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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just prior to shooting him, Iguala Mayor tells activist: 'I will take pleasure in killing you'

The body of social activist, who witnesses testified was assassinated by Iguala Mayor Abarca
I was asked to consider re-posting post.  It was written on October 8, 2014, a week after the Iguala attacks and before the story of Iguala went viral around the world.  The article is now even more pertinent  in understanding the history of the region and Iguala specifically. 

October 8, 2014- Chivis Borderland Beat

The PRD national council unanimously approved the immediate expulsion of José Luis Abarca, Mayor of Iguala, Guerrero. Also impeachment proceedings have been initiated.

The mayor is wanted for murder.

On May 30th 2013 hundreds of striking miners, farmers and activists belonging to Unión Popular Emiliano Zapata (UPEZ),  was conducting a protest in Iguala, Guerrero.

The grievances had lasted over seven years and nothing had transpired to addresses the issues of  exploitation and extreme occupational hazards that faced Taxco miners on strike against Grupo Mexico, the Larrea family, and the complicity, abuses, and impunity of local rulers.  Other issues were the exploitation of farmers.

In the case of Iguala, the local ruler is mayor, José Luis Abarca.  Iguala residents have long complained of the criminality of Abarca and his wife, and their alleged ties to Guerrero Unidos cartel.  

On May 29 th, Abarca ordered the social activist group in an open forum to;

“stop fucking around with me, I have people that work for me, that can take care of this”. 

Arturo Hernandez Cordona, (at left) scientist, agricultural consultant, and founder of the local PRD as part of the National Democratic Leftist group (IDN) asked Abarca; 

  “what do you mean, take care of this?  That sounds like a threat to me”
At the public meeting-(in the above image)- the mayor's wife she screams at Hernandez "listen Bastard! 
You don't know who you are messing with, you will be fucked if you continue with this"-
 her husband also threatened Hernandez.

Attempts fail in calming down Maria Pineda Villa, she says to Hernandez "You will die' Hernandez is with microphone

The next day was May 30th and the protest.  It lasted for a couple of hours and everyone dispersed around 3 in the afternoon.  The last of the protestors to leave were a group of eight organizers and leaders, including Arturo Hernández Cardona, Ángel Román, Rafael Bandera and 5 others.

The men were traveling on a toll highway when they were intercepted by an armed group.  Of the eight men, 4 managed to flee, 3 were killed and their bodies found, and one has never been seen again.   

One of the survivors gives details;

"On May 30th we were intercepted by two trucks, one gray Cherokee and a red Explorer; the Cherokee six people exited armed with guns, and in the Explorer were two men and a woman, but they just stayed inside the vehicle." 

This testimony is from Nicholas Mendoza Villa, on July 25 last year.

He testified that the armed men got out of the truck and went to the vehicle of their and forced them out, right away Hernandez was shot in the right leg.

While blindfolded, they were moved to an unknown location, although blindfolded, Mendoza said he could tell it was a field.

He continued, saying  next the blindfolds were removed and  "we were looking at  ten men with rifles, and then the  beating began.

Around six p.m. two men dug a pit. 

Late at night  three people arrived, of whom he said he knew the identities of two; the mayor Jose Luis Abarca and Velázquez, the Secretary of Public Security, and the third person he was not familiar with.  They all were drinking beers which they carried to where they were being held. The survivor stated that there was a woman in the vehicle who never exited the car, and he could not see her clearly enough to identify.

The survivor says the mayor ordered further torture, and at the end of our torture, mayor Jose Luis Abarca  approached engineer Arturo Hernández Cardona,  saying how much Hernandez fucked with him, so he will take pleasure in killing him.   

He began beating Hernandez for about 10 minutes until Hernandez was in a heap, then the director of Public Safety lifted Hernandez up off the ground, and was dragged 10 feet to a pit, and “ mayor Jose Luis Abarca Velázquez  with a  shotgun, fired two shots, hitting him in the face and  once in the chest and left him lying in the open pit. " 

It was at that point that Felix Rafael Bandera Román, attempted to escape, "but was executed on the spot.."  The mayor and the other two left at that time, leaving a couple of men to execute the others and leave the bodies  with a poster board with a narco message to be signed by “Los Rojos”.  Rojos have been in conflict with Guerreros Unidos, for control of Iguala.  Guerreros Unidos hoped to throw  blame off them and onto the Rojos, for the kidnapping and killing of the social activists.  

The sicarios loaded the two bodies of Hernandez and Bandera and had the others sit on top of them in the back of a van.   

It was very dark at this time, and the victims knew if they were going to escape it had to be then.  The sicarios  were distracted by discussing if they should dig a pit and leave it open or execute the remainder of the victims first, when the received a phone call.  The sicario that answered actually lied and said everything was completed.  At that moment the victims ran through the field, in the cover of darkness,  into the mountains.

