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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Interview of Hipolito Mora by Ciro Gomez Leyva

"And yet, with El Americano, they went over there, they helped them load the wounded and all that shit, and then, "Ok, you guys can leave..." They allowed them to take all their pickups and didn't arrest anybody, they didn't take anyone's weapons..."
Transcript of interview day after gunfight, translation by Un Vato;

C = Ciro Gomez Leyva
H = Hipolito Mora

C:  Hipolito, good morning.

H:  Good morning, at your service.

C:  How did it go last night, Hipolito?

H:  Bad, very bad.

C:  Are you in La Ruana?

H:  Yes, at the barricade, here, where everything took place.

C:  Tell us, before we go into anything else, Hipolito, please tell us a little about your son, about Manolo, 32 years old.

H:  Well,... he was a very disciplined young man, a good son. Every time I gave him an order to do something, I only had to do it once. I never had to tell him twice. He was very serious, did not talk much, very loved by the people in this town. He never used bad words. A good son and a good brother.

C:  And, Hipolito, was your son also an "autodefensa" from the beginning?

H:  He was always by my side.

C:  Always by your side...
H:  One time he hugged me and told me, sobbing, "Papi, they're going to kill you"  He placed a rosary around my neck and I prayed with him.

And what I told him was, "Forgive me, my son, forgive me for being your father." (Hipolito is sobbing)  "I am going to go forward, whatever happens, and I ask you to forgive me for being the way I am, for thinking the way I do. For having been poor as a child, barefoot, without even a pair of sandals."
When I see him with his children, hurts because as a child I lived in great poverty, with my parents.  I lost my father when I was 11 or 12 years old. My mother took over our upbringing, doing what she could.

Fortunately, my eldest brother, a real man, stepped in to take my father's place. He was the one who got us through that. I love him and respect him like a father.

We are very... all of our relatives, cousins, uncles loved Manolo very much. All of them, when they saw him, would hug him and stay a long time holding him. That was Manolo.

C:  Hipolito, what happened? What happened yesterday afternoon? There's talk about a confrontation, they say that 5 persons were killed from your group, among them Manolo, but that 6 persons from the rival group, El Americano's group, also died. What happened yesterday in La Ruana?

H:  They had already been boasting here in the town that they were going to murder us. They would sometimes pass through here in a caravan, (to view convoy video follow this link) like (they did) two days ago, and would yell at us, "Are you ready? Because your end is getting close."  They would yell, and I would tell the boys, "Don't ever talk back to them, they want us to fall for it. Don't answer them."
And each time they would pass through here they would curse us (mentaban la madre), they would point their rifles at us. I would tell the boys, "Don't pay attention to them, steady, steady...we have to wait for the government to do its job. The government already knows that they are criminals, that they're just drug addicts. The government knows that they have grenade launchers, that they have .50 caliber (weapons), they have everything. We have to wait until the Federal (police), the gendarmerie, are given orders to arrest them."

Unfortunately, it didn't happen. We trusted their word, the town found out about it and women and children came to defend us with sticks from the people that came here, because they had threatened that they were going to come...

And they did come. When El Americano was entering the town, there was already a carvan (convoy of trucks) here in town, and he was in another (caravan). When they were entering, the people got in front of him and wouldn't let him go by.

A Federal (police) commander approached me and told me, "Tell them to let him pass."

And I told him, "I cannot, please tell them yourself," and the people didn't let him pass. He turned around, very angry, I don't know what threats he made, but he just turned around, they all turned around with him and they parked themselves some 150 meters from where we were, all the pickups in formation. And then the other caravan arrived, it came from the town, and we ended up between them.

So they get here. And had an idea ... we had placed some people on top of a house that is here in front, and I told them, "Get yourselves up there in case anything happens."

And they came, and they were throwing rocks and more rocks, and they would yell (at us). They stopped in front of us, right in front. Their pickup is still here, but they had 2 pickups, and they kept throwing rocks and more rocks.

Then a guy called Chichunga drove the pickup into the people, and that's how he got in, and he knocked down a cable at the entrance to the property. He cleared the way for them with an armored pickup, cleared the way for a lot of drug addicts that were with them to get inside, running, with weapons, and when I saw that, I told the boys, "This isn't going to end well, and then I heard the first shots."

C:  From their side?

