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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clash with Los Zetas Shows Violence Still Exists in Coahuila Despite Claims of Progress

On Monday, December 15 it was reported that Coahuila state police forces that were conducting a rutine patrol in the rural area of the municipality of Zaragoza located a gray extended cab Ford F-150 without license plates near the ejido of Santa Eulalia, which is located southwest of Ciudad Acuña in a region known as Los Cinco Manantiales.  

The driver of the pickup attempted to flee at a high rate of speed on the dirt road upon which he and seven passengers were traveling.  Meanwhile, some of the individuals aboard shot at the police officers.  Nevertheless, authorities shot and killed three of the individuals and managed to stop the vehicle.   

Eulogio Iván, 21 years old, Edén, 27 years old, and Juan, 37 years old, all from Piedras Negras, were arrested along with Benito Alejandro, 35 years old from Sabinas, and Gonzalo, 35 years old from Ciudad Acuña.  The arrestees confessed to being members of Los Zetas who trafficked drugs through Ciudad Acuña to Texas.  Ten blocks of marijuana weighing a total of 55 kilograms, three AK-47s and 14 amunition clips were confiscated from the vehicle.

The same day this was reported, a separate article quoted the governor of Coahuila,
Rubén Moreira Valdez, as saying "Criminal groups like Los Zetas intimidated the whole world and thanks to the police forces such as the Group of Special Arms and Tactics the peace has returned".  Known in Spanish as Grupo de Armas y Tácticas Especiales (GATE), the state of Coahuila has made it a focus of their campaign against drug cartels.

With accumulating complaints before the State Commission of Human Rights about abuses of power by GATE, the governor claims that he watches out that they do not violate rights and says that since its formation, violent crimes have diminished seventy percent in the state.
Even if one gives the governor the benefit of the doubt that what he says is accurate, clashed like the one mentioned above shows that the war against Los Zetas in Coahuila has not been won.


  1. The war will never be won so long as human greed exists. Always and forever. The type of contraband might vary but not the black market. These guys probably didn't pay the bribe.

  2. that's good news keep the bastards on the run

    1. Malditos monstro zetas ay ke casarlos y darles en la kola prraa'hh..!!!!!!

  3. "Criminal groups like los zetas intimidated the whole world" because gov. Ruben moreira's own motherfucking brother 'el bertie boy' sold the state of coahuila to them for money and sicarios,
    --for the pure of heart, yes, that is what mexian politicians do sel out and steal everything in sight...
    --on the US, you get elected on lobbyists money, and you work your ass off pleasing their corporatista owned bought and paid for ass, for a corporate job later, maybe...

  4. Just kill some carwashing paletero once in a while, call him a zeta or a guerrillero, and be a mexico saving hero...
    --puro pedo, i mean 'treatro' to distract from more expensive expeditions from the apostles of capitalist jesus of the progressive televangelistas into the mexican patience

  5. Hipolito moras oldest son was killed today by el americanos people right now as we speak americanos people have sorrounded la ruana hipolitos town and they will attack them again most likelly

  6. WTF? Don't the Zetas own this bastard Rubén Moreira? Or has he gone over to the CDG? They need autodefensas to protect the people from him and the cartels.

  7. Gates from acuña used to get bribes from zs, everybody knows that in pn and uña, the pedo se va a poner feo cuando gover se de cuenta q unos gates se venden,

  8. Time for everybody to go to la ruana and surround H3 and el americano, but the army is on the bench ready to rescue castillo de cagada's juersaz ruralez...

  9. There isn't enough incesticides in the world to get rid of cockroaches. They don't die just multiply.

  10. 11:21 you are killing me with the incesticide, the cacaroaches fucking each other, how appropriate, i'm putting this one in my trompabulario...


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