Four managed to make it to freedom.  Three of those men moved far from the area.  Three bodies were found, 1 person unaccounted for. It had rained the night of the 30th, rendering the poster board message illegible, however it reads something like (photo at top): 

"Come pick up your trash,
Atte. La Garra de Guerrero Leonor Nava
Los Rojos”

Rain was probably the reason the killers chose to dump the bodies rather than dig pits.

Another witness Miguel Vivanco testified that the mayor (Jose Luis Abarca Velázquez) and the chief of police visited the place where he and others were being held in captivity, and he heard the mayor ordering them to be tortured. 

At the funeral for Hernandez, thousands turned out, lined the streets, miners created fences with their helmets, lining them at attention formation.  Honoring the man who lived as they, who only wanted their rights respected.  

Priest notified the world in Washington DC-No one took action

Since the killings, and these events, activists, families, farmers and residents have been crying out to authorities to take action.  They have been ignored.  Activist Saltillo Bishop Raul Vera,  along with the International Centre for Social Justice (Cejil), went to Washington, and testified before the Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), on the case of the three activists killed.   

On this matter, the bishop of Saltillo, who heads the mission, reported to the IACHR that there are authorities who “look function as enemies to those who demand their rights” . And he wondered: “Public servants?”  he asked.  "Rather,  public butchers have come into  power”.

When the Bishop returned to Guerrero he was hailed as a hero and cheered by the people.
To their credit, after receiving evidence and a formal complaint, Amnesty International called on the federal government to investigate the murders and the mayor.  The federal government refused to become involved.

And the people of Iguala and Taxco besought justice.  They fought for justice, they would not go away, they would not be quiet, and they would not stop fucking with the mayor, aka demanding their lawful rights.

Hernandez founded the PRD party in the state of Guerrero, however until yesterday they have shown no interest in becoming involved with the Iguala issues, killings and abuses. 

It was not until perhaps 52 people were slaughtered, students, teachers, soccer players, was there action.  It has been perplexing to recognize how the world press has largely ignored this story of injustice, racism, impunity and denial of human rights.  I don’t understand it.  It has impacted this humanitarian to the core. 

The mayor and his security have warrants out for their arrest for these murders, and are “suspected” in the missing and murdered student case.   They are on the lam.  

How does one  town have so many narco fosas (graves)?

While researching this story, I was taken back by the number of mass graves found in Iguala.  Taking into account most "fosas" are not discovered, here is what I found for the past year of 2014, just glancing through old articles, in a quick perusal through regional papers.   Nationwide media ignores most of the news of fosa finds of Guerrero.

February      23 Bodies
March            4 Bodies
April               6 Bodies
                  May              19       (photo above)
August         32 Bodies

Please note the fosa count is not complete, locals report that in 2012-2014 residents of Iguala discovered 200 bodies openly dumped in the landfill area surrounding Iguala. 

Hopefully, now that the butcher of Iguala, his security chief and all those responsible, will be brought to justice. I won’t give up hope, but I will not be holding my breath.
Guerrero's  mines controlled by organized crime

Valuable  mines propagate abuses 

The mines in Guerrero are in the top 10 position in Mexico for: Gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and zinc.  Gro is referred to as the gold belt and the place for foreign entities to obtain "cheap gold".Or  GGB.

And therein lies the core of the issue.  Exploitation of the mines and of it's people.  The unemployment rate is 2%, but income is only apx 4100 USD per year., or 78 dollars per week. working long hours in  very unsafe conditions.  Canada is the leading country mining in Gro, 100% of all new exploration and development. 

From these issues sprung grievances and concerns.  Monopolies, and organized crime, see the protest groups as the enemy, a threat to their piece of the financial pie.  indigenous communities and campesinos of the Montaña and Costa Chica regions of Guerrero are strongly opposed to the mining exploitation projects being conducted  by foreign companies, there is evidence that many exploratory projects are already taking place without a proper consultation of the local people.

Organized crime control  mines in 5 states including Guerrero.  As for  the state and federal governments, they don’t care what the people think, or their rights,  what they really care about is generating business with companies, regardless of whether these are indigenous lands, or whether the result is violence and conflict.  

Understand, much of this mining land belongs to the indigenous people.  Michoacán has like problems.  Sinaloa, CT, LFM, GU all steal mining product.


  1. and why the fuck isn't this story in every newspaper that is running the iguala story?
    this is even more significant. it tells the history of the mayor and puts the weapon in his hand with witnesses to his killing innocents!

  2. I read this the first go around-but it is true it means so much more now. The priest that went to the human rights commission in the US, should be talking to the press again now while the iron is hot. the press is stuck on one story , the 43, which is but an exclamation mark in the big picture of what has been occurring for years.

