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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Picking Off Family of Tuta One by One But Still No Tuta

Borderland Beat posted and translated by Spike 151 Republished from Proceso

Mexico City, (apro)-elements of the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) of Michoacán  seized  another Member of the family  of Servando Gomez Martinez La Tuta.

It's Gerardo Martínez Lagorreta, uncle of the only living leader of the Knights Templar.

According to the PGJE, Martínez Legorreta, 53 years old, was captured in the municipality of Arteaga, as he left a property owned by La Tuta, secured by the authorities.

Gerardo Martínez Lagorreta, tío de Servando Gómez Martínez alias "La Tuta"
Martínez Legorreta was taken by force from the property, located in the colonia Centro de Arteaga for offenses against the system of public security and violation of seals of assurance of properties.

That property was secured on 27 November for being related to various illegal activities, concerned the PGJ in a statement.

At the time of his arrest, agents arrested him with a cell phone that according to the PGJ used to report movement of police corporations to members of the criminal organization and La Tuta, who is still at large.

The detainee was brought and placed at the disposal of the corresponding penal judge.

Since the arrival to the State of the Commissioner for the security and development Integral de Michoacán, Alfredo Castillo, there have been arrested  at least four relatives of the capo.

Húber Gómez Patiño, son of the leading Templar was arrested June 21 for illegal possession of firearm and drug possession.

His sister Sayonara Gómez Patiño, was arrested on October 29 in the State of Mexico and was filed with the Public Ministry of Michoacán, where  an order of location to declare on an investigation that the PGJ stated that it maintained in secrecy. Three hours later she was set free.

A week before, on 22 October, Ana Patiño López, ex-wife of Gómez Martínez and mother of Huber and Sayonara, was arrested on the motorway of the West, in Morelia, in an operation carried out by elements of the Ministerial police in Michoacan.

When she was captured  she had120 thousand pesos and 60 thousand dollars on her person , intended to use as bribes to prevent her arrest. Also confiscated were computer equipment and photographic, six teams of communication and five cases of controlled medication called "Ribotril".

Two days later, the 46-year-old woman, was put at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) accused by his probable responsibility in crimes against health and operation with resources of illicit origin.

While La Tuta continues free and according to the most recent audio which spread through social networks your plan is "try to preserve freedom and life time that is possible


  1. LOL 'picking off'?? His son was charged only with weapons possession, when he was literally found carrying drugs AND threatened a police officer. I think Tuta's family doesn't have that much to worry about. They're keeping them in custody until the public loses interest (which they DO), then they'll release them.
    This isn't going to change in Mexico until the police step up and stop accepting bribes. The problem is they have so many kids and no way to afford to feed them without tripling their salaries courtesy of the Tutas.

    1. Anon10:11 You were doing fine until your last sentence. It sounds a little like a racist statement based on Mexico a decade ago or more. The average number of kids per family in Mexico today is 2.8 per family..
      But you are right that a cop cannot feed his family on a cops salary.

    2. He's a RACIST! Lets all chase him down in our cars!

    3. It's actually even lower, 2.2 in Mexico according to the UN and the World Bank most recently. The U.S. is somewhere between 1.9 and 2.0. The general replacement fertility rate is 2.1+, so Mexico is just barely above the level needed to keep the population level. Pretty low in the global perspective, although it should be noted that it has dropped *dramatically* in the past 15 - 20 years specifically, so the effects of the drop haven't been felt yet.

      While you'd be right to say that corruption will continue in Michoacan for the time being, La Tuta is absolutely done for. He lost tens of millions of dollars in properties to government seizures. He lost control of extortion networks that generated revenue for him. He lost control of the Lazaro Cardenas port. The H3 (Tercer Hermandad) group has moved in to his turf, with the Fuerzas Rurales working parallel, and taken control over all of La Tuta's plazas and rutas. Drugs continue moving through the area, but I guarantee you La Tuta has lost 90+% of his previous revenue stream and his ability to move around Michoacan has been severely limited compared to before. New jefes are in town.

