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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Need More Proof That The Government Is Instigating Violence In Otherwise Peaceful Demonstrations?

Borderland Beat by DD 
thanks to a tip from Chivis "lurking in the background" to help us (not lurking in the crowd below)
student were streaming into the plaza all evening
The government has accused “anarchist students” for initiating and inciting violence in the marches and demonstrations that have taken place over the last couple of months in the wake of the disappearance and probable murder of the 43 students that were kidnapped Sept. 26 & 27 in Iguala Guerrero.  The government, including the President himself has said the demonstrations are an attempt to “destabilize the government” and that violence in the pursuit of justice will not be tolerated.

Many pundits expressed concern that EPN was laying the groundwork for using police and military force against the protesters to silence and intimidate them and discourage them from participating in future demonstrations.

Undoubtedly there are students in the crowds that just want to raise hell and do commit acts of vandalism.  But they are just a few out of tens of thousands protesting peaceably. 

Videos have now surfaced seemingly showing plain clothes government agents mingling with the masked trouble makers at the otherwise peaceful marches.  The government in the past is known to have used government agents to actually start the violence as an excuse to suppress demonstrations with force and violence.

Borderland Beat  reported and posted a video showing a General assigned to the Palace Guard and dressed in plain civilian clothes among those trying to set fire to the Presidential Palace on November 8 at the conclusion of otherwise peaceful march.

The following article published at Vice News shows government agents in plainclothes seeming participating in the violence that started at the conclusion of the “student anarchist” march on Dec. 1.  Another video shows plain clothed police beating a protester and still another video shows plain clothed police officers snatching a student from UNAM off the street and forcing him into an unmarked car.

The full story from Vice;

A video captured during a Monday night protest in Mexico City appears to show a plainclothes police officer rescued after being pummeled by riot police, in the strongest evidence that state forces — not in uniform — are present when masked vandals attack government buildings after large peaceful marches.

In the clip published by the news site Animal Politico on Wednesday, officers clad in riot gear are seen beating a heavyset man dressed in jeans and a jacket after he throws a heavy object into a cloud of smoke. A nearby officer shouts, "El es mi compañero," or "He is my partner."

Two officers then help the man stand up and carry him away. The reporter recording the clip asks the man if he is a police officer.

The man says he is a "normal citizen," but when the reporter presses and asks why he was just referred to as a "partner" by the police, the man appears to snap. "Leave me alone, asshole!" he shouts.

A second video captured at the same demonstration by an outlet called Regeneración Radio shows a plainclothes man assisting riot police as they beat a young man. The video shows riot police corralling a small group of demonstrators or bystanders before the authorities violently gang up on them, beating them with their shields.

One officer can later be heard telling one victim, "Perdon por la putiza," which roughly translates to "Sorry we fucked you up."

The videos demonstrate that plainclothes Mexico City police officers have been participating in the protests that have gripped the country since the disappearance of 43 teachers college students in the state of Guerrero. But a spokesman at Mexico City's police department "emphatically" denied on Wednesday that plainclothes police were participating in the protests, according to Animal Politico.

Mexico City's police department has repeatedly turned down requests for interviews with VICE News.

Demonstrators have made police infiltration claims for weeks, citing the burning of the National Palace door on November 8 as a key likely example. 

Although other voices in the protest movement have argued the violence is a sign of legitimate anger over the government's handling of the missing students case, some human-rights observers claim that the attacks are orchestrated by infiltrados — or plainclothes men brought in and paid by the government.

Meanwhile, police are also accused of detaining citizens at random during the protests.

Monday night's confrontations along Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City happened during the latest in a string of protests held since the police attack against students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, carried out on orders from the now-detained former mayor of Iguala, Guerrero, according to federal authorities.

At least 79 people have been arrested in connection with the missing students case. Many of them are municipal police officers of Iguala and nearby Cocula.

In a separate case, a student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico was filmed being snatched from a street last Friday afternoon near the campus in southern Mexico City, similarly by plainclothes government agents.

Sandino Bucio, 25, is seen screaming and struggling against officers who shove him into an unmarked vehicle and drive off. The incident resembled a kidnapping and came after other plainclothes agents opened fire on students after a confrontation on the campus in mid-November. Riot police later entered the campus, a gesture seen as a sensitive breach of the UNAM's autonomy from the government.

The video of Bucio's detention quickly went viral.

"During the drive, they told me that if I didn't cooperate, they would shoot me like those in Ayotzinapa," Bucio told the Mexico City public prosecutor, in a statement reviewed by VICE News. "[They said] that I was nothing for them, because they had already confronted the Zetas, narcos, and that they put the fear into the Guerreros Unidos."