    1. It had to get to 2014 for the majority of ppl to realize how things really are down there (Including mexicans). But it has been happening for decades, that is nothing new. Its just that now things got out of control and that is why all the rotten garbage is coming out.

  3. I am glad you reposted this horrendous story. I hope it is not missed this time by the world.

  4. This is unbelievable, I just googled the Hernandez name to read more about him. looks like only Carmen aristegui and silla rota ran the story. someone needs to get this story out. thanks for reposting this.

  5. Why not shame the worst of the offending Canadian mining and exploration companies by naming them?

    1. That'sa great idea!

    2. Now canadians are the guilty ones for what the same mexicans created? Pfff

    3. Guilty? in collusion is a better term. They knowingly pay piso to narcos to mine for gold and exploration. grow up and acknowledge all guilty parties

    4. If that is the case, of knowingly paying piso to criminals... what else could they do?? if there is no law

    5. Paying a few peso to the greedy devil posted criminals and corrupted politicians while they steal Mexico mineral wealth! The ones not getting shit are the real citizens of Mexico!

  6. chiva has been incensed that big media types and publications have not gone further into the story. This is a prime example of what needs to be out there. Where can we access more background, I am not a Spanish speaker.

  7. Interesting that the bodies were not burned and/or put in garbage bags. So far, only one event has someone bringing garbage bags, and presumably brooms and dustpans. Why only then? Seems lies are stacked upon lies that are stacked upon lies.

    1. Not remotely true. In Iguala the colonia next to the dump/landfill was a killing ground. the people in the colonia began keeping record of bodies found, there have been over 300 NOT BURIED in 2 years.

      in this incident they wanted the bodies to be found, asumming you read the story, there was a message left with hernandez cordona. it is the top image. it is signed 'rojos', the enemy of GU who have been in a fight for control of iguala . they were hoping to blame them and shift eyes away from the true perps.

      yes there has been lies, but from recent press coverage, creating bogus stories that destroy any chance of the full truth being known.

    2. I think she/he was saying that

  8. la esposa del alcalde de Iguala...... la ‘demonio blanco' de Iguala

    1. Esa perra era una culebra disfrasada de mujer

    2. Jajaja se ve en la mirada
      Es bien mala la mujer..

  9. dont make promises u cant keep
    Merry Christmas

  10. People of entire mexico should really do something about all the corruption there is in the government . They only protest for about 3 weeks then they forget about there rights as human beings an the rich stay corrupt an the poor ever worse protest daily an all over Mexico an don't stop

  11. People of entire mexico should really do something about all the corruption there is in the government . They only protest for about 3 weeks then they forget about there rights as human beings an the rich stay corrupt an the poor ever worse protest daily an all over Mexico an don't stop

  12. Dios apiadate de nustro mexico y ayudalo.

    1. Mientras que los mexicanos no cambien su forma de ser. Los mexicanos seguiran teniendo un futuro muy obscuro. Lamentablemente hasta las personas buenas tendran que pagar por maldades que otros perros malnacidos hacen. Esa es la realidad.
      Unica esperansa seria que alguien les remueva a todas esas culebras que andan por ahi, ragadas por todos lados.

    2. Un hitler latino eliminador de culebras.

  13. Nothing's going to change, you know why?

    Because your all too pussy to do anything about it, even me, we all rather talk about how bad it is on the internet, goddamn were lame.

  14. Fuck, no shame in their evil game. They feared no retribution , standing at a public meeting and threatening a person with death? How can that be? That room looks filled with people, the activist has a microphone, these people should be tortured and shot just like they did to a man who was just advocating better conditions for the people.

  15. It is true that mining is behind a lot crimes, and complicity between mining companies and local state and federal government, and narcs, and that they all help each other, however Ayotzinapa's disappeared had no mines, no drugs, no land, all they had was the botes they were using to beg for some spare change, and the federal government after their extinction...
    The federal government of pena nieto who has been proclaiming the new history of mexico that proposes that lic Benito Juarez was no hero, for example, to teach the indians what is good for them, which is "whatever is good for the mexican satrapy is good for the indians"...
    --the mexican government did not disappear 43 mining engineers, or 43 soldiers, or 43 federal police officers, not even 43 narcs this time...
    --arturo hernandez cardona's murder was personal and sloppy, his body was found, not professionally disappeared like the 43 Ayotzinapos...
    --the Butcher of Acteal and Aguas Blancas, emilio chuayffet chemor, mexican secretary of education of pena nieto the Butcher of Atenco, is still butcher #1 of Ayotzinapos, and his former president ernesto zedillo, El Asesino Invisible,(google) the other butcher of Acteal and Aguas Blancas and El Charco among other no less important massacres during his presidency is still as guilty as before, no matter how much the powerful United States of America protects him with sovereign impunity laws cooked in a hurry to give sanctuary to its murdering minions...
    --yesterday it was the rat line nazis, today latin american assasssins, very well schooled.

