....fuck I lost faith on humanity at 745am, today..... :(

  2. Oh the shits going to hit the fan now that at least 1 of the missing students has been confirmed dead and the others are still missing.Dont know what EPN is going to do now.This just confirms all the corruption with the state.Those protests now could get Really nasty.

  3. They killed a 19 year old female nurse in Uruapan, Michoacan.

    She was not involved in the drug trade, but she had been protesting EPN.

    Her killers cut off her face skin and removed her eyes, like they did to Julio Mondragon in Ayotzinapa.

    It's probably the same killers, working for the same people. (no gory photos at this link)

    1. The question is. What if she was in a intimate relationship with one of those cartel goons?? remember chinos antrax girlfriend? Thats what they get for selling the to thugs. Young mexican prostitutes love selling theis ass to cartel thugs especially in those areas where states are infested with criminal gangs. or it could of been the other way around (Not wanting to fuck with em.). Who knows

    2. You Sr at 9:55 are an idiot

  4. The disappeared do not count in my book anymore, i want to see chuayffet investigated, "no bodies, no crimes" is his philosophy, but...
    --federal senator Layda Sansores told him to his face on the senate chambers "Acteal no se olvida"...
    --And subcomandante marcos said "we remember chuayffet, we know what to expect"
    --chuayffe has delivered, for the reforma educativa promoted by the bill and melinda gates foundation, bill gates, the heir of warren buffett, their education merchant associates, jeb bush and mitt romney's sons, and george soros, who paid for the defense and liberation of those who carried out the Acteal massacre, to come back and do it again for "el maestro" expensive homo/retard emilio chuayffet, that bitch needs fixing now...

  5. RIP. Families of the disappeared should come to grips with the reality that their loved ones are gone. I understand hope but to hold on is a waste of time. This reality is understood now with the forensic evidence. Turn your attention to the future and holding those responsible accountable and to change the culture of death and corruption. Salutes.

    1. Unfortunately it's going to take a movement like that of the AD that will sweep Mexico!! There is just too many innocent victims and families that are suffering from the corruption! The police and military are in the middle of all this, but let's not forget the are Mexican and have families too!!! Eventually somebodies going to call the mutiny and civil war will break out! Maybe it's already starting to happen behind the scenes! This young nursing student who just got killed because she was recently protesting EPN? This is a matter for the UN to step in and protect Mexico from itself! The government does not have control over its own people!

  6. So the investigating authorities didn't lie after all right? the remains were dumped were they said it

    1. "authorities didn't lie". One robin does not a spring make.
      The fact that one of their statements seems to be turning out to be true does not them the George Washington of Mexico.
      "I cannot tell a lie, I cut down the cherry tree".

    2. DD, I'd go further. No one except govt people were allowed access to the Cocula dump and the river areas where the remains were supposedly found. Remember the video with the heavily armed non-uniformed govt agents threatening the media for following them to Cocula. It's entirely possible these remains were actually removed or found elsewhere (like a nearby Army base), and the govt. is saying they were found near Cocula. Neither the Argentine nor Austrian experts can attest to where the remains came from. We have no reasons to trust the Mexican govt.

    3. Agreed. It seems extremely lucky that they found the remains when they supposedly threw some in the river. Knowing the history of the Dirty War in Mexico, when I first heard about the killings I assumed it was the Army. Now that I know there is an Army base 1 mile from where the killings happened in Iguala, within earshot of gunfire, I'm CONVINCED the Army killed them on the base and they only made the remains reappear when they needed to, for political reasons.

    4. Bingo!! Why don't other people see this? DD reported way back that a high level Army official was literally sitting next to the Mayor's wife before her speech.

  7. I hope and pray Mexicans "everywhere" think hard about what they can do to save Mexico. Changing government heads like ENP is only a start as he is only a head of a hydra that may simply repair itself to take on a different format but continue to evil. I seriously doubt Mexicans will unite in actually killing the hydra because the hydra has many tits squirting leche into the mouths of people who profit from things as they are.

    Mexico's problems are systemic and way beyond just tinkering with relatively trivial issues. The challenges are so enormous that only major surgery will save Mexico from itself. Yeah, Mexicans could start by refusing to take the "free" TV sets as a symbolic gesture that they get it (that bribes) are a fundamental corrupting influence that sickens Mexico... and is literally killing it.


    1. It would be a start! As Far as the TV'S it's going to take some string leadership and organization to get the information out there!

  8. And now we know better, the cherry tree was not "such and so"...
    Emilio chauyffet told carmen aristegui he carries the Acteal murders like a weight on his heart, and he is so sorry it happened, and he knows he is accused, and he knows president zedillo is als accused, and that there are court cases against zedillo on the US, but his jurisprudence tells him that:
    ""as long as nothing is proven in a court of law, there is no judicial case"
    Which means 'que se la pelan' aslong as he has not been convicted on any interamerican human rights court, or on any mexican court, he did his murders, in colusion with zedillo, he resigned to save zedillo's jundillo, and he has got released his accomplices, he hasgot angel aguirre his partner resigmed again, and nobody has a judicial case against him, no body no crime, thebutcher of acteal came back, did it again and nobody is the wiser...
    Zedillo, has been found inmune to any prosecution or punishment on the US for reasons of sovereign immunity, because the plaintiffs proved their case against him, the US took off the mask of humanist humanitarian hypocrite to cover under its magnanimous wings one more mass murdering satrap guilty of crimes against humanity, which it has done before for the nazis, kissinger, felix ismael rodriguez, juan ramon matta ballesteros, allen dulles, pinochet, and many other graduates of their schools of the assassins...
    --you can defend those mentioned above from our hate but how do you defend them from being despised???

  9. @ 431 A.M.

    Can you explain to me how the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is responsible?

    1. google ; Bill and Melinda gates foundation, controversies, there is a mountain of gossip and proven facts, all leading to the conclusion that their foundation, while it is a not for profit, officially, in reality does nothing but seek profit, and uses the full catalog of for profit corporations to go after profit, like all compassionate right wingers, all they care about is their profit, and bill gates is famous for never having produced any science or technology, all he does is lawyering up, bitching and buying the competitors, or forcing them to share or sell out to him or just pay up the extortion...there is the relation with big pharma, agribusiness, george soros, private prison and war makers and profiteers, the world wide moves to privatize public education, social security and public health care, and they are not taking it easy about forcing their pretenses on anybody, like any common rapist, exactly the character of emilio chuayffet, their education man in mexico...

  10. Reading about this in most mayor world news sites...i hope this becomes among top stories around the world in the next few days starting NOW!!!


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