"I think this is a terror mechanism that the federal government is using against the youth," Bucio said before news reporters after he was released later that day. "But there are thousands of us. They can't detain us all".


  1. There is absolutely no doubt at all that governments foment trouble,even people can foment trouble(Indian agents in Canada,anti globalization protesters)Russia fomenting trouble in Belarus,Ukraine,UK/USA fomenting trouble in their own countries(we never see iffy dudes in plainclothes who pinpoint leaders and note the colors they are wearing)and in Libya,Afghanistan,Israel in Palestine and vice versa if anyone believes differently they are not only naive they are stupid..Ask yourself"why wouldn't a government create violence"it is the perfect excuse to close a thing down using any heavy handed tactic they feel like and and then justify those actions under the guise of putting down civil unrest and disruption to law and order.You know,that kind of bullshit.Its a tried and tested successful tactic to cloak any unrest or march,they cordon whole areas off before a march has even started under the excuse that they have heard protesters will cause trouble..Of course they stage-manage,why wouldn't they,plus,we are talking about Mexico where human rights for a Mexican citizen is non-existent,laughable even

  2. It's a nightmare right now in Mexico.
    BTW, interesting article.

  3. The Mexican government have 30 and 40 year olds running around with student protesters. Uh, even a idiot can figure out who the government agents are. Mexico is not known for making the smartest political decisions. Next thing you know there will be some six foot something black and white "students" who are built like NFL linebackers (aka US private contractors) "protesting" also.

  4. No thats some total bullshisnes. It doesn't prove anything. Those types of minor incidents always occur with big protests as that one. ... The suposedly indio policia working as infiltrated could have had the day off and decided to go to the protest, or was working as an undercover keeping an eye on potential vandals within the protesters. ... or maybe he is a corrupt policia that some body payed to commit vandalism making things look certain way. ... that other bucio was probably conspiring against the mexican gob. they had to snatched him to investigate his ass to check on his real intentions, at least they didn't kill him for it, in other places they do that. ... things aren't always what they appear to be.
    . . . .
    Is ridiculous how they protest only against EPN. ...we don't see protesters against the suposedly mayors, against governors that aren't doing there job. ...all their fack ups are being directed to EPN. Why?. ... when the 43 disappeared did some one protested against agelo aguirre?. ... did some one blame him for it?. ... same thing as in others states of mexico the suposedly mayors with the so called governadores perpetuate the fack ups with their ''associates". ...& it goes back to the same thing only the president gets the heat. ... How come they didn't do it when Carlos Salina de Gortari was the president?. ... that short re-crooked pig with italian blood, I believed he stole millions or possibly even billions of USD. from the mexicans and used to protect big narco associates. ... Ernesto Sedillo?. Vicente Fox?. Carlos Calderon?.
    Can any one say some thing about it??..

    1. They have pictures of police protecting their plain clothes infiltrators as they burned the government palace in a protest. They also have pictures of these plain clothes officers in military personnel carriers. Then they have pictures of these same people instigating violence. They protest against him because was most definitely not elected. As evidence shown here on Borderland Beat. The people voted on pirated ballots. Millions of where printed in and discovered in Texas. Those ballots where the ones the citizens marked. Then the original ballots where marked in the current governments favor. That among other dirty tricks. So that's why they protest so strongly against him. Yet there are no supporters running out to defend him.

    2. They didn't kill him because he was filmed and so where the people who kidnapped him. I can assure you that the government does not leave lose ends. Try to find out who picked him up they've probably already vanished. He was one of the #yosoy132 student movement. Nobody is conspiring against México in those marches except those plain clothes officers. You sound like you might be one of those "infiltrados" yourself. They're not blame shifting here they're asking the highest office of the nation for an explanation they can believe. It's not just 43 students. Its tens of thousands of missing people. And sadly millions of Mexicans can relate to the pain of having a loved one disappeared. At first the blame fell on the cartels. However when the government is a proven participant in the massacres and disappearance of it's own citizens. Then this becomes a question of government sponsored genocide. To sit back and watch it develop without raising your voice would truly be unpatriotic. The law is about to change regarding free assembly and transit. The comparisons to the Egyptian revolution are many. Years ago I read the wiki leak stuff and it mentioned Mexico was a failed state. This is becoming very much clear. More so than it was when I first read it. I can only hope we keep it together. The UN is already on the ground. The Human Rights Association is investigating this matter. So you sit back and keep munching on your huesito, lonche or dispensa. Whatever it is that keeps you faithful to the PRI. Huesito for our English speakers is a bone. As in the bone these fools get tossed by their political party. Or in the case of the impoverished they get a sandwich. Commonly referred to as "lonche". They also get a basket of non perishables known as dispensa. Hnger keeps the masses weak. You're obviously a fat cat. I can tell because of your fat mouth. Remember that during the revolution they hung wealthy land owners and their sympathizers. Don't be on the wrong side of history. Remember that Mexicans still lynch as a form of social justice when justice is not served by the state.
      I dare you to gather thousands of unpaid Peña supporters. It just wont happen.

