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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Activist is beaten, her brother killed and her house burned by mayor and municipal police

Borderland Beat posted and translated by DD republished from Sin Embargo

DD note;   It doesn’t just happen  in Guerrero.
The home of activist Elisa Zepeda was burned.
 On Dec. 14th, In the municipality Eloxochitlán de Flores Magon, Oaxaca, during an Assembly to elect a mayor, human right  activist  Elisa Zepeda Lagoon was struck by a stick, dragged 20 meters by her  hair, whipped and kicked.   In the attack  her  brother, Manuel Zepeda Lagunas, was murdered and  his mother turned out to be hurt and her house and her mothers set on fire,  detailed the National Commission of Human rights (CNDH). 
According to the testimony of the victim, she was attacked for “meddling in the affairs of the people ”

 The CNDH denounced the attack and issued a statement which says that it is investigating the facts.
“Allegedly, the Mayor Alfredo Bolaños licensed Pacheco and three other men,  threatened her with a shotgun placed to her head.  beat her with a stick, dragged her 20 meters by her hair, beating her to the ground and kicking her in the ribs'.  ”.

The agency said the attackers went to the home of the Mazatec activist to burn it with petrol bombs and arrested her brother, Manuel Zepeda Lagunas. Then he was taken to the public square to torture and kill, without any authority intervening to contain the violence.

The commission said that the investigations will follow up promptly, monitor the performance of the Attorney General of Oaxaca to investigate those responsible and punished according to law, and in due course issue a determination in accordance with applicable law.

The Witness Testimony

 "Women and men came together at 11:00 am near the municipal park, but minutes later we heard screams of men who approached the park. There were about 100 men who were armed with machetes, sticks, guns, rockets and Molotov cocktails, "said Elisa told local media.

The woman reported that men, women and children ran "for fear of being killed." They hid in a grocery store, and while they were there, "heard how they were destroyed a restaurant and parked cars."

'Look for Elisa, find her, she has to be here!', cried Jaime Betanzos Fuentes, who - according to the activist - for more than two decades has sought to remain in the municipal power.

Elisa escaped to her home where shortly Betanzos Jaime Fuentes, Alfredo Pacheco Bolanos, Jacob Betanzos Zepeda and Omar Morales arrived at her home accompanied by about 50 people, who burned a gas tank, her home, and her  parents home  and 11 vehicles that were in the shop of her  brother Manuel Zepeda Lagunas.

By trying to defend me, Gustavo [family friend] was attacked with pipes and machetes, tossed into a pond and then killed with the coup de grace by the municipal police Omar Morales', she told the state press.

"We were all severely beaten. Simultaneously they released about eleven petrol bombs and caused both houses to catch fire. "

When the activist decided to go out to face him, she was  attacked by Jaime Jacob Betanzos Zepeda, Ruben Cerqueda, Francisco Betanzos Ordaz and Alfredo Bolaños Pacheco, the latter who the mayor had authorized, struck me blows to the head with a stick," she explained the to the  local press.

"Betanzos Francisco Ordaz buried me the tip of the shotgun in my front, pulling me about 20 meters; I was surrounded by about 40 men."

According to her testimony, the councilman Jaime Betanzos threatened: "'here were your dreams asshole, you do not ever get into the Affairs of the people,' he said while he beat her.

Then Jacob Zepeda Betanzos, Betanzos Jaime Vargas Terán Fuentes and Genaro dragged her brother Manuel to the public square, where he was stripped and publicly presented as "provocateur of aggression".

He was subsequently transferred dead to the Public Ministry of Huautla de Jiménez.

The human rights activist and advocate, Elisa Zepeda stated that violence could have been avoided.

According to the local media, during the events there was present at least one patrol car of the State Police (PE), which saw the beatings and murders, but did not intervene.

Elisa reported that the municipal and state governments try to ignore her role as a defender of human rights and her community work with the Mazatec people, through which she has promoted the political participation of women and pushed for transparency and accountability in the town of Eloxochitlán.


  1. these cowards ... I would tear them apart with my hands.

    1. Bet you would you badass

    2. obviously if they rolled in convoys I couldn't. but if it came to it just being one against one I would squeeze the life out of them with my hands around their neck. they're cowards and weak and they know it that's why it takes so many to beat up a girl

  2. This is why so many people are afraid to do or say anything....this could happen to them! I believe, this is the ONLY way that a change can begin to happen, we must first want it! God bless her for her work, her brothers sacrifice. All we need now, about 3 million other Elisa's

  3. God is the only answer to all our problems. God is the only way to a better life. God and God only.

    Have faith in God and he will help you.