H:  Yes, yes, because we were all yelling at them (H's men), "All of you! Don't fire! Don't fire!, " we yelled at the ones on top of the house, who were still getting rocks thrown at them. We yelled at them loudly and we called them on the radio: "Don't fire!"

And so they came in running, the damned drug addicts, and the first one they hit was my son. They hit him and they hit another man that was with us, an man older than me, a very serious man; he died.  At that time, they killed another man who owns a taco and enchilada stand.

When the shots started, they fired at us, I don't know who, but when I heard the shots I thought, "This is a disaster." And that's how the shooting started, and they began to fire at us with everything, from all sides, those sons of bitches, with grenade launchers. Here's the evidence, bring in the investigators, thousands and thousands of rounds fired.

We threw ourselves down on our bellies here in a little room we built with stone and cement walls, specifically to defend ourselves. Here are the .50 caliber bullet impacts, which didn't go through. We couldn't even show our heads, there was so much shooting, a lot, a lot.

The shooting died down a little and I got the phone and called my son. He would always answer. I talked to him and he did not answer, and I told all the boys who were here with me on our bellies behind the little wall about a meter high, the other about 40 centimeters (about 15 inches), we were lying down and I told the boys, "They killed my son."

"No, I don't think so," they said.

"Yes, they killed him. He would always answer when I dialed."  I had seen how they had gone over to that side of the highway, from where we heard the first shots. " I called him on the radio and he didn't answer."

After that, it didn't stop. Gunfire, grenades exploding... Here are some pickups, they blew huge holes in them about two hands' widths, on the doors.

C:  Hipoplito, you know, you have been at the barricade for hours, you know they could... since you also fired and there are 6 other dead on the other side, you know they could put you in prison? Accused of murder? 

H:  I know, but I also know that if the laws are applied properly, they have to respect the right of self defense. Because they came here to attack us, here, where we are.  We didn't go looking for them, the dead remained here. They came in a convoy, with pickups from different places, not just from here in La Ruana. Those people came from different places, with license plates from different places.

And if the law is applied correctly, I am sure there is no reason for us to go to prison. Because all we did was defend ourselves. We didn't go looking, and we've never gone looking, for anybody.

Alfredo Castillo said it very clearly: "Hipolito Mora never leaves La Ruana". There it is. I've never gone looking for anybody to murder them.

C:  This afternoon, they haven't allowed you to leave the barricade, they haven't allowed you to go to your homes?

H:  No.

C:  Are you under arrest in some way?

H: Well, you could say so, because they have not allowed us to leave.

C:  Where are you right this minute?

H:  At the barricade, here, where everything happened.

C:  But the police have not gotten there...?

H:  Yes, they came last night. Castillo's most trusted ministerial police have been conducting the investigation.

C:  So then, who's not allowing you to leave?

H:  The Army. So, then, I told the boys, "This is beginning to look bad. Those guys want to arrest us. They're going to come up with that in a little while, and that's not fair, because all we did was defend ourselves."

Now, there is another very important thing: After the gunfire ended, some Federal police grabbed five rifles from some of my boys, and their pistols. They haven't returned them. I don't know why they took them.

And yet, with El Americano, they went over there, they helped them load the wounded and all that shit, and then, "Ok, you guys can leave..." They allowed them to take all their pickups and didn't arrest anybody, they didn't take anyone's weapons. However, they're going to take away all of the vehicles from our side.

C:  (Another interviewer's voice): Hipolito, good day to you, a strong hug. Yesterday, last night, Alfredo Castillo was saying that there is no need to harass anybody, we have to wait until the investigations are done...

H:  If they do them correctly, I don't have anything to worry about. I don't have anything to worry about. But I'm beginning to see some things that I am not liking, how they are working (this) and... whatever they decide, I won't be surprised, good or bad.

C:  Hipolito, I want to ask you, what's next? After the investigations, what next for Hipolito Mora after this?

H:  Go forward with my ideals.

C:  In La Ruana?

H:  Wherever possible.

C:  What does "wherever possible" mean, Hipolito?

H:  Wherever possible, wherever the people accept me, wherever the people are tired like we are. And whoever wants to do anything, wherever it may be... If we have to stay with the Fuerzas Rurales (Rural Police Forces), we'll stay here. The boys are very poor, they are lemon pickers. I have my own lemon grove, very small, but I have it. And we'll continue here, and hope everything ends well. I hope, to change the subject a little, that Mr. Murillo Karam (Mexico Attorney General) takes the case, and I trust him. He should decide what to do.