    3. 9:53 Oh please that's some stupid chimp stuff. Probably some conspiracy theory created by some enemies of the United States like the Russian gov, Iran amongt others. Maybe they don't want to see mexicos Unity with the north. They possibly would love to see mexicans to be against the North hence is a neighbor with borders.

      Besides that isn't a new thing with Latin American countries, and mexicans are not the exception. Narcos in mexico have done it before, they have used their dirty drug money to buy votes and manipulate the elections from the inside out, in that form putting presidents in the power which they have used to give them immunity. "But in public.. apparently most past presidents were elected by all the mexican citizens" Smhh.

      Now take a look at the BIG PROBLEM the corruption starting from the street level to all the way to the government offices. Plus the criminal plague, narcos, extortionist, kidnappers, sicarios etc.. All byproducts of corruption. All of it inherited by EPN from sexenios of the past which accumulated from being ignored by past presidents, seems like they only cared about filling their pockets. (Calderon was with sinaloa, mainly el Chapo I've been told) What about Vicente Fox??

      It appears like there is "dark hands" behind all these movement against EPN. Perhaps is cause he is willing to do what others weren't willing to do. & That is start putting a stop to the old ways of doing things in mexico! & Most fools can't accept it! They rather be living in the past with no progress!

    4. You are completly ridiculous. How can some one get any supporters after it has been demonized?? over and over? for something others commited.

    5. Conspiracies against EPN/PRI.This is the incumbent government we are talking about and they were literally forced to acknowledge the missing students only after realizing that it wasn't going away.What progress are you talking about?If you mean the arrests of capos,isn't that part of a basic remit on their part?Can we honestly say that law and order and the safety of decent Mexicans has improved in any meaningful way?We may not know because undoubtedly there has been a gagging order directed at basically all news outlets,and that is not imaginary or conspiracy?Do you not think that most here including the hated"gringo"would not love to be able to laud EPN as a good man who is making a definite difference in Mexico?I will defer to a Mexican opinion about Mexico and i hope EPN can give everyone something to hope for?

    6. @1:33 He's corrupt. Mexico is tired of this shit. The fact that this isn't new doesn't make it right. He didn't stop anything he reinstated the old regime.

    7. Mexico is a big nation with over 100 million citizens things aren't going to get better from one day to another, not specially if criminals keep getting replaced all the time. It takes more time for criminals to get arrested or killed than to be replaced by the next one.. some times the good ones die faster than the bad ones..

  5. PORROS de la UNAM, starting their political careers, shock forces of dinosaur student and porro-politician gabriel quadri, disciples of "el maestro" emilio chuayffet, paramilitary recruits of the army and police mixed with the protesters, make for an explosive cocktail, pena nieto and his cabinet may resign, and they should, but there will be a price to pay, and a military take over a la pinochet, to further "save mexico", therewill be along night before a bright morning sunshine, the mexican slave nation has been designated blueberry pie, and is not to be lost before it is thoroughly chewed by the powers that be, as long as the US keeps supporting the actual mexican government satrapy with money, weapons, manpower, silent complicity, and impunity...
    --Mexican blessings is 4 to 5 dollars salary per day if you are lucky to find a job, for eight hours of work plus ass kissing a day, 6 days a week...
    --only our overworked politicians work more, stealing by themselves or by proxy, 24/7...

  6. Every arrest, after having taken effect, should be approved by the witnesses, with a review of the process and identification of all the parties involved, otherwise it is all a kidnapping outside of the law, shock and awing to the witnesses, and does nothing for the credibility of the gorillato ruining mexico for the mexicans and giving themselves an even worse reputation as criminals than they already have, disguising themselves as "law enforcement" when they are worse than criminals...

  7. Even if the people were being violent they are entirely JUSTIFIED!!!!!! It is the State that should be shamed for being violent. For all the crap the Mexican people have been through any act of violence against the Status Quo is welcomed. Even armed conflict. That is the only way to get rid of them. We are tired!!!

