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Saturday, December 20, 2014

'Guero Chompas' arrested in Culiacan

Tijuana cell leader, 'Guero Chompas' arrested in Culican 

For the second time, Guero Chompas will be in custody for Christmas.  On December 7 2011, Jose Luis Mendoza Uriarte was arrested in Tijuana, in possession of weapons and crystal meth.  A cousin of  Raydel Lopez Uriarte 'El Muletas', 'Chompas' was one of many cells operating in Tijuana at the time.  The cells were a loose coalition of the former people of CAF, who switched sides with Teodoro Garcia Simental, in 2008.  

The cells trafficked mostly in retail crystal meth distribution in tienditas, and were constantly at odds for the locations all across the city where the product was sold.  Killings, shootings, kidnappings were carried out in these bloody wars of attrition, during that time in Tijuana, as the people under Inge, and the newly arrived Sinaloa Cartel attempted to operate, after the war from 2008-2010.  

Corrido de 'Guero Chompas' 

'Chompas' was suspected of over a dozen murders, committed by proxies in his battle for the valuable strips of territory in Tijuana and Rosarito, despite these allegations, he was released in December 2012.  Upon his return, he attempted to settle old scores, and wrest control of his former  territories from rivals, or those who betrayed him, taking the territory as their own.  

December 2011 arest 
In the past 18 months he has cut a bloody path of retribution through Tijuana, leaving sloppily written mantas and corpses for his enemies.  He claimed to be aligned with elements of Sinaloa Cartel, but many said he was independent and a loose cannon, not on the team of Aquiles and La Rana, the chosen two of Mayo Zambada.  

Chompas was arrested in Culican, bringing to mind the phrase in the narco world, and those that report it, 'Never take a meeting in Culican', as it has been the place of many arrests of troubled affiliates and onetime disposable assets of Sinaloa's bosses.  There is no word whether he was given up, betrayed, or simply too hot and on the run in unfamiliar territory.  Elements of the military in coordination with Federal police were responsible for the arrest. 

Recently, it was said Chompas controlled territory in Tijuana, in the areas of Los Pinos, La Presa, and La Presa Rural, and was in the line of 'El Chapito', another Sinaloa affiliate, but who were fighting El Atlante and Aquiles crews.  

AFN Tijuana 


  1. Never take a meeting in culiacan lol well, that's where sinaloa cartel operate. You know that they snitch. Why would you go?

  2. The dude on the left looks like buzz lightyear.

  3. In that "New Tijuana Cartel" manta at the start of the year it said that El Chapito was one of it's lower ranking members and therefore allied with Atlante and Aquiles so if the was true than Chapito must have switched unless there is more than one Chapito because it is a common nickname.

    1. Deeluck
      Chapito is chompas cousin and became his enemy after coming out of jail.yeah they both left never switched aquiles is taxing that booty gov. Officials are expensive no choice evrybody pays.chompas is from culiacan mayo had the last call he was in culichi town for a while .tijuana wasnt safe for him

  4. Seems like a set up.. They bring him into there terretory and they fish him..

    1. A set up sounds about right. This scumbag was causing to much problems in Tijuana, his cell was becoming diversified and not just drug trafficking anymore. We all know how bad this is for business and how much attention this brings to authorities. I definitively believe that those higher ranked drug lords set him up due to this. Tijuana is the most important border town for drug trafficking into the US, this is why it is so important for traffickers to keep it calm.


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