C:  Has it been worth it, this struggle that has lasted almost two years, Hipolito?

H:  Yes, it has been worth it, although things have not come out like I would have hoped, because of evil people who think only of money, who only think of power, those are the people who, until now,   have not allowed us to do things right.

C:  With your permission... you and I spoke on Sunday, not on the air. You were saying, "I'm afraid, I fear for my life, I'm afraid that the people from that group, including the government;s people, are going to kill me, I fear for myself, for my family."

You told me this on Sunday, Hipolito, around noon?

H:  Yes, that's true. I have been thinking that for several months. I told some government employees to do something before something bad like this happened. Something that could not be repaired. Unfortunately, they paid no attention to me, I don't know why that is. But I really begged them. The only thing I did not do was fall on my knees. (I told) them to put in a lot of security in this area because it was very dangerous here, more dangerous than anywhere else.

And those problems that we're having, the majority of the towns also have them. The thing is that over there, they don't speak up. The people can't get themselves to do it. They're scared, silent.

C:  Well, then, it was worth it and you will continue the struggle wherever it may be.

H:  That's it.

C:  Aren't you afraid of going to jail?

H:  I'm worried that they'll try to put me in jail. I'm very worried.

C:  Thank you.

H:  Thank you, and I hope you'll be well.        


  1. So sad, can't defend yourself or your family. They killed his son took his guns and might take their trucks and they didn't do nothing to American's boys. Mexico=no justice. Government and cartels taking advantage of people. Fuck castillo!! Fuck pena nieto! Fuck el americano! !!

    1. Coward, talk all that behind the computer, mexico will never change because no one acts, atleast the Arabs fight back.

    2. Castillo will end up behind bars or dead !

    3. Your right the Arabs do fight for what they believe. Americans have too much to lose to fight the power that be. I don't know what Mexicans in mexico got to lose most are spineless so they won't do anything.

    4. Arabs will fight for any reason.

    5. Yea like the Iraqi army when isis invaded them so tuff with all that advance equioment, never gave up their position, so heroicheroically, they stood their ground SE MURIERON EN LA RALLA!!!

    6. 10:01 yea thise arabs are so brave using women and children as human shields while they fire rockets at those "evil zionist" (hamas) or so bravely beheading a infidel's children while the women are sold as slaves (isis) or so bravely hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building full of civilians(al-Qaeda)

    7. 10:01 yea thise arabs are so brave using women and children as human shields while they fire rockets at those "evil zionist" (hamas) or so bravely beheading a infidel's children while the women are sold as slaves (isis) or so bravely hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building full of civilians (al-Qaeda)

    8. 10:01 yea thise arabs are so brave using women and children as human shields while they fire rockets at those "evil zionist" (hamas) or so bravely beheading a infidel's children while the women are sold as slaves (isis) or so bravely hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building full of civilians (al-Qaeda)

  2. The saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." When will the good folks stop believing that the thieves and liars will change, and start to really change the order of things?

  3. Castillo is either inept or a criminal.Probably both.Another hero will go to jail, if the people continue to look away.

  4. Un Vato, amazing work, I send huge appreciation

  5. This is proof that the mafia and the Mexican government are two sides on the same coin...scratch that two cheeks on the same dirty ass. The Federales aka the Vultures are truly dispicable as the mafia itself. These people abuse the trust of the people and are the vultures that pick at the remains after the dogs have done their damage. Funny how both sides claim to be the law. Both are doing dirt business with all the powers that be and our people are shot down,burned, and robbed of their dignity and their lives. The power these groups have is enforced with filthy blood money..soaked with blood of the mexican people..their own people. Hipolito, like the rest of the people, have had enough and finally have to fight back. But the very law that is SWORN on a bible to a higher power sold every bit of humanity they had and let the real murderers walk away with all of their instruments of destruction. Then take away every bit of chance for the citizens to fight back. Is this really the world we live in? Where only a handful are mortified and shocked too see real living beings being exterminated for business? In a world where Americans at home are safe from this hell because of a line in a dirt that separates two countries? Where people that are "humane" see this on tv or on this blog and say "how sad!" Then continue on with their day not knowing someone is being killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong just as guilty as everyone else who reads these blogs and dont have the means to do anything to help them. There will be no justice if people fear monsters,demons, or evil beings this is valid proof they exist. Because the creature who can do this level of violence, with no remorse or conscience, doesnt have a soul. Un Vato you have my respect and best wishes. Very amazing work dios de bendiga.

