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Saturday, November 29, 2014

VXT Administrator is leaving FB, Page will continue

Borderland Beat ComputerJA material from VXT and Zocalo Saltillo
Note: The Page Responsibility por Tamaulipas is the page that Dr Maria de Rosario Funetes contributed for as a reporter.  The VXT admin was despondent over her kidnapping and murder.
Citing personal reasons, the admin of Valor por Tamaulipas, one of the most important anonymous cyber-led pages that report about organized in Mexico, announced his retirement on Facebook today. 

The post read:

"Greetings to all, for personal reasons, I will be leaving the administration of Valor por Tamaulipas. I have a candidate to take hold of the page's management. That person, although she/he has some relationship with authorities, would be of benefit for the community. He/she is someone who can channel complaints made by citizens to law enforcement, something that can prove to be a valuable addition to this page.

I will also stop administering the pages Responsibility por Tamaulipas, Fortaleza por Tamaulipas, and Valor por la Huasteca, and hand it over to people who have a long history of supporting the pages or who have suffered a loss and kept supporting it. I think these people will be responsible in their fields.

I want to thank you all infinitely for letting me have the honor of serving through this page for all this time. There's nothing left but to say thank you, and to ask God to keep protecting and blessing you. Soon the new managers of the different community pages will appear before you and make an oath to the people, to our state (Tamaulipas), and to the noble causes they have in front of them.

No more for now. I bid farewell, thanking God that this departure is for good, and for the great things that fill my professional and personal satisfaction."

In just a few minutes, the post on Facebook was filled with comments, most of them thanking the administrator for his support throughout the years. A few of them, however, expressed their concerns with the new administrator given his relationship with the government.


  1. Journalists, especially citizen journalists, who risk their lives are real heroes. Hoping for the best for the Tamps redes!

    Said my favorite general, Dugout Doug, also famous for saying: I'll be back
    But thanks for the help, let's hope the replacements are up to the task, you too chivaaa!

    1. The Terminator said I'll be back

    2. General Douglas MacArthur said it first 12:04.

  3. when you can't tell the authorities about the cartels because the authorities are paid off by the cartels you have not an ounce of hope.

  4. 1:06 the cartels work full time for the narco-government now, and in their spare time they kill each other for the maruchan...
    General mcarthur said "We will be back"

  5. "We shall return" said general mcarthur, he had better english skills than the governator and he has better chances of becoming US president too...


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