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Saturday, December 27, 2014

La Paz: Seido Target Hitmen ( El Grande ) in BCS part 2

Translated for Borderland Beat

Seido now target El Grande

Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande".

Seido is now targeting "El Grande". After the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28" and his transfer to the Base of the SEIDO team, they now want to detain Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte. For this purpose the SEIDO opened the inquiry PGR SEIDO/UEIDCS/605/2014.

After the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28", "El Vidal", on November 26, 2014 at a safe house in the calle Gilberto Mendoza of the Civilizadores de la paz settlement, the attorney specializing in investigation of organized crime (SEIDO) initiated and launched a special operation that hopefully leads to the arrest of Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande".

After the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28", "El Vidal", on November 26, 2014 at a safe house in the calle Gilberto Mendoza of the Civilizadores de la paz settlement, the attorney specializing in investigation of organized crime (SEIDO) initiated and launched a special operation that hopefully leads to the arrest of Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande".

After the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28", "El Vidal", on November 26, 2014 at a safe house in the calle Gilberto Mendoza of the Civilizadores de la paz settlement, the attorney specializing in investigation of organized crime (SEIDO) initiated and launched a special operation that hopefully leads to the arrest of Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande".

According to federal and military authorities, El Grande is considered the ringleader of the second para-military Cartel Cell responsible for the wave of violence plaguing the capital of Baja California Sur since July 31st.

On the day of his capture, "28" revealed that both he and "El Grande", were part of the military arm of the Organization of Dámaso López Núñez "El Licenciado" and Dámaso López Serrano "El Mini Lic" in the city of La Paz, with the same hierarchical level within the Special forces of Dámaso headed by Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes "El Rey"; having a group of between five and ten Hitmen hired specifically to murder their rivals, at the service of Rolando González Moreno "El Compadrón" and Luis Antonio Montoya Beltrán "Montoya", "Don Carlos", or "El Artista",from Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada's organisation.

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During the interrogation, and in the hands of his captors, "28" explained the modus operandi of the criminal group. On the one hand, he stated that he was responsible for kidnapping, torture, and executing his opponents and throwing their bodies in premises and public roads "El Grande" chased and attacked vehicles of enemies.

The intention was to regain control of the retail drug trade in the North of La Paz, because since the capture of the former crime boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Dámaso López Núñez "El Licenciado" and Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada had come into conflict for that territory and others in various parts of the country.

On the day of his capture, "28" was in possession of a Matra radio , with the number 170, property of the State preventive police, which belonged to agent Hilario Flores Ramírez "El Yiyo", family member of the former Commissioner Fernando Ramírez Martínez "El Sabueso" and people close to the former Governor Irineo Martínez Ordaz tours Coordinator. However, and after hearing the case,they tried to make a last-minute change to the paperwork so the radio would appear as assigned to a former agent name Fabian Jaime Meza, as a strategy to protect the police functions.

Therefore,after "28" was interrogated by his captors, it was no surprise that according to his version of events " all of the time he had the protection of the preventive State Corporation, in charge is Francisco Javier Camacho Manríquez and the State Secretary of public security headed by Martha Cecilia Garzón López.

"28" also revealed that his protection was such, that on 22 September last, three of his cohort of hitmen were arrested on a carratera filter road at the 11 km of the section La Paz-San Juan's de planes, the Director of the Center of Social readaptation de paz made a maneuver and, without previously notifying the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE) ,ordered the release of the gunman, Gustavo Lozoya Portillo, 22, originally from Baridaguato, Sinaloa.

Obviously, he said, that generated a conflict because when they arrived with the order of warrants against Portillo,he was no longer in prison. After being captured in the joint operation of the PGJE, Marinas and Mexican army, Víctor Barraza Martínez "28", along with five of his henchmen were transferred to the State Attorney's Office,they were immediately put in cells and placed at the disposal of the Special Unit in investigation of crimes against health( SEIDO ), because coincidentally that day a group of federal agents had arrived.

The Investigations

The next day, the six detainees were transferred in the morning to La Paz "Manuel Márquez de León" International Airport, then onto Mexico City Airport, and from there, to the Centre Base of SEIDO, so they opened preliminary investigation PGR/SEIDO/UEIDS/605/2014. The arrested hit men were questioned about the structure of the criminal group, its networks and links; They also offered the names of all the members of their organization and their rival gangs, and they talked about a series of telephone numbers found in their cell phones, as well as information which was found in some computers and confiscated equipment.

For example, according to data obtained by ZETA research,a video was found which recorded the murder of the narcomenudista Carlos Castro Hale "Freckles" or "El Guero" who died on 22 November and whose body was found in la calle Mantarraya, at the entrance to Mero y Camarón, Colonia Fidepaz.

The videotaping shows Juan Manuel Becerra Osuna or José Miguel García García "Meño" or "El Recio" and Juan Manuel González Montaño "El Millagui", beating and torturing their victim, from whom they sought to obtain information about the whereabouts of Rolando González Moreno "El Compadrón" and Luis Antonio Montoya Beltrán "Montoya", "Don Carlos", or "La Artista". The time of death was recorded, when the pair of "El Meño" or "The Recio", Monserrat Guadalupe Villa Arciniega "La Lupita", begins to cut a message into his skin which read "100% Dog "; then another woman and a man stuck a wooden stake in some part of his body.

Cellular and computer equipment also had videos and photographs of the time of the murder of the following persons:

* Mario Alberto López García "El Junior," Tomas Antonio Rico Castro "3" and Carlos Antonio Mayoral "The Mayoral", all tortured, executed and burned on October 22 at kilometer 38 of the Paz-Ciudad Constitution highway.