    1. I also think that violence and unrest is completely justified when a government is not only failing its people but are sometimes complicit in endangering cities and whole towns by inaction and collusion.Of course it is usually a last resort as it is here,when the governments arrogance and indifference weigh so heavy on its people that they need sweeping out because they have patently failed those people?

    2. Violence isn't justified. It's what the government wants. An enemy to show the people. That's why the few violent infiltrators are shown as the face of the movement, not the thousands marching in peace. Until innocent people start getting beat down in the streets by riot police. They are disappearing people like Tlatelolco in 1968. This isn't looking good for those dinosaurs in power.

    3. 8:18 PM
      "Violence isn't justified. It's what the government wants"
      Who cares what the government wants,action is to get rid of them by whatever means,this is the whole crux of the matter,that government is not only failing its people but actually endangering them by collusion and indifference,how long do people put up with police kidnapping and helping crime groups to extort and actually murder?Of course its justified,lets not talk idealistic bullshit?Violence is entirely justified when usually every other avenue has been tried and people,as in Mexico,are completely fed up with the arrogant status quo of the ruling elite.Your idealism and this government wouldn't matter once they are swept away,you think it matters to outside countries who they deal with when its all said and done?

  8. We are at war against our own government/dictators. Not everyone has access to guns, so we are out gunned. BB thank you for reporting so that the world can see whats going on. We need international governments to stop making deals with our narco-government.

  9. ... The Thousands Of People Who Are Rioting, Making Noise, Etc... Their Votes Wouldnt Have Made A Difference If They Voted Back Then Or Now... Extremists Are What They Are Becoming Which Will Not Be Taken Lightly By The Government In Mexico Or The United States For That Matter... Big Spanking Is What The Students Are Going To Get... P.S... Where Is The Narco News At??? This Blog Has Turned Into SOMETHING ELSE... A New Agenda... Just Saying It Is Noticed...


    2. You Sr. Are an idiot.

  10. State sponsored criminalization of a movement, they are called " plants" the mexican criminal state has done this in the past and they are doing it now...and the proof is that when the so called anarquists started causing trouble at the very beginning of the protests they weren't arrested, they weren't touched, carmen aristegui presented plenty of evidence of this on her show....imagine that shit going on in Ferguson, with the US planting rioters in order to criminalize a movement, it very likely would be found out and heads at very top levels would start rolling for sure, where as in mexico the state does it as common procedure and get away with it, part of it is because the media is so centralized that i don't get how some people have the audacity to to even call that country a democracy.

  11. Well said! By the way isn't Mexico one of the biggest economies in the world as far as wealth? Where is it and how many enjoy the luxury? Is this Mexico pre-1910 before the big revolution of Pancho Villa and Zapata?

    1. The gulf between the haves and have nots is gigantic,Brasil is similar with a top 10% or so holding unbelievable wealth and not wishing to spread that wealth.In Brasil there are families going back generations with huge wealth,Mexico itself has some of the richest men on the planet amidst grinding poverty.Even the biggest cretin must realize something is wrong with that,you either have money,or you have nothing,no middle ground.Mexico if well run could be a huge economy just for manufacturing etc,huge labor pool crying out for work?Makes you think that a minority may well like the current situation and actively encourage it,surely not?

    2. I get the feeling that the super wealthy don't want a middle class or else Manufacturing would move to cheaper labor pool countries! Keep the poor, poor and hungry and they will work for chump change! It's a given fact that Mexicans work hard for little! Look it up. I say a stay somewhere that stated Mexicans work the longest hours per capita of any other nation! Maybe it true maybe it's not but just to be mentioned show that they are in the top as far as productivity!

    3. @10:42 They might "work" long hours doing nothing. Talk about productivity. Have you seen how mexicans work?

    4. Oh shit dude,you cannot say things like that?Then again,why not?
      You gonna git a flaymin bredren.

  12. @12:14 Chinguen a su madre el pri-gobierno y sus perras!!!
    The day la bastille fell, the rabble had no weapons...


  14. Las perras defienden a pena nieto,
    Bitches defending pena nieto get his panties for a snack...

  15. 10:54 I have worked with mexicans, i am mexican, and i have also seen american workers 'in action' at work, i mean inaction, some excell at any level, many just don't impress me...
    --not for nothing americans jobs got offshored by the offshorer in charge, because they were "too good!!!", now chinese workers who donot even speak english have your all american job!!!

    1. knicker sniffer millie,you never give up hating on the US where you sit in safety


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