  6. F**k Castillo, f**k Americano, Viagras and CT. This is unbelievable as if La Ruana don't have enough problems Americano's guys have to taunt them! Sick bastards deserve to be six feet under.

    1. Lets not forget the sick pieces of shit in office who gave them the power to do this hermano

  7. Condolences to Mr. Mora on the death of his son. I just said a prayer to the FATHER above to send Mr. Mora guidance, protection and whatever else he needs to “stay the course.”

    And I ask that whoever reads this comment to also say a prayer; not just for Mr. Mora, but for the entire country of Mexico...Prayers from people all over the globe…

    1. Prayer the strategy of the weak and misguided. The only good action is action itself

  8. This my friends is what you call a man. I wish I had 5 percent of his courage and determination, I have never met a man like this but I do hope one day. I wish I could just spend one day with a man like this or Dr Mireles, I would probably wash their feet no lie.

  9. Thanks so much Un Vato for the translation.... heartbreaking.

  10. The current government of Mexico is not for the people and that is the reason why it will end up like 1910! Eventually the people will rise up and take down all the politicians, federal army and Police! This cannot continue much longer! In less than two years El Americano will be bacon!

  11. All the criminals running around with H3 under the protection of Castillo! Will have the wheels turned and they themselves will do all they can to save their own skin in the near future. CASTILLO'S power will get reversed and he will either be dead or leave the country by the nick of time! The impunity they have now will not l at for ever just look at what happened to Gaddafi!!!!!

  12. Look at that. When was the picture taken??

    What the hell is wrong with the mexicans? is it their genes? if it is their genes, then they got no hope.
    Why does Castillo look intimidated.? that dog of the fake americano has the face of a hypocrite the fake btch. Los otros se miran mas hipocritas ke el mismo Castillo. ke mexicanitos estos.. No jodan maricones

    1. Racist prick. Why is this comment allowed?

    2. 1:05 AM
      Hablar la verdad hermano,but truth is not always appreciated,plus,people have to take responsibility for the environment that they are directly in,no-one else can do it.

    3. Pa' ke vean como es la cosa

  13. Americano bastardo - Castillo the real criminals - Mexico stand up and get rid of these dirt.

    Senior Mora all my respect goes to you - you are a real and honest man. That is how we see you in Europe. My feeling for the loss of your sun goes to you. You are a real heroe!!!

    It is time for Revolution - Zapata vive la lucha sigue.

  14. Very courageous of Hipolito saying he wouldn't change a thing after just losing his son. This man is inspiring to show the world what true bravery is.

  15. Actions speak louder that words and Castillo choosing to side with well known criminals in this whole mess is letting all of Mexico and the rest of the world know where they stand with their citizens!!! They have exposed that their interests , and priorities are something other than the rule of law and the protection of their citizens!!! Their interests just by their actions shows that they value their shared interests with hard core criminal groups!!!! Power and greed $$$$$$!!!!! For a few and fuck their own citizens!!!!! What is worse is the government commanders that also sell themselves out and the brainwashed soldiers that are there to protect those interests over their own countrymen's well being! KARMA GOES IN CYCLES! LET SEE HOW THEY HANDLE IT WHEN THE WHEELS ARE TURNED!!!! THE WHEELS ALWAYS TURN!!!!

  16. Castillo como siempre una excoria de mierda que tal si le hicieran lo mismo con su familia claro si tiene el bastardo por que no creo que tenga a su pinche madre siempre protejiendo al cobarde del American y el otro joto de Peña Nieto encumbered al mierda de Castillo pero dios los proteja al Señor Mora y Su Jente y ojala y le den Piso al mierda de CASTILLO por cobarde y lame huevos del joto de Peña Nieto que tristesa da ver todo esto.

  17. On the photo where el americano deportado is shaking hands with hipolito under el castillo de cagada's hands, el castillo looks feminine, like the backstabbing homo he is, more than scared.

  18. the way, has el americano come back for more yet???
    Hipolito needs to get his people together and go pay a visit to el americano deportado, he knows where he at, or send the sniopers there, they did a good job killing six of the americano's boys...
    --where did la comandanta bonita end up? Viagras, H3 or retired?

