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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mex. Army General: "The only way an event (Iguala) of this magnitude could happen is collusion and participation of the Army. …. may cause a civil war”

Posted by DD Translated and Republished from Proceso
Retired General  José Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez.
COLIMA, Col.   From his personal experience in the militia, where he tried without success to create the office  of  military ombudsman within the army (to protect the public from human rights abuses), the general in retirement José Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez affirms that,  his attitude after looking at the facts of Tlatlaya and Ayotzinapa, is that president Enrique Peña Nieto  is betting on repression.

What we see" - he says -" is a sign, an escape valve for the people through active participation in dissent and social mobilization, which these two serious developments show. Paradoxically the only support that Enrique Peña Nieto has as the President of the Republic are the armed forces'

In an interview, the retired General indicates that according to the Geopolitical Observatory of Armed  Groups in Latin America there exists 42 such groups in Mexico.   

“The Government must be very careful because it may cause a civil war in the country: we are seeing it in Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Guerrero; there are 16 states with the presence of self-defense groups”.

These groups, he adds, were not created to ask for the resignation of Peña Nieto or with the purpose of dismissing and supplanting the government, but because "there is no government, there are no institutions and there is a power vacuum that has been created because we have authorities of illegitimate origin, who have come through fraudulent elections”.

Gallardo Rodriguez, who, for nearly nine years, was detained in a military prison for having proposed the creation of an ombudsman within the army, says that in Mexico there is currently a Pact of impunity that tends to break political, legal and social structures. 

'This Government - no longer can I bear it; - we need, (hesitation)… I don't know..(hesitation)... that Enrique Peña Nieto resign,  then convene  free elections, not letting anyone  buy votes and that people vote freely to bring authentic authorities, authorities that are representatives of society,” he says. 
In the opinion of Gallardo, "the government is very clever, it calculates the collateral damage, but here what is happening is that the situation is out of it’s  hands". In light of the current state of things in Mexico, he adds, the authorities are considering as a "laboratory" what is happening in Guerrero, where repression led to a mobilization of a very important part of society that it had abandoned - the young people.

And he reveals a decision that some of the parents of the missing teacher training students told him.

“I had reservations, but I am going to tell you this because it is a fact and I want you and the government to know: I was told by the parents 'if our children do not appear, we are going to rise up with arms', i was told by them. 'We are going to lift arms, general, because this is not worth it, we are not criminals, we want our children to appear'. 

I approached the group and I said 'how can I help'.  And they told me ' appear our children, general. We do not want handouts from the government, do not want it to give us nothing, we want our children'.  Do you see?  How then to throw the government? ".

General Gallardo believes that the federal government is preparing to repress the population.   It labeled the burning of the doors of the National Palace and the destruction of a unit of the Metrobus in University City as actions of "provocateurs” (that the same government encourages and/or incites), this latter fact led police to enter the University and violate it’s autonomy.

At the same time, the budget for defense spending "has increased scandalously: in an era of Felipe Calderon grew by 600% for police, army and navy, and now has just been increased again, that is, when all of these resources should be used in health, education, roads, etc".

The foregoing, showing the strength in the military, shows that Mexico is experiencing a situation of de-facto state, in which there is a breakdown of social structures, although there are entities of the Republic that maintain a certain balance.

Gallardo Rodriguez is convinced that the one ultimately responsible for the bloody events of Tlatlaya and Iguala is President Enrique Peña Nieto because according to the Constitution he is head of State, head of Government, head of the federal public administration, head of the public security and the supreme commander of the armed forces.

'Furthermore, in a state like Mexico, with a vertical structure, where a leaf does not move unless otherwise ordered by the President, who is responsible?
The president of the republic, nothing more. '

Remember that legally there is a thesis which has been researched pertaining to the States or criminal Governments, called 'domain of the fact'.

'What did Enrique Peña Nieto say when he became President: 'The army will continue in the streets'.?' 

That is a policy domain of the fact, because he is allowing soldiers to act against the civilian population through a public security policy', he asks.

However, Jose Francisco Gallardo feels that it is impossible that in the current circumstances to have a political trial (impeachment) of Enrique Peña Nieto, because there are many interests that the political class conceals.  He contends that the only way to solve the problem of violence  is that it reaches up to the political party leaders and "already that is coming".

 It also requires that the International Criminal Court, the Organization of the United Nations and other institutions of that level to do a review of the security policy that is being implemented in Mexico, as has been requested from the government of Calderon and now in the current administration n Mexico.

It is very necessary to intervene if you are not going to continue to having massacres such as those we have just witnessed in Guerrero and Tlatlaya", concludes Gallardo.

