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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hipólito Mora Confirms He’ll Hand Himself Over On Saturday; H-3 Have Him Surrounded

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Buenavista, Michoacán.- Hipólito Mora Chávez, founder of the autodefensas of La Ruana, confirmed that he’ll testify before a judge this Saturday for the confrontation that occurred December 16, in which 11 people died.

Meanwhile, on Friday night, various roadblocks were reported in the Tierra Caliente region, the first on the road Cuatro Caminos-Apatzingán,  at the height of the town of Úspero, municipality of Parácuaro.

The roadblocks are being carried out by the people of Luis Antonio Torres “El Americano” and Jesús Valencia, “El Ocho”, who also blocked the entrances to the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán and La Ruana.

This occurs just after Friday, when the deadline expired that was set by Commissioner Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, so that those involved in the shootout that occurred on December 16 would present themselves to testify voluntarily.

The commissioner warned that arrest warrants would soon be issued against those who have not testified voluntarily.

According to information from Radio Formula, an audio recording intercepted by people related to the founder of the autodefensas, “El Ocho” ordered the peaceful roadblock and said that he would go after Hipólito and his people.

Meanwhile, Hipólito said that he would hand himself over along with his supporters, even though the death threats from “Simón El Americano” are upon them.

Through social media, Hipólito said that he is waiting for authorities to arrive at his home to transport him and his followers to the appropriate judge.

Source: Michoacán 3.0


  1. simon-americano- deadline has passed and now an arrest warrant is out on him.

    the outcome is not difficult to predict

  2. Some one needs to kill el americano sad but true

    1. Castillo sure loves his Rolexes watches! I've worn 3$ watches, and they work just as good!

    2. Yeah i got one myself rolexxes.double x you cant even tell the extra letter is there.

  3. Americano is not going to let him self get captured he's a narc and he thinks like one!

  4. I am sure Hipolito Mora will be in prison, while El Americano runs free.Good job corrupt Castillo.

  5. Whatever happen to Papa Pitufo? Wasnt he backing up Mireles n Hipolito?

  6. El americano aka porki pig, quiere mas tierras y mas caballos...
    La marrana americana wants more land and more horses...
    La marrana parada must attain more and more wealth to pay his piso to el castillo de cagada, his favors are not for free...
    --not even with the more than $3 000 000 000.00 USD (three billon dollars +) the mexican booggernment has taken out of the promises of pemex, to speedy up pena nieto's retirement fund's goals... no money there for no castillos de cagada, he must shake his own shake down and kick-backs...

    1. You can lead a horse to drink water.but you cant force a horse to drink water
      Thats how your comment sounds.


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