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Friday, December 26, 2014

Omar Espejo from CJNG Detained

Tanslated from a Milenio article for Borderland Beat

Omar Espejo Flores aka " El Toro" now confined in El Rincon prison in Nayarit

The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) , in coordination with the Marines , arrested Omar Espejo Flores , " El Toro", an alleged operator for Cartel Jalisco Neuvo Generacion, he is presumably responsible for the disappearance of two members of the Agencies criminal investigation department (AIC) , in Vista Hermosa Michoacán in November 2013.
Tomás Zerón, director of the AIC of the PGR, reported that Espejo Flores was coordinating the Halcones  and groups of Hitmen in the Jalisco municipalities of Ocotlán and La Barca, Briseñas; He also did it in the michoacana town of Vista Hermosa.

Other criminal activities in which  El Toro was involved, was the collection of piso ( extortion ), oil theft and drugs.The official said that the detainee was involved in the kidnapping and disappearance of agents René Rojas Marquez and Gabriel JAWS Santiago,  on November 3, 2013, in Vista Hermosa.

To date the whereabouts of these two personnel of the Agency is unknown, they were searched for in clandestine graves that were discovered at La Barca.

Last year, the Office of the Attorney-General found 64 corpses in 35 clandestine graves in the municipality of La Barca, as part of the search for the Federal Police,the work concluded almost a month later.

Zeron said the arrest was made possible by the coordinated actions with the attorney specializing in research on organized crime (Seido) and the Mexican Marina, which led to intelligence placing Espejo Flores in Zapopan, Jalisco. El Toro was surprised when captured without a shot fired whilst driving down an avenue inside a luxury sedan on 18 December.

"This person had an arrest warrant arising from the disappearance of the two members of the Agency's Criminal investigation team Rene Rojas Marquez and Gabriel Quijada Santiago, on November 3, 2013, this was in Michoacan, and those who were detained, unarmed and deprived of freedom by municipal police of Vista Hermosa, they then delivered them to members of organized crime", Zeron said.

He said that because of these facts, the PGR stopped almost in its entirety the municipal police of Vista Hermosa, linked to these facts, and those who are today held in two federal prisons, where they face charges of organized crime and illegal deprivation of liberty, among other crimes.

From the statements of some of the soldiers, Omar Flores took an active part in the disappearance of federal troops.

"His arrest was achieved without a single shot. It is known that he constantly changed his place of residence; However, we identified that he continued performing as a manager of the criminal group in the above-mentioned municipalities.

"As an important part in this criminal organization, his specialization was the coordinating of groups of Halcones, hitmen and cartel members, in addition to kidnappings, fuel theft, collection of piso ( extortion) and the transfer of drugs".

El Toro was consigned by the agent of the public prosecutor's Office to prison number 4, El Rincón, in Tepic, Nayarit, where will be processed for the crimes of kidnapping and organized crime.

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  1. Another Devil possessed individual without God in his heart!

  2. Cartel Jalisco Neuvo Generacion (CJNG)Anyone underestimates them are stupid.What can be achieved with a will by gov,he killed (AIC)and they hunted him?(CJNG)ultra violent group when need be,some of the worst videos came from this group,they are almost para-military and seem to fly under the radar a lot of the time compared to other groups.Mencho is a Michoacano,long time player and must be capable,dangerous group

    1. Another piece of waste created by the sinaloa cartel dogs.

  3. True. Mencho is smart and very low key. No corridos or stupid shit that exposes himself. They cause a lot of violence in jalisco and michoacan

    1. His newest corrido Is by Jesus Ojeda El Mencho

  4. Interesting how when the the powers that be want to find one of their lost personnel, they can somehow find clandestine graves and actually look for the missing. Otherwise, if your unimportant, you are shit outta luck.

  5. Mencho got kicked out of michoacan like a dog between his legs dont beileve the gov CT still run everything

    1. And that's why they haven't captured Tuta.They know where he is I don't doubt that.

  6. El Mencho and el migueladas may be working together, stopping newcomer johnny come latelys on their tracks before they get much bigger, with help of big daddy, the mexican government, PRI version, pulling strings safely from guadalajara and el DF...


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