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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Failed Attempt at Semeí Verdía's Life

Dr. Mireles with Verdía (Right)
Aquila, Michoacán. December 16, 2014— Today at around 15:00 hours, an unknown group ambushed the commander of the Community Police of Ostula, Semeí Verdía, in events that occurred on the coastal road of Michoacán, at the height of the entrance to the village of Xayakalan.  Sources say that the hitmen were sent in by the former plaza boss of the Templarios of that area.

According to police sources, the commander Semeí was traveling towards Ostula but before reaching Xayakalan, he changed vehicles, which saved his life.  As the truck he would normally be traveling in, which at that moment was carrying a family, was shot at, leaving five wounded and Semeí unharmed.

Among those hurt were Salvador Mejía Valdovinos, 28; José Mora Mendoza, 26; Félix Mejía Valdovinos, 24; and Miguel Mejía Mora, 5, son of José Mora, in charge of the order of Xayacalan.

After the attack, an operational force with the Fuerza Rural of the municipalities of Aquila and Coahuayana was deployed, reporting that at 18:30, they managed to arrest one of the assailants.  The assailant is reported to be Jonathan Aguilar Juan, “La Changa”,  who confessed that he along with four other assailants acted under the orders of Lico González, and that they had the order to kill the Community Police commander.  The assailant also confessed that the group was commanded by Luis N, “El Caracol”, one of the participants in the assassination of José Trinidad de la Cruz, “Don Trino”, in November 2011.

A few days ago, the general assembly of the community of Ostula affirmed its support for the Community Police and determined to expulse several families who are accused of being involved in organized crime.

In the same assembly, it was decided to continue the struggle “for the live presentation of the missing villagers (six) and the punishment of the masterminds and perpetrators of the killings of the villagers of Santa María Ostula from July 2008 (32), where the principal perpetrator of these acts, as is clear from the evidence provided to the assembly is Mario Álvarez, “El Chacal”, who is identified as a PRI boss in the region.

The wounded family was taken to the Hospital of Coahauyana.  Other reports say that the Community Police stated that the family was taken to a hospital in Tecomán, Colima, and their health status is reported as serious.

Sources: QuadratinJornada


  1. These criminals act out like this out of weakness! They need to be dealt with the sooner the better! These criminal bastards have reached the level of no reform! In the long run getting these criminal families out will benefit them greatly!!! When the other nearby AD link up the criminals will not have sanctuary anywhere, and hopefully will be the end of a disgusting era!

  2. The community police commander probably refused to work for them or arrested some one, now he has a hit on him, they not going to stop till they kill him to replace him with a corrupt one. Thats mexico some must risk the life just for doing things right

  3. Great, they caught one guy and the Dirty Laundry is being revealed, those responsible for some past killing.

    PS, thanks for removing the previous interface setting that necessitated the insertion of code to send commentary to you; on a tablet is was impossible to achieve the task and I couldn't send you what I wished to shared in thoughts regarding this or that post

  4. people on blogs are saying that Mireles is a free man and not doing well. That his freedom isn't being publicized because the government doesn't want to look like it caved in, and Mireles doesn't want to broadcast the agreement he made to get out. ...just web chatter though...i really don't know either way.

  5. It was smart of him to switch cars, but no too smart to leave the family in there. How tragic. I'm sorry to see that the CTs are trying to reclaim their former territory Hope those guys get killed.

  6. Thank God!

    also to 9:52 I can say that rumor is not true as of 8 days ago, but I will email his sister Virginia to see if there is any news

  7. jesus so many stories in mexico like this, I think if we saw in a movie few would believe this happens.


  8. Wow I saw the photo and thought Dr. Mireles had been released . The government is in a situation now . They are already making him a mortar . I think if he is released he can win public office if he perused it . They don't want that .
    And it goes on . The righteous and people close to Dr. Mireles are being victimized by criminals and he is locked away for trying to defend himself and his family and influencing others to do the same . This cant be hidden in the 21st century like it used to be . The world is watching Mexico . Sure with all the new technology there are many distractions but intelligent people are watching . Revolution could start with all the things happening . We don't need that but we do need change. There has to be a way .

  9. Every time you think about Mireles and the few halcyon days that were generated by him,it is almost beyond belief that he is still actually imprisoned?A rural doctor had to take up the gun because he and his people were so fed up with victimization and inaction and collusion by a base government.Its ironic that the government got off its ass and mobilized when it saw that things were beginning to happen,it mobilized not to help,but to hinder and imprison the Doctor,the sinister venal violent duplicitous Mexican government in all its low glory,the fuckin dogs(no offense to dogs)

  10. Write in vote for Mireles as president!

  11. We once had some little thugs, breaking into houses, stealing cars..all kinds of bs, they were all brothers. Anyways, they all lived with their grandma, who got evicted because of this, things got much better after they left. If the thugs have nowhere to eat, video games, they will not stick around. I say, kick those people out, they bring trouble there! in order to clean house, you gotta take out the garbage!


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