      His kids bribed their way out, but they're not really "players". His daughter leeches off of Tuta's blood money but doesn't generate income herself really, and she was caught in Edomex, on the run with limited funds (she had like 70k on her, USD, which is not a lot for the daughter of an unstoppable kingpin as you suggest) after having dissapeared to the U.S. for a while. She used to ride around Michoacan in a Hummer with armed guards and was basically a princess. Wherever she is now, she's not in Michoacan and I can guarantee that she isn't living that life. Huber is a 22-year old effeminate brat who doesn't really pull any weight. Look him up on Google Images. The minute his dad is out of the picture, he's getting smoked. Only reason he's afforded any protection is cause his dad will put up so much $$ for him. Castillo, Papa Pitufo, Castillo, those are the big guys in Michoacan now.

    4. I know a few mexican LEO's. Each family has two children and one family has three. If they wanted to have ten, I would support their decisions. The only birth that I have a problem with is that of The Birth Control Nazi that keeps posting on BB.

    5. your stats are from 2011. the average currently is 2.2 and falling. that said that is not in the rural regions where it is double and more.

    6. @10:11 It makes sense what you said.

      Dd. He has a good point, that 2.8 statistic number don't mean nothing, cause meanwhile the educated have less than 3 kids per family, the other uneducated make up (ruin it) for it by having twice that amount.

    7. The problem is american bourgeoisie corporations control private property in mexico and have shares in mexico there for will always pay Mexicans less and lay of thousands of workers.. Uncle Sam is a bitch

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! I think they make the rival cartels look at pictures of them to torture them!

    2. Just send them to the CIA.

  3. We're working on it just like we're working on everyone else. Smile, putos. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. All La Puta's family are pieces of rat shit, wasting good oxygen for the people of Mexico. They should just put them all to sleep like the rabid animals they are. My celebration and no doubt the citizenry of Mexico will be when pussy boy La Tuta is laid out gutted in the streets. This whole family needs to be exterminated like he was and still is doing to the innocents of Mexico. He needs to have a gun put up his ass and one in the mouth and both triggers pulled at once. Cannot wait for the day this piece of sewage is shot dead and sliced apart.

  5. Damn! Hurry up and die already Tuta. Fucking go hang yourself or do something just end your worthless life. You and your family have destroyed and hurt so many you have no right to live any more.

  6. @dd: I apologize, you're right. I wrote that way too impulsively and wasn't level-headed or fair. And my last statement there wasn't accurate.
    I think my frustration comes from the few families I've seen who do have more kids than they can handle and neglect those kids. And when I read about all the corruption in the police force, I remember how many times I've heard the phrase "I needed money to feed my family", and how unfair I think it is to raise kids in an environment where you can't support them through legitimate means. Honestly, it gives me an immature sense of satisfaction to imagine those cops being negligent parents because then I can sort of say to myself "yeah it's their fault".
    But it really is racist for me to take those few rare examples of people really doing it wrong and generalizing AND exaggerating, so I apologize. Having anonymity really brings out the worst in me and I should keep my comments in check, if only for the integrity of this great blog.

    Best regards

    1. VERY well put. Comment forgiven for sure. dd, what do you think?

    2. Wow.. that kind of turn around post wasnt expected. That was refreshing

    3. no forgiveness necessary. we all say things in frustration or anger that don't reflect our true feelings. But he wrote a good response and I appreciate it..

  7. The drug Tuta's wife was captured with is called "Rivotril" with a "v" not a "b". It is a generic version of Clonazepam known is the US as Klonopin. It's a drug in the same class as Xanax or Valium and is widely used in the narco world for interrogations and also heavily used by sicarios that have to decapitate and dismember people. They usually mix a upper like cocaine with it before going out on hits.


  8. Cops,do all this just to have tutas name on media and so people could say that they are doing there job but they are not tuta pays big money is what i think is happing

  9. Mexican government needs to contract Gallagher to hunt him down.
    His "sledge-o-matic" smash Tutas head just like watermelon.

  10. We need to be issued permits for Tuta hunting. Winner gets all the rewards offered by the EU and MEX. Only one way in though....DEAD.

  11. WHO . The guy says the cop cant support his family so he has to take bribes to feed all his kids . Now he is racist ? What about the cop ? He is a good guy? I have 10 full siblings . My father never stole or sold out his country with all 10 born in a hospital and payed all the doctor bills by the sweat of his brow . The issue here is a culture of crooks . No not all Mexicans but the crooked cops would be crooks in any vocation . I think crooked minded little boys grow up planning to be cops so they can have a license to steal . Until they are dealt with harshly cops will still be crooks. Somebody will kill Tuta and another asshole will take his place . Bet he is so well hidden these family members don't even know where they can report him being .


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