  16. Most criminals have a style to their crimes, and the imperial couple of iguala is nothing if not sloppy, no garbage bags, brooms or dust pans, leaving plenty of videos and witnesses as evidence for anybody that need to blame them for other things...
    --like the clear eradication of 43 too many Ayotzinapos, in thetraditional way of the mexican army and the federal police...
    --Not for nothing el pinguino secretario de educacion emilio chuayffet chemor has been saying what crimes? What bodies? You can't prove anything, can you? Because he knows, this time his sicarios did a clean job, under the circus, i mean the circumstances.

  17. The root of all evil, Common Core, is at the root of too may troubles on the US, for all the good it plans to do, andater all the propaganda about its virtues, every year more education reforms are needed, and states all over the US devote themselves and their budgets to Common Core, or no "foundation" orgovernment money will be awarded to them, same way as the health reform ACA was pushed and designed by republicans cooperating with obamacare, pushed with federal kickbacks to the states...
    --in mexico Common Core is being pushed to hijack education money and education, leaving the mexicans with promises and more promises and hopes that maybe some day god will punish somebody else, while the federal government keeps murdering and disappearing mexicans and dissidents at will...
    --The proof is the twisted math, changed history and legaloid opinions of secret upreme court justices and invisible assassins

    1. My god you never shut up,and you say some of your posts dont get through ?

  18. While the press is stuck, IMO for their own selfish reasons, on the story of the #43, there are stories like this that are a stronger and sure tool to charge and convict BOTH the Abarcas with mass murder.

    The press has long stop being useful to the people of GRO, because they are stuck on the same story, as though it is an anomaly, when in fact it is the norm.
    We have in the case of kidnapping and murder of 8 social activists, preceded by death threats in full public forum, and witnesses that have come forward and given sworn testimony that placed Abarca at the scene, with a weapon, ordered Hernandez tortured, before he then taunted him and shot him in the face and chest.

    The recent articles of the 43 contain fabrications and hype. It is a disgrace. These are the same people (proceso) that did the same, with the same journalist, anabel hernandez, to doc Mireles and the autodefensas. Without stepping a foot in the state or contacting any AD leader. Shameful journalism. It is Self serving motivation. I cringe to see that trash republished here on BB.

    And where were they when these atrocities were occurring? Isn’t a journalist supposed to put feet on the ground and dig deep? My hero journalists are people like Carmen, adela, and victor sanchez who have reported in Guerrero before it was “fashionable” and “viral”.

    I am proud of my coverage of Gro, long before the 43, because of readers on the ground to ask me to please tell people what is happening. The mass killing of innocents. I posted 50 articles up to October 8th .

    This case should be brought forward but will not unless the world press gets off the 43 and dig deeper and showcase this story. It will force the government to charge Abarca with these murders. As much as a slam dunk as can be in Mexico. Not the 43.

    IMO, there is not a solid case against him in the 43. He is guilty for sure, but proving it may be difficult, albeit he may HAVE to be convicted, but I doubt his wife will be. and by all INFORMED accounts, she is the driving force, calls the shots, and whose entire family including her parents have been with BLO then GU and arrested at least once for organized crime. I feel the mayor is a patsy. Led by the nose. it would be a travesty if Maria was not convicted.

    However trying him on the 8 activist kidnapping and murder would bring a conviction, which will lead the way to a conviction in the 43, and for the murders of over 1000 people.

    1. Kudos on your reporting. Good shtt

    2. Hopefully coverage on the REST OF MEXICO I think maybe will eventually come out.They seem to be focused on all the lies of the gov but its catching their attention at least the international community but I think they may be a little "shell-shocked".I know I was for the 1st 6 months of reading BB.As for the local reporters they are not anonoymous like us so there could be consquences like the student teachers so they may be afraid.

  19. Replies
    1. 3:01 PM

      I can dig. Happy Christmas to all reading and at BB

  20. Strong woman behind the little man...

  21. @4:51 you told me to keep trying 'anonymous'
    MSM discoverd a while ago that yellow journalism pays, more than normal journalism...
    MSM has discovered that silence pays even more and better, maybe take the fire to their feet? Before AL GORE's gift to the world is taken away to the triangle of the malaysia where they plan to get it lost, or just 'disappeared'...
    --CHIVAAA!!! Consider it santa's gift trading, thanks for your patience, things is, you know? Millie got mad, i'll be forever grateful...As Time Goes By/youtube


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