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Monday, December 15, 2014

Hours of Terror in Border Town of Chihuahua

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

The attorney general of the state (FGE) of Chihuahua reported that the confrontation that lasted over an hour in the municipality of Praxedis G. Guerrero left two people dead and three wounded.

Neighboring residents of Valle de Juárez, located in this border town, reported that while the shootings were occurring, no authorities from any level ever showed up.

Once they arrived, they closed the main entrances and could only enter the town through gaps; elements of some corporations conducted patrols throughout the streets.

The sound of bullets forced residents to hide in their homes.  “There is no authority here”, outraged neighbors said.

The body of one of those killed was found lying in the street, while the other was left in a vehicle while family members were trying to take him to receive medical care.

Six Killed in Urique

Residents of the community of Lluvia de Oro, in the municipality of Urique, Chihuahua, reported that this past Thursday, an armed commando, with military clothes and aboard several vehicles, entered the town, burned some houses, and allegedly killed six people.

However, so far, neither the federal government nor the state authorities have provided any information.

According to press reports, last Thursday night, several shootouts were reported in the area, so the residents had requested the support of security forces.

After several confrontations that occurred in the area, it was stated that six people were killed.  But the number has not been confirmed.  It is also not known if they were from the community.

The people requested the presence of the Mexican armed forces, and their air support via helicopters, since they had reported that “there were a lot of gunmen”, El Diario de Juárez disclosed.  They consisted of three groups, who had taken the community, and the gun shots were heard throughout the town.

The residents denounced to the security corporations of the town about the events that occurred after 22:00 hours, when the community known as Las Minas de Cieneguita de los Trejo, reported that three armed groups had arrived, who then started surrounding the town and started an attack against some of the neighbors for unknown reasons.

Source: Sin Embargo


  1. Que esta pasando en el Estado grande? Quien esta En guerra Los del cartel de Sinaloa vs cartel de Juarez...o todos contra todos... por hai se escucha que hay Nuevas alianzas...

    1. Who is it then,Juarez or CDS or any thing to do with Salas Valenciano?
      Fighting amongst themselves now that no-one is in charge?Any Mexican bros wanna help out?

  2. Unknown reasons? Oh they know! They know very well! Just like the armed forces that didn't intervene!

  3. Mexican politicians distribute free tv sets before election.
    (Read in other article on BB.) It make the voters happy.

    These people are idiots.
    They got politicians they DESERVED.

    Therefore there is massive corruption & rampant crime in this country.

  4. These movments are getting serious now la linea doesn't play around and so what happened to los antrax that were threatening los zetas?? They probably didn't do shit

  5. Seems like Chiahuahua has seen a major uptick in violence lately. Anyone know why or what players are involved?

  6. Ajustes de kuentas kisas

  7. The bad blood needs to be washed away before there can be peace. There are too many vendettas left unresolved in Chihuas.

  8. Peace does not come from above, it is mostly up to each one at a personal level, but if the fucking feerales, police and military, just went home, to el DF and stayed there for one year, it would all improve a lot, it is their micromanaging of getting too much squeeze off the narcs that has turned them on to killing for dos pesos...


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