* Iván Castro Sandoval "El Pelón", Jorge Molina Alarcón "Warrior" or "El Molina", and Saul David Gutierrez Nuno, tortured and killed on October 31 at 1 + 800 km of Beltway Santiago Oceguera.

* Adauto Sarabia García, tortured and died November 23 in calle private de Las Sirenas, between Tuparam and Ignacio Ramírez, Colonias.

Within the research, the PGJE made ballistic tests of the weapons confiscated from the Hitmen, among these:

* Two Pietro Beretta pistols 9 mm, black.

* An R-15 assault, black, rifle calibre 5.56 mm.

* Two rifles of AK-47 assault, dark silver, 7.62 x 39 mm caliber.

According to an expert of the PGJE, some of these weapons were positive in the killings of: -Gerardo Geraldo Mendez "Geras". -José Federico Gaxiola Osuna "Pikas". -José Heliodoro López González "El helio". -Refuge Amador Núñez "El Cuco". -Cristian Diaz Bianchi "Cris". The main cause of this wave of violence is that the heads of sicarios, Víctor Barraza Martínez "28" and Cruz Alfonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande" - according to messages found on the mobile phones of Barraza - received economic and logistical support from the chief of plaza for the retail drug trade in the South, Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro or José Francisco Ojeda Torres "The Pepillo", Alejandro Sánchez Trejo "El Peinado” or “El Frank and Ranulfo Lopez Portillo.

The Latest Detainees

The latest detainees by SEIDO, come from investigations into the criminal groups involved in the wave of violence, the PGJE managed to capture six more assassins this week.

The first was arrested on December first Monday, after which a Court deliverd a warrant of arrest against Abraham Garcia Ontiveros as allegedly responsible for the execution of the narcomenudista Robert Efren Navarro Cárdenas "The Foquemon", recorded on November 28, 2014 in the Tehuantepec Istmo Street, between San Joaquin and Santa Ana colonial Santa Fe.

The victim, who had 22 prior investigations for the crimes of theft and an existing valid arrest warrant , which had not been served as he was protected - according to the PGJE, he was murdered with nine rounds of caliber .45 and 9 mm, while outside his home.

The second and third fell during a special operation of the Mexican army, Saturday 29 November, while circulating on the forgers Boulevard, heading to the South of the city, on a suspect vehicle: a Volkswagen Jetta in white color, with tinted windows and circulation 055-PLZ-3 stacked plates. The military saw their vehicle and started to pursue, after a high risk chase, they were stopped and detained in the Cardoncito colony.

The crew turned out to be Teodoro Orona "El Teo" Quiñonez and Eusebio Oroña Quiñonez, who had in his possession two 9 mm pistols . Based on data collected by ZETA, it was the third time that the detainees had been arrested carrying weapons, but had been released by the courts of first and second district. However, this last time they failed im their bid for freedom, for two reasons:

1.- The lawyer Ramón Ochoa Bañuelos, who defended the Group of assassins of the Special forces of Damaso, suffered an armed attack on 27 November, in the street Morelos, among the Heroes of independence and Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, Colonia El Esterito,he was gravely injured and sent to the hospital "Juan María de Salvatierra".

2.- 9 mm Pistols ; in the hands of the brothers Oroña Quiñonez, gave a positive result in the murder of the narcomenudista Robert Efren Navarro Cárdenas "The Foquemon"

At the close of this Edition, they were declared and subsequently would be charged for the murder. The last three arrested, name Rubén Maldonado Cortes "El Chuntaro", Jesús Alberto Méndez Castro "Chuy" and Miguel Angel Mendez Lopez or Ariel Bautista Lopez "The Ari", are charged with the execution of the Chief of plaza for the El Sargento colonia, Benigno Lucero Camacho "El Benni", registered on 21 November.

Similarly, the members of the band "Los Flamingos" were arrested and secured with them was the vehicle used in the killing, in whose interior the PGJE found an assault rifle, a cartridge .223, as well as useful cartridges 9 mm and 38 super. According to witnesses,on the night of the attack, officers of the Municipal police of La Paz and Ministerial of the State police in the community of El Sargento, refused to help the victim when he asked for help after being shot

Also according to testimony, the Dodge Durango truck of the hitmen was damaged in the attack, after which they had to push it to abandon it at the edge of a beach, to flee on foot. The police were there and did nothing to stop the criminals, until they were arrested and consigned to the penal judge.

The last to fall, Ariel Bautista Lopez "The Ari", was captured at a police roadblock at the entrance to Los Cabos, and on his cell phone were found posts by criminal groups, requesting the locations of houses of the narcomenudistas because "they would soon go to kidnap and kill people" at that beach location.

Obviously, this was before the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28".

Link to Part 1 of this article

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  1. Is there a reason why this gets repeated three times? I think I got it the first couple of times ;-)

    After the capture of Víctor Barraza Martínez "28", "El Vidal", on November 26, 2014 at a safe house in the calle Gilberto Mendoza of the Civilizadores de la paz settlement, the attorney specializing in investigation of organized crime (SEIDO) initiated and launched a special operation that hopefully leads to the arrest of Abel Nahum Quintero Manjarrez or Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte "El Grande".

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    What does it say there or on here rana and aquiles are in la paz i told everybody nobody listens and who owns la paz owns cabo also mayo licensiado chapo are not in conflict just look whos in la paz real easy you have your answer.there are people sayin rana and aquiles have nothing to do in la paz really.and chompas was ranas biggest problem he went to la paz to take out his people i dare someone say this isnt true lol dee

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  8. It is bad enough that the narcos have invaded BCS, which used to be clear of the violence. But the truly disturbing part is the collusion and corruption of the policia. I stupidly thought they were different in BCS. I am shelving my plans on buying a condo in Los Cabos. Thanks, BB.

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