The disclosure provided by Proceso magazine on the participation of the Army and the Federal Police (PF) in the attack on normalistas from Ayotzinapa strengthens the hypothesis that it was a crime of State, which "will be very difficult for the government to explain away," said General Jose Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez.

However, he felt that international pressure can contribute to the resolution of this case because the role of "the government of the Republic, the army and all institutions that matter However, he felt that international pressure can contribute to the resolution of this case because the role of 'the government of the Republic, the army and all institutions that matter should be clarified and that those responsible are brought to justice; that's the only solution, no other.

Gallardo, who was nearly nine years in a military prison for having proposed an ombudsman for members of the armed forces, said that even before the appearance of the report of Anabel Hernandez and Steve Fisher he had said many times that "the only way can make an event of this magnitude (the operating against students) is to collusion and participation of the Army, as Guerrero is the most militarized state of the Republic, and there is a high presence of the Federal Police. "
     DD note;  .  Many human rights organizations considered him a political prisoner.
 In an interview with Apro, retired General explains: "It was impossible that the Army did not what was happening; the intelligence services of the Secretariat of National Defense have monitored any movement that dissents make, in this case students from the Ayotzinapa School; the Army knows in real time where they go,  if they took a bus or not, and at one  point it is a possibility Army could have prevented this disappearance. "

He also said it is illogical that although the young people were arrested in front of their local headquarters, the head of the Department of Defense said that the institution had no knowledge of that action.

" Now it comes out, yes, they had knowledge and that there was a close communication, as is in the whole Republic, the National System of Public Security with the military commanders or with the barracks; so it is true the C4 was in direct communication with the commander of 27 Battalion of Infantry ”.

According to general Gallardo, what must be done is to break the 'cloak of impunity', because 'here it is clear that there is a collusion by military and civilian authorities that allowed these events to happen, either by omission or action'.

TLA reforms that were made to the jurisdiction of the military last April must lead to the high command of the Sedena putting at the disposal of civil authority all the military involved in this matter, because in reforms to article 13 of the Constitution it was established that any military element that violates human rights, as is this case, it must be judged by the civil authority, because otherwise they could be hidden by the military authority.

In addition, he said, military commanders cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for what their subordinates do or stop doing, since the internal laws of the Army show that the commander  is responsible for the organization and operation of his troops.

According to Gallardo Rodríguez, following the events of Iguala we should review the policies for the public security system in Guerrero and on the other hand, systematic review of operating procedures that the army has about this issue, since it is serving outside the barracks in a function that is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil authority.

'It is also what are the orders that the staff has given the military based in Guerrero, and at the national level I think that it is the same, and how they should operate in a situation in which we are currently living in Mexico, especially Guerrero, since these policies are drawn up in Mexico City and become information, design and operation of public safety at the national level', he explained.

So that there is no repeat of the situation as the Iguala, Jose Francisco Gallardo proposed a legal reform to take from the Army the function of internal order, since the Mexican "is one of the few armies or the only one in Latin America that has functions of internal order, i.e. police


  1. mx army has always been to keep order of the people

    1. The army serves to tame wild animals in any place. Earth or Neptune, anywhere...

      - Lt General from the future... +_+

    2. In any third world country if me had to choose between the military and the police... I would choose the military. At least they have more discipline they just need more $$$$ from the gov. To do a better job & not sell the gov. services to monster goons.

      - Lt General from the FUTURE...

  2. General rincon gallardo should know what he is talking about, and he knows that the lower levels of the military are not treated very well by the government, and the neutralization of the mexican army starts there, soldiers need to understand that they are under no obligation to carry out criminal orders from anyone and that they can denounce their commanders, not doing so is treason and makes them accomplices...
    --Of course, general gallardo may end up in prison with Dr Mireles, looks like he didn't lears his lesson last time he was imprisoned...
    --we need all the truths to come out, before it gets too old and too late, in the words of el punetero mayor, "caiga quien caiga" ... se dice facil, easier said than done, the queen of impunity must be feeling very safe with all his pawns retired, resigned, or in jail...

  3. It's about time someone higher up finally takes a stand and says it like it is! Where are all the rest of the privileged classes speaking up!!!! Mexico will end up in reform, either political or arms and I'm guessing more of the latter!!!! Either be humble or be humbled but it's coming!!! These power hungry greedy bastards are ruining beautiful Mexico!!!!

  4. There is just no other way than to take arms, otherwise nothing will change.

  5. Finally! Someone who knows what they are talking about! Rodriguez for President!!

  6. I like this guy. Is his brother named Leyzaola?

  7. What Mexico needs is to go through the enlightenment, something that never reached. Maybe then, just maybe things will change.