    1. bonita is with americano and viagras.

      Hipolito stresses that he cannot go from his municipality to "hunt badguys" that is the gray area outside constitutionality. to stay lawful within the provisions of law that is clear he and the others must stay in their towns and fight only when attacked, which is why he said "don't fire" until they fired first.

      the numbers have gone up to 9 americanos thugs killed. 11 in total

  19. Rumors are that Hipolito will be arrested again before weekend ends.

    1. One what grounds? For fighting in self defense losing his son and obeying the law??

  20. Where are all the so called hard core Mexicano at. Stand up and stop being yellow bellies. Fight for your freedom even if you need to expose the corrupt government. The nation rise against the evil government they are sleeping with the cartel scum!

    1. Dude,i saw someone here talking about his corazon breaking and his beloved tierra?While he is in the US.Beloved tierra?Everyone has to be born somewhere,we are all from somewhere else,we can hear our parents speak about it,but i aint going to whine about some imaginary paradise that never existed,people go to the US for a reason,to make a better life.And many do..
      They should think about the US that way,it gave us all a chance to improve,if you try hard enough?

    2. Sounds like he was actually mexican the way you say it dude im pretty sure like all the immigrants he got lucky and got out while he still could? Maybe? I dont know if that may be the case but you sound like a douchebag liberal "American or git ouuuut" hick. Maybe you should go to his "beloved tierra" and share your post with the people im sure theyll listen to you dude.

    3. True no other nation is gonna give the same oportunity like the US does. And they should be gratefull for it!

    4. All 3 of you should stick to american politics on facebook this article is about the situation in michoacan not your dimwitted ideas and pride e.g. flags and ideals. Seriously you guys have no contibution to the article except being trolls probably high school rotc kids criticizing the mexican people not being able to fight back. The men and women in the autodefensas are doing all the fighting that doesnt sound yellowbellied to me 12:55 are you gonna pick up a rifle and aid them? Didnt think so punk stay behind the fence by the way your welcome im actually the reason your ass can write freely in the safety in your home without being executed for your freedom of speech. Semper fi . Un Vato youre one hell of a journalist keep doing what your doing.

    5. That's the difference between Americans and mexican'ts...usually as soon has you abandon mexico you try to adapt to your new environment. But for some reason you still have love for your home land.....mexico is a whore that gave birth and abandoned you to starve. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the adoptive father that feeds your hungry ass while you were starving. Don't forget that..otherwise you be another Peña Nieto pimping is nation for a few dollars.

    6. @2:11 Like i said to 12:55 YOURE WELCOME. I served for your ass to say that and im USA home grown and raised "guero" to the fullest you cant criticize because I FED YOUR STUPID ASS. Call me daddy boy this situation is about michoacan stop trolling serve your country first before you boast pride. You have zero idea whats going on down south boy do all of us at BB a favor giiiittt ouuuut dumb ass hick.

  21. Whatever happened to Papa Pitufo? aint he involved with hipolito???

    1. La puta tuta is pitufo or what??

  22. If I was in mexico and part of the Autodefensas id snipe el americana and watch his brains spill on the ground.. This also happen for being too nice! Sometimes respecting the bad guys! They dont deserve respect!!!

    If a low blow is what it takes to take them out do it!!

  23. @12:55 sounds like you can bring down all the sicario cells in the US and mexican states as well as expose the corrupt government that are just dirty and are the exact same as the mafia haha go ahead chuck norris im sure you can do it you're the so called hardcore americano that will bring the mexican people salvation. Where you at red belly?

  24. Mi mas sentido pesame para el senor mora i toda su Familia desde matamoros, tam

  25. This is a joke. In reality in mexico is the law of the jungle. Only the strong survive. Is a predator system. Visit mexico and really look around how people actually sickening if you pay attention to the detail, no middle,class the big majority in poverty and only a few with a shit load of money. And to top it off, the are being brain washed by a monopoly called televisa. Is like a modern day apocalito....Peña nieto needs more sacrifices!!!! Jjajajaja mexico what a joke..

    1. The ones that destroy get the most en esa jungla. What a dropping

    2. You shouldve stayed there tough guy but oh the passport saved you didnt it? Its not the innocents choice to be kidnapped and have their lives taken away the real joke is you someone who cant spell hahahahaha right


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