    1. If there was a god all this shit wouldn't be happening.

    2. But if you get chopped off, and prayed for his help before just that he works in "mysterious" ways. When infants get shot close range, it's also god's will ,cause he could've stop that with a miracle. But he didn't. ..cause he loves you.

    3. God used his immense power to give genuine and real freedom to humans, and often, the evil things that happen are a result of our misuse and abuse of that freedom. God does not stop these actions because God cannot do so and still allow freedom to be free



    5. Unfortunatly the good honest ones are always the ones who suffer the consequences. Eso no es justo.

    6. 6:37 ...the first ones

    7. Believe in the intervention of God and you will continue to be subjected to brutality. Relying on a myth to intervene is the height of foolishness. A pattern of submission that will repeat itself until eternity. The answer is lies within ones own capacities of strength, wisdom and perseverance.

  4. We nees to ask russia,venezuela, or isis to sell us weapons and we must start a revolution!!!
    .....yea i can dream

  5. God is really taking care of you and your country. Can the god bullshit and get off your lazy asses and fight for your country or live with the shit.

    1. I feel sorry for you. You are engulfed by ignorance.By the way you speak i can tell you think of yourself as intelligent.If we are so smart why do we all die? Who invented/caused death?Why hasnt humanity or even the almighty science found a way to stop it? Its real simple if you read the bible."gods bullshit" is the reason why a sorry excuse of a human being like you is alive. I know I shouldnt judge anyone,thats the son of gods right,and you too will answer for your actions,life.

    2. Get an education. Learn about history, history of your country, history of other successful countries, learn about science. That's first problem in Mexico ignorant people with no education.

    3. @3:28 That is very true. Every country that have lots of dumb and ignorant ppl is a mess. Add the running lawless thing and is a COMPLETE MESS. JUST TAKE A LOOK ALL AROUND THE WORLD AND YOU WILL SEE PROVES OF IT!

  6. @11:18 no pinches mames guey!!!
    --I swear i heard the screams of the beaten and the murdered, all the way from Oaxaca to close to NY, and GOD was too busy counting yesterday dead...
    --Why don't you keep prying and leave here with your godly mamadas, preach your god to the guilty when they are in prison, neta guey, otra jalada de esas y me la arrancas, pinche mamon

    1. The people that did this think just like you. God does not allow evil to be, humanity chose evil(sin) over God, Adam and Eve. Y ciudado por q tu solo te la arancas.

  7. This is the other side of the story, as told by the Community Assembly of Eloxochitlan and representatives of the family of the municipal president of this town, who was arrested for these deaths. In their view, the supposed victims were the family of the ex-president - a corrupt cacique tied to political parties and the paramilitary MULT - who had enriched themselves considerably, used police to abuse the town, and who initiated the gunfight that led to the killings, wounding a number of people. I do not know which version is more accurate. I have lived in this area but not this community. But it may be problematic to jump to the conclusion that the Zepeda version is complete by itself.

    1. Thanks for the link. Indications to me are that the link could be closer to the truth:

      Elisa Zepeda Lagunas is not a human rights fighter; she
      doesn't help in community labor. She is doing the same that her family has:
      living from the government money, buying houses in different states of
      the country and in the US (in North Caroline), buying fancy cars and
      SUVs. Those are the rights that she protects. Her material things. What
      kind of human rights fighter will have this kind of wealth ?
      During her father tenure governing 2011-2013, Eliza Zepeda Lagunas
      was director of DIF (protection for children) of Eloxochitlan de Flores
      Magon. She cut all the rights for women and children, no more
      support and help for them. During this period rape against young women
      increased and some women got pregnant because of this. The rapist were
      municipal police They never were called to justice. She was allowing
      all of this to happen.

      Her family and all the people that support them, kidnap the town and
      attacked the indigenous people that live there. These people have their
      own tradition and government.

  8. Insureccion general civil lleguan. Defensas civiles estan en 16 estados.

  9. @3:32 Los dioses tenemos limites, i mean WE, Gods have limits, yes, even us, that is why we created sacerdotisas, 'sacerdotisos' are just volunteers for the love of it, but take it easy!!!
    You are smooth, educated and reasonable, i like you, but religion don't have much room here, it is clouding your judgment, let's keep this among and for evil matherfuckers...


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