  8. Nine years in prison, under who?, that is one lucky general what i'd like to know is where did he get this strange phylosophy, too much boy scout, he is lucky he did not go to prison under pinochet, rios montt or videla...
    -- for christmas, i'd like to know who are his favourite mexican or american military, who does the general look up too?

  9. The families of the Normalistas and others disappeared deserve all the support that can be garnered. International embarassment of the Mexican Gob is an effective tool to engender change. We should all be feeding stories to any reporter we can identify who has reported on Mexico already. You will often see a contact method in published stories please follow up as much as you can.

    1. @4:30PM your suggestion is good, but most of the time I don't get a response when I send them something. I have preached on the Forum for readers to "share" stories with their friends on social media like FB and ask your "friends" to share with their friends.
      Some won't care or are just too lazy, but if you share with 10 friends on FB and 5 of them share with 10 friends and of those if 5 respond and so on, the number of people exposed to the story adds up quickly.

  10. The people of Mexico are completely screwed. There is no way they will get any empathy from the government. EPN would rather kill the citizens than help them. If rising up is what the people want then the time is now.

    1. Yup, what's worse is the way they respond. They respond with total indifference and as if bothered! Almost as if they want to turn the page without any empathy for the ones that have suffered!!! They want to play the game of supposedly acting sincere with the missing 43 students, yet when they try to find them they find hundred if not thousands of others in the Narco fosas, and then don't want to find out who those remains are? What the fuck? You don't think the families of those missing would want at least to know where their missing relatives are? Nobody wants to find out that their relative was found to be murdered and thrown in a Narco for a but at least they get closure!!! The government of Peña Nieto looks at this whole situation as a hindrance! A good honest president (if you could believe that). Even if just play acting would sa " oh yeah we need to get to the bottom of this" and put an action plan in place to show their own citizens they care!!! Even if they are just playing the part!!! The current government does more to repress their citizens than to inspire and grow Mexican Nationalism!!! I guess bog screen TV'S and 7 dollar gift cards is all it takes to make people look the other way!!!

  11. Mexico has nearly disarmed the civilian population, leaving only two groups with the ability to protect themselves; the military, and the drug gangs. I would hesitate to bet on either one! Worse, there is a strong possibility that some in the military actively cooperate with the druggies, and pass arms to them. Peña Nieto seems powerless, or uninterested in controlling the flow of drugs, within Mexico or en-route to the USA.

    1. Dude, if you haven't been following The head cartel is the government Of Peña Nieto ( Puppet) With its military and federal police wing!!! They have multi -millionaire businessmen and the cartels do their bidding!!! They get the bribes and the cartels are left to scrap it out with one another!!! And yes the cartels are allowed to carry guns!!! Wink wink!!! The law says their not , but the powers that B let it be!!! It has gotten worse because now they are also taking bribes from cartels that Rob, kidnap, kill, and extort their own citizens!!!! THE KEY TO THEIR GAME IS TO KEEP THE PEOPLE SUPPRESSED!!! We will see how that works out now with Mass Media!!! Their next step is censorship and more disapearances!!! It's up to the people to keep track of each other and not let it happen!!! There still is way to many good people vs bad!!!! Now that the approval ratings of PEÑA NIETO have shot down to less than 34 % (probably only the criminals and corrupted) things will change!!! Something has to give!!!!

  12. After having read this article, I am starting to wonder if the generals and higher senior military officers who have been murdered, if they were murdered by cartel elements or other military elements trying to cover something up.
    Also, I remember not long ago when some ADs were being attacked and Dr, Mireles was not allowed by the army to go to their rescue. Perhaps it was the military that killed those that needed rescuing. What General Gallardo says makes a lot of sense.
    The corrupt politicians and the military scratch each other's backs.

  13. nothing will change. never from the top. watch, uprisings in mexico are shallow

  14. Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I write this when no body gives a shit but here is my opinion on this matter. Ok first of all in Mexico no matter where DF ,michoacan, oaxaca Tamaulipas everything has a price. Sometimes is in Dollars sometimes it takes the shape of a bullet. from personal experience Nothing happens unless bribery and corruption is involved. Plain and simple. When it comes to the Mexican military, they are simply following orders. That's all...good or bad orders they are trained for yes sir, no sir....about the drug trade , it comes down to a butt load of cash involved. And sometimes or most of the time in modern day mexico you have 2 options......"plata or plomo" take your pick.... shit I would take plata anytime.

  15. An interesting article, but it took much longer to read than usual as several words were either missing or used out of context.

  16. This article is written in English but needs to be proofread before posting as some paragraphs are incoherent and syntax is abysmal.

  17. Thanks for many of the corrections; this important information is now easier to read and better understood…


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